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Violent Jihad:- “The core of Islam”

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'Answering Jihad’ Part 1: to page 18

This paper is a commentary on a book by an ex-Muslim, (Zondervan, 2016). Written by Nabeel Qureshi, it has a sub-title: ‘a better way forward’. Nabeel is a Christian who read and memorised the Koran, and the hadith, for himself when Muslim, and was shocked to find that these sources really do incite violence, hatred and genocide.

This is not a review - I will quote relevant texts and comment as necessary, to show that Islam is not ‘peaceful’ (by Koranic definition), and that ALL Muslims are called by the Koran to kill anyone who does not sing from their same hymn-sheet in exactly the same way. This latter intimidation explains why current Islamists are killing fellow Muslims.

Westerners, accepting Muslim claims at face value, repeat like parrots, that “Islam is a religion of peace”. This claim by Muslims is less than 100 years old, and was never known previously. Now, they use the claim to dupe the West, who they see as infidels and godless. Islam is a religion of peace? Yes, in an Islamic way! For Islam ‘peace’ is the aftermath of war, does not stand alone, and has nothing to do with mutual trust or love. This ‘peace’ means total obedience to Allah and full acceptance of Islam and its ‘authorities’. Or die.

Once everyone submits to Allah, there will be ‘peace’. That is, the fear of being killed if we do not comply with the Koran, hadith/Mohammed and clerics. Thus, ‘peace’ is keeping your head below the parapet, if you do not want to get your head blown or hacked off. It is nothing like the peace one gets by worshipping God and nothing like the idea of peace found in normal life. In Islam actual belief is irrelevant; what matters is that we submit, even if inwardly we hate what we submit to... because of this many Muslims are what they are superficially or culturally, not genuinely.

In the West, then, according to Islam, ‘peace’ is proclaimed, but is not yet arrived. It will only arrive once all people everywhere submit to Allah. It will not arrive until non-Muslims, and Muslims of different sects, submit to Allah and sharia. This is how Muslims in the West mean it, but they deceptively do not explain it to naive westerners... but they WILL proclaim its true meaning once Islam is established as the sharia law of the land and Islam is the dominant force. Even then, ‘peace’ will not be enjoyed by the minority Muslims who do not interpret Allah’s words as do the dominant species.

Get it clear: we either die, submit and pay ransom taxes, which are very heavy, or get out of society altogether (which will be impossible if Islam is the dominating totalitarian rule everywhere). It is what Allah demands and what Mohammed practised. The targets are Christians, Jews, and any Muslim who believes the ‘wrong’ Islamic teachings. After these come everyone else (non-Muslims) in the world! By not understanding the basics of Islam, western leaders are putting all our lives in danger and setting up the West for an overthrow far worse than that by Nazis or soviets. The demands made by ISIS will then be the normal requirement.

I will be offering articles on this topic in several Parts. As we go through the relevant quotes or passages, I will give page number, chapter heading, etc. Do not ignore what is said, for your very life may depend on it, quite soon. You are already familiar with the 9/11 horror and other well-publicised acts of terror. But, you probably are unaware of the DAILY acts of terror conducted by Islamists throughout the world, as Islamists close in on their victims. Note too that what is happening in Israel is another indicator of Islamic demands (daily multiple murders/attempted murders of Jews by ‘Palestinians’). Unless we can get politicians to understand their stupidity and ignorance, we may very well be next.

I should say straight away that what Islam teaches is not our problem. It can preach and make followers if it wishes. But, it has no right to force itself on everyone in the world, or even on Muslims. God will finally show Muslims their error, by sending them to hell... no dozens of virgins, no special privileges, only an eternity spent with Satan, who will make sure they are in misery. But, when Islamists kill or are violent or otherwise intimidate, they come under law and must be stopped. Also, those who have no interest in becoming Muslim must have the freedom to criticise Islam, its prophet and its books. After all, Islamists openly scorn and hate scripture.

We will now look at sections of the book, using the same headings and page numbers. Remember that the author was once a Muslim.

Preface, P9

Nabeel felt compelled to give a clear account of Jihad: “The question was made exponentially more pressing by the reality of nearly 4,600,000 Syrian refugees hoping to find a haven in the West. Compassion urges us to open our doors, but prudence counters that we should think twice. How can we tell the difference between a Syrian refugee fleeing ISIS and a covert operative infiltrating the USA (Ed and Europe) on their behalf? While rescuing foreign innocents, might we accidentally endanger our own?”

This was the thought behind Donald Trump’s declaration that the USA must stop ALL Islamic migration until the authorities could sort out who is who. He did NOT say he wanted to stop migration of Muslims full-stop. His proposed actions are quite in keeping with the prudence spoken of by Nabeel, and with the common sense most people want to see. But, what we see instead is gross stupidity by leaders, who have no idea what they are endorsing by saying “Islam is a religion of peace”!

It is my view, too, that the West cannot take in these Muslims for several good reasons – they bring with them a pagan idolatry offensive to the Lord, they reduce our own culture to Middle Eastern misery, their customs and ways stop all progress and intellectual advances, their sharia laws are against Western values (I am not referring to those false values that exist only to promote homosexuality).

We have, too, seen what taking in so many Muslims mean – widespread rape of males/females/children, abuse of women who have ‘less value’ than males, violence, a demand for everything free, and so on. Then, on top of this, we have free housing, education, healthcare, lavish state benefits, etc. it is fact that Muslim migrants receive all these things just for entering a country, whereas non-Muslim citizens get less or nothing, though they may have paid taxes.

In the UK there is a ‘housing shortage’. Of course there is – there are so many workless migrants (who are given housing immediately) that those who live here and have paid taxes get no help. It is the reason why the government wants to build so many new houses. If we sent workless migrants back home, the pressure would almost disappear and we would save billions as a nation. So, Nabeel’s comment does not go far enough. He lives in the USA where almost none of this yet applies.

And there is no question of it – taking in ‘Syrian refugees’ DOES put all our lives in danger. Read my three major articles on these people, who lie and cheat their way across Europe and wreak havoc. Most are NOT ‘refugees’, but economic migrants. Many of the rest are terrorists, as we see from pan-European activities of Muslims. Very few are genuine migrants who qualify for ‘refugee’/’asylum seeker’ status.

Nabeel said that after the Paris attack (and others in the USA) his parents were afraid of American reactions to Muslims. From his description, his family are proud to be adopted Americans and have nothing to do with violence or real interest in sharia. I have no doubt that most Muslims in the West are of this kind. But, they must understand why westerners are looking at them suspiciously. It is Islam that promotes and demands death to ‘infidels’. It is Muslims who carry out foul threats and killings. Unless there is a definite way to identify who is good and who is bad, they must put up with this suspicion. (P10). To refer to public outcries as ‘bigotry’ is not fair. He himself says we cannot tell who is genuine and who is a terrorist! It is up to Muslims themselves to provide a clear-cut identification, not us.

Nabeel says that those who spoke out had “neither clarity or charity” (P10). In my view, as one who has provided information on Islamism for about 15 years, I believe I have shown clarity. As for charity (I assume he refers to love), God does not require us to show unstinted love for those who hate, attack, or kill us! To show unswerving love for all Muslims is a folly, because we just do not know who is genuine – as he himself said. Indeed, it would be foolish, for showing love and compassion can impede examination of activities and backgrounds, leading to our own demise, culturally, spiritually and physically. And, more importantly, God Himself commands that we do NOT show or give help for those who hate Him.

Already, the UK is groaning under the weight of workless but violent Muslim young adults, who are costing our tax systems a fortune. They are demanding all kinds of compliance with Islam, and even force young women to stay indoors, because of rape incidents, which are growing fast.

Concerning the latter, every Christian is aware of the pagan ways in our society, without Islam (which is itself pagan) – the way young people dress sexually and provocatively is one example. But, this does not give anyone licence to attack and rape them. Islam opposes alcohol, but many Muslims drink alcohol, attend clubs and pubs, and take drugs, just as they eat and drink secretly during Ramadan. And, many Muslims indulge in homosexuality and paedophilia. So, please, Muslims – get your own act right before criticising the West!

On that matter, the West must not listen to all the counter-arguments by Islamists. What they say is a diversion tactic to remove the spotlight from what they themselves are guilty of (see my articles). As Nadeem acknowledges, Islam was violent from the start, even before there was such a place as ‘the West’, separate from the Middle East. In Mohammed’s day, the ‘west’ simply referred to places to the left of Mecca, etc., on the map! Thus, he could not blame ‘the West’ for his own murderous activities. He did them because he wanted to!

Nabeel complains that people see all Muslims as potential threats. Unfortunately for those Muslims who do not care for violence and sharia, there is no way for us to know who is not! They all follow Mohammed and all claim to follow the Koran, even if they have hardly read it. Until they tell us bluntly that they are NOT violent, etc., and openly condemn jihadists, they WILL be looked upon with great suspicion. Even then, in the UK, the majority of Muslims agree with what ISIS is doing, want sharia, and agree to violence against the West. That is why we in the West are very cautious and even suspicious. To say this is bigotry or unfair is to BE unfair. Yet, Nabeel says there is a better way forward. We shall see, given that the West has very little to work with, and Muslims are deliberately obscuring the facts and truth with Islamic versions of essential matters (such as their real meaning of ‘peace’, etc).

Introduction, P14

The sub-heading is ‘Understanding Jihad and our Muslim Neighbours’. Until the horror of 9/11 Nabeel says he was an ordinary young Muslim, but the terror attack changed his life. His male family, including father and uncle, served in the US forces and were loyal to America. “But our allegiance was to God and country”.

Some make much of this, saying that allegiance should be to country. But, do not genuine Christians owe their first allegiance to God? The difference is that Christians are told to honour their country and those who rule, so long as they themselves do not dishonour the Lord. Muslims on the other hand place Allah and Koran above country, and disobey laws and rulers, nowadays with great violence. The Bible is compatible with genuine laws, but sharia is not compatible with human laws, not even godly ones. Yet, sharia is itself ungodly and is invented by Mohammed.

Nabeel says that his own ‘brand’ of Islam taught him to love his country and to be loyal to it. This is true, as I have said on many occasions. I have also said that most Muslims in the West want to live in peace with their neighbours. BUT... and it is a very big ‘BUT’ – I have no concern with these people as neighbours, or as residents in the West, so long as they do not try to literally force their religion upon us.

Frankly, I would feel the same about JWs, or Mormons, or Roman Catholics. When someone is forced by hatred to ‘believe’ in an alien culture or teachings, his belief is not genuine and he will not think kindly about them. And when such enforcement is on a nationwide scale, rebellion and civil unrest are bound to follow at some time. In the West this will happen if sharia and Islam take precedence. Islam depends on forcing people to obey its precepts, until the next generation is born. Then, born into Islam, the newer generation will think it is normal.

From this platform arises a fully Islamic state. Even then, however, some will begin to resent it, and others will recall earlier days of freedom. They will also observe the obviously richer and more advanced non-Muslim countries are, and will seek out Western goods and ethos, if only secretly. It is why so many Muslims obey Allah in public, but drink alcohol, take drugs, eat during Ramadan, do exactly what a corrupt westerner does, and so on. Thus, Islam is at once strong and yet very weak. This underlying weakness must erupt and show itself soon, because this kind of inner resentment builds up.

Nadeem says he used to argue against anti-Islam statements by saying that Islam is a religion of peace (para 1, p15). In a sense he was right, when ‘peace’ is understood in the Islamic sense. That is, peace is the non-opposition to Islam and sharia, even when such ‘peace’ is achieved by open force and murder. A few years ago when ISIS took control of Mosul, they boasted that it was now the most peaceful place on earth. Well, yes, because heads were displayed on spiked railings, bodies littered the streets, many had been butchered, and those Muslims who were merely notional were told to obey Allah in full or die. But, this was not ‘peace’. It was capitulation to murderers to avoid being slaughtered! This is what ‘peace’ means in Islamic language, so do not expect it to mean anything else... unless those who DO live in genuine peace refuse to follow the violent ones.

Nadeem refers to a popular saying in the USA amongst Muslims following the attack on the twin towers, that “The terrorists who hijacked the planes... also hijacked Islam”. Of course, this is not true, because Islam at its core teaches this kind of death to all infidels. It is there in the Koran. Many Muslims, though, are like most Anglicans, who are superficially ‘Christian’ (hence their frequent travels into heresy and paganism) and are very happy being that way. However, as I have already said, the big difference is that the Bible does not teach us to kill infidels, whereas the Koran does! Therefore, the saying quoted by Nadeem should really read “The terrorists who hijacked the planes did so because the Koran taught them to kill”. Until the ‘peaceful’ Muslims come to terms with this simple fact, they will be called upon by wicked Muslims to be just as dangerous as they are – or else, and the rest of us will never be relaxed when Muslims are amongst us. Sadly for genuinely peaceful Muslims, this is now a fact of life.

He says many non-Muslim Americans understood his own shock and the peace his family lived under. This, though, is not the problem. As I have said elsewhere, I could once greet Muslims in my city, and they would greet me back. Now, they refuse to answer, do not look me in the face, and walk past fast. This shows a definite shift in atmosphere, and it is worrying. Not all are like this, but sufficient numbers to make me wonder what is happening in their mosques and teaching halls. When alone, Nadeem did question the very foundations of his religion, even if he publicly defended Islam. (1st para, p16).

He said that Muslim teachers tried to dismiss the accusations of violence throughout Islamic history, but his own researches proved the accusations to be true. Eventually, he said he came to a three-pronged fork in the road: he could become apostate and leave Islam, grow apathetic, or become ‘radicalised’.

This is where I will move ‘fast forward’ for the moment...

There are peaceful sects within Islam. This is true. But, as I have said time and again, and as I have seen reported from various parts of the world, those who were once peaceful are now rising up against non-Muslims, to murder, act violently, burn down churches, and so on. This is either because, as people with nothing else in their lives, they feel excited by being part of the genocidal sects that form groups like ISIS, or, they are forced to obey. The sect does not really matter, what matters, is that the Koran contains the demand by Mohammed to act wickedly. (As one ex-Muslim lady testified, Muslims in her area were quiet and law-abiding, but once jihadists showed them what the Koran contained, they, too, became murderers, haters of Christians, etc). And, if violent jihadists threaten quiet fellow Muslims, those peaceful Muslims will comply, or be killed. I have often said that I trust everybody – until I can no longer do so! Yes, I recognise many peaceful Muslims around me and I will correspondingly be peaceful... but, I do not have 100% trust in their peace – too many ‘peaceful’ ‘moderates’ have turned to violence for me to feel completely comfortable with them. Now, their version of ‘peace’ is for everyone to shut up and obey Allah.

Parents of children who secretly joined ISIS are shocked and grieving... but they must face the truth, that the Koran teaches violence and death. Many thousands of Western children have been radicalised by jihadists, and have joined ISIS and other Mujahideen (one engaged in Jihad), and some have already been killed. BUT, THIS IS DOWN TO THE KORAN. Until they disappeared to join jihadists, those same children tended to appear peaceful and ordinary. This is the anxiety of the situation... if even their parents think they are peaceful and ordinary, what chance do we have? How can we possibly trust ANY Muslims, when even the most peaceful become terrorists?

Nadeem (6th para, p17) says “But the families ought not to be so bewildered.” He says there is a ‘consistent thread’ running through these examples. That is, the children were shown how Islam is really violent and such claims are authentic, so they obeyed Allah. That Allah is a figment of imagination and a false god, does not occur to them. Nor does the fact that murder in any era, place and nation, is a grave sin. Thus, they choose to follow what is evil and find out too late what it truly means.

He says that it is a dangerous conclusion to suppose that because the core of Islam is violent, that all Muslims will be of that type. I reject his premise. To take the opposite tack, it is foolishness to accept that every Muslim is peaceful, when even moderates turn to jihadism! It is precisely because we DO NOT KNOW who is violent and who is not, that we must be extra-cautious. The fact that we might thereby pre-judge ordinary peaceful Muslims is not really our problem – it is the problem of those who follow such a pagan idolatrous religion, whose central teaching in the Koran is about killing people. Without this evil core, we could easily think of quiet Muslims as we would, say, quiet Anglicans; they are apostates to their own religion, but do not harm others.

Note: This article is one of a short series. 

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