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A Logic Stance Against Islam

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At this time in history human agencies are displaying an appalling lack of judgment, based on false logic. It is a logic devised by mankind to rationalise its bad actions. For Christians – and I mean genuine Christians - there is only one legitimate logic, and that is the logic of God. What do I mean by this?

I mean that God has given us His word, which guides us. It contains commands, precepts and thoughts we must follow if we are to be holy and pure, as God requires. To attain to this we must begin with God’s own word and will. This IS godly logic. It is a logic that underpins human logic... and human logic that defies this godly plan is sin. (I invite you to read my article explaining the difference between Universal and Contextual Validity, Ref. No. A-381).

As dark forces, driven by satanic war-games, gather over and around the followers of Christ, the battalions of evil are striving to kill-off anything Christlike and good. The same wicked ones want satanic ways and ideas to replace the truth of God, and this means subduing all superficial Christians and getting rid of true believers.

In this paper we will look at what logic does to present ideas on Islam – it blows them apart! We will look at what man has devised and which does not work, and what God commands. The differences are stark. It is likely this paper will be my last warning to the people of Christ concerning Islam. Why? Because, just as forty years of warnings against homosexuality led to a deafening silence from believers, so almost the same silence comes concerning Islam. There came a time when I believe God told me to stop my ‘heavy’ research and writing on homosexuality; that time came at the end of 2005. Now, the time has come to stop warning my fellows about Islam. In both cases the enemy has breached the walls of the city and are screaming their hate in the streets. Thus, my job as watchman on those two issues is over.

As an aside: It is almost amusing that as soon as homosexuals proclaimed their superiority, Islam came along... and Islam hates homosexuality (hypocritically). Seeing their success, Muslim leaders devised exactly the same approach to the West as was used by homosexuals! But, Islam formally hates homosexuality and threatens to kill all homosexuals once they gain power. Do you not think this is ironic? One fascist group arose to subjugate the world, and yet another fascist group arises that wants to eradicate the first group! And both mean harm to Christians. The writing is on the wall. So WHO will you follow? God or mankind? Holy logic or the philosophies of men, that currently allow evildoers to murder citizens at will?

Despicable Fawning

The fawning over Islam and Muslims is beyond my understanding, because it plays into the hands of jihadists and the desire to envelope us all in sharia and oppression. The various postulations made by government, reinforced by rigid, PC, unreasonable police actions (against Christians and critics and NOT against Islam or Muslims), based on such outdated sources as Metropolitan Police reports (see relevant article), are nothing short of incredibly short-sighted and dangerous. But, many liberal ‘Christians’ simply fall into line.

In this very brief paper I will show that the approach made by critics of Islam is closer to the truth and better equipped to deal with what is now rampant Islam. I will show that this approach is logical and reasonable, given the worldwide jihadism that now threatens the West, and Christians in particular.

Note: The evidences and actual proofs against Islam are overwhelming, but are ignored! Even the new German Interior Minister said: "Islam does not belong to Germany." (Gatestone Institute 17th March). So, why are other countries so reticent to speak the truth? This follows an Islamic immigrant trying to attack Angel Merkel (  ). Will it take her assassination, or the killing of other western politicians, before anything is done? Probably. They love themselves more than they ever love those they pretend to represent.

Reports come in like a fast-flowing river. Evidences accrue, that Islam jihadists are making every effort to radicalise students at USA universities. The latest school shooter in the USA was influenced by materials from jihadists. Universities are no longer places of genuine thinking and what is good, and anyone speaking against jihad is shut down, while jihadists and Islam are vaunted. I will stop there, because I have written many words on the real threat and actual harm being done worldwide by Islam, including the wanton ignoring, by leaders of Islam, of Islamic people too poor to do anything for themselves. Look at the following facts and see the logic!

  1. Islam is a pagan pseudo-religion, founded by a man whose aim was very simple – to subjugate all who opposed his murderous, criminal activities. He did this by slaughtering them, oppressing them, forcing them to pay a tax – the alternative was to die. None of this has changed in the world, where Islam has the total upper hand. In the West Islam is just waiting until it has numerical superiority before it turns it into a spiritual and moral desert. Islam is a politico-militaristic movement with a thin veneer of ‘religion’.

  2. We are told by the Metropolitan Police report that we are unreasonable, making too many assumptions, are paranoid, and so on. (If a group intends to murder us, in what way is wariness of this ‘paranoid’?). Instead, we must embrace Islam and Muslims, no matter what, because only the jihadists cause trouble and commit murder, or so the false narrative goes. This is the biggest mistake the government and police make. I say this for the following reasons:

    1. ALL the jihadists in the West who have murdered or attempted to murder were considered to be ‘nice’, ‘friendly’, ‘good neighbours’, and so on before they murdered.

    2. Many thousands of potential jihadists have been under surveillance for some time by police. Yet, many of them have murdered. The police are fettered by the noxious Metropolitan and similar reports, so they remain static, doing nothing against the relevant Muslims. Nor do they understand the very real part played in all this by mosques. As a whole the authorities are burying their heads in the sand while families bury their dead and the rest of the potential jihadists stay free.

    3. When Christians (very few) and others complain, they are silenced or arrested. Yet, the whole of the West MUST be VERY wary of ALL Muslims. This is called ‘racist’ even though Islam is not a race. It is also called ‘paranoid’, even though Islam everywhere wages war against decency, peace and other arguments, killing hundreds of thousands! While the authorities throw-around rebuttals and protect the name of Islam, and obey the invented, spurious complaints made by Muslims, the rest of society must make-do with being wary. WHY should we be wary of ALL Muslims?

  3. Why We Must be Wary of ALL Muslims:

    1. The need is vital and urgent. Look, say, at a large beach with golden sand. Imagine you are told that ONLY ONE grain of that sand is covered in a poison so toxic it can wipe out not just one who steps on it, but it can wipe out a whole town. Such poisons do exist. Would you dare to walk barefooted on that large expanse of sand? Not unless you are really stupid! Agree with the logic?

    2. Look at a bowl of well-known rice available in any supermarket. Someone got into the industrial plant that packs and sells the rice, and threw in several grains covered in the same noxious poison in several vats; the poison is capable of spreading its toxicity to other grains. The boxes of rice were distributed throughout the West to a large number of shops. Before the sellers are able to recall the boxes, you bought a box and cooked it and it is now in a large bowl, but then heard the news. Do you eat it, even though only one grain was toxic enough to kill people? I don’t think so. Rather, the whole consignment would need to be destroyed, and ALL boxes would need to be recalled. The plant would need to sanitise all its machinery and containers, such is the threat, and install many layers of security. Logical?

    3. The above is logical. Now apply the same logic to the entire Muslim community. There are over 30,000 potential jihadists in the UK alone, with many more in the rest of Europe and an unknown number (thanks to Obama) in the USA. Growing numbers of ‘ordinary’ Muslims say they want sharia and agree with jihad. We are fully aware that most Muslims SAY they only want peace (but, then we must face the possibility they are lying – see articles on taqiyya and its use amongst ‘infidels’). And no-one knows the full number who are ready to do us harm. So, is the police and government position on Islam reasonable, or is it conducive to the growth of jihadism? The answer should be VERY obvious! But, it isn’t, because both official groups want to subdue us and not cause anger amongst Muslims. This latter attitude is what will bring us to our knees. (See later section on ‘prodding the tiger’).

    4. Now, if we should avoid the beach containing the toxic grain, and destroy all boxes of rice containing just a few grains of poison, even though the majority may not be affected... we should apply the same hard logic to Islam. We DO NOT KNOW how many wish to do us harm. The ‘holy’ book of Islam tells Muslims to kill Christians, Jews, and even Muslims who refuse to obey the Koran to the letter. THEREFORE, it is reasonable and eminently sensible to be wary of ALL Muslims, no matter how ‘nice’ they might appear to be to our faces and before the police and government. We can still be courteous and show surface friendship (it cannot be deeper because Islam is pagan, hated by God), but we must also be wary. This is logical! Even in my workplace I did not trust many of those working for me, because I knew the way they talked, yet I still was friendly and courteous. My attitude was simple – I trust everyone – until they show me they cannot be trusted! And the same attitude is shown towards Muslims. This is ordinary logic.

    5. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the caliph of Islam in Turkey and a prompter of violence and hate towards the West and all non-Muslims, says there is NO WAY that Islam will be ‘reformed’ (express by his Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesperson Bekir Bozdağ, (Daily Sabah Turkey 15 March 2018), . He is merely repeating what ALL hard-line Islamists say throughout the world, for how can the Koran and Hadiths be ‘reformed’ when everything they say are supposedly the actual words of Allah, incapable of change? The West fondly thinks that by treating Islam and Muslims with kid-gloves, they will ‘reform’ and become a non-threat! Now THAT is illogic on a grand scale! It ignores the facts in favour of western-ideas of what Islam could be, in the face of ACTUAL Islam portrayed by real Muslims! 

    6. Islamists are now complaining to Western governments who wish to counter-terrorism. After all, it implies that only Islam is at fault. Well, yes, it is! Will the authorities listen and obey? Yes, they will, even though worldwide jihadists are gathering strength and bringing misery to everyone they come across.

    7. Indian radical Hindus have noted the ways of Muslim jihad and this alleged ‘peaceful’ religion threatens to kill all Christians in India if it gains numerically in political voting. If this occurs, will the West extend its hand of friendship to Hinduism also? Or, will it just carry on assuming only a small number will do damage? It is obvious what they will do, because they already allow Islam to wage war amongst us without doing a thing to stop it.

    8. Just remember: Most Muslims do not stand out firmly against jihad. We simply DON’T KNOW who will be the next murderer. And those who are suspects are allowed freedom to move around and to kill, by the very police who are supposed to protect us. They are too afraid of being called ‘racist’ (!!) or ‘Islamophobic’, so innocents will continue to be killed, though many of the killers are already known to the authorities. Look at the example of logic above – if it takes only one grain out of millions to kill, or one drop of toxin in a reservoir to kill a whole small town, WHY do the authorities allow that one grain or drop to stay in the West, without being locked up for life? That is, the ‘one grain’ is the one person who has jihadist intent. If no-one, not even families of the jihadists, knows who the next mass murderer will be – it is illogical to trust the whole Islamic community. Argue against it if you can – but we know your argument will just be pro-government, pro-cowardice and pro-Islamic.

The above arguments are real; they are sensible; they are reasonable; they are intensely logical. Jihadists come from only ONE group of people - Muslims. That’s a fact. That whole group shows signs of wanting sharia and supporting jihad, about one third thus far. How many more will form a hard-base of future trouble according to the authorities? How much more trouble and dissent from morality will be allowed by those who currently refuse to protect us? It seems there will be plenty more!

Before some accuse us of being ‘Islamophobic’... Yes, the West SHOULD fear Islam, NOT because of what jihadists do, but because of what our politicians and police do NOT do! Many thousands of jihadists (which police laughably call ‘potential’) are already in the West, and they rule areas of towns they live in. Their strength will only increase rapidly. It is logical to get rid of all known ‘potential’ jihadists, regardless of anger from Islamists. It is logical to surveille all Muslim groups and mosques showing signs of bad activity. And given that the ‘one grain’ is never known beforehand, we must be wary of all Muslims.

The logic above is indisputable to any thinking man! We are facing a radical and oppressive future unless police and governments face the facts and understand what Islam really is. Let these words remain on record as a testimony to the stupidity of mankind. And, bear in mind, I have not even mentioned the REAL reason to be rid of Islam – God’s word (for this see previous articles). God help us all.

Government Fear of Islamists – Bring Back Churchill!

The above arguments are NOT racist, nor ‘Islamophobic’ (both are ridiculous claims). Nor do they incite hatred for, or violence against, Muslims. We don’t hate individual Muslims, but we do hate Islam itself. When we meet individual Muslims who are not screaming hatred towards the West and us, we are courteous and circumspect.

But, this friendliness does not stop us using logic or correctly assessing the politico-militaristic threat made by Islam to the West, just as Churchill could see beyond the bit of paper saying Germany only wanted peace! Unless the entire government and society is allowed to speak its mind, all is lost: by silencing such debate and fact-giving, government is fermenting its own pool of dissent.

This is why it is pre-empting dissent and preparing the way to silence everyone by calling Christianity ‘right wing extremism’, which is rather strange, given that genuine Christianity does not cut people’s heads off or murder, while Islam does, by obedience to its own basic book. Why should ANY government prefer Islam to real Christian faith? The answer is found in scripture and the description of the Last Days. Another reason is the latter-day wickedness of those in power and the sinfulness of the churches and the pretence to holiness by so many ‘believers’, many of whom align with Islam and Muslims, though Islam is hated by God.

Western governments, afraid of reprisals, dare not defend the weak or innocent. Instead, they raise the white flag of cowardice as black flags of jihad roam our streets. They ‘hurrah’ those with dark intent and destroy those who need to be defended, by making them enemies to be crushed. In this the government is a fifth column, making a path for those who wish to do us harm.

Thus, the enemy becomes the friend, and the true friend is vanquished. Part of this not-so-secret movement is to label critics as foes, and tell everyone in the media that those who attack us are isolated individuals who have nothing to do with Islam... even though Islam itself claims them as heroes and as prime examples of Islamic faith. Who do you believe? The blatant facts and truth, or those who wave a white flag and invite an enemy to do whatever it wishes? Your answer determines your future in political, physical and spiritual terms.

Information thus far is allowed from only one source – Islam; the very force that contains and promotes jihadism. And Christians who align with Islam are making themselves enemies of Christ and future betrayers of true believers.

Is it logical to ignore an ever-present, actual threat to one’s life? Or, is it logical to ignore an ever-present danger in favour of an antagonist? Is it logical to silence critics when those critics merely wish to make dangers known, so they can be avoided? Or, is it logical to allow proper public discourse. Is it logical to allow jihadists ‘freedom of speech’ at the expense of freedom to live? Or, is it logical to let the voice of the enemy out-shout the voice of victims? Can you see what this is all about?

Finally: The Logic of Feeding the Tiger

I cannot remember the country, but I remember a news item some years ago about a small village in Asia. It had the usual native huts, a low bamboo fence, and was surrounded by a few fields. Around all that was a jungle. And in that jungle were wild animals, including tigers.

One tiger began to roam closer to the village, prowling around the outer fence; the villagers did nothing to deter its presence. But, tigers are massive creatures, strong with big teeth and claws... which were used to getting through the low bamboo fence. The tiger could smell food so it came closer and closer. At first it took scraps of food from the floor. The people thought that if they left food for the tiger it would eventually go away, but their attempt merely drew the tiger in more often. Soon, it began to take tethered small animals, then larger ones. All the time the natives stayed behind barricaded flimsy doors. Everyone stayed indoors at night, petrified of facing the tiger, not daring to go out.

But, all the caution did not matter. The day came – because the tiger was now bold enough to enter by day – when the tiger took a small child. Soon after that it took an adult, dragging a man into the jungle before devouring him. The villagers then decided that placating the tiger did not work. What could they do? It came to them, and the answer was found... they procured a man with a large two-barrelled rifle. When the tiger next came into the village, the man aimed his gun and shot the tiger in the head, causing it to die instantly.

The Big Mistake Was Added-To by Other Mistakes

The first mistake was to think men could placate a wild tiger; they should have acted swiftly when the cat appeared outside the jungle. The next mistake was to feed scraps to it, thinking that kindness would solve the problem. The next mistake was to hide in fear from the tiger. Now apply that to the present time, when Islam is literally taking over nations, using real violence and murder, and threats...

It has been said that, as a ministry, we are self-harming because we are ‘prodding the tiger’ (of Islam). This suggestion tells us a great deal about the ones who say it; the same kind of excuse is even mentioned on the news. The very phrase tells us that those who do us harm are given freedom to do so. It also tells us the ones who make the accusation are afraid and want to pacify Islam no matter what the cost (to pacify a bully only enrages him).

It tells us the tiger (Islam) has been given priority and protection... against WHAT? Against the desire of those who Islam harms to live without fear! Prodding a tiger is a really stupid thing to do. We never oppose Islam like that. Rather, we give solid reasons why Islam should never be allowed into the West. The reason is simple – Islam harms everything and everybody in its path. To suggest that critics of Islamisation of the West are ‘self-harming’ is both unintelligent and wrong in the extreme. This is where you must now use logic...

(Note: Throughout my life I have tried to speak truth. This is why I have been attacked time and again. No, I never ‘prodded the tiger’ of those who wished me harm – I just spoke out with facts and truth, because I HAD to; I trust and fear God more than I trust and fear Man. Thus, enemies sought me out – I did not seek after them. Can you see the difference?).

Is Criticism ‘Self-Harm’?

Is it self-harming to complain about the protection and promotion of a system that causes actual bodily harm to the majority? Or, is it a realistic complaint? Is it logical to ‘feed the tiger’, knowing it is a wild animal that will one day kill? Islam has a supposed ‘holy’ book, the Koran. That book actually commands followers – not just jihadists, but every Muslim - to kill Christians, Jews, and any Muslim who is not radical. Is it logical to promote that set of beliefs? If the book simply contained pseudo-spiritual teachings, then so be it. But, ANY book that commands its followers to kill must be rid of. Is this not logical?

The natives in that village did not prod the tiger to enrage it. They tried to placate it, but it kept on coming. They tried leaving it food. But, it wanted more and still kept on coming. They hid, but it still kept on coming, getting bolder and bolder until it killed human beings. Was any of that logical? Or, was it sheer lunacy? Then the villagers shot the tiger dead. Now THAT was logical!

Today, the West is afraid of Islam and what its followers might do. So, they pretend all is well and try to placate Muslims. But, the tiger has been let loose, it roams around devouring all it can, and will continue to do so until all are killed and eaten. It is appropriate to say it is the ‘nature of the beast’.

Islam Says ‘Jump!’ – Governments and Police Politely Ask ‘How High?’

Worldwide Islamic leaders openly proclaim the aims of Islam – to subjugate the earth so that all obey Allah. They tell us that Christians and Jews will be put to death. They kill Muslims they think are not doing enough to obey the Koran. They tell us openly that the West is doomed and we must just submit. AND GOVERNMENT AND POLICE HELP THEM TO REACH THEIR GOALS! (All of this should be open to debate, not hidden, and critics silenced. By silencing critics the authorities feed the tiger and Islam gets worse and bolder).

The trouble is, though leaders and police think they can control the tiger, they really cannot! The ordinary people KNOW what they think of Islam – but government is legislating against the truth and instead of shooting the tiger they shoot those the tiger is harming! None of it is logical!

They must take courage and get rid of the tiger. Only then can the West breathe easy again. It is logical to kick out ALL Muslims who look like causing trouble; forget surveillance! It is logical to put all mosques on notice – quit teaching radicalism or be shut down. It is logical to refuse entry to any more Muslims, because those who have entered in the past few years are trying to bring the West down to the level of the Third World, which is Third World mainly because of Islam. And, anyway, those who come may indeed be jihadists; they are certainly belligerent, violent and criminal. I can say this because it is proved to be correct by official sources.

The True Source of Logic

So, we are certainly not ‘prodding the tiger’. Rather, we want to get rid of it. Its very presence is bad for the West. We defy anyone to fault the logic! As for myself, I feel insulted, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, when fellow believers accuse me of ‘prodding the tiger’, as if I deliberately set out to antagonise others, whose aims are made public. Not so! I can be as fearful as those who hide and play the coward, but I am responsible to God, not to Man, so I MUST speak.

If He calls me to speak or to act, then I will... though I can be just as cowardly on rare occasions. I never antagonise – I simply think deeply and speak out. Antagonism is NOT the same as being critical, but the mindless have no idea what it means. Most, including those who unjustly accuse me of antagonising, do nothing at all, and allow evils to proliferate without even flushing their cheeks. They might murmur in secret, but outward witness to God’s anger and demands is not found.

I speak and act because I must, compelled by the Lord, whether I am afraid or not. In doing so I gain nothing of human value, not even the support of others! There is, then, no human reason to put myself in a position of supposed ‘self-harm’! As I have told a few before, as a psychiatric nurse I hopefully ‘played the man’ and had to put myself in the line of fire. It was my duty, so I did not hesitate, even when a situation caused me great distress, fear and physical injury (which was often). In the same way I have a duty to God to do what He commands of me. Mostly, I do not dare think of any harm it might bring me – because harm to myself is not the issue; the issue is “Am I doing God’s will?”

In all of this I resort to spiritual logic. Human logic would drive me into a dark corner to hide with everyone else! At times I KNOW that something I say or do will might bring me some kind of harm. But, if God commands me to say or do, then my fate (so to speak) is sealed, not by my own actions but by God working through me. This, too, is logic, a much higher logic. Do you, the reader, know what I am talking about?


As I hear and watch authorities, mainly government and its henchmen, the police chiefs, deliberately ignore the elephant in the room/the tiger in the village, I KNOW great harm is being foisted on all citizens who are not Muslim. The UK, for example, has itself been harmed by decades of EU rule. The EU is fascist. So is Islam. But, none of this can be said openly. So harm builds upon harm. The government is literally building a superstructure to help Islam to grow and flourish. It pays Muslims to have the huge families that Islam says will replace non-Muslims in the very near future. It encourages recently arrived Muslims to live here, though they will not work.

I KNOW that Christian critics WILL be silenced, just as they are being constantly harassed by police for preaching truth in the streets. I KNOW police (especially younger ones who have just joined) are being taught to view Christians as enemies and as ‘right wing extremists’, because they say so in the news. I see the superstructure almost complete, and the infrastructure coming into play. This began with the wicked demands of homosexuals, whose presence in government far outweighs their presence in society. Everything is moving along a path of evil, where God, Christians and Bible are being crushed out of existence.

Soon, if Islam gets its way, even the homosexuals will be themselves crushed by Islam, which will harm and destroy everything western, including non-Muslim faith. Not to acknowledge all this is not just foolishness, it is stupid self-imposed ignorance. It is illogic writ large!

Well, as I have said, this is the last main article I will write on Islam. Readers either listen, pray, AND ACT, or they do not. My time as watchman in the city overrun by homosexuals and Islamists, is over, and I will return to my own country, the country of God’s doctrine, where I will again stand on the walls as watchman. I thank those who have listened... but give a final warning to ALL Christians (most of them) who feed the tiger. It WILL turn on you, and you WILL be devoured. God gives the answer! Will you at last listen?

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