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Wrong Attidues - The Church's Fifth Column

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The Church of Christ is riddled with people who, though saved (or claim to be), continually reject Christ by their actions. 

For example, they keep their heads down, no matter how badly a crisis affects them or the churches. They think that by staying silent, they can cause enemies to miss them in their hatred towards believers, and so they can hide in anonymity, or in compliance to what their enemies want. This doesn’t work – enemies are enemies and they will merely despise those who try to hide like cowards. The attack is only put off for a while. They’ll eventually get you!

Others, with a worldly mindset, think we must always be nice, cooperative and completely naïve. An example is this – a man left his employment, though it offered an excellent salary, because he genuinely believed he had to. He cited God as His reason (there were many indications). Now, to any genuine believer, this is faith in action, even if the immediate consequences are a sudden drop in living standards and a loss of income. Listening to God is a requirement, not one option out of many!

Yet, that man has been vilified by some. His present position is his “own fault” they confidently assert. What a shocking thing to say to a man who gave up everything to obey the Lord! But, it is common in our churches, where earning money is perceived to be a greater virtue than obeying God!

I know what that man feels like because it has happened to me on a number of occasions. I preferred lowliness in God to advancement of my personal status and material condition. Yes, it brings almost total wipe-out, but I fear God more than I fear man!

Do you see your life in the right way? Is God first or last in your life? And when it comes to conscience and obedience, do you follow what the Holy Spirit prompts you to do… or do you do the usual and protect your income and job at any cost? If you do this, you will ultimately lose, if not in money and goods, then in your spirituality, which will lose-out big time.

Over the years I, too, had great ambitions, all linked to talents, money and job. But, over those same years I have seen the futility of it all; the older I got the less my ambitions made an imprint on my life, until I finally gave up all thought of them. That is why God comes first now. It should have been a much earlier conclusion, but that’s how stupid we humans are!

No job or money or status will get you anywhere in Heaven! So, when being taken to task by people who have no discernment about your decisions in Christ, ignore them. They are a fifth-column, who assist the enemy in his task of denouncing and bringing-down the saints. The attacks can come from your loved ones, family and friends; they can certainly come from the churches. Just obey God first. If others wish to act foolishly towards you, let it wash over your head. They use harsh words and ideas against you; they condemn your godly decisions, making you wonder if they were godly in the first place! Don’t listen! Their words are an affront to God, Who gave you your decisions to begin with. Stick your ground and become much stronger as a result.

No matter what happens after you make decisions that appear to lose you status, job, money or goods. God will provide and He will honour you. He will give you rewards an hundredfold. And the fifth-columnists who so take you to task will have no idea what I am talking about. 

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