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Holographic Reality

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The problem with quantum mechanics and any other ‘quantum’ theory is that many people think they are true. They may, or may not, be true – but quantums cannot be proven, so they are not scientific law… they are just hypotheses. I class them in with ideas that are ‘Contextually Valid’, that have no reliability outside their own theory (See article on this).

Yet, supposed ‘holographic reality’ is the hottest thing in science since… whatever, and physicists are drooling over its possibilities. It is probably the closest thing we have to Star Trek! Yet, it is not provable science, but scientific philosophy.

David Bohm claimed in the early 1970s that the universe was an holographic structure. Then, Karl Pribram said that consciousness relied on this structure. It is the old, and silly idea: “How do we know what is real?”

Bohm had a colourful academic career and was a theoretical physicist. To sum up his idea – he said that thought controls us; we do not control thought. What we think is real, is only real because our thoughts say so… and yet thoughts are unaware they are doing it. What Bohm called ‘sustained incoherence’.

Frankly, this is just gobbledygook. This kind of activity is fine for theoretical physicists, who play around with ideas, but without proof it is useless to the world. It is also useless to Christians, who are told clearly that thought depends on our spiritual state, and this is controlled by God (or Satan). To suggest that we are under the control of our thoughts is not just unproved, it is without basis, and another assault on genuine thinking. We either accept that what God has created is reality, or we float around in a cloud of our own making, pretending anything we wish.

Bohm’s philosophical ideas were shaped by his association with the Dalai Lama, and a practicing psychiatrist, neither of whom have anything significant to say to believers. Bohm had recurring depression. Interestingly, Pribram was a consultant psychiatrist, psychologist and neurosurgeon. From my own work in psychiatric hospitals I know that most work done in psychiatry is speculative and unproved.

The holographic paradigm is that every organism is an hologram, and every individual hologram is embedded in the universe, which is a massive hologram. David Bohm called this the ‘holomovement’. He based this idea on the work of Dennis Gabor (1947), who spoke of the existence of two-dimensional holograms. Modern theory states that the two combine – two-dimensional and three-dimensional. An hologram is light reflected off a mirror, or off light itself.

The idea of an holographic universe arose from the theory of the Organisation for the Advancement of Knowledge, which synthesised work done by Northrup and Burr, and Gabor. This was rather similar to the way Karl Marx synthesised the work of Charles Darwin, making a physical theory fit a social construct. This is like trying to make a building from ice-cream… there is no genuine relevance even if we accept that both items are ‘constructs’.

Behind the modern idea is evolution. It was proposed in 1994 (by the Gariaev group) that DNA Wave functions were a biocomputer (thus reducing the brain to a lump of mechanics, and implying that the brain is also the mind). For reasons not given, Russia suppresses these ideas.

A recent TV documentary dealing with the holographic paradigm of reality says that all space objects that go past a ‘black hole’ are drawn to it by the black hole’s mass. They then ‘crash’ into the black hole and the ‘information’ contained in them suddenly transforms into holographic files that stay with the black hole for all time. That is, if black holes actually exist.

I will not go any further with this, because I find the material useless to us. It has no intrinsic value, but is only of value to people who love to play with ideas. So, whilst theoretical physicists get excited about the way their ideas can roam unfettered, we can carry on as normal with the far more logical and accessible ideas given to us by God. There could possibly be a certain view that our material world ‘lives’ within the spiritual, it being, by comparison, ‘holographic’.

But, to accept that view we would need to say that the spiritual is nothing more than another form of the physical we all know… and that would not be acceptable in the sense of God and His realm, because God is totally separate from the things He created. So, on reflection, even this tenuous idea must be scrapped!

Reality is what God says it is. What we read in scripture is reality.

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