Philemon chapters

How easily we forget what we owe to Christ! We might sail through life quite well balanced until something happens to rock our boat of trust and confidence in others. Then, instead of looking with sadness upon the saved wrongdoer, our hurt turns to resentfulness, and we forget that both of us are equally valued by Christ.

It is very easy to let go of our faith and brotherly love when we are wronged. This ought not to be. Yes, we can be hurt and perhaps damaged by what another does. But, if that person then repents, we must overcome how we feel and show regard for the one who wronged us or others. If he or she has repented, it is our love to do so. Not a duty, but a love. We should be glad to see a fellow believer repenting and returning to the fold, not be resentful and glowering! If we can remove the coals of perdition from his back, then we are commended by God for doing so. We should not display resentment when God has forgiven someone!

Let this very short letter by Paul serve as a lesson in humility. We can all be severely hurt by the sins of another, but we can also be joyful when a sinner returns to Christ and to the brethren. Let us look out for each other and not be punitive.

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