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The Bible Lives Old Testament studies publication list

The Bible Lives New Testament studies publication list

The author of The Bible Lives series, Barry Napier (K B Napier), began preaching in the 1960s, and attended a variety of denominational churches, from Pentecostal to Methodist, Anglican to Baptist, and even Quaker! In his preaching he attempted to emulate what he thought was the ‘best style’ of them all. Finally, in a reformed Calvinistic church he went over to the ‘Geneva Pulpit’ method.

But, all this failed miserably! He came to see the foolishness of trying to emulate those around him and began to preach as God led: the result was a cessation of preaching invitations and a turning back towards truth. He could no longer preach the false ‘methods’ he had so admired. Instead, he began to teach as he believed the Holy Spirit was leading him to speak. The difference was stark, to the point, and rooted solely in scripture. All denominationalism was cast aside, along with peer-admiration and approval. The Bible Lives series is based on this honesty.

Each study represents a Bible study held at Manselton Church, Swansea, of which Barry Napier has been pastor for the past 25 years (though ‘other’ studies had been conducted for almost 45 years). The studies are notes that cover each study session, but do not include the inevitable, and usually very lively, questions and comments made during each study.

Way of Teaching

The Bible Lives series hopes to cover every Book in the Bible, God willing. Only the 1611 KJV is used and commended. Each study follows the same pattern:

  1. The complete Bible text of each chapter is given.

  2. The texts are explained, using the original language for actual meanings of words, phrases and sentences.

  3. Then, applications for life today are given.

We therefore hope to present God’s word in a fresh way, by adhering to the actual text and yet showing how it can be used for modern life.

Whilst many teachers tend to give spiritualised meanings, the Bible Lives series is very different… no spiritualising, only solid meanings taken directly from what God says, with applications arising from the text itself.

Each study is a stand-alone work, and can be used for group study. The studies are written to be understood generally by anyone. They are not written as theological articles and enter only into as much depth as is necessary to explain the text. Detailed theological commentaries are planned for a later stage.

The interpretations given are accurate and God-given. The way we interpret is described in the following articles. O-048 ‘How to Study Theology’

O-091 ‘Legitimate Interpretation of the Word’.

Want a Study Every Sunday?

Though each study is eventually placed on this website, you can receive studies every Sunday as they are completed. If you wish to be put onto our mailing list for studies, just send your request to Barry Napier.

If you have any queries or comments on any study, just send an email to the author. 

The Bible Lives Old Testament studies publication list

The Bible Lives New Testament studies publication list

A personal note on The Bible Lives (20 March 2011)

Don't know about you, but every Sunday I send out the Bible study, and each one is a message for my own soul!

I found the same when we delved into Genesis and then Exodus, when, every Sunday, God spoke to me in the deepest way.

Frankly, this is a bigger boost to my understanding of doctrine than even formal research.

I study for the week's lesson, and as I do so, my heart and mind are filled with God's grace and knowledge, as He leads me along His path. It always amazes me and fills me with awe, as He gives me His guidance week by week.

And these deep meetings with the Lord prompt me to conduct further Research into His word, in a more formal way.

I sincerely hope it is the same for those who read the studies.

God bless you all


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