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EU and Christians

Well, the Irish have now voted to adopt the Lisbon Treaty, and the whole of Europe is locked in to the foul designs of the EU. A great sigh of relief comes from the Irish president who said that if the vote was “no” he would have lost his job. That, basically, is what drove him to convince his people to vote “yes”! Not much of a reason to imprison Europe in chains of Fascist-Marxist intent!

The president concentrated on telling the Irish how they would be isolated by the rest of Europe and how they would ‘lose out’ financially. In reality, it was the president and his government who ruined his country’s economy in the first place, just as Brown ruined that of the UK.

Many observers call the Irish vote illegitimate and immoral because of the way it was conducted. Certainly, the truth was not told and the shackling of the people was certainly not discussed. This was a vote of convenience, to save the hide of an unworthy president, who had much to gain from going on his knees to the EU. Now the Irish will rue the day they believed him and put everyone else into a dungeon of despair.

The EU big-boys spent massive amounts of money to help ‘convince’ the Irish voters; they paid a large sum towards new posters (which is illegal); the Irish government sent out cards to voters with pro-EU statements, and then a brochure – again illegal; the government did not send out all the facts, especially facts that contradict the ‘assurances’ issued by the EU; huge companies such as Ryanair spent large sums to influence the electorate (again possibly breaching company and tax laws); the Irish media did not air all sides of the story, thus stopping fair play and fair representation of the facts from anti-EU groups and politicians.

Everyone against the EU will now wait to see if the lone Czech president, Dr Vaclav Klaus, can stem the massive tide by rejecting the EU constitution on behalf of his people. Everyone is also hoping for a radical change of British government that will reject the Lisbon treaty, which is nothing less than a full Marxist assault on freedom. I don’t think a different government will help. The German courts have already declared the Treaty to be illegal! Yet, ardent Europhiles continue to ride rough-shod over the people and law, destroying opposition and bringing Christian persecution in its wake.

This is all part of the worldwide aim to reduce countries to a one world government, through so-called ‘green’ laws and tight controls over financial institutions. All part of last-days prophecy. Whilst it is part of prophecy, there is no need for Christians to just sit back and shrug their shoulders! We must oppose what is wrong with our last breath. For myself, as I said in a recent newsletter, I will not vote for any of the main parties in the next election, because each of them promises to drive us hard into the arms of the EU and many vile movements, such as acceptance of Muslim extremism, homosexuality, environmentalism, and so on. Much is at stake, friends. Think carefully.

California – Once Rich, Now Defunct

California once boasted to be one of the richest places on earth, which it was, ranked as eighth in the world! Now it is reduced to paying its state employees with IOUs. (The Guardian, 4th Oct).

California is also playground to the immoral rich and famous. Foolishly these people put their faith in the Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose godless rush after everything green has forced his state off the financial map. Recent pro-gay laws simply put a cap on it. Unemployment has soared, teachers are on hunger strike, costs are rising sharply… sounds a lot like the communistic Russia Arnold wishes to emulate!

There are drastic cuts in every service, and many are forced to take unpaid leave. Of course, the Governor still gets all his salary and perks! Meanwhile, many thousands have lost their homes and the whole political machine has literally seized up. Arnold’s approval rating has, understandably, plunged to rock bottom, as it should have done long ago. Things are so bad, Prof Kenneth Starr, who wrote a history of the state, said, “California is on the verge of becoming the first failed state in America.”

Will Arnold seek a massive financial bail-out from China, who Obama is making his ally? It would not surprise me.

Downtown Los Angeles is like a drop-out scene from the Great Depression: thousands lay around in car parks, with nothing to do, and hungry. They wait for free health care, but only a limited number will receive it. Once the quota is reached the rest are turned away. That is why the queue began at 1 am.

Some minor operations such as root canal work, are carried out on the tarmac! Some are propped up against lamp posts, because they are ill. Some drove all night to get there. But, Arnold slashed the healthcare given, so that he could pay for green taxes and gay budgets. The schools are now bottom of the USA league and all its government-issued bonds are considered to be ‘junk’,

Interestingly, California was once the easy place to head for by illegal immigrants, especially from Mexico. Now, even they are leaving, to go to richer states, which are now advertising to lure California businesses away from the Sunshine State before they lose everything. And that is very close to grim reality. Already, the cuts in the state budget are greater than the total income of many small countries, well into the billions.

The most advanced place in California, the city of Riverside, is famed for taking over the desert and building whole areas of houses, malls and freeways.

Now, it is devastated as many businesses continue to close and go bankrupt; people are moving away and can’t sell their homes; malls are becoming lonely places. The crisis is very bad indeed. If I tell you that one quarter of ALL failed USA home mortgages are in California, it gives an idea of how serious California’s condition is.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with Obama in charge. Though the most powerful state in the USA is going down the drain he continues to strip the assets of America, chasing a green dream, UN control, and Marxist power. He wants to be the president who ruined America and he is succeeding!

Social Networks

I have had a number of invitations to join social networking sites. One of them appears to be Christian. I thank those who invite me but must decline. I have warned about Facebook, and I have no interest in similar sites, even if Christian. Honestly, I do not really understand this fascination with such sites. Sorry to disappoint, but I really am very wary of them. Private emails are fine and are a better way to communicate.

Poland Recognises It!

As California and the USA at large run after the green delusion, Poland is rejecting it. The Polish Finance Minister told the EU in no uncertain terms that Poland will not tolerate paying heavily into the EU coffers, so that the socialist EU can then give it to poorer countries. He said “Quite frankly, from our point of view, it’s totally unacceptable that the poor countries of Europe should help the rich countries in Europe to help the poor countries in the rest of the world.” Well said!

He said “We will not agree to a mechanism which would lead to such a completely unjust proposal.”

He is right, but it is how the EU is formed, and it is its aim. The EU obtains what it wants by fascist force, through laws and undercover bribery. Its Marxism is seen in redistribution of wealth. In real terms this useless phrase means stripping the assets of countries so that poor countries can have hand-outs of cash. All this does is make everyone poorer, because the poor countries are so unused to handling money they just spend it without investing in their own future. Why should they when richer countries keep giving them lots of cash stolen from tax-payers? I hope Poland sticks to its guns. The UK tax-payers ought to do it, too. It is not unbiblical to seek the downfall of the EU and everything it stands for, because the EU is not our legitimate government, but an usurper.

Obama Idolatry

Despite the fact that Obama is an obvious failure and a deceiver, churches are now shouting new responses to the liturgy. Instead of saying ‘Hear us O Lord’, people are now saying “Deliver Us Obama” and “Hear Us Obama”. No, it is not a sick joke. In a video from a church we hear the people shout “Hear our cry Obama”. To be frank, I believe it is right to utter imprecatory prayers over Obama, such is his idolatrous state before the people, and his own need to be seen as an idol. We could pray the same over Brown and all those ‘leaders’ who reduce God to myth and abomination.

Obama Again…

Latest from the USA is proof that the Democratic party deliberately signed two documents saying Obama was eligible to be president, knowing that he did not provide proof. Many are now convinced he is a fraud. But, as I have suggested before, the media and the government don’t care. They just want their radical idol to bring America to its knees as a communist dictatorship, because those who support it will be greatly rewarded by their master.

Meanwhile, everything is hotting up in the USA against Christians, as new laws and immense pressure are trying to destroy Christian witness. The same is happening in the UK and Europe. Yet, it is still a solid fact that there is nothing in the Christian faith to object to, because it does no harm! But, those who hate God will get their way, because Satan drives them onwards.

Youngsters Leaving Church Because…

We see a lot of articles about why people leave churches. The current concern is that youngsters are leaving, and so studies are done to find out why. But what is the point? 

People leave churches for a number of different reasons: the church itself is lousy, teaching heresy, or is unloving; the people within the local church are unbelievers; and so on. Youngsters are said to leave because they are ‘bored’, etc.

However true some of the excuses are, the fact remains that in the end times the great majority will leave the churches because they are unbelievers anyway. Same goes for youngsters. If God rules a local church, it will get exactly the number who should be there, because God says so! In a church where the preaching and teaching is spot-on, and given by godly men, God will bless that place with the people He wishes to be there, and the numbers will usually be small. If any leave, they may be doing so for ungodly reasons, or they were unsaved to begin with. A few may leave for acceptable reasons and are still within the wider fellowship. Studies and excuses are not required! Just teach truth and maintain a moral, ethical tone, as per scripture.

It is an error to say that young people are the ‘new blood’ to take churches forward to the next generation. The age of the saved is not relevant to God, because each generation stands alone before Him… no church is ‘carried forward’. He saves whom He will, of all ages. The Church is not ‘taken forward’ by youngsters – every generation has its own number of the saved! There is no need to concentrate on youth, but on true doctrine and genuine love for the brethren.

Dr Klaus’ Stand Against the EU

I have mentioned Dr Klaus before. He is the president of the Czech Republic, and knows all about communism. Recently he refused to sign the EU constitution unless the EU added some vital amendments to the Lisbon Treaty to protect sovereignty. A petition has now been started and already has about 15000 signatures, of people who support his aim to stop the Lisbon Treaty being enacted, thus keeping the sovereignty our own government is so keen to hand over to the EU. If you value freedom, please sign it.

Spanish Defiance

Though Roman Catholicism is not Christian, it is usually the RCs that lead the way in defying anti-God laws. That’s a fact. On the 17th October thousands of Spanish people marched to oppose EU-led laws for abortion-on-demand. Where are UK Christians, who ought to lead the way, not just on this issue but on many others?

The EU is not just a huge political monster, it is a social-change group, forcing immorality and unethical mores on us all. We MUST stand firm against the EU, ON PRINCIPLE, not just against this or that particular law or policy. The EU is an unnecessary, very expensive and nasty entity, vindictive and vicious towards Christians and God. Allow it freedom to operate and we invite the crushing of our beliefs and freedoms.

27 MPs Face Investigation

We are glad to say that the UK’s tax department is to investigate 27 MPs for tax fraud, following the summer’s revelations on their appalling behaviour and theft of our taxes. They all thought they were home free after they made sham apologies… but let us hope the law will deal them a sharp blow, just as they vote to deal Christians a sharp blow simply for being believers. These men and women are so arrogant in their trampling over our freedoms and money, that they need a lesson in humility and ethics. Let this be a lesson to all of us, too, as we try to live in a world of growing oppression and persecution. Please remember their antics when it comes to voting next time.

Removal of All That is of God

It might seem to have nothing to do with us in the UK, but on October 8th, the council for South Fork Town, discussed wording to put on the village of Wolf Creek’s council hall. They wanted to put the words ‘In God We Trust’ above its doors. But, along came unbelievers who denounced the idea, saying that ‘some might’ try to sue them for it.

In this way, all through America, local councils are prevented from placing Biblical words on their public buildings. It is a deliberate attempt to suppress and get rid of anything Christian. These are the actions of a very small number of atheists and Marxists, whose hatred of God surpasses everything else. They are so successful, and so hateful, they are racing around the USA suing everyone who dares to mention God! They even get wording removed from already existing crosses and war memorials. The more we allow this kind of spiritual terrorism the worse it will get. It is okay to express ungodly things but not to express a reliance on the Lord. It is okay to be immoral, filthy and unethical but not godly, honest and truthful. That is how the world is going.

Smithsonian Venture

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is to open a permanent exhibition “on the discovery and understanding of human origins” next March, and “convene a panel of experts to bridge the gap between religion and science.” (USA Today,).

Behind this are 50 scientific and education organisations and 70 “distinguished scientists and educators” (except Creationists), who all wish to address the issue of the interaction between religion and science.

Co-Chair of the committee dealing with this venture, Jim Miller, a Presbyterian, says the “evolution exhibit is a scientific exhibit so it’s not there to make a religious point.” If that’s the opening statement, it tells us that Darwinism is held to be the truth and is good science – which it is not. Volunteers will be on hand to “educate” in a “constructive way” those who object to Darwinism. That is, to brainwash them in the ways of evolution, so that they will be “enriched” by it. The exhibit will also portray climate change and man’s impact on the planet, so the idea is to enforce lies and corrupt science, not to see how scripture shows it up to be deception!

This massive corruption of public knowledge is in keeping with the Smithsonian’s known antagonism towards anything Christian, so do not expect it to suddenly become Christian in its view of mankind or the earth.

USA Christian Leaders Become Authoritarian

Not only are religious leaders in the USA backing Obama’s outright Marxist plans, but they are now saying that Christians are ‘obliged’ to take the swine-flu vaccine, because it is ‘ethical’ to refuse and a “moral obligation”. (Los Angeles Times, Oct 16th).

Leaders are saying that the good of society is paramount, and not individual ‘rights’ to decline to be vaccinated. These people do not understand that they are joining the communistic movement led by Obama, and forcing people of faith to submit to oppression. No person should be forced to accept what they do not believe in, yet ‘theoretical’ plans are already in the background for the army to force citizens to accept vaccinations in a national emergency. Marxism is taking over America, and will soon spread to other parts of the world. And religious leaders are helping Obama to do it, with lame excuses and very bad scriptural understanding. They openly said that “To refuse protection for a serious disease is a sin.” Then why do they not apply the same stricture to homosexuals who spread AIDS by acting out their sexual perversions and not protecting society by being celibate?

Meanwhile the same leaders refuse to demand proof that Obama is eligible to be president of America. They scorn attempts to get the matter discussed or made public. The media join in by refusing to publish anything critical of the issue, and even harass those journalists who ask for it to be given an airing on TV and radio. This is Marxism in action, friends, not the actions of truth-seekers.

Obama has so far paid $1.5 million to keep the public from knowing anything about him, from his school and college records, to his health documents. Everything about him is ‘sealed’, and this adds weight to the argument that he is a lying usurper. This is what religious leaders are accepting and going along with, as they call those who reject a dangerous vaccine, ‘sinners’!

BTM Publication List

Our publications now number close to one thousand, not including books. Please request a full list by email or by mail. As usual any articles ordered by email are free of any costs, though we always appreciate donations.

We have ideas to expand on all this, such as video and audio talks, but more on that if they come to fruition.

Slap Down the Kids!

A child in an infant school in New York drew a picture of Jesus and other religious figures, and added the words “The only way to save the world”. His teacher told him he had to draw a different poster because the first one contained religious language!!

So, the lad did a second poster, with the usual stuff about kids holding hands around the globe. And with Jesus very much smaller standing on one side. This was accepted and pinned up in the cafeteria… but with the part containing Jesus folded over so it could not be seen! Most teachers are Marxists!

For this reason the boy’s parents decided to take the school to court. That was in 1999, and only now is the case to be heard after three appeals. This is how the state is modifying behaviour and rejecting all things of God. Same thing happens in the UK.

Whose Fault for WW2?

Revisionists love to find fault with historical statements. One of them is to blame Britain and the USA for the Second World War. But, a recent article in ‘History’ (BBC) clearly blames Hitler for the war, saying that it was always his intention to have a great war as a means to pave the way for a wonderful new 1000-year Reich.

Today, in similar revisionist fashion, ordinary men and women are being blamed for the ‘environmental crisis’, when they have no blame at all. The ‘crisis’ is invented to make way for a totalitarian regime very much like that imposed by Hitler or Stalin. The fault is with those Marxists and Fascists who want complete power. Don’t just offer your neck to dictators! God warns against becoming wiling slaves, which is sin.  

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