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Revisions: 24 May 2018: Added Twitter

General Data Protection (GDPR) Statement

Version 1.1

Revision Date: 24 May 2018

Bible Theology Ministries Entity

  • The Christian Doctrine website at www.christiandoctrine.com is an online ministry of Bible Theology Ministries (BTM), Swansea, UK.
  • BTM does not undertake economic activity:
    • The content on the website and any response to emails sent to BTM are provided free of charge.
    • The workers of BTM do not receive remuneration from BTM. All work is undertaken on a voluntary unpaid basis.
    • Gifts and donations received by BTM are used to cover the expenses of the ministry such as Web site hosting, software, hardware and other costs incurred directly and exclusively in the course of the ministry.
  • BTM does not have a premise and does not have a telephone number.
  • BTM operates from the UK.
  • BTM is not a registered charity.

Use of Personal Information

  • Bible Theology Ministries (BTM) will respect and protect the privacy of any person (contact/subject) that communicates with BTM either directly through email, website contact form or any other means.
  • BTM will not disclose contact details or any personal information received by BTM to a third party without the explicit permission of the contact – subject to any legal disclosure demands.
  • BTM will only email contacts who subscribe to receive articles and news items by explicitly opting-in through the:
    • Contact form on the website
    • Subscription form on MailChimp
    • Making of a request or confirmation by email

This is to provide an audit trail of the opt-in consent to receive communications from BTM. Subscribers may change their email subscription preferences at any time.

  • BTM will retain all appropriate and necessary communications received from a contact for purpose of:
  • Providing an audit trail
  • Managing the personal relationship and communications with the contact
  • Research and references
  • Copies of any information retained by BTM on a contact can be requested by them using email or the website contact form. This Subject Access Request will be undertaken by BTM as soon as possible, but within 30 days.
  • BTM will not communicate with a minor under the age of 13 years without the explicit permission in writing by email of the parent or guardian.
  • BTM will delete all personal records of a contact on request – ‘Right to be Forgotten’
  • BTM will restrict access to a contact’s personal records to the following persons at BTM:
    • Data Controller and Data Processor: James B Waddell
    • Data Processor: K Barry Napier
  • BTM use the following GDPR compliant digital services providers:

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