The Green Agenda is to ultimately to establish a One World Government

K B Napier PhD
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By Barry Napier (aka K B Napier)

The aim of the Global Green Agenda is simply to use green language to create a one-world government

In this second edition, 'The Global Green Agenda' adds several new sections and illustrations, plus a Foreword by Dr Tim Ball, a leading scientific opposer of the green movement. He recognises that the author has given a sound basis for looking at the environmental movement and its Marxist-Fascist roots, essential to understand what is really going on today.

The aim of the movement is simply to use green language to create a one-world government.

All the marks are there - oppression, loss of freedom, loss of choice, anti-Christianity, bad science, genocide, heavy taxation, etc. The UN is making its bid to control all use of resources, with military backing. Ignore the signs at your peril!

There is NO ECOLOGICAL CRISIS! It is all a myth... no warming, no climate change other than usual, and CO2 is not a pollutant. The IPCC is lying. Simple as that. And this book proves it. (2014 note: The IPCC is again trying to whip up support for ‘climate change’ demands, using the same tired excuses and unscientific references. The idea is to increase taxes and demand submission to the UN).

Second Edition 2009:

eBook PDF £4.81 (685 pages)

Paperback £23.93 (685 pages)