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The Death of Rational Thought

Do people think nowadays? Not much, it seems. Even folks with higher than average IQs are dumbing-down.

Last Saturday it was warm with blue skies. So, my wife and I strolled into town to the Marina sector. I thought we could have a break before I continued with preparing my Sunday study.

The stroll was lovely; we even managed to have a coffee thanks to my eldest son who insisted on giving us some cash for the purpose! Then, as we left the Marina and began to walk through the edge of town, we could see dozens of police vans and vehicles moving around. As we got closer to the centre, we saw more vans, full of police officers, parking in side streets.

Then we heard the steady bang-bang of a big drum and massed voices. We thought maybe there was some kind of procession. Then we noticed there were no buses or traffic moving. As we got to the centre, we could see a mass of people with flags and posters. It was a demonstration.

The people were directly in the way of our route so we got closer to find two large groups of protestors, one each side of the road. As we watched, police came from everywhere – there must have been at least a hundred officers standing between the rivals.

One group consisted of university students who boasted posters saying things like “No racism NOW!” A student was bashing a big drum rhythmically and all of them were shouting some kind of chant, non-stop, fists in the air. On the other side of the road were a group of people similar to the BNP, holding up posters that said “No Sharia Law on our shift!”

It was interesting because the BNP types were silent, saying and doing nothing. It was the students who raged and goaded their rivals! Their noise continued all the time, non-stop. Only after half an hour of this did the BNP-types return with Heil Hitler salutes.

As I watched it became clear that the BNP types were saying the truth. What marred their protest was the resort to Nazi salutes. The students, on the other hand, who one would think had half a brain, could not differentiate racism from politics.

Opposing Sharia law is not about race. Nor is it particularly about religion. It is about political power wielded by Muslims, who want to rule the West with their own brand of totalitarianism. It is not racist to oppose Sharia law – it is basic common-sense for all who value their freedom and a gentler way of life.

Students who cannot understand these factors ought to remain silent and not expose their ignorance in this way.

But, they express the same ignorance over gay issues, claiming that gays have ‘rights’ and that anyone who opposes their lifestyle ‘must’ be fascists or haters. Sadly, UK students have become dumber with time, content to be brainwashed by small but powerful minorities. This is why giving power to young people is not so smart. It is a fact of life that most teenagers cannot cope well with complex issues, because they tend to see everything as black and white. This is why they can often get very emotional and noisy about things they think they believe in.

Few teenagers are able to rationally make big decisions, even those who attend university. I know of few students able to make it properly in adult thinking… apart from rare folks such as a very smart young man I know named Joe in the London area. (I can mention him because no-one else knows who I am talking about!). He stands against the crowd, being not just a Christian but also a teenager with brains he can use wisely! Very rare.

Why is this the case? It is happening because universities are deliberately dumbing-down students so that they comply with a growing PC ethos. Every student is immediately hit-on by pro-gay ‘education’ and pep talks, coupled with ‘let’s love Islam’. This is topped by climate change garbage taught as fact. Evolution is taught as the cradle of all life. And criticism and evaluation are thrown out the window. Thus, few students leave university with the ability to research for themselves or to produce their own opinion. The whole world is left that much weaker and more fragile as a result. The dangers in dumbing-down students, and silencing the population in general, are deeper than anyone realises. And along the way, Christians are being attacked and treated abysmally. This is why Christians MUST stand firm and show they can speak rationally and properly. Those who waffle will be easily rejected and called imbeciles, by people who are themselves unable to think rationally!

MPs cannot think or act rationally. They can defraud us out of taxes anytime, but genuine thinking is not their main forte! The health service is being destroyed by the weight of a massive rise in birth rate, two-thirds of which is made up of immigrant births. Behind this is mainly the Islamic aim to fill the land with future Muslims, who will then bring in the Sharia law the BNP types were opposing! Nothing I have said is speculation – it is all actual and current.

As a ministry we have constantly called upon Christians to think clearly for themselves, and not to slavishly follow denominations or the traditions of their local churches. We call them to study scripture as it should be studied, and read as it should be read, so that their Christianity is founded on real spiritual truth, and not on nonsense or handed-down rubbish that, when examined, makes no sense at all.

Do not tell me you have never gone higher than school, or that you have never truly studied. Every Christian, without fail, MUST study scripture to the best of his or her ability. Only then can any of us stand against what is now happening, which is mild compared to what is to come.

When I was going through my nurse training back in the 1970s, I was told I was “not there to think”. Much later, in 2005, one of my obnoxious superiors told me to “stop being so perfect” and to “loosen up”. I ignored both demands, and paid the price. But, to me, the price was better than staying in ignorance and living like a moron. And though I lost just about everything, I kept my Christian integrity.

As I carry on my daily tasks in the ministry, which is now in its 24th year, I am aware that something I noted from the start is still happening and getting worse – that most Christians are more than happy to accept lies, depravity and deception as a basis for their beliefs. Though I put forward a very clear thought process that is completely in tandem with how scripture speaks, many who communicate with me cannot seem to comprehend what I am saying from scripture. They want only to accept what they themselves say and think, though what they say and think is incompatible with the word of God. This is, as I say, getting worse.

Gold in Them Thar Hills!

Gold prices are going through the roof, and that’s why there are so many gold adverts on TV lately. Obviously, you don’t get anything like the true value of your gold, but that’s business.

In only one week the value of gold has rocketed by 20% in the market, and anyone holding serious amounts of gold will see a return on their investment of 50%!!

One new gold mine is opening up with an estimated 50 million ounces of gold, valued today at a staggering $50.7 BILLION… by the time it is actually mined and purified it could be many times that! One man who writes about gold investment says that anyone with just $10,000 in gold will realise nearly $160,000 very quickly, if not more.

Once the public learn about new mines, prices go sky-high. For example, a discovery in 1984 saw investors get 12,440% return. Then, a $10,000 investment turned overnight into a massive $1,254,000!!

I could go on, but the point is made – investment in gold is no hill of beans… it’s a surefire way to earn money. That’s why there are those ads on TV… investors and owners want a very quick return on their money before the new mines open. That way, value of any gold they hold will zoom out dramatically.

No, this is not particularly about investing in gold! If you, the reader, have investment money, then gold is certainly a great option for fast growth. But, my main point is that whilst property is the usual ‘goldmine’ for investors, gold itself is a rather secret source of the really big money, usually known only to big-time investors.

This is all important in the coming last days, when people will be targeted to either have food or not, money or not, jobs or not. Those with gold will rule finances, more or less as they always have done, but moreso. Most countries are now off the gold standard. This means they print money that has no substance behind it. At one time, holding, say, a £10 note, meant that the country had ten pounds worth of gold in a large reserve to back it up. This is no longer the case, so countries literally run on credit, just like individuals. That is why, when a credit crunch comes, there is sheer panic, as we have seen recently.

This kind of pretence of money will get far worse as time marches on and we get nearer the end of days. Those who hold the gold will have immense power and will control everything else, as countries scrabble for financial solutions. Money will soon become obsolete as gold is stored by billionaire owners and companies, and paper money becomes worthless. The nearness of this will be witnessed in the substitution of some kind of electronic credit for cash. Then, people will only be able to get goods and services if they have sufficient points or credits, and all this will mean people will be totally under surveillance by government, through ‘smart’ cards.

Many will realise that the only way out of the mess will be to become totally self-sufficient, relying as little as possible on government or the commercial system. This will help in some sense, but will not cover all bases, as the whole world system turns on its axis and becomes surreal in its dealings. 

So, there is still gold in them thar hills… but remember that whilst big investors are out to play, governments are already positioning themselves to be servants to the owners of gold, who act on behalf of Satan.


I have once again sent an official complaint to the British Advertising Standards Authority, about the most recent government ads from ‘Act on CO2’. This is because they blatantly try to frighten small children with scenes of drowning and fearful situations, saying that this is what will happen if adults don’t ‘save the planet’ NOW by stopping CO2 emissions. It is deplorable. Kids are already scared out of their wits about mythical global warming and climate change, and their schools are helping to spread this unscientific propaganda. In my third book against this nonsense (‘Freezing – the New Warming’) I begin with a longish article against the ASA, for its refusal to censure government ads. Anyway, along with others, I have again complained. Maybe this time something will be done… but I doubt if anything will stop the unscientific garbage being put out. All Christians should write every time such ads appear. Don’t leave it up to people like us!

The Liberal Tories

The Conservatives threaten to remove the UK from the EU ‘Human Rights’ laws, because of the way it has been used by crooks and terrorists to get their own way. Instead, the Tories want to devise their own Human Rights laws. Meanwhile the EU wants to tighten its grip on immigration by making every member state accept its even more liberal laws. If the Tories get their way don’t think it will all be great for Christians – they have already promised gays that the government will give them individed attention and more freedoms. That can only be at the expense of Christians whose human rights will evaporate more than they have done already. As I have said before, none of the major parties deserve our vote.

What About You?

Do you not:

  • Care enough?
  • Love enough?
  • Tolerate what you ought to tolerate?
  • Pray enough?
  • Meditate enough?
  • Read scripture enough?
  • Give enough?
  • Accept what must be accepted?
  • Share enough?

I feel that I don’t.

On the other hand do we:

  • Get tough enough?
  • Stand firm enough?
  • Lose sin at first sight?
  • Rebuke enough?
  • Remove ourselves from the wicked quickly?
  • Stand for the right?
  • Fight against evil?

I feel that I don’t.

How about you?

The above are not small questions. I think about them every day, because my life is the Lord’s not mine. Many of us have trite foibles and unimportant life aims. Put God first.

Cracked Eggs

How do you see life? How we respond to what happens is vital, because, as Christians, we should be ready for anything and clinging on to nothing except Christ.

Yesterday, we shopped for food. And, as I report on news items I also bought a Times newspaper. When we got home, we found that three of the six eggs we bought were cracked. Throw them out? Never! I cracked them further, putting all three into a large glass, then stuck them in the fridge.

Later that day, before noon, the sky decided to throw all its wet-stuff down upon my house and we suddenly saw water running down the walls and onto our goods and shackles downstairs. I raced (slowly) upstairs and found water pouring through a window in an unused bedroom. I could do nothing in the rain, so waited until it stopped. Meanwhile, the water managed to soak into the ceiling, through a cupboard, and all over the floor.

The window, so I discovered, was rotten (what a surprise) on the outside, and had a gaping hole in the lower sill. I looked around for something we already had to try and stop the rain… replacing windows is far beyond us right now! Then I found an old roll of lead-flashing with adhesive backing. The window sill was quickly covered. Then, where there were still a few holes, I used some old bathroom grouting in one of those squeezy tubes. As it was waterproof I thought “Why not?” and put that into the holes like putty. Unfortunately, as I squeezed through the nozzle, so the bottom burst and it squirted backwards, mainly up my arm!

Today, we had some very richly-egged pancakes for breakfast – very filling! Then, I had a quick read of yesterday’s Times and my eye fell on some kind of ‘agony aunt’ column where the main letter was about a man who had been made redundant and how it made him depressed. The advice given was actually very good, but the first paragraph made me laugh: “This recession is certainly putting constraints on everyone… fewer wedding invitations to France, switching the kids to state education, venturing into Asda for the first time…” Yes, The Times is usually read by the rich, so what else should they say?

But, how many Christians follow the same old ‘rich’ route, even though they are nowhere near rich? The column rightly said that most of us find our role and purpose in our jobs, and when we lose them we also lose our bearings. But this is not how Christians ought to be. Our aims and purpose are all in Christ. Our lives must be to serve Him, not to gain money, rise in our careers, or chase secular dreams. If we lose our jobs, we must see it as the next step in what God is going to do for us, not crumble in a corner and get depressed or anxious. God knows what He is doing!

The eggs broke – make a pancake. The water got in – use that old roll of flashing. Yes, the windows will soon cave-in because they are all rotten and buckling. Yes, our food intake is down to the minimum. But, so what? I don’t mean this lightly, because I had my share of fear after my job loss. But, as I studied and taught Old Testament truths, I was filled with God’s merciful grace and I saw how He acted on behalf of the patriarchs, and how He has acted from the very Creation. If I couldn’t trust this Almighty Lord, how could I call myself a believer in Him? So, cracked eggs and failing windows, or not… trust God.

Censorship and Government

While everyone was getting steamed-up about the leader of the BNP appearing on BBCs ‘Question time’, and people gathered in force to try to stop him speaking, I smiled to myself. The very people who tried to get him stopped were using fascist techniques! The government who wished he were stopped, is Marxist! Both are just as socialist as the BNP!!

They wanted him to be silenced. Just as gay activists want Christians silenced. Just as the government want Christians to be silenced! So, isn’t it rather hypocritical to want the BNP silenced? It is my belief from observation that people are now turning to a fascist political party not because they really support it, but because they are being ignored by a Marxist government.

We cannot expect much from government, because it is unbelieving and communist. It will do all in its power to crush our faith and expression of the Gospel. And those who said the BNP should be heard, otherwise we support censorship, nevertheless wish to censor Christians, and only Christians. The BNP leader, Nick Griffin, rightly criticised Islam in his talk on the programme. For this people rounded on him… but what he said was perfectly correct! Everyone can criticise and oppress Christians, but no-one is allowed to be critical of Islam, though, unlike Christians, some of its adherents murder on a grand scale and want to bring in Sharia Law! If it were not so serious it would be a big joke.

It is a fact that those who want to crush us by law see no problem in what they are doing, do not see the very censorship they want to avoid, and cannot see how people of faith are victims of their viciousness, which they only see as ‘fairness’ for gays and Muslims! As I must keep saying, the Last Days are coming fast. The signs in scripture are becoming clear. Do not expect last minute reprieves from God – He has already prophesied bitter times ahead. It is our task to think honestly and obey Him.

The Same Old Ignorance

Today I had another email about my articles on charismatics. And it displayed the same old ignorance. The man derided me for saying that ‘charismatics are not born-again’. But, that is blatant ignorance of what I actually say, probably due to ‘selective reading’ of my articles or books on his part!

I actually say, time and again, that those who are true charismatics are unsaved. Many ordinary charismatics are saved, but they accept and teach bad theology. The same cannot be said of ‘true’ charismatics. For those who cannot be bothered to read what I actually say – a ‘true’ charismatic is one who believes Arminianism and thinks he can be saved by his own choice and will, which is a direct contradiction of what God says.

Scripture tells us that any gospel, other than the one preached by the Apostles and Christ, is ‘another gospel’. That is, it is not the Gospel at all, but a fraud. So, if ‘true’ charismatics claim to be saved by a false gospel, they are… guess what… that’s right – not born again! This is basic Gospel logic.

Remember: Arminianism is a Catholic answer to the Reformation, part of the counter-reformation. It is a lie enjoyed by all who are unbelievers but who pretend to be ‘religious’, and who then piously accuse genuine believers they are ‘wrong’. Sadly, they will find out who is wrong on Judgment Day.

This has nothing to do with ‘nuances’ of this or that theory or system. It is about direct disregard for what God says. What a man truly believes is of dire consequence!

Power of One Letter

Letters do have an effect. Last year I told you how I complained to my new bank, because it was displaying Halloween posters. My complaint was not about Halloween in general, but that I was offended by the use of the Christian cross prominently centered in the posters and surrounded by demonic symbols. This year there are no Halloween posters… so just one letter brought about a good result.

Russian Scientist – Cooling Not Warming!

The idea that we have global warming is not just preposterous – it is not possible to measure such a phenomenon! As the Russian equivalent of the USA’s NASA tells us, we can expect global cooling rather than global warming. Indeed, global warming as a really stupid theory is fast losing ground. As I have said before, that is why Gordon Brown and Obama are screaming ‘global warming’ from the rooftops. They, together with the UN and EU, are now scared the people will finally come to their senses before they can sign us up permanently to green control over our lives, taking all our incomes and forcing us to pay through the nose for gas and electricity, as well as hyper-expensive petrol/oil.

As I say in my books, it is all a big scam to bring in totalitarian government worldwide, as per prophecy. But, even worse, it will bring in worldwide persecution of Christians, too. (For those who are new to us, read my book on the topic – it contains vital information on this coming persecution, which has already started. Go to ‘Lulu’ site at top of the Beacon leading page and look for ‘The Green Global Agenda – Second Edition’).


The news concerning this capable liar and fraud now come thick and fast! We do not hear of it in the UK, but the USA conservative media are buzzing with his exploits! And none of it is good. As we keep saying, what America does now is what we do tomorrow.

One court has refused to allow the examination of Obama’s birth certificate, though the Constitution demands that he be a natural-born US citizen to be president. So, opposers are now thinking of impeachment. The liberal media also refuse point-blank to examine anything to do with his background or past dealings, most of which are not just dubious but criminal. They did the same with Bill Clinton, and he got away with so much!!

But, the case with Obama is far more serious, because he is blatantly Marxist and he is leading the Democratic party (also Marxist) to ditch everything that is good about the USA, including its freedoms of speech and expression. National debts have already increased into the trillions since January. Perverts are employed as ‘advisers’… and what they advise is truly perverted!

One mother complained about the way her 11 year old daughter was given an ‘assignment’ for homework to draw male genitalia during a sex act!! But, government officials just ignored her and even got angry with her for making a complaint! Just a few years ago the teacher would have been arrested for paedophilia. Now, it is acceptable, and shows us how evil the USA is becoming under Obama. We can expect an overwhelming wave of filth, debauchery and persecution to arise very soon. Expect it and prepare your soul for it. But, at the same time, speak out to honour the Lord, Who might, in His mercy, slow it all down!

Design For Life?

As a child I loved maps and drawing them, drawing in general, and designing things. So, when I was 12 my parents enrolled me in the Vauxhall Guild (I think I remember the name properly). It was for children who had a penchant for engineering and design and I had to send the Guild my ideas with the application. The reason was simple – it was run by a car manufacturing company, who were always looking for new talent.

To get in I designed a brand new kind of car door lock that would lock and unlock all doors at the same time. Today, it would have been called ‘central locking’. I did some car body designs, car-accessories, yacht designs, and so on. All kids got out of it were certificates. However, a very few were ‘spotted’ and offered future jobs in the car design studio.

That was why, at age 16, I was offered such a job with Vauxhall, but I had to get a student apprenticeship in engineering first, to prove myself, and get into the drawing office to show any talent for draughtsmanship.

Anyway, I got my apprenticeship and began as a student engineer. This involved crafting engineering items and attending college. But, after a year, my company refused to place me in their drawing office, so I left and went to art college instead. That meant I no longer had a future in the car industry! Oh well, that’s life!

That was at the start of my working life. Now, looking back in my retirement, I can see what has happened… every time I got close to my own desire in work and ambition, and especially when I began to earn serious cash, my job or idea just crumbled! In each case I was supposedly the ‘best’ – but something ALWAYS came along to stop progress. That is why I changed career and had to re-qualify in half a dozen different professions. Why?

It was not until I finished in my last job that I realised, after 45 years, that my future was not in my own hands at all. I became a Christian at age 18 in the 1960’s, and after that it seems I was led this way and that, but not by my own desires! God had His hand on me and steered me away from things I should not have or do. Now I feel that, for the first time, after retirement, I am doing what God actually wants me to do. That was one long apprenticeship!

If you are unsure and don’t know what is going on, or what you ought to do, don’t worry. God will guide you, even when you don’t know it. He will do it by opening the door, or shutting it, so that you proceed in the direction you should go. Remember, the aim is not to make you the top of your field, but the lowest of servants, humble enough to let God take you wherever He wishes. Very often, as I and others have found, this is not the way you want to go or wish to go. Sometimes your jobs will reflect your own desires, but having them may be a test by God of your inward spiritual life. What will you do with it? Is it just a cash opportunity? Does it offer status or power? Or, does it create in you a humility and desire to do whatever the Lord demands?

There is no such thing as a job for life! Nor can we rely on having a smooth and uninterrupted progression in our careers. It does not matter how well qualified you are, who you know, or what you think you can do – if God wants you elsewhere, have the grace and courage to follow His path. I did it but intermittently – I see that now. But, I am very glad that the awful circumstances I had to endure in 2005 occurred; not for what happened, but because God gave me a final opportunity to enter into His ministry.

Lost everything? No lasting job? No observable future? Then thank God for it, because he is taking you along His own path. He may not let you know what it is, or what the end will be, but just accept it and ‘go with the flow’: all our ambitions end with the last trump!

You might be the best, better qualified, eagerly sought. Tell me about it! But it has no relevance at all in God’s eyes. He would prefer a lowly labourer to a high-flying executive. Because lowlier folks tend to be more humble and have no real earthly ambition. This life is not a scenario on its own: it’s a training for what is to come. And in that future what we did on this earth will be forgotten. May God help us all to recognise when to let go and allow Him to take us by the hand. Be as brilliant as you wish – but use your talents and life for God.


To the distaste of my reformed brethren I believe in miracles and that God intervenes in the world, especially in the lives of the saved. That is why I wrote my book on interventions: ‘Plagues, a Crossing and Small White Things’. This is already published, but I will be proofing it again to produce a second edition. It is important that we understand the place of the divine in our lives, otherwise we live for ourselves and cannot see God working when He does. The book is written from a reformed position, even though the reformed look upon such works with suspicion. Suffice to say that the reformed position is wrong on this matter, as scripture proves well enough.


Do I need to remind Christians that they, or their children, should not join in this time of ‘celebration’, which is evil in God’s sight? The USA goes overboard on it. Far from being a Christian festival, it is a wicked enactment of occultism, though done in jolly fashion. Ditch it and seek God! Otherwise we sink deeper into Satan’s domain and can expect disruption of our spiritual lives.  

© November 2009

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