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Billy Graham - a Man of God?

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If a man teaches or does things that oppose God in a major way, can he still be called a 'man of God'? That is, can he still claim to be doing God's work according to His will? Billy Graham is very much an icon - to many he is an idol - within the Christian Church. He is praised for multi-thousand attendances at his rallies. People point to the huge number of responses to the 'altar call'. Why, then, should we question the veracity and integrity of the man? The answer is a very simple one... Billy Graham has fallen a long way from true evangelism and from the truth itself. And the 'responses' can be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

In 1987, the Christian Research Institute (CRI) published articles on Billy Graham. They were based on authentic reports from many sources. The conclusions - that Graham was not acting in a Biblical manner - were obvious. Yet, the CRI lost about half its readership for telling the truth. People sent very abusive letters to the editor; to these folk, the articles were blasphemy! So, let us underline something here... Billy Graham is only a man, not a god. Thus, he can fall spiritually. So can I. So can you.

After some research, the CRI agreed that Graham appears to have known a real salvation and conversion. (This is not arrogance. Some have questioned the validity of 'judging others'... we are commanded to judge others, especially if they are acting in opposition to God's word). By collecting together various evidences from his early years, the CRI also concluded that Graham appeared to start out as a genuine (?) preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At that time, he held firmly to the basic tenets of the Christian faith. But, gradually, with fame came a loss of integrity. With loss of integrity came a moving away from the basic, mighty, doctrinal statements of God's word. What follows are random quotes taken from authentic sources...

"Dr Graham is the front man, the chief spokesman for a growing group of people who believe in yoking up with unbelievers. They believe that a man may be saved without believing that the Bible is true, or without believing in the virgin birth, or the deity of with...infidels..." (Daring: Both Ways At Once, by John R. Rice). The title of this book refers to the habit of the Graham organisation of issuing defensive statements which are completely at variance with what Graham actually teaches...thus 'both ways at once'! That is, two-faced.

Billy Graham calls infidels, liberals and modernists "godly men" (Billy Graham and the Church of Rome, by I. Paisley). We must always bear in mind that Graham received his honorary doctorate from a Jesuit (Roman Catholic) seminary. This is a singular Catholic honour which is only given to those who greatly advance the cause of the Roman Catholic cult. If we examine a list of Graham's Associates, we will find a cesspool of unbelief. For example: Dr Mervyn Stockwood: he knelt before the pope to receive his blessing; repudiated the Gospel (at the funeral of the politician, Aneurin Bevan), has a notorious habit of visiting public houses after ordaining new ministers, etc. Rev. William Barclay: he recommends the Apocrypha (as does the Roman Catholic cult) as being equal to the Old Testament; says Jesus was not God; does not accept various miracles of Christ etc. Bishop G. Kennedy: clearly rejects the deity of Christ; he says that it is idolatry to claim the Bible to be the final authority.

We could go through the list and see that it is more like a dung-hill of rotting flesh, than a mountain of godly men! When a man's known associates openly declare their unbelief and when he openly allies himself with them, then we have no option but to judge him to be the same.

Graham insists that all comers are included on local campaign committees...whether they are Roman Catholics, liberals or even self-professing unbelievers, it does not matter. This is because the aim is to involve the greatest number of influential men, so that the greatest number of people will visit the meetings. And when they come, they listen to a diluted gospel which has been pruned deliberately to appeal on an human level. Those who come forward are then pointed toward 'counsellors' of various unbelieving groups - who include Roman Catholics, liberals, and even Jews. Thus those who are supposedly 'saved' are pushed headlong into the arms of a cult or false religion! Graham not only knows this - he actually planned it that way. (That so many are claimed to be saved is questionable)

Graham is on the Board of Fuller Seminary, which was led by a man who publicly attacks 'fundamental' Christianity (that is, true faith), and who is a modernist who has acted on behalf of communism. Graham has been quoted as being a "friend of the Jesuits" in the USA (Catholic Herald, June 3rd, 1966). Anyone who has the barest knowledge of Jesuits, understands that they are the most cunning and most devious of Catholics, whose oath of allegiance includes a vow to murder Protestants if they are called to do so. Jesuits, by order of the Catholic church, were behind the assassination of President Lincoln. He knew of their plots. Graham is a frequent speaker at many Catholic colleges and seminaries. He has himself said "I feel much closer to Roman Catholic tradition than to some of the more liberal Protestants." (The Greenville News).

Graham urged surprised listeners at a Chicago Crusade (1962) to "pay more attention to the Blessed Mother...(because)...we have made too little of Mary." This should not really have surprised them - he attends many Catholic masses. But he is not only a Rome-lover; he also links up with other world false faiths: "I believe there is a great deal to learn from other religions in the Far East...especially from Buddhism." (Reformation Review, reporting on a visit to Japan).

He does not care if people accept the inerrancy principle and says that they may take the various Biblical accounts, such as Creation or Adam and Eve, as being literal or figurative. This is because, to him, 'love' (a notorious excuse for unbelief!) is of greater importance than doctrine/Truth. Thus he believes that a man such as Albert Scheitzer is in heaven...even though he was an unbeliever who denied the deity of Christ and said Christ was an epileptic!

Graham does not teach Biblical salvation, but says there are many ways to God; those who have been brought up in Christian homes are automatically Believers, even if they have not experienced personal salvation; he also accepts that child-baptism regenerates and saves the child (reported in the Lutheran Standard). In a Brazilian crusade, Graham allowed (and must have invited) the local Roman Catholic bishop to 'bless' the crowd (New York Times, Nov 9th., 1963). He has himself admitted that the majority of support for his crusades comes from Roman Catholics...of course it does - Graham is giving them new converts on a plate! One Roman Catholic priest even suggested that his church may one day canonise Graham!

The Graham organisation is massive, with substantial income. It uses this to discredit anyone who raises a voice against its lord and master. Despite many years of counselling from his former close friends (including Rice), Graham continues in his godless ways and even increases them. He once vowed to God never to allow an unbeliever or a liberal onto his committees - but such are now prominent on them all. Time and again, this is refuted in letters to concerned Christians...but Graham then proceeds to say the exact opposite to liberals and unbelievers, so as to elicit their support! In Scotland, for example, Graham repeatedly said in public "I am not a fundamentalist"... but when Christians expressed their dismay, the Graham organisation sent them personal letters, to say that Graham had never said it!

"Dr Graham...said here that he sees a new spirit in the world which he believes can be attributed to the ecumenical movement" (Ecumenical Press Service, July 14th., 1966, with reference to the London Crusade). As a young Christian, I attended that Crusade; despite sitting attentively, I did not realise that Graham had just spoken, let alone that he had just given a 'gospel' message! The meeting was hyped-up by extensive use of emotional music; many counsellors were wishy-washy or Biblically unsound. One of them was approached by myself - all I wanted was the address of a nearby hotel which offered cheap rooms. To my utter amazement, the man all but broke down in tears! He spluttered an abject apology that he could not put me up himself! Then followed a potted history of his poor spiritual state, the unbelief of his wife and a lot else. I made a quick exit! From what I could see, all the other counsellors were roaming around backstage, randomly approaching the people who were there. God help them if they were actually 'counselled' by them!

A man cannot be revered for what he used to be, if what he is NOW is something totally different. Billy Graham appears to have started out in the right way, but perhaps, in the light of his last thirty years, that was just what many uncalled preachers do at first - they tailor their beliefs and words so that they are 'correct'. Thus, what he has become is not something new, but something which has always been present. Whatever the truth is, Graham is now acting in the most ungodly manner...he is ecumenical in the extreme, he speaks lovingly of cults and occultish, mystic religions, he warmly commends heretics, he lies about his beliefs and stance and gets his organisation to do likewise, he sends converts (if that is what he calls them) into the arms of wolves dressed as lambs...these features do not belong to a man of God! It is about time that his followers did the right thing and cast him from their midst.

Note: The 'CRI' mentioned in this Outline is now Bible Theology Ministries (BTM).  

There was no connection with the CRI in the USA.

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