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I have been asked to define why God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, or even remotely similar. I will show that God is ‘other’ and nothing like us. His thoughts are NOT our thoughts and we can never think like God. Even the word ‘think’ is inappropriate for God! He does not ‘think’ but just ‘is’. He is the “I AM”, the Self-Existent One.

We are created beings, made lower than the angels and higher than animals. We are unique in that we are neither spirit nor animal, but humans specially made by God for His own purposes. Most Christians do not really grasp this relationship or the humanity of our constitution. This means they also do not grasp the uniqueness of God. And how can they when God is ‘other’, not of our world or perception? We can only know of God what God Himself tells us. Yes, we can surmise – but it is meaningless in reality.

God created us with brains, minds, and bodies. They work together because God made them that way. We are a ‘complete package’ made to survive in the world that was also created by God. All is interlinked.

In this creation, men use their minds, but this use is not fully developed at birth. As babies we know nothing mentally, but respond to stimuli. Initially this is simply to cry when there is a need, though the baby itself does not realise it has a need, nor does it think about it, nor does it express itself in words. Over time the baby develops mental abilities, because such abilities are created within the baby during conception. They are latent and quickly ‘grow’ in strength and type, until, by adulthood, all the faculties are matured. Even as a youngster these faculties, though immature, are usable but not complete. We learn, and learn to adapt.

When it comes to thinking, this faculty develops differently in each person. Partly because some are taught to think and some are not – these do not develop but act randomly. Even so, their thoughts rely on experiences, senses, stimuli, results, and so on. In other words, human thoughts can be close to correct or totally wrong; our thinking processes are largely the result of all other inputs and experiences.

Also, emotions play a big part in thinking, and can affect thoughts suitably or badly. Human thinking is always susceptible to error and sin, because humans also have to contend with Satan’s influence, and the influence of our own stupidity (the ‘old man’).

Human thinking is also capable of taking in stimuli, or mulling-over what is already in the memory, applying logic (though this seems almost absent in many), comparing outcomes, and deciding on a course of action. The more one experiences and trains one’s self to do so, the better are the results. Even so, no man, not even the most educated, trained or experienced, can ever produce the ultimate result of 100% perfection! This is partly because of emotions (which can effectively be ‘trained-out’ to a greater degree), partly because of sin, and partly because the human mind is finite, so it can never have all the data required to make a perfect decision.

But, God? He is uncreated and has no emotions. Probably most Christians have an anthropogenic idea of Who God is, and how He works. That is, they apply the same definitions they have for their own human minds, to God. God, however, is not human! Nor is He created. Nor does He have human traits. He just ‘Is’; He is the great ‘I AM’, above and beyond what is created.

He also knows everything – not only what has already happened but what will happen today, tomorrow, etc. God knows everything about everything, in perfection. Because God is in eternity, He knows everything as if it were constantly now. Because of His perfection, He makes no errors of judgment.

God does not ‘think’; He does not become emotional; He cannot ever make a mistake… everything He does is always known and is always perfect. To think is to juggle thoughts, one against the other, building up an argument, testing the validity of thoughts, searching for answers… but God does none of that! He simply ‘is’ and has every answer within Himself. He is not tainted by emotions, which are labile in humans. He knows every possible outcome for every possible thing. He says it and it exists! (And He does not even have to ‘say’ anything – the word is used to help us understand! Whatever He commands is already done, before they come into being in human experience. This is why no man can choose Christ and salvation – our choices cannot alter God’s eternal plan: Psalm 33:11).

We all use the word ‘thoughts’ when speaking of God, but this is only for our meagre attempts at understanding God. God allows its use because we are finite and have no real idea what He is like, apart from what He says. Wherever we see reference to God’s thoughts in scripture, they are there for this reason. “For my thoughts (are) not your thoughts, neither (are) your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 55:7). “But they know not the thoughts of the LORD, neither understand they his counsel…” (Micah 4:12).

The Bible is God’s word to mankind. But, we dare not assume this is all there is, or that we thereby know all God’s plan and mind. We can only know what God designed for us to have as information. Other than that we literally do not have a clue as to the reality of God and His mind. We can only say that He is above and beyond His creation. 

© November 2010

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