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Sleight-of-Hand Brown!

The first thing I said to my wife, on 21st April, when I heard that Gordon Brown was piously getting rid of the ‘second home’ gravy train for British MPs, was “All he will do is give it back in some other way!”

Sure enough, next day, we heard he wants to replace the fixed fraudulent ‘second home’ expense, with a different way of paying them for staying in London… and the second form of payment will give MPs even MORE than they had when they diddled the country out of second home expenses!

I suggested an alternative that would exactly match when MPs were actually in London - they should prove they attended the House of Commons for real sessions (not just sign-in, as MEPs do, and then go out again), then, with paper proof in hand (or a properly recorded smart-card), they could then go to a block of flats owned by the house of Commons (they don’t need an apartment) where they could sleep for the night. No need for expenses! The flat could have a small kitchenette for ordinary meals – no champagne dinners on our taxes, while we make do with beans on toast!

The newest payment, however, is again open to abuse…

When I heard Brown speak after the G20 Summit, I noticed his very quick mention of ‘all countries’ stopping ‘tax havens’. This is significant because, by getting all other members of G20 to get rid of tax havens, he can quietly cover-up his own vast failures of the past, without being blamed for it. What do I mean?

Well, for many years Brown courted not just the ‘filthy rich’ but those rich beyond all human dreams… men who earn a few billion in a few minutes in what is known as the ‘personal equity’ game. They buy huge companies (like Boots, Debenhams, etc) and quickly strip them of assets and staff, keeping the excess profits from the sales for themselves, and giving a cut to their backers (Bank of Scotland in particular). They sell off buildings and get the companies to lease them back. And then they refinance the companies they bought to the hilt, so that they can only just repay instalments. Then, after a short period, they refloat the slimmed-down companies, heavy with debt, but making good revenue on paper, on the stock Exchange. Then they get yet another windfall because the stocks and shares are invariably higher priced! Overall, they can make many billions a year.

Where does Brown come into the picture? Well, since these very high fliers came on the scene, replacing what was once known as ‘venture capital’, Brown has been starry-eyed over them. He made special concessions to them and cut their tax rate to almost nil. He did it in the hope that if he left them alone, they would keep their businesses in Britain and not move to a tax haven… see the link? Now, Brown knows he is about to be found out, so he gets all other countries to cover his error by stopping tax-havens (though it won’t happen).

What these super-duper rich actually did was to not pay tax at all (because their riches can buy top accountants and lawyers, and because that is how they constructed their huge deals). In fact, not only did they not pay tax on what they earned, thus denying billions of tax monies to the UK, but they also claimed tax refunds from the treasury, amounting to many millions each time!

An examination of their earnings, shows that they kept everything for themselves, and gave nothing back to the country, while the rest of us were crippled by personal tax and the vast growing burden of ‘green’ taxations and loss of jobs caused by company ‘slim-downs’. It did not end there…

Heard of ‘toxic debts’? The news tend to speak of these in connection with unpaid loans by ordinary folks who have been caught up in the credit crisis, or to ordinary people who no longer can afford to pay their mortgages. But, this is another Brown sleight-of-hand. Toxic Debts refer mainly and almost entirely to the debts incurred by banks – Royal Bank of Scotland in particular – who gave out phenomenal loans to personal equity tycoons, without so much as a slip of paper guaranteeing repayment. Most loans were made during a few minutes ‘hone call!

These loans are resold by banks as debts to other companies at a discount, and that is how they make their money. But, when huge companies bought and sold by these tycoons could not repay the massive loan repayments they were saddled with by the tycoons, the banks took a hammering, could not resell the debts, and so the government stepped in to bail them out! That’s because, by then, the tycoons had already sold the companies for huge profits, and were sitting pretty on far-off sunny islands.

And it was all devised and developed by good old Gordon Brown! It is why he bailed out big banks – rather than have them tell the media what really happened. Brown started the whole mess, and now he pretends it is all caused by a ‘global crisis’!! Hm. That’s why I keep saying Brown is responsible for the current fiasco. The same things happened in the USA, this time under socialist Democrats. And when both countries went down, this started a chain-reaction around the world.

Now you know why we are in this foul heap of rubbish. Vote socialists out of power! Get rid of Marxist rule forever. We are already in a financial black hole created by socialist governments – don’t let it get even worse.

If you think the recent budget was bad – wait until the real budget facts emerge! I can assure you they will be far worse than you can imagine. And YOU will end up very badly off.

Green Bites!

The car industry is now in strife, because the EU insists it must comply with its ‘green’ policies on emissions, etc. This is just one way in which companies are struggling because of deluded leaders who insist on following Al Gore-style green laws and policies. This is how whole countries are ruining their own industries, losing jobs and paying out vast sums to ‘help’ companies hit hard by such nonsense. Stopping or cutting emissions will do absolutely nothing to the environment! It is all a delusion!

Pyroclastic clouds rush from an exploding volcano at 1000 kms an hour, destroying everything in its path. It is so dense, that a pressure barrier precedes it, blowing buildings apart. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent volcanic eruptions. And yet, arrogant pro-green scientists think they can prevent global warming or cooling, change climate, and stop any supposed effects of CO2!! Pride precedes a fall, eh?

So Do Mosquitoes!

A UK mother travelled to Africa to start a campaign to stop people dying of malaria, after her son died of it. Sadly, one million children alone die of the disease every year. But, why? Because green activist groups demanded the abolition of DDT years ago, the only effective way to combat malaria! They argued that DDT was not nice to the local environment, though their arguments were found to be just hype. So, the environment was more important than people’s lives. And that is the real reason why one million children die of malaria each and every year. Put your hands together for meddling greens!

Think About It

I found the following entry in a theological dictionary:

“Abelians or Abelites. A Christian sect which arose about 370 AD in North Africa. They practiced continence within marriage and were extinct by the year 400 AD.”

Well, I thought it was funny, anyway!

Ask Yourself

In the UK, there has been a rise in cruelty to animals. How these awful people can do it I don’t know, but that’s humans for you. Let’s suppose that, to combat this rise, the government decided to cut off everybody’s left leg. It is just possible (though maybe not, given the way the British always roll-over and die on government command) that you might object, asking “What on earth will that do to stop acts of cruelty? There’s no connection!” And you would be right.

So, ask yourself why the people of the world are accepting huge price increases, government robbery (excessive taxation), and loss of freedoms, to stop the rise in carbon dioxide? There is no connection! How can taking my money do anything to climate, CO2 or warming? There is no connection!

And why do it anyway, when the rise does not harm us, or the environment; and when climate change is normal, and there is no global warming?

I keep saying similar things in different ways, because Christians above all others must be rooted in truth, not lies. Accept the massive tax hikes for a delusion and you lay yourselves open to anything the government wishes to do to you. Accept the lies coming constantly from those in the fraudulent section of the scientific community, and you will accept anything they throw at you. The world has already been dogged by Darwninism for well over a hundred years, so why not add environmentalist rubbish, too?

Come on! Gather your wits together! Too many Christians are playing dead. Too many do not bother to fight for truth. Too few stand up for what is right. As we speed headlong down the end-times path, will you hide your head and let evil walk all over you?

Once again I repeat why I give regular reports about green nonsense – it is because it is part of the One World Order, that time prophesied by the Lord, and which is coming about right now. At the moment, the financial crisis brought about by socialist governments has caused the green march to slow down, but that is only a minor hiccough.

The march will continue to gather momentum – mainly because no-one stands firm. It says a lot about Christian laziness, that the only man standing against the green march is an ex-communist President of the Czech Republic! Where are the Christians? As usual, they lay down to sleep. Arise! Do what is right! Speak out. Afraid to get it wrong? Then go back to sleep. 

Rolling In It!

Do you get the same kind of offers I get? Every day I receive emails from people in Africa. They invariably have cancer, or their husbands have been murdered. All of them want me to take their funds – always in the millions – into my bank account, so that they can be used outside Africa by the owner. I, of course, will receive a few million for my trouble. Amazingly, many people are fooled by this kind of trickery, and so they lose money in their accounts, as well as their identities. It is just a scam. Lately, some of the scams pretend they are Christian… pastors or oppressed workers. Don’t be fooled and never reply.

Another problem area, usually from India or similar countries, is a request to send help to this or that Christian group, or pastors. They might ask if you will visit their country to teach or preach. Trouble is, it is at your own expense. Many times the work they do is quite liberal, and extend beyond preaching.

The problems are varied. For example, a request to travel to a distant place might be a ruse to get a traveller to arrive, and then be hijacked to a remote place, for purposes of ransom or straightforward violence or robbery. If you have cards on you, they can be use to strip your bank balances.

Or, for purposes of violence, or a scam to get you to send lots of resources, which are then sold on to make a profit. For this reason I usually delete the messages.

I especially get a request to use the translation services of someone in India or thereabouts, so as to spread the gospel. These folks do not seem to realise that I get many such requests, from supposedly different addresses, and yet each message contains exactly the same wording! So, it is a scam!

Another is to tell me a long and complex story of how a woman’s ‘Christian’ husband was killed or died of cancer, etc., and left millions of dollars. All I have to do is help to transfer his money into my bank account. If I am stupid enough to believe it, I will have my bank raided by these thieves.

Yet another scam is supposedly from a variety of ‘Christian’ men who claim to have this or that ministry. Or, none at all. They offer me huge amounts of cash to be spent on certain Christian pursuits – a donation. But wait – they want bank details, telephone number, etc. All proof that it is a scam!

Don’t be fooled by email requests and offers, even if they use emotional appeals, tears, or sincere ‘Christian’ language. One clue is to look at who it is sent to. If it is blank, or says ‘undisclosed recipients’, or the name is someone else, or uses an address such as ‘major domo’ etc., it is all a sign of something not right. Just delete.

Spitfire Truth

I love machines of all kinds. That is why I have just finished reading a book about the iconic Spitfire fighter, the hero of the Battle of Britain. The technical data were superb and very interesting. I also learned how different engines could pull the aircraft to the right or left, depending on which way the thing turned. In one aircraft, to counter the pull of the engine to the left, the designer cleverly balanced it out by extending the length of the left wing by about seven inches, thus increasing lift under the wing and stopping the pull! Amazing.

The author of the book finishes the penultimate chapter with the words: “Above all, it remains a symbol of freedom – of a belief in democracy, decency, and the rule of law – and it encourages us to fight, fight, and fight again, against any government, even our own, which tries to bully us, lie to us, or otherwise infringe our hard-won liberties. There is, one hopes, a Spitfire in every one of us.”

Oh, that this were true! Sadly, most who knew the Spitfire and those who fought for our freedoms, are now dead or very old. Those younger people who now run our country never knew the war, nor what it represented to the people. Now, they lead us onwards towards a Hitlereqsue or Stalinist regime, and everyone is following on like sheep. Bring back the Spitfire and its spirit, with its deep-throated engine roar and its swift climb into the skies, ready to pounce on the worst of the Hun!! Spitfire: The Biography


‘Darwinism’ is a correct term, because it isn’t science, but a way of life. Darwin’s scientific observations were fine. It was only when he interpreted them in the light of philosophy that things went wrong. Few understand this difference. Nor do they know that Darwin’s framework for his take on evolution came not from his observations, but from Malthus, a clergyman who taught that population growth was a danger.

His ideas are now used by genocidists in the environmental camp, and his ideas are generally very negative. And this underpins the work of Darwin. It was the ideas of Malthus that gave Darwin the notion of modern evolutionism, not the scientific evidences.

Thus, Darwinism is the result not of science but of political theory, which is, in essence, a form of philosophy. And this is why Darwin was so vital to the ideas of Karl Marx, another political theorist, who saw Darwin as some kind of amazing seer.

Darwin also provided fodder for the twisted ideas of Freud and his psychoanalytical movement, which, in turn, gave birth to the monster of psychiatry. And Darwinism is today essential to the UN and its socialistic perspective of people and countries. Hence their interest in genocide.

Don’t accept the ideas of such men and movements at face value – always check where they come from! I will write more extensively on this in my coming book on Darwinism… and no, Darwin was not a failed Christian. He was heavily influenced by his mother’s Unitarianism, then a new cult, but a philosophy, not a religion. Darwin’s Anglicanism was only notional.

And remember what scripture says: “If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater.” (1 John 5:9). Thus, it does not matter what scientists say – if they contradict God’s word, we are to believe God, not men! We are not to try and appear to be the yes-men of science just because we fear scoffing.

Another Ark: Made in Hong Kong

There is already a one-fifth-scale replica in the Netherlands, (which will be sailed to the London Olympic Games!) but now, billionaire brothers, named Kwok, have completed the building of a full-size Noah’s Ark. It took 17 years. To help pay its way, it has a rooftop luxury hotel, and the whole site will be open this year. The full size one is land-bound, whereas the smaller one is capable of taking to sea. Of course, as we are seeing everywhere nowadays, many in China want to close it down, simply because it has a Christian theme. However, one comment was: “When you go to Disneyland, there’s no real message there. But, at Noah’s Ark, there is a strong message that life goes on.”

Sorry, but…

An aide to Gordon Brown is caught sending out lying emails meant to smear Conservative figures. It took Brown several days to issue an apology, but only after the media got hold of the story. Do you think Brown was unaware of what the aide had been saying? Those who accept his story that he knew nothing about it must be very naïve. Nothing goes out of Brown’s office and close circle unless he has devised or okayed it. Same happened in Blair’s government. What does that mean in the case of these appalling emails? Work it out for yourself… until the G20 summit, Brown was running scared. He knew that the financial mess in Britain was his own doing, and he needed good news to divert attention from his failure. Maybe rotten emails seemed to be a good idea at the time.

Witch’s Guide

My work is often quoted in a wide variety of conference notes and university theses. The latest, though, is interesting – I am quoted in a book written by a witch, as an introduction to witchcraft! She quotes me saying that all ghosts are demons. Of course, she rejects this and her explanation is that I am afraid of death. No, she didn’t ask me, but she assumes it and it suits her cause to say it. No matter. Her readers will read what I said anyway and some of them might think twice.

Can’t Sleep?

The thing about advice is that few actually use it! When it comes to loss of sleep, I have told many people the technique I use myself, if the problem is caused by thoughts continually entering your head.

Some think we ‘must’ sleep between certain hours. One of my sons simply cannot sleep at the usual times, and watches TV until about 3 am!! He still manages to get up to go to work, and suffers no deprivation. Older people in particular do not sleep much at night. This is because many sleep by day, so it is obvious why they do not sleep at night! Others have no exercise, and everything becomes humdrum, causing sleeplessness. In these cases there is actually no problem!

But in some – myself included – one can’t get to sleep because thoughts keep on coming. After observing my own sleeplessness and noted that the thoughts are usually nonsense, unconnected and random. I also noted that the worst time to try and think through things is at night, because thoughts are so scrambled and only gloomy thoughts prevail. Therefore, I developed a very simple way to stop the thoughts (and so induce sleep)… I just told myself to shut up! I literally stop the thoughts and tell myself (inwardly of course, so as not to wake my wife) to stop thinking! And it works.

I discovered that a researcher at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge has now come up with the same conclusions!! He calls it ‘thought jamming’. His advice is very similar, and it is to pick on one word – any word will do – and just keep repeating it to yourself until you fall asleep. By repeating just one word, it prevents any other thought from entering the mind. Of course, there can be other reasons for sleep loss, but in my experience, starting with the simplest solution is preferable to immediately going to the doctor or taking pills. 

Exercise is another good activity… but do not make the mistake of many and exercise just before bed-time. Exercise should be about four hours before going to bed.

And remember – if there are no obvious side-effects or problems arising from not sleeping, then there is no actual problem, except laying awake for hours! The inability to sleep is not itself a problem or a condition… it is just boring! There are solutions for that, too, but the above might help somebody, somewhere.

For Young Christians

The dangers facing young Christians today are phenomenal and Satan-led. I was recently told of some young Christians who like to drink alcohol and ‘party’ in a notorious part of my home city.

After hearing about them, whilst in bed, I had three remembrances, which I have to pass on to those young people. I am not sure of the full meaning so I will not attempt to explain it further.

I had the memory of three people:

The first was a man I nursed in a psychiatric hospital in the 70’s. He had numbers tattooed on the underneath of his left wrist. He was in Auschwitz and saw so many horrors he finally cracked and was permanently mentally damaged. He was about 20 when he was in the camp. Though he survived, the evils he endured made sure he was never the same again.

The second was another 20 year old, one who said he was a Christian. He, too, was a patient in my mental hospital, suffering from intense anxiety. An elderly woman was admitted as a patient. Her eyes were completely dead and her face very dour. She was a witch who was accompanied by a ‘familiar’. That is, a spirit being she could see as a Red Indian chief. He supposedly led her through life.

The young man started to talk with her, and I warned him to stay away, or he would be affected by her evil trade in witchcraft. He didn’t listen. One evening, when on duty, I walked into the day room. He saw me, and immediately fell to his knees and began crawling towards a corner of the large room. As he crawled, he kept glancing at me in fear and a pipingly thin voice emitted from his throat: “Don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me!” he crawled under a grand piano, crouching back away from me, his arms held out in fear. He was controlled by a demon, and the demon feared me, because it knew I could banish him to outer darkness in Jesus’ name.

Soon after, on going into the ward, I was given the news that the young man had gone home, stolen his father’s car, drove it at full speed down a hill, and smashed it headlong into a brick wall, killing himself outright.

The third, was a 20 year old I saw in 1967, when I worked in a newly opened general hospital. He was brought in to the emergency department on a Sunday after he had crashed on his motorcycle. I had the job of holding his head still, which was still covered by the helmet. I had to do that, because the helmet was the only thing keeping his head on his shoulders and his skull in reasonable shape. Blood poured copiously out of his helmet as he lay dying.

We waited perfectly still like that for half an hour whilst an ambulance came to transfer him to the head trauma unit in another hospital. But, he died in transit as I found myself a fresh white coat – the other one plastered with the blood of a dying youngster. Not long after that I was in Devon, and passed a young man who had also crashed on his motorbike moments before. He was surrounded by onlookers who didn’t know what to do. I didn’t stop to help, because, as I said to my wife, “That boy is already dead”. I could see that much from his colour and body condition. One moment he was alive and thrilled by his speed; the next, he was facing an eternity of either heaven or hell.

I am not sure what those three memories are really for, but they have something to do with the young Christians who foolishly think they can do whatever they wish and still retain God’s favour. Even at a young age, one is not invincible, and death or ruin is very close to each one of us. God is not mocked. Holiness is not an option, but a demand of Almighty God, the same God Who keeps us alive, or Who brings us Death.

Young people think they are a special case in the eyes of God, but they are not. They are accountable for every second of their lives! They should repeat what is said in Isaiah, before God calls them to His justice: “Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for mine eyes have seen the king, the Lord of Hosts.”

That means even young Christians have known God and know of His requirements. And that knowledge makes them immediately accountable for their actions. The moment they begin to think of entering the places of unsaved people, to drink and goodness-knows-what, they sin. The moment they take it further and join them, they are with “people of unclean lips” and their sin deepens. Like the young men who died suddenly, their lives could end abruptly, without warning, even before a cry of help comes out of their lips! Do not be ‘undone’ – but cling to God and live holy lives. Young person… Is your heart with God? Or is it with the club in a seedy street in town?

Angel Obama

It is no joke: many people think Obama is some kind of angel sent by God. Film actress Tovah Feldshuh recently told the New York Times that she had an angel on each shoulder. One is her late father. The other is Barack Obama. She blasphemously said “Rather than ask myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I always ask myself, ‘How would Barack respond?’.” Even though Obama is proven to be a liar, deceiver and vicious to all who oppose him, this is how people see him, as a latter-day Messiah.

Accidents Happen?

Roman Catholicism gets away with saying the host and wine in Mass become the real body and real blood of Jesus, by calling their outward appearance ‘accidents’. No, it doesn’t mean accidents as we know them. It is a philosophical term for outward appearances. Thus, though Catholics eat and drink the actual body and blood of Jesus, they still appear to be ordinary wafers and wine. No evidence, but it helps to con ordinary Catholics, who believe in something that is not there, even denying their own eyes. Even Luther believed it. Today, the belief is firmly fixed in the Roman Catholic mind… and that’s no accident.

After the Fall of Jerusalem

The Temple in Jerusalem, and the city itself, were torn down in 70 AD. The city was rebuilt by Hadrian and was renamed ‘Aelia Capitolina. He built a temple to Jupiter Capitolinus, on top of the ruined Jewish Temple, as an act of contempt. Similar things are going on today throughout the world, as Christianity is despised and demolished to make way for pagan and Satanic beliefs. In a greater part, though this is a sign of the coming of the end times, it is also a strong proof that Christians have not lived as they should.

End Times?

Scripture tells us that Jesus on earth marked the start of the end times. Today, we are seeing a massive move that rapidly takes us towards possibly the end of the end times. It is quite probable that the current One World idea will be thwarted, but this will only be for a short period, as Satan gathers his troops for a final onslaught and his socialistic mask is transformed into a real ‘one world’ order. As Christians we must expect this to happen, and yet, we must also oppose every step taken by the devil’s soldiers… churchmen, cult leaders and politicians alike.

Tell the Kids

I have said it before: we must continually tell the kids about homosexuality and its dangers. It is a worrying fact that many Christian parents have kids who listen to bands whose members are openly ‘gay’ and act like it in public. Get them to understand that homosexuality is dangerous and perverted, and urge them never to look at or buy materials by gay ‘artistes’. And, yourself – don’t watch ‘gay’ presenters and actors, etc., on TV. If you know someone is ‘gay’ – turn them off! Keep up the pressure, but be ‘reasonable’ in speech – and always provide actual proofs. We can make a huge difference, just by making others see homosexuality in the bad light that it really is.

Same goes for environmentalism – don’t let government and others scare the wits out of your kids! It is all a big scam! But, again – gather suitable proofs. Why do you think people need to read my own book on the subject? It contains all the proofs you need to combat the con trick put out by greens. governments and others are using your kids to spread their heresies, lies, dangerous lifestyles and taxation tricks. Behind them all is the desire to crush Christian faith and the preaching of the Gospel. It’s about time you fought back, isn’t it?

Obama’s Bro

According to Russia Today (20th August 2008), Barack Obama has a brother living in poverty in a shack on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. They have the same father, but a different mother.

The 26 year old brother lives on one dollar a month, and was traced by journalists working for the Italian edition of Vanity Fair. The last time he met Obama was in 2006, when Obama was very ‘cool’ towards him, and who has not contacted him since.

If his brother lives in Kenya, and his mother lived in Kenya, and his own grandmother says she was present at his birth in Kenya, it is very reasonable to suppose that Barack Obama is Kenyan, as lawyers in the USA are claiming! Also, as Obama refuses to hand over his birth certificate, and has sent ‘bodyguards’ to both Kenya and the hospitals in Hawaii, to stop anyone snooping around, it is obvious he is hiding something. Meanwhile his own brother lives in poverty.


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