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Stephen Hawking:- Enemy of God

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Stephen Hawkins with aides

All unsaved men and women are ultimately ‘enemies of God’. But, some, who raise themselves up publicly to attack God, directly or indirectly, can be called ‘wicked’ enemies. Professor Stephen Hawking is one such enemy, with his recent needless arguments against God. He joins a rising wave of men who do likewise. Normally I say little about these men, whose mouths are bigger than their brains. But, when they have worldwide influence, we must oppose, if only briefly.

Hawking is intelligent. Indeed, he is brilliant. No doubt about it. But, intelligence can be just as prone to deception as anything else, if not more so, because the intelligent man is duped by his own thinking. Hawking is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Note that he works on quantum physics. This is just intellectual guesswork. Nothing wrong with that unless it gets on the wrong side of God and His word. And Hawkings certainly does. It says a lot that he is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, because it means Rome accepts what he says… something it will not do unless the work agrees with its theology. Hawkings has had many accolades, and rightly so, for his science. But, we must stand against his assertions about God.

Despite his brilliance, Hawking believes in extra-terrestrial life, offering mathematical evidence in support. However, this appears to contradict what scripture says – that the Earth is the centre of God’s plan, there being no mention of other life, apart from spiritual beings. Of course, this does not necessarily mean there is no life in the universe – but it is very unlikely given the tone and content of scripture. The reason Hawking believes in extra-terrestrial life, though, is based on his evolutionism, which rejects any idea of God. He thinks that contact with aliens would be disastrous for humans. This implies, as all such theories do, that aliens MUST be of higher intelligence and capability than humans, though there is no reason to make such a guess. They could easily be the equivalent of slugs! For myself, I do not believe in any other beings in the universe.

Concerning the universe, Hawking says that the existence of God is “unnecessary” to explain the origin of the universe. In any scientific field he is right, for what is created can be described and explained in scientific terms alone. After all, this is how God made things – they exist and are apparent, and so we can describe them in physical terms. But, to say we can explain the origin of everything without God is a break in logic for a number of reasons and falls outside the scope and ability of science. Though Hawking would snort at Intelligent Design (which is a theory just short of Creation thinking), only an intelligent Being could have created the universe and everything in it. There is an absurdity in saying everything made itself from nothing – a statement made by Hawking in 2010. Absolute nothing cannot do anything! Because it is not. If it does not exist it has no power to cause existence.

Even so, Hawking says that because gravity exists, so does the possibility of the universe creating itself. “God did not create the universe” said Hawking! It does not matter that he is a renowned and brilliant man… his views on God are flawed and useless. He has strayed from reality. Even if we say God did not exist, Hawking cannot assert that everything was created from absolute nothing (for a short discussion on absolute nothing see my chapter on Creation in ‘Aspects of Doctrine’ that sets out the argument in understandable form). If he had asserted that everything came from relative nothing, we might be able to understand his logic, because relative (or secondary) nothing is a component of created matter and exists, and hypothetically could contain elements that might join to form something else.

But, he is talking about absolute nothing, a state of non-existence. In scientific terms non-existence is impossible, yet this is the condition God placed His creation into. Hawking is not the same breed as many scientists who actively go out of their way to decry God. He says “The universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.” This is another error, for God performs miracles, many of which totally contradict the ‘laws of nature’ that He Himself designed and made. It is true that the universe obeys the laws decreed by God, but it is folly to suggest that He cannot or will not intervene. The biggest folly, though, is to claim that God did not create.

Hawking says that science wins over religion “because it works”. Of course it does! Science is only the acknowledgement of things created, so it has to work! Not when scientists get rid of the idea of God, though, such as in the hypothesis of evolution, which does NOT work. He cannot say anything about religion, because it is ‘other’.

Recently, Hawking said “As recent advances in cosmology suggest, the laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from nothing.” (quoted in Washington Times, 1st October, 2010, in which the journalist said Hawking had “taken leave of his senses”). He said it was not necessary for God to ‘light the blue touch paper’. But, it is! If there is absolute nothing, then there is no material to self-start its own creation, therefore there can be no material! 0+0=0. Hawkings unravelled his own mind to come up with such nonsense. He has left behind his theories to speculate on theology, not science. Science cannot explain God, because God created science. He is above and greater-than science. Indeed, He is beyond science and above all His creation. Otherwise He could not be God.

What Hawking should have done is simply say he does not believe in God and stick to theoretical science. There is no way he – or anyone else – can assert categorically that God does not exist or that He did not create everything, thereby influencing many who look up to him as a scientist and diverting them away from the very idea of God. No amount of theory can get around these facts. Unfortunately, though generally benign, Hawking has made himself an enemy of God, Who calls him wicked. His brilliance will get him nowhere on the coming Judgment Day, for when he denies creation by God He also denies the God Who created.

“The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

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