The Christian Life
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What's the answer?

Not Things, or Money, or our sinful minds, not you.
God is the answer.


Why are you not looking at me?

Why are you turning to brick?
Why are you turning to paper?
Why are you looking at man made ideas?
Why are you turning to your sinful mind?

Why are you not looking at me?

Have I not told you to be strong and of good courage.
Do not waver and have faith.
Be steadfast.
As Peter once walked upon water to meet and hold my hand while the storm was around him,
he only for a moment forgot who was in front of him and started to drown.
So little faith led to forgetting I am God.
I took his hand and saved him and did not let him drown.

Why are you not looking at me?

Through trials and dismay
and the evildoers work
we try to run to our own bosoms to feel no hurt,
but what fools we are because God is our safe tower to run to
and to hold when all around seems on fire.

Have faith, live life ALWAYS looking to God.

Be joyful and happy and encourage others along.
This life isn’t for us, but this doesn’t mean we are doomed.
It means we have a greater good to live for, which includes eternity in Heaven and everlasting protection too.

We have everything we need to conquer our fears and trials.
We have the best armour and sword to win every battle and trial.
We have every best speech, words and sound mind.
He only gives the best and in His good time.

Answers may seem far away,
but really they are answered because God is there to carry us through
for our safety and better departure.
We have all this and so much more because of Him.

So remember, remember and meditate within, and never let God ask

"Why are you not looking at me?"

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