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Greens Challenged by Law

Many Christians are no doubt tired of hearing about environmentalism and our arguments against it. They do not realise just how important the matter is. If green plans go ahead, every Christian on this earth will be subjected to Marxist regimes and their worship curtailed. On top of that millions will lose their incomes and jobs and yet will be taxed beyond what they are able to pay. Environmentalism is godless - no Christian can, in all good conscience, support it.

Thus far, no-one has bothered to challenge greens, except in isolated cases. Now, however, there has been an interesting development, but it does not come from Christians. It comes from the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC).

The USCC has demanded that the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) hold a public debate on climate change science, so that everyone can hear the actual arguments from both sides of the fence. The USCC’s vice-president claims that the USEPA has no proper science behind it, so a genuine debate is needed. And if the USEPA does not comply, the USCC intends taking them to court. However, Obama’s men are banning open discussion on TV and radio and in papers. That’s how Fascism started.

This is because they represent many businesses, big and small, who will literally close down because of climate change laws. A huge number of jobs (in the millions) will be lost and the country will lose vast amounts financially. The same applies to the UK of course, and jobs have already been lost as a result of mythical global warming and climate change laws. Also, the same laws have caused the deaths of thousands in the Third World. It is about time someone forced governments to admit to the truth.

Probably, though, the US government will just shut down the whole debate, because it is in their own interests to keep silence on the true science, so that they can grab great power over the people. The new Marxist regime demanded by Obama requires that there are huge job losses, a vast reduction in finances, nationwide social services based on borrowing, deaths of many by selective health helps, and a general chaos in the country, resulting in government taking over big chunks of industry and organisation. These are the mainstay of Marxism, before they apply the whip, so I doubt if the USCC will be successful. Even so, it is great to see folks fighting back!

Lockerbie & Compassion

The Lockerbie bombing, which killed almost 300 people, was the work of Libyan terrorists. Some say the man recently freed from a Scottish prison was not guilty. This, however, is a separate issue. The issue is that the terrorist (which he was, guilty of this particular bombing or not) was released on compassionate grounds.

The USA erupted at the news, and say that no terrorist should be shown compassion. But, as a Christian, I see it in a different way.

That is, first-degree murder (premeditated) MUST attract the death penalty. This has nothing to do with anger, or retribution, or even compassion! God says in His word that the murderer must be put to death, or the whole nation will suffer, because it is itself guilty of the murder. Therefore, there can be no compassion. The terrorist should have been put to death as soon as his guilt was established.

Some say that he willingly complied with his government to become a scapegoat. Does that make a difference? Not really. If that is what he wished to do, then that is up to him. If he wished to stand trial as the murderer, that was up to him. The guilt still remains.

In many crimes, then, we may show compassion. But the crime of first-degree murder is out of our hands. God declared it to be heinous enough to earn death. And that is that, regardless of personal feelings.

Lutheran Godlessness

You may have heard that the Lutherans have decided to accept openly homosexual people for ordination. This is the result of adhering to a denomination rather than to God’s word, even if that denomination says it is founded on one of the founders of the Reformation.

The fake proviso was that any homosexual must be in committed relationship! So, how does that make what they do holy? It does not. The decision obviously shows no evidence of knowledge, for homosexual relationships are notoriously unstable, short-lasting and mainly violent. But, this denomination used political beliefs to effect its final vote.

One report says that the denomination exercised their right to freedom of religion. This is true, but now critics must leave them and begin meeting in true churches, leaving the main body to rot in its own evils.

So, yes, we must be thankful if we still have our religious freedoms, for whatever decisions we make… but let not genuine Christians be caught up in such foul decisions as the Lutherans have just made. No true Christian can remain within an organisation that so sullies the name of Christ! Throughout the world, genuine believers must let their contemporaries fall into their own pit of unbelief, and they must worship God in truth, not lies or bowing to social pressure.

Muslim Ugliness

I have previously spoken against Christian youngsters who adopt worldly ways, such as attending nightclubs and pubs. But, they should thank God for their freedom, even if they flout God’s demand for holiness.

A Muslim woman in Malaysia is presently in jail until the end of Ramadan. After that, she will be caned viciously after a Sharia court heard that she drank two beers in a club in 2007. (Asia-Paciific News, 26th August).

The 32 year old mother-of-two must pay a heavy fine and endure six rounds of the cane. Sadly, the woman is so brainwashed by Islamicism that she refuses to appeal against her sentence. She says the reason is her feeling of shame. So far she has escaped a jail sentence of three years!

Some crimes require application of the penal code. Others demand stiffer sentences and even death. But drinking beer is not a crime. It is a breach of a particular religious code, and is not required by God, and should be a matter of conscience, not civil punishment. However, that is what Islam is truly like. And that is why we must resist barbaric Sharia law in the UK and the West.

NHS Hospitals

The Americans have recently slammed the British NHS system of hospitals and treatments. As you can expect the NHS fought back. Sadly, though, the Americans were mainly right, and the NHS has a great deal to hide. As an ex-nurse I should know.

Today, an NHS spokeswoman talked about a ‘small number’ of ‘isolated’ hospitals that had a ‘few’ problems. In reality, all hospitals have the same problems, though some are far worse than others. As a senior nurse it was one of my tasks to visit a variety of hospitals to assess patients.

Some of the problems included leaving ill patients in their own faeces or urine, and not feeding them properly. This is only the tip of the iceberg! Patients are routinely left in bed without being moved, or put on a suitable mattress. So, they end up with bed-sores very quickly. They are very quick to appear but take a long time to get rid of. In my experience, nursing homes are superior to hospitals in this respect.

I know also that many patients are not just left unfed, they are unfed for their entire stay! If they are unable to pick up a knife and fork, or a spoon, food is just left in a tray in front of them, and removed again with a mutter of “ Not hungry, dear? What a waste of good food!” This is, and has been, life-threatening.

Few patients are given essential fluids. Some even resorted to drinking the water out of vases! There are many more problems.

In the area of what the NHS spends its money on… most hospitals waste huge amounts of funding just to keep getting their annual budget. The more they spend the more they get next year! Instead of having a central fund of unused monies, authorities punish hospitals who do not spend everything by withholding funds the next year!

And on treatments: a vast amount is badly spent, on such treatments as HIV and AIDS (and other conditions) for people who bring it upon themselves by sexual perversion and drug addiction; repeated treatments for the sexually promiscuous with STDs; abortions on demand, even when multiple; unessential plastic surgery; ‘gender re-assignment’ operations; surgery and other treatments for smoking-related illnesses; infertility; free treatment for any immigrant who cares to ask for it, even when they have not contributed to the country in any way and have only just arrived, and much more.

The NHS has gone far from its roots, but it is wasting its time and money on things that are not part of the ethos of care and treatment for those who can least afford it, or whose problems are not brought on by their own selves. Many treatments are unethical and immoral, but that is the result of the radical and socialistic nature of nursing unions and socialist governments, whose ideas about mankind are worldly and hedonistic.

Doctors have more freedom than nurses. In the UK the nursing authority condones, supports and promotes heinous lifestyles and occult practices, and yet denies Christians a voice, threatening any nurse with dismissal if they dare to even mention their faith. The authorities promote lifestyles that are not just immoral, but also unhealthy, unnatural, causing the worst pandemic to hit the world for centuries, killing millions. To support and promote such lifestyles is against everything a nurse should stand for, and yet the authority continues to flout common-sense, rationality and ethics. The nursing unions do the same things, promoting the vilest of evils and denying Christian nurses points of conscience.

Climate Change? Blame the Met Office!

The pro-green UK Met Office has a huge computer costing millions. They use it to predict climate change. The trouble is, it is the most prolific CO2 producer in the area! 

And when the looney-left met on the edge of London to protest against climate change, many of the protesters smoked like chimneys, adding to CO2 in the air!

But more than that, observers say that the big green camp is chaotic, not only in organisation, but in what it supposedly stands for. The camp, though, illustrates something very clearly – that green protests have nothing to do with being green… it is about opposing capitalism, small government, freedom to use energy, and more. It is about time people came to grips with what is really happening, so that they gather all greens into one field and give them lots of trees to hug.

Obama Under Pressure? Maybe

A US Senator is considering bringing a law-suit against Obama for not revealing his actual birth certificate. Trent Franks says there are too many conflicting reports, and Obama has not bothered to present any form of identification for such a big job. Franks also produced evidence that though Obama has only been in office less than a year, the costs of his socialist programs will take 34,000 years to pay off! I don’t think Obama will worry about that, do you? So far, he has just laughed in the faces of anyone who brings charges against him. He will probably do the same to Franks. On the other hand, we can hope!

BTM Books

We have just published ‘The Green Bible. Bad Theology, Bad Science’, by Barry Napier. It covers the two large sections of ‘contributions’ by a variety of writers. Without doubt these are the most appalling theological offerings we have seen for a long time. For now the book is available from Lulu (use the website given at the top of the Beacon, and scroll down to the required book). This is a very important book, and joins the other three on environmentalism.

The second companion volume to ’The Global Green Agenda’ has also been published: ‘Freezing – the New Warming’. It has only 109 pages, so is easy to carry around or take on holiday! Also available from Lulu for now. Both books will be on Amazon in about 6-8 weeks. We’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, Barry is starting on several other books he hopes to complete before the end of the year.

Persecution – in the UK

A receptionist was taken to task by her school employer, for sending a prayer request to friends by email from her own home on her own computer!! One of the school’s teachers had reprimanded her five year old daughter for telling a friend in class about her faith!! The head teacher, with great pomp and arrogance, said he would not allow children to talk about their faith as if it were fact!

Pilgrim Homes, long standing for Christian peace and care, was denied funding by Brighton Council because it refused to advertise gay and lesbian events and ‘help’ in their homes. The Christian Institute, however, successfully got the money back.

Am abysmal case is found in the Christian foster carer who was struck off for allowing one of her charges to convert from Islam to Christianity! She should, they said, have ‘preserved’ the girl’s original religion. The authority has also told the girl to stay away from church for the next six months!

I think it is a correct phrase to use if I ask “Who the devil do these authorities think they are?” This kind of persecution is only the start. Watch out for much more, and of worse kinds, whilst homosexuals and others rule the roost. Any gains we may have will soon be lost… but all Christians must stand for their beliefs, and try to stop the wholesale moral and intellectual/social death of the nation.

Firms may soon be struck off government contract lists if they refuse to adopt a ‘diversity’ policy, churches will be forced to employ active homosexuals, and Christian charities are being stopped from only employing believers.

Adoption agencies who refuse to be homosexualised are closed down. So, it is more important to have a lamentable lifestyle than to be a good parent!

A Cornish couple who own a Christian guest-house have been sued by homosexuals for having a ‘married couples only’ policy. Of course, the horrific ‘Stonewall’ were involved. They are now putting up posters in cities saying ‘Some People Are Gay – Get Over It!’ Maybe people ought to counter them with posters with the word ‘angry’ after the word ‘get’! But, of course, homosexuals are not keen on free speech.

Meanwhile, EU laws are being formulated to pursue Christians for their faith, and UK schools must teach our children about sex (including homosexuality), by law. The Church buried its head in the sand, and now the wicked want to consume us.

Eat Meat

Some folks, including misled Christians, think that it is sinful to eat meat. But, what did God tell Noah? “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.” (Genesis 9:3). God prohibited eating flesh that still had blood in it, so out goes black pudding and meat cooked rare. So, all you veggies, and especially vegans… back off and keep your demands on your own plate.

Some insist that this only occurred after the Flood, because eating meat is not mentioned previously. But, this is not sound logic. We cannot say something was banned simply because its use was not mentioned!

Linked to this teaching is the stark fact that everything on this earth was put here for Man’s use. As I show in my Genesis studies, the text tells us that we may use anything on this earth, including animals, for any purpose we wish. And the Hebrew supports such a meaning. In Genesis 9, in fact, God plainly said “And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth (upon) the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.”

The words ‘fear’ and ‘dread’ mean what they say, and they should not be made to mean something less. Of course, animals do not know fear as we do, because their responses are to do with instinctual survival, but God puts the matter into words men can understand… We may use any living thing for our food. Don’t be conned by greens and animal-rights activists!

Act On CO2…

You’ve seen the government advertisements on TV and in other media… if you do not switch off that light, lower the temperature on your central heating, etc., you will increase your CO2 and this will affect climate change. Stop it NOW! They say.

It is all a lie. None of it is based on true science. It is just part of the scam to get you to be compliant and feeling guilty. Then you will obey government and ‘see’ why they ‘must’ tax you to oblivion. Remember – IT IS A SCAM.

Another Reminder

I think maybe I should put a sign around my neck – I Am Not A Calvinist! So many folks, both friend and foe, call me a ‘Calvinist’ just because I believe in the doctrinal statements that make up the famed ‘TULIP’. Time and again, I have to reject the title.

The reason I believe in TULIP is because the Bible tells us the same things, not because Calvinism says so. As I keep pointing out, I will believe what people say IF what they say concurs with, or arises from, scripture. Nothing else.

So, please do not call me a ‘Calvinist’! I do not object on an ordinary level, but in terms of where I get my beliefs from, it is not acceptable. I get my beliefs from scripture!

Having said that, if I chose any affiliation at all, I would prefer to be called a Calvinist than an Arminian, because whereas the Calvinistic (not the hyper-Calvinistic) ‘system’ is mainly scriptural, nothing in Arminianism is scriptural, because it is fully cultic and heretical. No man should refer to himself by the name of another when it comes to belief. We are either believers or unbelievers. Simple as that.

My Cuddly Son

As children my two sons were very different. The eldest was very feisty and independent; the youngest, Iain, was cuddly and tactile. (At 38 he’s still the same!)

I remember with the greatest affection that on my days off from work, I used to kneel at the bed and pray, sometimes for an hour or so. Iain, in his little dungarees and woolly jumper, would follow me everywhere. When I went on my knees, he followed and, because he was just a mite, he stood beside me so that his head was next to mine. He would put his hands together and just close his eyes. And he stayed there all the while I prayed!

Likewise, show your children spiritual truth and they will always remember it. Be an example – it will come to fruition at some time. 

© Sptember 2009

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