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Amidst the Chaos

Maybe this is not a big deal to many readers, but my wife and I just got back from six days in England, paid for by our eldest son and his wife. Though only six days, it was lovely!

The furore surrounding the MPs wicked abuse of expenses, supplied by our taxes, raged from the radio. But, we had a wonderful time.

First day I had to visit a shoemaker in Bristol, because I can no longer walk far. Though I recently bought expensive shoes (because cheaper ones hurt), I still have a problem with walking. (For those who have only joined us lately, this was caused by severe injury during a gym practice some years ago).

Shoes that fit will make a big difference, but will not cure the problem. At least it will go some way towards comfort. Anyway, we were lost in Bristol for over an hour - for reasons I cannot explain, I find Bristol a hard city to negotiate - and then we had to drive at maximum (legal!) speed down south to a small town about an hour west of Bournemouth.

It rained hard all the way… but we were out of our own city! That first day, we met several readers, as we drove from town to town (only those on our route, unfortunately, because of our tight schedule), finally ending up in Worthing, rather tired but happy to have seen the readers. The receptionist at the Travelodge (which we use when away, getting the cheapest rate possible) gave us a tip that saved a large amount on parking.

Next day, Friday, we started out along the South Coast back towards Torquay. Believe it or not, it took us nine hours to get there, in pouring rain and very heavy traffic. Fortunately, I was using my son’s ‘sat nav’ and it got us there along a direct route. It took a while to work out how to use it, but what a nice machine!

We stayed at a caravan park in Torquay, and the weather began to ease off, By Saturday we had a mainly clear day, with a few showers. My son recommended a visit to Paignton Zoo, and we spent over 4 hours there! It was well worth it and I took many photos. But, the best part was the relaxation, and being away from the inevitable demand letters from creditors. Then we picked up provisions in a local supermarket and returned to the caravan. We didn’t go far over the three days we were there, but enjoyed every moment.

Then, on the Monday, we left the park and travelled through east Dartmoor to Okehampton, where we met up with my sister, Sharon, and hubby, James (the one who labours so hard as my co-worker). The weather began to clear again and over the next few days it was mainly bright to fair, with no rain in the Cornwall area. A quick coffee and off we went to Padstow… James had always wanted to eat fish and chips at a Rick Stein eatery!

Parking was not easy, because there were so many people, but we managed it. I have never seen such a thick piece of cod in my life! It had been caught a few hours before. Then, after visiting all the other Rick Stein businesses, we took the coast road to Newquay where we were to stay the night.

It was the first time Sharon and James had got away from family and troubles for a very long time, and we took great pleasure in seeing them relax as we enjoyed simple walks and chats.

The ‘sat nav’ got us to the hotel no problem, and we were all surprised by how nice it was! Rooms were large, comfortable, with views of the sea, and staff were lovely… especially the waitress who came from our home-town!

Needless to say, I left my jumper in the hotel, which they kindly returned by post. After booking in we drove into Newquay town, walked along the harbour, saw a grey seal playing in the sea, watched surfers, and walked up to the headland with great views. Very windy but enjoyable.

Next day we drove to Penzance and then St Ives, the ‘sat nav’ guiding us through pretty country lanes. We strolled around without pressure or time constraints… something neither myself nor James are used to! It was marvellous just to stroll, chat, and enjoy the scenery.

After that we drove up through central Cornwall, had a coffee in Tavistock, and travelled on through Dartmoor, enjoying its wild remoteness. We reached Dartmoor prison in Princetown – what a formidable place, grey and foreboding. Which it is supposed to be, of course. We moved on toward Exeter and got onto the M5 – I loathe motorways! Up we went until we reached another Travelodge outside Taunton and had dinner in an eatery next door. Another exhausting but pleasurable day.

Next day, Wednesday, we had breakfast in a supermarket and went to Bristol, where I was to get measured by the shoemaker. Once more we got lost… the ‘sat nav’ is fine so long as it has a correct address. We later found that the post-code was wrong!

Anyway, I got measured and we went into Bristol centre for a stroll and a light lunch in the newest mall. After that – back home and reality! We only had six days away, and James and Sharon only had three days, but we all felt wonderfully refreshed after enduring many months of a ‘mixed package’, from financial demise to fear, anxiety and intense tension.

Some might think that as we have been to Croatia four times, that those are equally nice breaks. Well, though it is nice to be abroad, each visit has been a ‘working’ break and very busy. That is why my next visit, in July (at the expense of the tourism board), will be unique – no work! Hopefully, it will be relaxing.

Maybe we can all have a similar break in the UK sometime soon. We thank God for our smallest blessings and though we do not especially seek to get out of our tests, we are extremely thankful when such tests are sprinkled with a few nice days and lovely moments! God is good to us, though we deserve nothing.

What A Surprise. Not!

Well, we have written about the corruption of our government before, so recent revelations should not have been a surprise.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who is spiritually corrupt, thinks we should now leave our MPs alone, because they have been “humiliated enough”! It is our view that all the facts should now be spilled, so that people can at last start voting properly, thinking before they put their cross against a candidate. Also, if they were ordinary employees, they would have been sacked long ago, and police charges brought.

A Christian legal group, fighting for Christians who are attacked by a variety of causes, thinks our MPs try to do their work on a ‘pittance of a wage’! Please… that is a lawyer talking - know how much they get? Even in the provinces an ordinary senior solicitor gets just short of £200 an hour – the entire weekly wage for many people I know! One I dealt with got paid £500 an hour! Lawyers get substantially more than that. MPs wages might be lower than what lawyers earn, but to suggest that they are on a ‘pittance’ is absurd and rather miserable. Indeed, I find the claim objectionable.

With ordinary expenses, MPs get about £100,000 a year. Where MPs are married to another MP, they earn £200,000 a year between them. They also get to sell their second homes and reap all the benefits, even though they should rightly belong to the state (taxpayers)!

And what of the Sinn Fein MPs who have never set foot in the Houses of Parliament… even they claim ‘expenses’! And they get their normal wage… for doing nothing.

We are told that not all MPs are money grabbing. Well, all I can say is that the MPs who have acted honestly are also at fault, for keeping their mouths shut. They know the system, and make their own money from it. But, like any closed society, MPs stick together, because one exposure could ruin them all. Hopefully, that is what has now happened. Maybe now, our MPs will become aware of their own mortality!

The whole system is corrupt and no Christian can uphold it. MPs already get paid about five times the wage of an ordinary worker. In my part of the country a supervisor or manager earns a meagre £12,000 a year.

MPs live in luxury whilst the rest of us have to struggle, often failing and getting into serious debt. So, don’t feel sympathy, even for the honest MPs. They bed down together and protect their patch, though they are supposed to be our servants, representing our interests. They should be in Parliament several days a week, not just once in a blue moon… unless they have genuine reasons to stay at home!

Another issue is that though we pay these MPs a lot of money, they continue to sit on boards of companies and reap huge benefits from that.

An MP should not be allowed any second income, unless it is earned outside the normal working week. If I had a job, my employer would expect me to be in work for the full week he pays me for. I could, under certain circumstances, also have a second job – so long as it did not interfere with my first job, or be worked-at during the normal working week!

Many MPs see their wage as a great bonus on top of earning larger sums as directors, etc. Some go to London to sit on company board meetings, and claim expenses from Parliament!

Another huge problem is the free voting that allows MPs to vote according to their ‘conscience’ (which usually proves to be rather sinful). They are not MPs for themselves – they are supposed to reflect their voters’ wishes! It is precisely because of their ‘consciences’ that we now have gay laws and no penalty for murder! They seem to think that Parliament is their private playground.

Increasingly, MPs vote and work against what the public desire. It is about time they were brought down several pegs and put in their place. God does not expect us to maintain rotten governments.

Our Muslim Future

European leaders tell us that Islam will take over Europe within a few decades. This is mainly being brought about by the Muslim birth rate… determined not by personal wishes but by Islamic clerics in Saudi and other strict Muslim countries as a way of tipping over populations from ‘other’ to Islam. This is not just a paper exercise in figures, but stark fact.  

The media are being infiltrated by Muslims in readiness for a Muslim takeover within less than ten years. The only way to offset or stop this is to evangelise, say some. But, is this God’s will? Or are we now on the downward slide that cannot be reversed, because of God’s judgment? If you have a computer go to the following YouTube presentation – it will scare you.

It is important. What will YOU do about it?

Even if this is part of God’s judgment upon us for our sinfulness, we should still oppose Islamisation of our country. As far as I am concerned, if people wish to be Muslim, it is up to them. But, I know what happens when Islam becomes predominant.

Obama’s Iron Curtain

Latest from the USA, is that Obama intends prosecuting those in the Bush administration who held Muslim terrorists in prisons, and for protecting the country from them. Part of this will be to prosecute numerous officials for what has been called ‘torture’. The shrieks from Obama’s Marxist camp are particularly aimed at ‘water-boarding’, even though this method of interrogation got information out of Muslim killers within 30 seconds!

By threatening to prosecute people for waterboarding, when such a method was used to save lives and to help convict killers, is beyond words. It is simple, non-injurious, and certainly not ‘torture’ (I tried it on myself). Yes, it scares the one being waterboarded… but this is a small price to pay when protecting one’s people.

Another ‘crime’ and ‘torture’, according to Obama, is to stand in front of the ‘victim’ and demand information by shouting. No, I’m not kidding! Liberals and Marxists in the USA simply want terrorists to go free and for freedom of information to be a non-freedom.

The latest in this clamp-down on freedoms, is that Obama gave a press call for journalists in the USA. When the journalists said his newest financial plans will not work, Obama TOLD them to be positive and to make it look like the financial cuts were somehow beneficial to the USA, thus telling them what to write. He is already refusing to bail-out newspapers that refuse to follow his lies.

If he stays in power, he will bring the USA to its knees and silence all who oppose him. It is already coming about bit at a time. This should concern us in the UK, because what happens in the USA tends to come over here.

For several months, Obama has been appeasing Muslims around the world. Part of this appeasement – something someone like king David would never have tolerated – will do far more harm than pouring water over a man’s head! It will also make sure that no-one opposes his Marxist regime.

Another part of his attack on freedom and safety is to put communistic laws on radio and TV stations, so that they can no longer oppose government. And this is only the tip of his iron-fist intentions. He has plenty more draconian ideas up his sleeve. It is now up to level-headed Senators to stop him at every turn. And remember – Obama has still not proved he is eligible for office!

(Currently, there are 17 court cases being brought against Obama for occupying the White House, and he continues to refuse to show his birth certificate. So far he has spent over $1 million to lawyers to sort out this fiasco, when all he has to do is show the certificate. The fact that he refuses to show one is virtual proof that he does not have the right to be president).

Sex Education in UK Schools

As I expected, and as we warned, homosexual groups are not content with simply becoming ‘equal’. They are pressing ahead on several fronts to increase their power-base. Now, it seems they have persuaded government to bring in compulsory sex-education for all children from age seven.

In this ‘package’ will be explicit teaching on same-sex sex acts, the ‘goodness’ of homosexuality and same sex ‘marriage’, and a lot more. It was inevitable. The case has not been helped by churches and Christians who support homosexuals in their ‘plight’ and I continue to say they should be ashamed of themselves. There is no excuse to support what God says is wicked and reprobate.

Yesterday, my eldest son visited from work. He had just taken his car to the garage, because of a loud banging noise from the front of his car. Both the mechanic and he were shocked to find that there were only a few wheel-nuts on the wheels… one on one wheel, and at most two on the other three, and all were so loose that the wheels were almost hanging off. The only nuts left were the locking nuts – a thief had removed all the others. My son could have been killed if he had gone over fifty miles and hour.

This is like the Christian and his beliefs. Remove just one foundation stone and the building becomes unstable. The more stones are removed the more unstable it gets, until the whole building collapses. Take away just one moral law, and everything starts to unravel. Give one inch to those in a world of perversity and it taints the Christian church as well as the whole of society.

Keep giving away inches and before long the one you help will overtake you and then turn to devour you. That’s how it goes. And that’s what scripture tells us.

Delusion of Peace and Unity

Radio Two has what it calls its ‘God spot’, and a frequent speaker is a man of the Salvation Army. I remember many years ago rebuking him for advice he gave to a wife, who wrote to the Salvation Army newspaper, War Cry. She was both worried and very upset because her husband was cross-dressing.

The Salvation Army fellow advised her that it was all okay, and for her to just accept his little deviance! In reality, God condemns such behaviour outright, and says it is just another form of homosexuality.

Today, this same sage with a lack of spiritual truth advised listeners that the “three great religions”, Christianity, Islam and Catholicism, all have “common beliefs” (in ‘God’) and so we should build on these similarities to bring about world peace.

Honestly, such talk makes me want to yawn… and rebuke again! Islam wants only to obliterate everybody who will not submit to Allah, who is NOT the same as our God! Catholicism is a false cult, whose ‘God’ is also devoid of truth. So there can never be genuine religious union of the three.

There can, however, be civil union. Even on that basis I see very little possibility between Islam and Christianity, when the ruling individuals in Islam want to get rid of all Jews and Christians by violence. As with all similar matters, I can accept the freedom of others to believe whatever they like (so long as their beliefs do not spill over into behaviour that harms others, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually), but they may not force me to comply.

So, that Salvation Army guy (who represents a denomination with many heresies) is way out of line. God says that true union is only achieved by the combination of truth and love. I see very little of either in Islam and Catholicism.

The Way We Are Going

Those who think environmentalism is harmless and green is good, should look out for signs of the times. The city of Ghent in Belgium is to start a weekly ‘Veggie Day’, when civil servants and elected councillors must eat only vegetarian meals. Why? Because of the so-called “impact of animals on the environment”.

The awful UN says livestock is responsible for one fifth of all global greenhouse gases, so Ghent has come up with this gem. But, there is no way the UN can say what is says… how do you separate gases from other sources and from animals! It is just one more trick being used to deceive the people. And, even if animals are responsible to that degree, it makes no difference anyway!

In September this year children (easy targets and easy to frighten) will have their own ‘Veggie Day’. And the city is printing out street maps directing people to veggie eateries.

It will not be long before this becomes a law. Green ideas are fast encroaching on normal life, so now you know. And far worse than eating veg is coming from these fascist groups whose only aim is to control you.

How To Do It!

The Isle of Man has got it right! It runs its own affairs (for which its citizens ought to be very grateful) and personal tax is only 10%. There is NO BUSINESS TAX! A local millionaire says that because their government is not greedy, businesses tend to give money voluntarily towards Isle of Man needs. Now THAT’S how to do it! It shows that taxation we suffer is not required. It is charged to us because the UK wants to fund plans beyond its means.

Our government is greedy beyond imagination. Its ministers steal our taxes readily and consistently. Who needs them? We don’t. Let’s all move to the Isle of Man and kick the British government into touch!

Food – Is It?

Few of us really know what’s in our food. No wonder many of us have allergies and other problems with eating.

According to French researchers much of the honey we buy in supermarkets is often adulterated with other substances. Because bees have been experiencing some kind of killer disease or insect fatality, bee-keepers have been selling impure honey containing artificial sweeteners from corn, etc. Though it makes the inferior honey taste the same, the growers still keep the high prices.

The researchers now have a test to distinguish pure and impure honey. Meanwhile honey imported from china was faked to be from a more well-known country. Do we really know what is in our food? And even if we do, do we know where it comes from? We can’t know when fakes are sold to us, or when unscrupulous people sell us impure foods, but we urge you to read those labels… it will be a start.

(Note: For the few who took our ‘Grubology’ newsletters. We have not sent any out lately because they take time to produce. However, they should make a come-back in the new website. They provide a fascinating insight into what we eat and drink).

On the matter of Swine Flu… researchers say that we may experience this flu well into next year, if it reaches pandemic proportions. (A pandemic is a health problem that spreads around entire countries and the world). If it reaches this level, we will know within six to nine months. As one who had Hong Kong flu many years ago, when millions died, I urge all who have chest problems, chronic health ailments, or who are over 65, to get a flu jab. It won’t stop the Swine Flu because it is a new virus, but it will ensure you do not succumb to other flu viruses that will leave you debilitated. And if there are known cases of Swine Flu in your area – stay in for a few weeks if you can. (Note: The new website should also have a health and illness section. If any Christian doctor or well-qualified, currently practising nurse, would like to be its editor, just let us know). 


As this newsletter goes out to many thousands of readers globally via the internet, this might sound very cheeky… but, have you considered leaving an inheritance to our ministry? This can be anything from a few pounds/dollars, to an entire house. There are Christians, very sincere, who leave their property or money to cats’ homes! This should not be! Christian ministry comes before cats and dogs. As most of you know we are at the ‘cutting edge’ of proclaiming God’s word in this world and yet our ministry income is almost nil. We do the work because we are called to do so by God. But, every ministry needs an income. Just bear this in mind. Thank you.

Why ‘Hate Laws’?

A leading homosexual has admitted that there is no need for so-called ‘hate laws’, but he said they were ‘necessary’ in order to get more funding from government! At last, it has been admitted… but who will listen? Though the reason has been given, no government department will now remove hate-law legislation.

Vile Laws

As Christians we are bound by God to obey laws. The exception is laws that defy God or that cause us to reject our consciences or God’s word. This is now what churches must face, as government intends forcing churches and denominations to accept homosexual applicants for jobs.

The churches therefore have choices to make – to defy the law outright and take the consequences, or to construct job applications in such a way as to make gays not want to apply. In my job as a manager I sometimes had to make job descriptions and duties so onerous that certain people could not work under them. Of course, this was a way of getting rid of people who were bad employees. But the same tactic can be used when advertising jobs in churches. Another way is to make all jobs ‘voluntary’ so that they don’t come under employment law. Remuneration can then be by ‘gifts’.

Another option is to make the jobs impossible for unsaved people to apply for, by making them reliant on prayer, meditation, and other spiritual tasks… things abhorrent to homosexuals.

So – either shape up and defy the law, or become clever! Either way, Christians cannot accept the laws as they stand. I can say this with Biblical authority. The situation calls for mass defiance… but who will do it?

Medal Scrapped

Muslims and Hindus have forced the UK to scrap a medal awarded by the Queen to distinguished members of the Caribbean community for the past 40 years.

The Trinity Cross of the Order of Trinity used to bear a cross on its face. But now it has been changed to suit Muslim and Hindu sensibilities, to a nondescript star-burst design! And the Privy Council have backed them. The cross was said to be “overtly Christian”.

The point is this – the Queen upholds Christian values and teachings. The medal was based on her beliefs. It is presented to people based on those beliefs. Therefore, Muslims and Hindus have no right to argue their case! But, the Privy Council buckled to false religions, just as politicians do in the UK. The medal was ‘overtly Christian’ because that is exactly what it was meant to be! By the same token, Christians in the Caribbean should now petition the Privy Council and say the medal is now “Overtly Secular”!!

The upshot of all this is that lawyers are now looking at all other medals and awards, in order to remove any mention of Christian reference. In other words, we can mention anything else – but not anything Christian. It is about time we stood our ground and complained, because Muslims are trying to get Christianity minimalised and marginalized.

Coke and Cocaine

It has been said for years that Coca Cola is addictive. Possibly this story tells us why…

Several German states have banned the drink, ‘Red Bull Cola’, because it contains 0.4 micrograms per litre of cocaine. The cocaine was found in complex tests run by the food safety agency in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The amount apparently does not pose a threat to public safety, but this has not stopped six states banning the drink.

The Austrian Red Bull company admits there is a problem and said it has arisen because it uses decocainised coca leaf extract. Obviously, it has not been ‘decocainised’ enough!

The extract is not just used in Red Bull – it may be used in Coca Cola, which would certainly explain why so many people are addicted to drinking it. The Coca Cola company refused to say whether or not it used regular or decocainised leaves… and that leads me to believe it used leaves with trace cocaine, or more – otherwise they would deny it. (Source: Food Quality News, 26th May). And if decocainised leaves contain 0.4 micrograms, how much does non-decocainised extract contain?

If nothing else, it is likely that these drinks are slowly conditioning users for ‘heavier’ drinks such as alcohol, or even for drugs. But, it doesn’t stop there, because many other foods contain decocainised extract. Would this explain the sharp rise in odd symptoms and anxieties in society? And the growing allergies to all kinds of foods? We all need to watch what goes into our stomachs!

Meanwhile, back at the ‘green’ ranch… reusable food bags, now common in Tesco and other supermarkets, supposedly to help ‘save the planet’, can contain high levels of bacteria, yeast, mold and coliform counts! They may well ‘save the planet’ but could kill us all off!!

According to Sporometrics, a microbiology lab in Toronto, Canada, the bags “pose a significant food safety risk”. Shopping bags and Tupperware-style containers are the worst culprits, because they contain over double the contamination that is normal in an ordinary kitchen. So much for saving the planet, eh?

In other words, by urging everyone to reuse their shopping bags, supermarkets are actively making us all ill. The thing is, who would think of this as a source of their upset stomachs and other odd ailments? The same researchers say that this new information should be added to public health investigations when there are fresh outbreaks of poisoning.

And watch out for bottled water. US- based manufacturers (including Pepsi and Coca Cola) who sell mineral and other waters must now knuckle-down to stricter guidelines, to try and stop contamination that arises from wells the water is drawn from.

E.coli is just one problem. Manufacturers must now test every batch and provide written evidence that they have eradicated the bacteria. In other words, manufacturers must test the source of the water and not just samples from bottles.

So, is bottled water safer than anything coming through our pipes? Maybe not! And those stories are just a few out of thousands! The move towards being ‘green’ is having a bad effect on our health. But, greens don’t care, so long as the planet is okay. Let people get back to reality.

Abu Hamza Continues…

Terrorists get their cash from a huge variety of sources. Abu Hamza (‘the hook’), jailed for his part in terrorism, is now joined by his three sons. They ran a luxury car scam, gaining over £1 million. Strangely, DVLA policy ensured they had their ill-gotten gains – they applied for new log books for cars left in long-stay car parks in London, and gave new addresses for the log books to be sent to. The DVLA wait two weeks for a confirmation from the old address and then send on the log books! Of course, if owners are out of the country for long periods, they are sitting ducks.

When the criminals receive the log books they then advise DVLA of a change of owner, and the switch is complete! Then, the gang stole the vehicles, because the change of owner enabled them to buy new keys. This is a very sophisticated bit of thieving, and the money helped Aby Hamza greatly. It seems this country is very lax towards terrorism, and ordinary folks suffer as a result.

In the Mists of Time

Way back, in the mists of time, I remember the enjoyment we had as a family going to the beach. My Dad wore a collar and tie, my mother wore a long summer dress, and I wore my school uniform. This was in the 1950s, well before nudity and modern clothing.

We had sandwiches of tomato (which I loved) that saturated the bread and made it soggy; we had lemon curd sandwiches, and a bottle of water (from the tap) or lemonade. And that was our day out. Invariably the sandwiches got mixed with sand, making eating very crunchy indeed. But those days were happy and free of major problems.

And when siblings came along, they enjoyed themselves, too, and we laughed as they waddled into the waves in their nappies covered by plastic pants, coming out again with water causing them to hang down to the ground! Oh for such better days again.


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