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Summary Of Abraham's Life

  1. Born approx. 2000 BC.
  2. Lived in Ur, the capital of Sumeria, which was wealthy and powerful.
  3. Ur was the known centre for arts, politics, crafts, mercantile trade, religion. It is where huge ziggurats were built.
  4. Abram moved with his family, goods and animals up the bank of the Euphrates, to Haran.
  5. When he was aged 75 God called Abram to leave Haran, but did not give any more details. Abram obeyed instantly... a sign of his personal faith.
  6. He took Sarai his wife, and Lot his nephew, south into Canaan. There God promised to give the whole area to his descendants, even though the Canaanites were a war-like group of tribes. Abram became very powerful.
  7. A famine forced the family to move into Egypt.
  8. When they returned, much wealthier, Lot decided to part company to start his own life. He chose the fertile valleys and Abram was left with the rest. Unfortunately, Lot chose valleys where Sodom and Gomorrah were located.
  9. After Lot left, God again promised the land to Abram's descendants. At that time the nation of Israel did not exist, nor did 'Jews' or Judaism.
  10. Lot foolishly chose to live in or near Sodom, and was captured by invading armies. Abram chased the armies north until they were obliterated, and returned to the plains of Mamre where he had been living. He was met by king Melchizedek, who gave him presents.
  11. After all this, and near 100 years of age, Abram expressed anxiety because he did not have a son (even though God promised the land to his descendants). God graciously reassured him. However, Sarai chose a concubine to bear Abram children 'just in case', because she laughed at the idea of having a child of her own in her old age. Ishmael (father of modern Arabs) was born when Abram was 86.
  12. God warned that the promises did not apply to Ishmael or his descendants and Abram laughed when God said Sarai would bear a child in nine months' time.
  13. Soon after, two angels and the Lord Christ appeared in fleshly bodies to Abram. The promise of a son was repeated... but Sarai, who overheard, just laughed to herself, too.
  14. Then came the warning that Sodom and Gomorrah were to be completely destroyed. Abram argued for mercy if only ten righteous persons lived in those cities (Lot and his family?). The cities were then destroyed. Only a few of Lot's family fled.
  15. Sarai gave birth to Isaac.
  16. Some years later God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, on a mountain (which later became Jerusalem). God stopped the sacrifice just as Isaac was to be slain. In this Abraham proved his worth and faith.
  17. When Sarah died, Abraham sent for a wife for Isaac, and himself married Keturah, who bore him six more sons.
  18. Abraham died at age 175 and was buried with Sarah near Hebron.
  19. He never personally knew the promises, but his descendants certainly did!

Abraham's Family Tree

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