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The Christian Doctrine website from Bible Theology Ministries UK is back online, since October 2023.
This is version 3 of the website.

All the articles from the previous website  have been migrated into the new website database.

There is still a huge amount of work to be done to the website and some features at the relaunch are missing. I have decided to launch the new website, even if it is ropey in some areas.

I will try to publish new content every week, which will feature on the Home page.

All the website development and publishing is done in my limited spare time - I have a full-time job. Hence, it has taken so long to relaunch. There is no budget to engage a professional website developer.

I would like to acknowledge the very generous donation from a supporter of the ministry who contributed 50% of the cost for a new laptop.  My old laptop died in September 2022.

If something is wrong, does not work or does not make sense on the website, please let me know.

Your servant in Christ

James B Waddell