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The Florida Deception

In the mid-1990’s we warned about the Toronto Blessing. It was a Satanic deception. When the initial ‘wave’ appeared to die-down we again warned that it was not dying down, but just taking on other forms. Attached to that warning was the advice that another wave would soon be upon us.

That next wave is now upon us, and its base is found in Florida. It is like a mirror-image of the Toronto Blessing (TB), but with a twist – bits of the Gospel message are heard. To some, this is wonderful. To us, it is proof that the first time around, the ‘Blessing’ failed to be Biblical. This time, the deception cynically mentions this ‘missing ingredient’, to catch all those who previously recoiled from the Toronto Blessing. That makes it very clever!

Though a very clever move, it is not enough to make the new wave authentic. It is still a deception, still from Satan, and still very dangerous, spiritually.

I watched several videos of this false movement and it seems to centre on healing. But nothing like Biblical healing! Far from it!

It is more like a circus act, or a great stage act. People, claiming to have been healed during meetings, come on from stage right. As they walk towards the preacher, a helper with a microphone calls out the illness and then the ‘fact’ that it has been healed, using language I can only describe as marketing hype.

The preacher then repeats what was said, looking always towards the camera. Then, he pushes the person’s forehead – some fall backwards, some don’t. As he pushes, the preacher usually shouts out “Bam! Bam!” loudly.

Then, along comes another ‘healed’ person from stage left, to the same melodramatic hype and the same reaction from the preacher. This goes on for hours!! It is just a visual ‘fest’ designed to heighten emotion.

But… where’s the proof of healing? There is none at all – just lots of gullible people claiming to be healed, and a preacher shouting “Bam! Bam!” Occasionally, he says something in gobbledygook ‘tongues’.

I watched about four hours worth of this garbage. But, how much marketing drivel can one watch at one sitting?

With my nursing background I watched people claiming to have been healed in the audience. On stage, they did not look like people who had been healed – they still retained the outward signs of illness or condition. Only hope kept them on their feet!

But, the preacher kept on “Bam” Bamming” all night long. I saw a few who said they had final-stage cancers and brain tumours. They said they felt better, but I recognised the sure death they would soon embrace! Their faces and bodies still had the terrible distinctive signs of their diseases. It was very, very sad.

As with the Toronto Blessing, very silly and spiritually immature people (including pastors) travelled from around the world to be at the meetings. They did not just want healing. Many came to get “it”, so that they could take “it” back home to their own churches. “It” was spread by touch. The preacher even said we could touch our TV’s to get “it”!!!

During TB days, the preachers would call all pastors in the audience to come forward for a ‘special anointing’. This is also clever, because by ‘touching’ the pastors who would go back home, “it” would be spread even faster. And the Florida deception did the same thing, to the disgrace of the pastors involved.

For a full description of this false revival, go to the blog-site, Between The Eyes (address above). Other articles on this satanic ploy will also be found there.

Czech’s Denunciation of Greens

The Czech President, Dr Vaclav Klaus, roundly condemned the green movement in Washington! It is so rare to find a political leader with such a firm, open, honest stance!

Dr Klaus, whose country was under the iron fist of communism, should know when he says the green movement, with its global warming and other lies, is Marxist. He said the greens and Gore only want to control people and impose heavy taxes on something that does not exist. He even challenged Al Gore to a public debate, having written his own book against global warming! But, as usual, Gore did not respond, because he knows that a challenge from someone with knowledge would leave him with egg on his face!

Barry Napier has just about finished his book against global warming. It is fully referenced and about 500 pages long! And his conclusions about the root of the green movement – Marxism and fascism, have been confirmed.

It is about time more world leaders spoke out against the stupidity called global warming and the idiocy about CO2 emissions. I really mean to use those descriptions, because that is what they are. If we don’t stop this amazingly bizarre movement, it will drive us all into a dark corner, overburdened with taxation that is unnecessary and will do nothing. It will give governments total control over us all.

And pray that Barack Obama does not get elected president of the USA, because he is just as nasty a piece of work as Hillary Clinton. But, one thing distinguishes him – he has promised the UN that it can tax every person in the USA, to fund its global takeover.

The UN will treat the USA as a guinea pig, before expanding its tax claims to every country. This is no joke. Just as Tony Blair handed over Britain’s sovereignty to the EU (because he thought he would become its President – but France is now looking for someone else!), so Obama intends to hand over the USA’s sovereignty to the UN.

Every Christian should tell the truth against this vile deception. Remember – it isn’t just about politics and control, it is about the green movement and the UN spreading paganism and smothering Christianity.

Gore and Truth

At the start of his new book, ‘The Assault on Reason’, Al Gore has the gall to say that ‘truth, reason and logic, have been replaced by emotion and falsehood’ in public discussion’!!

Of course, his accusation is not aimed at himself, but at others. It is remarkable how this man, whose global warming scares have panicked the whole world with lies, is now accusing other leaders of lying!

Even after a UK Court proved Gore was lying and fraudulent, Gore keeps on retelling his lies. When 32,000 US scientists oppose what he says, he keeps on lying. When the IPCC Report that caused the scares has been proved to be fraudulent, Gore keeps on lying. And it is gullible, silent people around the world who allow him to continue that way!

UK Government Plans to Cripple Us

A big part of the green delusion is to stop people travelling and foodstuffs and other products from being moved. No, this is not imagination or fanciful musing. It is what the government is hoping to impose.

Part of the plan is to issue every individual in the country with a special CO2 emissions card that must be presented every time they buy petrol, travel on a bus, train, boat or ‘plane. Credits will be deducted from a given total. Once the credits are used up, the person will have to buy more of them. If they can’t? Tough – stay at home!

This will also apply to haulage companies, etc. So, prices will go up, freedom to move about driven down to zero, choices of foods will be vastly reduced along with availability. These disastrous and communistic moves are caused by Al Gore and the green agenda… and there is much more to come.

It would be easy to dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory, but it isn’t. It is stark truth! Governments the world over are planning, in depth, how to hit people hard in order to ‘save the planet’ (i.e. get taxes). One of their ideas is to control us totally when it comes to travel and fuel. Both the UN and the EU are pushing forward with these plans, so don’t be surprised when you become a victim.

We already have extra taxes imposed by ‘green’ initiatives and more secret ‘stealth’ taxes are on the way. All based on a myth and lies! We either speak up or become very much poorer and miserable in the near future, as food and fuel prices soar upwards, artificially increased by the green agenda, to force us into submission.

Religious Knesset and Gay Pride

There is no need for us to tell you what we think of Gay Pride! Religious Knesset members want to ban a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem... and who can blame them?

It is very odd that they have to do this, but it is the result of Jewish secularism. A nation created by God to obey Him is no longer acting like a chosen nation! In truth, such a parade should not even be given the opportunity to get a permit – it should be just ignored altogether and stopped at source. It is an attempt by the gay movement to be highly-profiled in a centre of religious authority and status. It is, then, an affront to all decent folks everywhere.

Ultra-Orthodox Knesset members say such a parade, planned for 20th June, is “intolerable”. It is intolerable in any town in any part of the world, especially given the overtly disgusting sexual activities that characterise the events.

We should pray for the downturn of superficial support for homosexuality, and the removal of these people by God.

Three Levels of Unity?

Uptight folks who refer to themselves as Christians, constantly shout for ‘unity’ rather than truth. There are three levels of ‘unity’ but only one is of the Biblical kind:

  1. The aggregate of all believers regardless of error or what they believe.
  2. Believers who accept some, but not all, points of truth.
  3. Those who are of ‘one mind’ and who all share the same beliefs.

God’s word speaks of ‘unity’ as being based on truth (100%, not just some) and love. Both must operate before there is ‘unity’. Sadly, most prefer level 1. Others, wishing to retain their personalised ideas of what God says, want level 2, even when their beliefs are proved to be wrong. Very few want level 3 – and this is why we see no unity and no real belief in God’s interventions in these days. 

One man can be used of God to change the world. I am strongly convinced that prayer in unity is more powerful than a million people carrying placards in the streets. There may still be a place for this, if called by God to do so.

But, my studies of how God works, in His own word, show a very different way to face evil men. By genuine, God-given prayer.

The Ark – Again

A New Zealand TV company is going to Ararat to try to find pieces of Noah’s Ark. They are being advised by a Professor of Religion. He suggests that this scientific venture will help to authenticate our faith if bits of wood are found.

This is error. We do not need science to ‘authenticate’ our faith! God does that. It is always nice to see various archaeological finds that support scriptural facts. But, they should not be relied upon to authenticate faith.

As far as I am concerned, Christian truth is based on solid facts. Not just physical, but mainly spiritual. We are called upon to believe in what we have not seen. We are not told to wait until a scientist ‘proves’ our case!

Do not forget that much of scripture is physical history… creation, the Flood, the killing of Goliath, Jesus born as a babe, His death and resurrection, and so on. Why should we need physical proofs of science, when science itself is merely a handmaiden to God’s facts? It is God Who authenticates our faith.

So, it would be great to find bits of the Ark. But, don’t think these would convince unbelievers into salvation! Salvation is a gift of God given to those who are predestinated. We cannot obtain it by our own means or by our wishes to be saved.

Even if the entire Ark is found, with ‘Ark’ painted on the prow, people will still find reasons not to believe. This is because they are not elect. Though the Sanhedrin saw and heard the incredible and divine acts of Jesus with their own eyes and ears, they still murdered Him!

But, questions should be asked anyway – if bits of wood are found, these cannot prove they were from the Ark!

Try the Library

My wife likes to read biographies, but accrued a large number of books in perfectly good condition. Rather than throw them away, she took them to our local library, where they were welcomed with open arms, because their funding is very limited. Which made me think of taking Christian books to libraries. It is a good way to get wholesome and scriptural material into public view. Why not try it?

The Right Bible Version

(This edited report is reproduced from the New Zealand Protestant Newsletter, Jan-Match 2008. It was under the title: ‘Do You Read an RC or Protestant Bible?’).

Essentially, there are two text types – Roman Catholic and Protestant. The Protestant text type is the inspired, inerrant Holy Scriptures preserved and available today in the English AV 1611.

The Roman Catholic text type is corrupt, and available today in over 200 different versions. If you read any of these versions, which include the NIV, GN, NASV or NRSV, then you are reading a Roman Catholic ‘bible’.

The Protestant text type came down through ordinary Christians. A Latin version was circulating amongst the Albigenses around the 3rd century, and in Greek through the Greek Orthodox Church, becoming known as the ‘received text’. Erasmus printed the first publication of this text type in Greek, which became known as the Textus Receptus (TR). It was finally preserved in the English of the 1611 Authorised Bible and has remained unchanged for the past 400 years.

Ruckman points out that ‘The readings of the AV 1611 go clear back to the 3rd and 4th centuries in the Western and Byzantine manuscripts, clear back to the 2nd century in the Hesychian and Old Latin manuscripts, and would have no trouble at all jumping the gap of 100 years…to the original autographs of Peter, James, John, Paul, etc.’

Running parallel to the true text… is the Roman Catholic counterfeit… This text type was first representative in the 4th century Greek corrupt manuscripts of the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, and then the 5th century corrupt Latin Vulgate.

This manuscript, known as the Vaticanus, is provably corrupt and includes extra books…

It was essentially the texts of Vaticanus and Sinaiticus that were used by Westcott and Hort when they supposedly ‘revised’ the Greek Textus Receptus.

ALL 200+ modern versions, such as the NIV, GN, NRSV and NASV being peddled as ‘holy bibles’ are founded on Westcott and Hort Greek text, which is traceable back to the corrupt texts of Rome.

(Editor: Westcott and Hort are known to have hated the AV text and vowed to get rid of it by any means. They chose to do so by claiming academic excellence whilst using corrupt texts.

It is significant that charismatics and ecumenicists use these corrupt versions. If you use anything other than the 1611 AV, rest assured that you are supporting the false claims and teachings of Rome).

Furthermore, the Jesuits, set up at the time of Luther to oppose ‘Sola Scriptura’, had a hand in supplying ‘variants’ to their Roman Catholic versions of the Bible. A genuine Bible version would not use Roman Catholics, let alone Jesuits, to translate and interpret!”


A new book out on Mormonism traces the life of the founder, Joseph Smith. He gave his own ‘translations’ of Greek and Hebrew, but he faked them to suit his own growing cult.

The book looks at how Smith had many brushes with the law; as a young man he used occult practices to defraud people; a Mormon historian says Smith was the “village magician”; he created doctrines that contradict the Bible Mormons say they believe; he even wrote doctrines that contradicted his own Book of Mormon; many of his doctrines contradict each other; and Mormons regularly alter their beliefs/doctrines.

‘Answers to my Mormon Friends’, by Thomas F. Heinze. Available online or as a printed book: Can be ordered from or from Amazon.

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Until I was about 18 I was totally ignorant about Christ and being a Christian, though I had been taken to churches since I can remember, at my mother’s side. Up to age 14, I attended Sunday School and enjoyed it. It was what almost all kids did in the 1950’s anyway. From 14 to 18 I attended the adult Bible classes; the teachings went in one ear and out the other. Until I was about 17, that is. Then I started to read obtuse stuff by the Dalai Llama, and other eastern rubbish. I even added an extra statement to the central Buddhist tenets of belief.

At age 18 I became a Christian; was saved. Then things changed rapidly. Suddenly, I was given preaching dates – I suspect more because I had long hair, wore Cuban-heeled boots, wore clothes I made myself, and played rock guitar, than for my preaching prowess!

For a few years I was invited to sing Gospel songs with my guitar. Soon, my mother joined me and we did duets. But, again I was suspicious – that we were invited for the sing-song rather than for the Gospel message that followed. I stopped the singing – and the invites stopped themselves!

After that I began preaching in earnest and travelled up to 100 miles on engagements. But again, I was very suspicious, because I was expected to preach in the ‘usual’ way, which meant in Arminian fashion. I could ‘hold’ a congregation in the palm of my hands, with a clever use of funny stories, witty phrases and prose, and sprinklings of generalised Bible texts.

Then, I saw my error and stopped being Arminianistic. Most of my preaching invites stopped. This was becoming a habit! At one of my last invites, as I left the church, a deacon shook my hand and, commenting on my new-found preaching of the truth, said “Don’t worry – you’ll soon grow out of it!”

But my very last preaching date in my own town came when I was asked to speak at a summer open-air meeting on a Sunday afternoon. It was a well-organised affair, with a large stage, musicians, and seats. I even had a mike. I looked out at the holiday-makers passing by and knew they would not listen. So, I ‘told it as it is’. I began with “I know most of you passing by don’t want to listen to Bible bashers!” I caught their attention. Then, I told them the Gospel in terms they understood. Before long I had a large crowd.

The organiser was over the moon. He had never seen that happen before. That night, in church, he came up to me and said “God told me that you must speak at our open-air meetings every week! You have been called by Him to do great things!” It was then that I replied “That’s very odd – God hasn’t said anything of the sort to me!” I refused to do any more meetings, because I realised I would be made a ‘cult figure’ just because I could hold an audience! I decided to stop all my engagements, rather than become what the man wanted me to be. Yes, I preached after that, but only to churches that knew my stance.

For many years I was ignorant of what God wanted of me, and ignorant about preaching, teaching and doctrine. Then, God started to show me how to really interpret His word – and everything changed. I recommend it to you!

Forget the supposed glamour of preaching and being one of the ‘in-crowd’! Now, I am held in suspicion myself, because I refuse to be bound by peer pressure and peer-likeability. I would rather come out of ignorance and be shunned, than preach falsely or in Arminian fashion. What about you?

 Note: Most of you now know where I stand. I will indeed speak to your group, whether as a whole church or as a small house group. I do not ask for money, though a bit towards petrol (or bus if close) would be helpful.


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