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Trust All Muslims? A Reasoned Christian Response

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This is as brief as I can make it, and it is absolutely necessary. It is made necessary because we KNOW governments hide the facts and security services only give partial truth... and their bases for action are predicated on propaganda given to them by Islamists – supposed ‘facts’ that have been soundly debunked by those with real knowledge of Middle Eastern Islamic deceptions.

We have said it before: the only Muslims we can possibly trust (and only in a limited way – see reasons below) are those who are now old and came here about four or five decades ago – they worked, integrated, are friendly, and love the country. Not so with those who have come since. So, can we trust all Muslims? Or, should we be wary of them?

Below is a reasoned response to both questions. (Also read A-839). It is founded on the word of God, and on actual facts, not on my perceptions or friendships with Muslims (which I generally warn against). Perceptions cannot protect a man from bullets, knives, runaway trucks, or any other terrorist attack! Yet, government, MI5 and police all tell us there are ‘moderates’, and so we should learn to trust Muslims, because they are “not all the same”.

Though my response is relatively brief, it will show my logical, phased reasoning to this false argument. I would also remind readers that ALL the terrorist attackers in the recent past have been known as ‘moderates’. I would also remind that no-one knows WHO will turn to terror, and it is this factor that urges me to be wary of ALL Muslims.

We are foolishly told that “Not all Muslims are the same” or that it is “Bigoted not to trust all Muslims”, but no conclusive evidence is put forward to enable us to discuss the statements! We are expected to just accept without critical analysis what officials tell us is ‘true’. I cannot do that – I am a seasoned researcher and Bible teacher and I require hard facts, and what I see is very different from the official propaganda. The facts are not forthcoming, so I have no choice but to rely on my own judgment. I never act on perception, because feelings can be faulty.

I believe my reasoning shown below is accurate and sound. The various comments are numbered to show the ‘phases’ of response and why they are given as stated. The major phases are based on legalities and sources of reports, as well as on biblical truth. Between them there is a potent summation that demands answers. If readers think they know better, please tell me, using logic and biblical truth. Simply repeating “They are not all the same” does not convince. Indeed, I find it an insult to my intelligence.

Ordinary Muslims, ignorant of their own religion, are people. As people, created beings, they deserve and must get normal respect.

Yet, because they believe in a false god and in false doctrines (“doctrines” in scripture refers to ‘doctrines of devils’; 1 Timothy 4:1. This reliance on demonic doctrines is prevalent in churches and in government, police, etc.), God abhors them and will send them to hell unless they repent and turn away from their sin. Merely being a pagan is sufficient for us to not get too close.

Because of their paganism the only legitimate acceptance is through the Gospel. Some will listen, but most will walk away and think we are sent by Satan. That is how I know that Christians who have deep friendships with Muslims are themselves deceived by their own perceptions, which lead them away from God’s demands and word. (This false friendship routine has been happening for many decades, since WW2, when perceptions and friendships with people God hates come above truth and scripture. In my research I never look upon friendships as formative or necessary, because I need facts not perceived relationships, which invariably fudge the issue, tending towards poor results and conclusions).

All this being so, pagans are as deserving of the Gospel as anyone else (with the proviso that God leads us to individuals, in order to witness to Gospel truth). But, as this proclamation of the Gospel is now an arrestable offence because Muslims complain of ‘hate speech’ such an approach is rare. Even so, this is the ONLY way a Christian can legitimately have any kind of relationship with ANY pagan, let alone Muslims. It must ONLY be on an individual basis, as prompted by the Holy Spirit: there can be no blanket acceptance of Muslims or a mass approach.

The above being true (which it is), it means that I can accept Muslims as fellow human beings, but I must totally reject their religion and beliefs, and many of their behaviours. This is why there cannot be wide scale friendship with Muslims generally, or even singly.

If Muslims are themselves courteous, civil and law-abiding, I can respond in kind. This is normal social interaction, and I have no problem with it. It is how I myself behaved when working with Muslims and when communicating.

Then we come to the difficult part for so many Christians... if ANYONE of ANY religion speaks to me with disrespect, and does not return civility and courtesy, I can have no communication with them. (This happened when we posted the article on Hinduism – the reactions were foul-mouthed, abusive and violent. So the comments section was closed and emails deleted). There can certainly be no deep relationship with unbelievers (not that they want it anyway). If we receive emails that are abusive, ranting, or using bad language, we do not reply and we delete them. We will do this with those with or without a religion.

I have noted that Muslims used to return my greeting in the street. Now, they do not, but look away sullenly in order to ignore me. This proves that a major groundswell of Islamic teaching has taken place that bodes ill for future and present social interaction, but it does not come from me as a Christian or citizen. This alone causes wariness. Even so, I continue to greet Muslims I come across in the street. Also, some supermarkets employ Muslim girls wearing hijabs. That is up to them, and they are usually friendly, courteous and civil. Nothing wrong with that, AND they respond with speech and a smile! Of course, today, no-one will know if these smiles hide a dark secret, but the same can be said of any person of any colour and any race, belief or non-belief. This being so, we must ‘treat as we find’ until and if something emerges to change the situation.

We must differentiate those who follow a false god and its teachings, and those who follow false teachings alone (such as pseudo-Christian religions like Catholicism, charismaticism, JW, Mormon, etc.). The first worship a false god, and God hates them. But, the second type is misled by false teachers, often come to their religious views later in life, and have no real idea of the truth. Thus, there are Muslims who have no real idea about the religion they claim to follow, often because they are born into it, and there are Muslims who have examined the Koran and hadiths, and then become radical. They have, then, moved well beyond a false system into the realm of becoming servants of the system’s demonic founder. It is these who require shunning and total wariness. Even though we can make this differentiation, there are still dangers in being more lenient towards Muslims of the Muslim system, who do not have intense Islamic ideals.

We must acknowledge that whilst some are superficial believers (often referred to as ‘Moderates’) and a growing number are radical and terroristic, or lend sympathy to terroristic ideals, BOTH are equally condemned by Almighty God. Both head for hell except they repent and recant. Modern Christians seem to conveniently forget this major fact (also see A-839 on this). Even so, we have no mandate to hate Muslims and must treat them as we would anyone else – with civility, courtesy and low-level social friendliness. The only time we may shun them is if they advocate violence, and show hatred and arrogance towards us or God. As we would shun people of any other religion or none in like manner, I see nothing amiss with this policy. No-one wants to be abused!

Therefore, when anyone of any religion wishes to do us harm, we avoid them and treat them with intense wariness. This is logical and normal. This is extended mainly to Muslims because Islam and Muslims are presently the greatest enemies of western civilization (it is indeed a ‘clash of civilizations’). They are the greatest because governments stop us from being critical of their behaviours, even though there is abundant proof that Muslim terror is becoming more and more prevalent.

Why view Islam and Muslims in this way? Because, at this time in history, Islam is returning to its core teachings on violence, enslavement and death. To my knowledge no other religious system advocates killing everyone else and actually acts-out murder. Thus, Islam itself is held in contempt, and we should be very wary of all Muslims. Why ‘all’ Muslims? The answer is obvious to those with eyes to see... because no-one can identify who will kill and who will become terroristic, and terrorists arise from the same religious pot, it is reasonable to view all Muslims with suspicion. Not to come to this conclusion, to me, is unfathomable (see examples of wariness in A-839). Our response, then, is determined not by our perception but by hard facts and data (but government and police expect us to accept their word on an emotional basis!). We see Muslim terror every day throughout the world and in Europe. To ignore it is folly and a direct danger to us all. The Koran teaches death to infidels. So, why trust anyone who believes it, especially when their habit of taqiyya prevents anyone, even family, from recognising terror building up?

Added to these factors is the sad and dangerous truth that governments, police and security personnel all appear to follow reports based on material provided not by actual data and independent research, but by Islamic clerics and ‘expert’ Muslims in the Middle East! Whenever I hear this or that statement by government I immediately recognise the source – Islam! Bear in mind that these very sources are oft-quoted by leaders and police, and are used to formulate policies that put us in grave danger, yet the actual primary sources are unknown to them. In reality, why not simply ask Al-Qaeda and ISIS to write police policies and government future plans for security? I have every respect for our police and security services, but I cannot trust the motives of their higher managers when they thus follow Islamic lies to the letter. These lies increase and get worse as Islam gains traction. So there is every reason to fear near-future Islamic actions and the imposition of sharia.

So, let me repeat: there is no reason to oppose ‘ordinary’ (usually much older) Muslims who have shown no sign whatever of being terroristic. There is EVERY reason to be suspicious of newer Muslim intakes and those younger elements who follow their terror examples. We see them marching in the streets with hate on their faces and hear their screams. They also affect older Muslims and young Muslims who have not hitherto been terroristic in their minds or hearts. Because no-one knows who is turning to terror (because they do so secretly and by using taqiyya even to their family), we have no option but to be very wary of ALL Muslims. Still treat them with respect and courtesy etc., but because all Muslims come from the same ‘religious pot’ we do not know who is friend or foe. Thus – wariness of all from that pot. It is an obvious and genuine response to a very dangerous situation. It has nothing to do with our perceptions, which can be faulty; it is to do with our personal safety and security of the country, based on facts. Nor is it to do with having Muslim friends... when fellow Muslim friends do not know those they are with are becoming terrorists, how can westerners be so foolish as to say their Muslim friends are not terrorists, or are not going to be terrorists soon!

It is my view that when Muslims new or old, recent or born into Islam, turn to terror, scream in our faces on the streets, battle arrogantly with police and others, and show total hatred... they no longer command respect as people, nor should be shown courtesy and civility. Indeed, I believe they lose all rights.

Again I repeat – Muslims, to me, are equal in status to all others who are unbelievers. And if they reject the Gospel, we have no warrant from God to treat them as friends, but are told to shake the dust from our feet and never go back. In particular, Islam is to be shunned because it worships a false god, which God hates totally; it is not just about heresy. So, why Christians say they have firm and deep friendships with Muslims, I do not know! In doing so they indicate a rejection of God and His laws.

On the other hand, Muslims who adopt a Koranic persona, with its violence, threats and murder of Jews, Christians and others, cannot be trusted at all. The problem, as I keep saying, is that no-one knows who will be terroristic. Hence the spread of suspicion to all Muslims, presently quiet or not.

All of this means our civil approach must be two-tier: those who are presently peaceful should be treated as anyone else, with respect and courtesy. But, those who are terroristic must lose their rights and be treated with contempt in the civil sense, in particular, incarcerated and/or deported (the latter being preferable). This is nothing but common sense based on reality.

The biblical approach is far more comprehensive. God hates both pagan beliefs and the pagans who adopt them, yet He also requires us to be peaceful with those whose beliefs mislead them but they remain peaceful. Scripture tells us that there is a time for war and a time for peace; and that it is not always possible to live at peace. It is an obvious fact that Muslims who act illegally must be charged and sentenced. If they commit murder, they must be put to death. The latter will not happen in our liberalised godless society, but it is still on God’s statute book!

Above is my thinking on Islam and Muslims. What matters above all else is how God sees it. We already know that He hates Islam. And He hates Muslims for worshipping a false god. Remember: “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” (Psalm 1). The way of the ungodly shall perish (verse 6) – so what excuse is there for any Christian having a deep friendship with pagans of any hue, particularly Muslims at this time? What excuse is there for not staying aloof, and being wary of the whole system and its followers? Here is their challenge, right now – TELL your Muslim friends of Christ and their sin; that they will enter hell unless they repent and become believers in the true Lord. Only then can I accept your friendship with them. But, it is likely you will lose your ‘friend’; once you elevate Christ over Allah... which does not say much for the supposed friendship, does it?

For me, to keep repeating the same things is intellectually flattening! But, it seems people do not learn. The ‘pot’ I mentioned previously is the entire Islamic system. It spawns violence of an unimaginable kind, but what is unimaginable is now a very real and present scenario! It is all around us, and it grows out of the pot of Islam. Unfortunately for liberals, ‘moderates’ also grow from the very same pot. And that is the problem. In the civil sense, it means constant disruption and murder. In the Christian sense it means a barbaric godlessness is taking hold of the West. And, even more so, because God hates both the paganism and the pagan, we have no right whatever to make deep friendships with them. This applies to ALL pagan systems AND to heretical systems. It seems that modern Christians are loathe to follow Christ fully, and so despite God warning us not to befriend the godless, they do so anyway. God help them see the truth!

I have now given you my basic argument and shown you why I think as I do. I work from these premises, so it is not just talk. There is a wealth of detail in my other work on Islam, going back about 15 years, so this is a very basic summary. You may not agree with my approach, but taken as it is, it is logical and security-conscious, as well as godly, an approach I have used for over a decade.

In Old Testament times such pagans were either put to death or thrown out of Israel. Modern societies do not follow godliness. Even so, when a Muslim acts badly and against the law, he MUST be punished by law. And because all Muslims come from the same stock in the same pot, all are susceptible to becoming terroristic. Most, I pray, will not. Again, this is logical reasoning.

It is not up to me to be less wary – it is up to all Muslims to act wisely and stop what is rotting their souls, and the souls of entire Western nations. The same spiritual virus is also affecting many Christians throughout the world, as I read every day of their ‘love’ for Muslims and their ‘dialogue’ with them. This is accompanied by an unprecedented legal and social hatred for criticism of Islam, and so the word of God is loathed and thrown out, leaving Satan to bring in his wicked schemes. It is that that modern Christians are following.

Finally, I see Islam taking over the world, unless God intervenes. But, He is unlikely to do so when Christians are so deceived by the Islamic spirit. I urge Christians to look at themselves as they embrace Muslims like real friends, but ignore or cast anger at those who see what is truly happening. Can they not see that the very act of leaning towards what God hates, and castigating those who follow Christ in favour of pagans and paganism, is a real sign of their low spiritual state? God help us all.

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