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Christmas - the facts

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A nativity scene of baby Jesus in a manager with his parents and two kings

By K B Napier

Christmas (the facts)

'Christmas' is a marketing ploy originally devised by the Roman Catholic church. It revolves around the blasphemous three Masses said for Christ over the 24th-25th December time period. Sadly, even reformed and evangelical Christians copy the format in special services held on those dates. This book examines the actual biblical texts to show that the reality of Christ's birth is radically different from the 'warm and fuzzy' one depicted around the world. The book separates the birth narrative from the visit by the Magi, which took place about two years after Christ's birth. It also poses a suggestion that perhaps the shepherds were either Levites or possibly priests.

First Edition October 2020

ISBN: 9781716500565

Paperback £8.00 (ex VAT) (107 pages)


Psycho-Meddling ('Christian' Counselling)

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Psycho-Meddling ('Christian' Counselling)

By K B Napier

A Biblical approach to Christian counsel - led by the Holy Spirit

The counselling business has grown rapidly and many local churches have one or more members trained in counselling. However, this academically-based training is NOT the same as godly counsel, which is given by the Holy Spirit alone on an ad hoc basis, by whomever He chooses to give counsel. Those who ignore this most basic of biblical facts are meddling and so can do more harm than good. This book is from an academic thesis (MA Psychology), but it has a biblical stance taken by the author. Think hard!

First Edition 2018 (Psychology Master's Thesis 1984)

eBook PDF £2.50 (183 pages)

Paperback £12.95 (ex VAT) (182 pages)

Genesis & Creation. Historical & Scientific Fact

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Genesis & Creation. Historical & Scientific Fact

By K B Napier

A strong apology for the literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account

The Hebrew account of Creation in the Bible uses factual and literal historical wording. Thus, Creation is history, not fiction. On the other hand, evolution uses fantasy and deception, and has never proved its own existence. Evolution scientists prefer their false version because they hate God. Simple as that. What they say is unproved and just complex story-telling.

First Edition 2013

eBook PDF £2.50 (183 pages)

Paperback £7.67 (ex VAT) (142 pages)

What is Prayer?

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What is Prayer?

By K B Napier

A Biblical challenge to the tradition of Prayer Meetings 

Every Christian claims to pray. Every pastor tells the congregation that prayer meetings are the 'hub' of local church life. It is the view of the author, after decades as a Christian and pastor, that few Christians understand what prayer is and even fewer do not realise that prayer meetings as we have them today have no sure basis in biblical reality.

Indeed, it is the author's researched view that prayer meetings are invalid. We must all test the spirits... the book challenges Christians to do just this by setting church traditions aside and seeing what God really says. Are you truly a faithful believer, or not?

First Edition 2017

ISBN: 9780244360061

eBook PDF £2.50 (183 pages)

Paperback £14.50 (ex VAT) (148 pages)

Little Billy Brown

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By Barry Napier

Delightful stories of a young Swansea girl growing up during World War 2

Billy Brown (Barry's mother) was a petite, beautiful girl who began her stage career aged three. Starting with local church concerts in a Welsh village, she took the concert circuit by storm, later to become the 'Comedy Queen of Wales'. Book covers her first nine years - a mischievous, kind and much-loved character.

The stories contained in this book would be perfect to form the basis of a script for a family prime time TV series.

First Edition June 2007:

eBook PDF £2.50 (88 pages)

Paperback £5.28 (88 pages)

The Travel Muse

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By Barry Napier

A collection of stories of one man's travels...

Travel is that bit between here and there. How you see that bit is up to you. Look in the backstreets, the suburbs, because that's where the genuine article is. Something different is just around every corner... if you want to see it. This is a collection of stories of one man's travels, and they don't tell the half of it! Lots of fun and memories.

First Edition August 2007:

eBook PDF £2.50 (105 pages) Full Colour

Paperback £18.17 (105 pages) Full Colour


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By K B Napier

Quakers is an examination of this sect's heretical beliefs

Because of their peace initiatives, Quakers have been included under the 'Christian' banner. But, their beliefs preclude such an honour. The most evangelical sect is Arminian and therefore heretical. The most extreme is simply a meeting of unbelievers.

Third Edition September 2011:

eBook PDF £5.00 (150 pages)

Paperback £8.83 (150 pages)

Freezing the New Warming

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By Barry Napier

More evidence that the Environmental Movement is Marxist and Fascist

This is a companion volume to the much larger 'The Global Green Agenda'. Like companion volume 1, volume 2 gives more examples and proofs that the environmental movement is Marxist and Fascist, and that green claims are bad science, being used to push a totalitarian regime around the world. It also links the recent financial crashes to Marxist planning in the USA and Britain.

First Edition September 2009:

eBook PDF £3.56 (107 pages)

Paperback £11.18 (107 pages)

Keep off the Grass! Because Mom Earth says so

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By Barry Napier

The proof of Corruption and Deception behind the IPCC

Al Gore started it, but governments pay (out of our taxes) for his scam to sound real! The IPCC fraudulently changed genuine scientific papers to produce the infamous 2007 Report, but it never actually said what the media makes of it. In this book, the author proves it all to be lies, fraud and deception. The book is meant to complement the heavyweight 'The Green Agenda', which should be read first.

Both books prove beyond doubt that climate change, global warming and CO2 emissions panic are all mythical, invented by governments to produce fear, so that people will accept Marxist policies... heavy taxation, loss of freedoms, and genocide. We either stop the farce right now, or suffer serious consequences! It's up to you!

First Edition December 2008:

eBook PDF £2.90 (107 pages)

Paperback £6.85 (107 pages)

Aspects of Doctrine

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By K B Napier

An ideal primer on Bible based Christian Doctrine

Doctrine is vital to the Church, and it has to be correct, as given by the Bible itself. This is an introductory text for Christians who have never really examined what doctrine is. A selection of important doctrinal statements is given, with questions and activities - sections that ought to be overseen by a pastor, Bible teacher, or other mature Christian with sound scriptural knowledge.

Second Edition 2007:

eBook PDF £2.50 (183 pages)

Paperback £6.89 (183 pages)

Patchwork Quilt Theology

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By K B Napier

‘Tradition vs Scripture’ this books exposes the errors grounded in tradition found in Reformed churches

'Reformationism' refers to the way churches have allowed useless traditions (some unscriptural) to overshadow the good work done by the Reformers. This book highlights a few of these errors, replacing them with scriptural models.

First Edition January 2007:

eBook PDF £5.00 (154 pages)

Paperback £13.65 (154 pages)

Tom Got it Wrong!

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By K B Napier

Thomas Aquinas is a renowned Roman Catholic theologian, but his teachings on salvation are fundamentally flawed.

This book examines a selection of Aquinas' teachings, (particularly on salvation) as found in his Summa Theologica. The purpose is to show he was in error, and why. His influence on the world is still enormous. That is why Christians must know how to tackle it. Though no longer thought to be the number-one theologian for Rome, his work nevertheless has immense influence in Roman thinking. The astute reader will come to see what makes his Gospel teaching so complex, by showing the biblical error.

First Edition September 2011:

eBook PDF £2.50 (382 pages)

Paperback £10.27 (382 pages)

The Global Green Agenda

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By Barry Napier

The aim of the Global Green Agenda is simply to use green language to create a one-world government

In this second edition, 'The Global Green Agenda' adds several new sections and illustrations, plus a Foreword by Dr Tim Ball, a leading scientific opposer of the green movement. He recognises that the author has given a sound basis for looking at the environmental movement and its Marxist-Fascist roots, essential to understand what is really going on today.

The aim of the movement is simply to use green language to create a one-world government.

All the marks are there - oppression, loss of freedom, loss of choice, anti-Christianity, bad science, genocide, heavy taxation, etc. The UN is making its bid to control all use of resources, with military backing. Ignore the signs at your peril!

There is NO ECOLOGICAL CRISIS! It is all a myth... no warming, no climate change other than usual, and CO2 is not a pollutant. The IPCC is lying. Simple as that. And this book proves it. (2014 note: The IPCC is again trying to whip up support for ‘climate change’ demands, using the same tired excuses and unscientific references. The idea is to increase taxes and demand submission to the UN).

Second Edition 2009:

eBook PDF £4.81 (685 pages)

Paperback £23.93 (685 pages)

Plagues, a Crossing, and Small White Things

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By K B Napier

Does God Intervene Today?

It is widely believed by reformed Christians that the work by B B Warfield is the definitive answer to the question of miracles after the Apostles. This book is written by a non-charismatic from the reformed fold who believes God does intervene in the world today, and gives evidence to prove it. Reformed Christians should never be afraid to question the work of other human beings... and this book is a lively contribution to what is hoped will be a re-opening of the discussion!

First Edition: September 2011

eBook PDF £3.75 (371 pages)

Paperback £12.59 (371 pages)

The Green Bible:- Bad Theology, Bad Science

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By K B Napier

A Travesty of Theology and Overt Green Propaganda

The Green Bible has been rolled out by people desperate to make green things happen! However, it is not just a Bible - the Bible part is sandwiched between two other sections containing some of the worst theology I have ever read. This book examines those two surrounding sections, showing that they contain nothing but propaganda and very bad theology. The author's argument is built upon his previous three books, all of which prove that global warming, climate change and CO2 arguments are all fake science.

First Edition: September 2011

eBook PDF £3.56 (219 pages)

Paperback £13.65 (219 pages)

Alpha - the Omega of the Gospel

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By K B Napier

The False Gospel of the Alpha Course

Claiming to teach people the Gospel and to engender interest in the church, the Alpha Course does neither. Its message is Arminian (Romanist) and its gospel is false.

Second Edition 2011:

eBook PDF £5.00 (179 pages)

Paperback £9.32 (179 pages)

The MacLeod Controversy Revisited

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By K B Napier

How one man divided a denomination and tried to destroy his friends

In the 1990s Professor Donald MacLeod confessed to his friends that he had committed sexual assaults on women in the church. A short while later, the police wanted to open a file on him to bring a case to court. This occurred - but from that point, the Free Church guardians refused to cooperate and the hierarchy closed ranks. Then, in court, MacLeod shamefully accused everyone who challenged him of a 'conspiracy', and his son destroyed the witnesses in the media. The Sheriff judging the case refused to admit vital evidences, so, inevitably, MacLeod was found 'not guilty'!

This booklet examines what is available and firmly concludes that MacLeod was indeed guilty. The author asked him to repent, but he would not! Come to your own conclusions. The booklet also briefly looks at MacLeod's heretical theology.

Second Edition 2009:

eBook PDF £4.15 (60 pages)

Paperback £7.76 (60 pages)