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Some Thoughts

  I was walking through town yesterday (Swansea, Wales, UK) , Saturday. Plenty of people around. However, I was thinking to myself, that though I have lived there most of my life, I always feel a stranger when going through the town! Do you ever feel this way?

Normally I now travel by ‘bus most places. I realised that I get off in town and usually walk the quietest streets I can find, back-streets with as few people as possible.

Now why is this? I haven’t yet analysed myself on this matter, but perhaps it has something to do with watching my home- town going down the pan! German bombers ravaged the town in the blitz. As a child I remember picking my way over bomb-sites to get anywhere. Even in the mid 1960s when I got married, I had to clamber over bomb debris to get to the church! But, those times were far nicer than today.

What was left of the town, was knocked down by hapless town planners who built the most awful new town filled with ‘nothing’ buildings. We now have no architecturally pleasant buildings to speak of.

Added to that, fake beggars, drug takers, and drunks, now litter the streets, and no-one bothers to talk to you anyway, being too busy with their excessive buying habits. Of course, I am generalising. Now and again I meet up with someone I know… but rarely.

Now, going through town is a bleak affair. As some of you know I sometimes write features on towns and hotels etc. But I would not write about my home-town, because it is featureless, uninteresting, and going down the road of many large towns, allowing all manner of sins to be committed publicly.

One of my nephews, a bus driver, recently warned me not to catch a certain numbered ‘bus that would take me home, but to take another one. The reason is, he said, that drug addicts in one area have a habit of discarding their used needles and syringes in the backs of seats, or down the sides! I have heeded his advice!

In short, then, my town is not nice anymore. Those who would foul society are getting away with their behaviour. And certain roads are best avoided because of muggers and awful people who curse and fight, and harass decent folks.

As someone asked in a TV comedy show: “Is it me?” I don’t think so. I still have to work out why I walk back-streets to get anywhere, but that’s going to be another story, no doubt.

What is It?

Few Christians today bother to investigate what is behind modern claims to be ‘Christian’. I was listening to a man on radio today, who spoke at length of his ‘faith’ and the way he was turned from being a mindless thug to being a ‘Christian’. But, a few notes of discord crept in… he attributes his new life to his mother’s prayers said at the time of a ‘novena’. His ‘salvation’ seemed to consist of losing his former ways, and so on. He later said he was a Catholic and that his life changed after he consecrated his life to Mary. So much for being ‘saved’! Much of what he said sounded like the confession of a Christian. But, to accept him as a genuine born-again person would be superficial. The Mosaic laws were very strict and people knew exactly where they stood. Today, Christians live a life of airy-fairy, very ‘thin’ spirituality. So long as it sounds vaguely right, it is okay! And that is why few Christians attain to any sense of spiritual reality or depth. Whatever the sound, if it isn’t authentic belief, then it is a lie!


All the books below are available via Lulu. For address, see top of Beacon front page. I hope to launch them all at the same time on Amazon in a few weeks.

The Global Green Agenda - Second Edition

It is an enlarged version with some illustrations, and is quite definitive. Therefore it is a big tome! Use it as a reference for future green issues.

‘The Green Bible: A Critical Analysis’. Because this awful ‘bible’ is in two parts – the Bible section and the ‘contributions’ section, I have given an analysis of the ‘contributions’ section only… a full analysis of the entire book would take up over 1000 pages! I prove conclusively that this ‘bible’ is a sham, just like the green ideas it encompasses. It shows why Christians cannot be a part of the green movement. In every page I found terrible interpretations, all intended to spread green propaganda, and using the bible as a front.

‘Keep Off the Grass’ (ISBN to be allocated). Is a supplement book to the Global Green Agenda. It contains many proofs that support the main book, in the form of short summaries of evidences.

‘Cooling – the New Warming’ (ISBN to be allocated) is the second supplement, again with short summaries from science and elsewhere. It will be available in a few weeks.

Do You Get Garbage by Email?

For some months I, and others who lead ministries, have received multiple emails from someone in the USA. He hasn’t got the guts to say who he is, or to use a normal email address. He refused to stop sending the emails and instead started to use foul language, claiming he was ‘more of a Christian’ than we were. I can’t say what he says, because none of it makes sense. It really is garbage. He cannot write in ordinary sentences, and his use of syntax and grammar, well… doesn’t exist.

Frankly, he appears to be very mentally deranged, and I told him so, advising him to visit his doctor. We have all tried to make him stop sending his tirades but he thinks he is on a mission to make us understand. But, as none of us can understand a single thing he says, what’s the point? Particularly as he is so abusive. Nothing worked, so I have started to just return his emails without comment. He sends them to me and I send them straight back! I don’t even read them any more. If you get this kind of rubbish from individuals, just do the same.


I have studied all of my life. It might surprise you to learn that, in the beginning, I was driven by a feeling of inadequacy. Being top of my school, I was capable of attending grammar school. Yet, by a quirk, I landed up in a ‘secondary’ school, so my future was pre-determined. Everything after that state-decision led to excessively hard work and wasted time afterwards.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to encourage you all to study, whether or not you have formal schooling. Hopefully, you will make your ‘specialism’ scripture, perhaps theology itself. I say this because few even read their Bibles, let alone study with any real intentions. Yet, this is what we need today – Christians who, above all else, know their scriptures and can argue their case fluently and cogently.

Just study as far as you are able. No-one can ask for more! If you believe the Lord has given you both a mind and salvation, then surely the least you can do is study what He says to you and use it properly? I can assure you that a proper study will be exciting and very productive, influencing your life.

I once thought I had nothing to offer or could ever be ‘academic’, and felt useless. This gave me the impetus to study hard and ‘get somewhere’, but, because of governmental restrictions on what I could do, I had to find my own way, adding decades (and cost and very hard work, to ‘prove’ myself) to my studies that others took for granted.

Today, things are much easier and anyone can do anything! Now you can go from school to degree in one relatively short bound. What others usually take 3 - 6 years to complete, I had to do over four decades!

Why not take advantage? And, at the very least, become expert in God’s book… you are needed on the front line, and no study can be of higher importance. At almost 63 I have stopped my courses, but continue avidly as a student of God. What about you?


Over the past month I have sent out a number of detailed articles on Obama, as ‘BTM Extra’ reports, almost daily. His refusal to show his birth certificate has produced a cascade of court cases, which he has so far successfully blocked. He has placed agents at both Hawaii hospitals he was supposedly born in (he named two!), to stop people investigating the records. He refuses to show about 20 documents that could prove or disprove his eligibility to be president, and has so far spent over one million dollars in lawyer’s fees, to stop anyone researching his eligibility!

The number of journalists and TV newsmen who are now looking into this mess is growing, but Obama’s henchmen are trying to close them down! When I was attacked several times by pro-gays, they went to the extent of contacting my employer, my professional body and the police, in an effort to silence me, saying that I was ‘unprofessional’! They even tried to accuse me of ‘racism’ (???)… the same accusation being used against journalists who question Obama!

And when a very short letter was published in a professional journal, I was destroyed completely and the editor was told that he should never publish anything such as my letter again (I simply said homosexuality was unnatural and unhealthy, and had 30 pages of up-to-date medical proof).  

In short, they wanted to obliterate anyone who spoke out. Obama is doing exactly the same thing, and several senior newsmen may have their jobs axed as a result. Freedom of speech is no longer allowed.

This is the ‘president’ (I refuse to use a capital ‘P’) who promised that his reign would be marked by total transparency!! So far he has been proved a liar, and not just about his eligibility. Watch carefully what is going on, because, to date, he has proved himself to be a very slippery character, a liar, and nasty. And what he does will affect the whole world.

Now, a lawyer claims to have a copy of his true birth certificate. It is clearly listed as coming from Kenya, so the lawyer is now pushing hard to get Obama to respond via the courts. Is this copy a genuine one? Recently, a fake was circulated around the internet, but this newest copy apparently bears all the marks of the real thing. We will see. And more than that, we will see, if it is genuine, if the USA will just leave the matter rest. If they do, they deserve what Obama will dish out.

My Prayer Chair

When I was a young boy I regularly went over to Belfast to visit my paternal grandmother, who lived in Donegal Road, close to the Republican end. She was a staunch Protestant and godly. Anyway, about age 7 I travelled on the ferry from England, with my Dad. Just the two of us. It took ages at that time (about 2 days including rail travel to the port), in the early 1950s, and we had to sleep on the floor of the pub area of the ship. We got there next morning but I was shattered, because I couldn’t sleep on the ship. Naturally, my Dad chatted with friends and family all day. In the night we returned to his Mam’s house and they talked for ages. Eventually, I strolled out of the lounge to the ‘back room’ where it was cool and dark. I kneeled in front of a cushioned chair and laid my head on my hands, hardly able to keep my eyes open. Just as I was nodding off, my Nanna walked in and commented to Dad: “How wonderful. Barry’s praying!” I didn’t say anything! Shows how perception can alter reality.

It Moves on…

The horror of homosexuality is now moving on. No longer are people concerned to speak out about the sin itself. Now, a stage play travels on from this basic fact, to look at ‘inter-faith same-sex partners’.

It shows two men who have a four year ‘relationship’, and how one of the partner’s ‘faith’ causes trouble between them. I can assure you that though this is sickening, it will get far worse than that!

The idea is that a Christian can also be homosexual and have a same-sex relationship, but that his ‘faith’ will stand in the way. In God’s reality, homosexuality is foul and degrading, an abomination in His sight. The one who supposedly is Christian is in the deepest of sin if he is homosexual, so any investigation into the way these relationships manage to remain, is futile and godless.

Such a relationship is always evil. And what is currently used to represent same-sex relationships is, of necessity, ‘sanitised’, until homosexuals manage to overthrow all sense of decency in the populace. Once they do that, they will bring up everything, showing just how foul these things really are. Until that time, the movie and stage scene will try to represent it all as somehow loving and nice. But, it is not. Far from it!

It is also the case that homosexuals will not divulge the truth about what they do with each other, except to others of the same ilk. This is how psychiatrists and psychologists have been duped since the 1970s. In turn, they have duped the public.

So, do not be further duped by this kind of ‘literary’ dwarfism… homosexuality has always been considered foul by God and scripture, and always will be. Bringing ‘faith’ into the picture only serves to fudge the issue – and that is why it is done.

Let’s go Green… and Broke

The Heritage Foundation in the USA looked at the coming results of a new law passed by the Democrats that will ‘cap’ CO2 emissions. No wonder Obama’s popularity is now taking a dive! They conclude that:

The cost of the average family’s energy bill will go up by $100 a month; electricity will go up 90%; petrol/gas by 74% and natural gas by 55%. Unemployment will rise by 2 million lost jobs to 2012, with more to follow. The federal debt will increase by 26%, being paid by taxes costing an extra £11,500 per family of four. And production of goods will dive by an average of $393 BILLION every year, or $9.4 TRILLION up to 2035!

Why? The Democrats, pretending that CO2 ‘pollution’ is real, use it as an excuse to drive the USA into the ground! They know perfectly well it is all a scam, but it is a great way to gain power and money. However, they say that for all that misery they are unleashing on every family in the USA, the world will experience a 0.09% lowering of world temperature! I challenge you to go outside on any day and tell me if you notice a 0.09% fall or rise in temperature!

The Democrats expect us to believe that paying £940 BILLION to lower temperature by one-one hundredth of a degree, is worth it! In reality no man can lower temperature of the world. CO2 does nothing to lower or increase temperature anyway. In other words, the USA is being given a sound thrashing for nothing. And Obama is the head of this whole charade.

Glasgow Excuses

Let me summarise the situation with the Glasgow art gallery that held an ‘exhibition’, where an open Bible was used by gays and lesbians to scribble ‘messages’ over its pages. The aim was obvious – pro-gay PC moves to eliminate Christian truth and to desecrate God’s word. The gallery says otherwise, spouting garbage pretending to be art-speke. As an artist myself I know it was garbage!

I have sent an email in response to its carefully crafted but useless excuses, asking if I can now hold my own exhibition, in which I will ask the public to scrawl messages all over large photos of well-known homosexuals.

NARTH Fights Recent Conference Decision

NARTH is the foremost academic opposer to homosexual nonsense. At a recent psychology conference pro-gays allowed homosexual activists to be part of their committee, but not psychologists who offer therapy to people who wish to come out of their wickedness.

This is because it is in the interests of homosexuals not to let the secret out – that many, if not all, homosexuals come away from their sin at some time. Some do it many times, but get drawn back into it by temptation or the actions of others.

What this proves is that homosexuality is NOT inborn but a choice. Therapy that helps others to come away from this awful sin is therefore opposed by homosexual groups, who constantly throw out accusations that therapy does harm!

NARTH has the experience and truth to fight with, and so they have issued statements opposing the ridiculous and false accusations put out at the conference (which are blatant lies… homosexuals CAN be helped and many DO leave their sins behind them!). Really, such conferences are just a gathering of like-minded children who bully those who will not play their game.

I am not keen on therapy, because it is the secular answer to a spiritual problem. However, as far as I am concerned, stopping homosexual behaviour is fine by me, even if it needs conditioning, because stopping the behaviour removes a great deal of the problem outwardly. Hopefully it will lead to an internalised realisation that life is far better when sinful actions are removed. (Of course, I am speaking very loosely here, because the full argument needs a lot of words!).

Reality of Islam

So far 100 Christian homes have been burnt to the ground by angry Muslims, in the city of Gojra, Pakistan. It was supposed to have started by the so-called ‘desecration’ of a Koran, but Muslims are good at inventing these excuses for violence against Christians.

Other Christians are trying to help the families, but are hampered by their own lack of income, so prayers are sought.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair remains to haunt us! Some may remember that I said, maybe two years ago, that he wanted to become President of the EU. Well it is now official and he is going for it. If he gets in we can expect more of his ultra-left communistic ideas and enforcement.

His ideas were always vile, and he was the one who single-handedly pushed through the gay agenda laws fed to him by homosexual groups like Stonewall. Blair was ecstatic by his ‘success’ in getting the laws passed. But, his ‘success’ had nothing to do with consensus – he literally bullied the Cabinet with threats of loss of their jobs.

Blair is bad for any country and would be even worse in charge of a European Marxist pseudo-government. In the meantime, Sarkozy is pressing Ireland to re-vote for the Lisbon Treaty even though they have already voted against it!

But, the EU czars have given the promise of private deals to the Irish leaders, so that they will lie to the voters about the ‘good’ coming from such a Treaty, one that would place them in chains for ever.


One of my sisters has had a rough deal lately. At the same time as she was waiting for an operation on both feet, she had a breast-cancer scare. One Sunday I asked God if I ought to pray over her, but the answer was ‘No’. Instead, I sent a two-word email “Stay Assured”. The lump was not cancerous, and all was well! Assurance is as powerful as a miracle! Remember it, because assurance is not a kind of lower gift.  

© August 2009

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