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Two Types of Levitical Law

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In Leviticus we see two types of law. The first is designed for the Hebrews only, and even these are sub-divided. These laws are what I call ‘contextual’ (because they only apply to a particular people at a particular time). The second type is for all people (not just Jews) in all ages in all lands for all of earth’s time. These I call ‘universal laws’. I will not refer to specific laws in this very short paper, because it would not be possible, but I hope to provide a commentary on Leviticus in the near future. Offer up a ‘Hah hah’ if you wish – ignorant ‘yahooing’ doesn’t bother me.

I smile when ignorant atheists and others mock the Christian faith with really stupid queries. This approach – self-indulgent scorn - is especially used when homosexuals and others wish to argue against Christian claims that God despises and hates homosexuality, which must be stamped out. The vain argument goes something like this: “(Ha hah!! [An abnormally loud laughter that is pretended and not genuine] So, God hates homosexuality and says so in Leviticus? If you believe this then you should not be hypocrites – you must obey all of Leviticus!” Then comes the usual claim that Leviticus tells us not to eat shellfish or to wear cloth of mixed types of strands. So – Christians must stop eating shellfish and stop wearing a mix of natural wools. And so the stupidity goes, lacking in knowledge.

Now, Christians are not bound by what are called Mosaic Laws, which are contextual – they only applied to the Hebrews at that time and for a while later until Judaism was vanquished by Christ. Anyone with even a smattering of theological understanding will realise this quite easily. Those who prefer their guttural fake laughter will not listen anyway. But, the universal laws, which were as foundational to mankind as the Decalogue, apply to everyone everywhere until time itself ends.

This means everyone on earth who is ever born is bound by God’s divine universal laws (the Decalogue is but one set of laws of this kind). Even those who disobey, or are atheist, or are in some weird sect or none. (Now, more vain and hollow laughter from these people. Let them laugh if it makes them feel better by covering their guilt before God). Yes, everyone MUST obey God, including those who say they do not believe in anything at all. Such a statement is rejected by many fellow Christians and especially by haters of God. But, it makes no difference. They are STILL culpable! So, rather than face the facts, they issue inane jibes and ignorant theological statements, showing no understanding of Hebraic forms of writing, or basic biblical and theological logic, or even the actual text.


Shellfish. To me there was logic behind the ban on shellfish. And if you have suffered because of bad shellfish, you will understand the ban! The main reason is that shellfish were not kosher (see Deut.14) because they do not have scales and fins. The other problem is one of health safety. Look at a map of the route taken by the Hebrews for forty years – along the top of the deserts of north Arabia, very far from the sea, and. one thing that still stands true is that shellfish must be fresh. There was no way for the Hebraic nomads to obtain fresh shellfish!

Mixed Fibres. Hebrews were told not to mix linen and wool (shatnez) in the same cloth. Any other mixes were acceptable. This command is a decree of a king for his subjects. The king here must have been Moses, but no explanation is given for this ban. However, there are a few possible reasons. One was that pagan priests used to mix linen and wool together for occult purposes. This single reason alone would be enough to ban cloth mixture. We know that God wanted the Israelites to be separate in every way, including worship. Wool and linen can be worn as separate garments, one on top of the other, but could not be woven together. There appears to be a religious significance to this. Might sound silly to unbelievers, but so what?

The above two bans are for the Israelites, for whatever reason. They do not apply to any other nation. Therefore, they are sample ‘contextual’ laws. Universal laws are very different and quite precise. The ban on homosexuality (which, today, also applies to all the false ‘brands’ of homosexuality, including one of the latest fads, ‘transsexuality’) is an universal law that is repeated throughout scripture and carries forward to the New Testament. Therefore, it applies to all people everywhere in all ages. This particular ban is not simply a social dislike, but is a grave sin, which is why it is treated differently by God. In the New Testament for instance, God says that homosexuals will go to hell; He expresses total repugnance, because it is not His plan or design for mankind, and perverts His will on the matter. Other reasons, too, are attached to its wickedness (e.g. Romans 1; see my article on this).

Another universal example is that of murder. Like other universal laws, they are total in their ban and treatment. Murder is an obvious ban that is seen in many cultures, except for those that honour Satan or his demonic types (e.g. as in Hinduism). Murder attracts an instant penalty of judicious death, at first through families affected, and then by judges in the cities, and later in the New Testament. It was such a serious sin that the one committing it must be put to death even if he or she repents and changes.

There are other examples of the two types of law – Mosaic and temporary, and universal, applied for all time. Ignorant scoffers (and even untaught Christians) should study in more detail instead of condemning the laws without knowledge! To argue against such people is rather like trying to explain the details of neurological surgery to a five year old! So, remember these two differences and don’t be crushed by the nonsense put out by unbelievers, who plainly do not have a clue as to what they are talking about! Universal laws still operate! It is unbelievers who should be scoffed at, for their ridiculously untaught taunts that ignore the facts.

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