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Christmas? Humbug?

Here we go again! Christmas comes but once a year – and what a fuss is made over it. Parents of young children harassed and pestered to get the latest toy; men and women rushing around from party to party; alcohol supplies reaching the ceiling; everyone becoming superficially sentimental towards each other and, maybe, an attendance at a carol service. That’s the secular way of things.

Not quite – because many Christians do all these things, too. All for the sake of Christmas, but with the name of Jesus thrown in for good measure. In a way, Scrooge was right to say “humbug!” at the mention of Christmas. No, I don’t mean that his awful attitude and actions towards others was justified… but his refusal to accept Christmas is very close to what should be.

We have said it before, but say it again for newer readers… Christmas is not a Christian festival given by God, nor is it a Biblical religious season. Christ was not born on December 25th, or anytime in December. He was born either at about August or about springtime. We know this from the nativity account. The reason we have the festival is because of Roman Catholicism – Christ-Mass (three of them, in fact). It has nothing to do with Christ’s birth, but with an attempt to substitute a pseudo-Christian festival for a pagan one.

Yes, Christ was born in a stable – probably a cave in a rock, but the wise men didn’t come to see Him when He was born. They arrived two years later; this is what scripture records. We are not told how many of the Magi came; the number of three is determined by Catholicism and tradition. Who were the Magi? If we read the Old Testament carefully, we will find a Magi was a wise man who came from what is now the Iraqi region. He may have been an astrologer, but more likely he was a government adviser and local governor or prince… hence the riches.

The birth of Christ was amidst political and military chaos, as many thousands of Jews travelled the length and breadth of the country to reach the town or village of their birth, so that they could be taxed by Rome; which was, amongst other things, a way of controlling the population at a time when there were insurgencies and rebellions from the many ‘Messiahs’ who arose over several decades. And, at age two, Christ had to be stolen away to Egypt for a while, for His safety. Amazing and wonderful as His birth was, it was not pretty or safe.

Should we hold a festival in honour of His birth? As I have said before, many churches think it is equal to a sin to stay away from the usual Christmas sermons and evening vigils. This is nonsense. If a Christian wishes to observe the time as a special remembrance of Christ’s birth, that’s fine. There is no problem with that. But, to insist it is essential is not true. It is up to each individual, so long as it is held in sincerity. But, it is only a token, seeing as Christ was not born anywhere near the festival day!

As for the Christmas period… I see nothing wrong with buying each other presents. Very often, sadly, it might be the only real contact families and friends have. This is why I was so pleased with one of my nieces, Ruth, who decided to gather the clan together (and it’s a big one!) at a dinner. That way we will all meet together at one time. Ruth’s idea and her wish to be with family is admirable and to be commended, given these dark days.

The rest? Well, again it is up to the individual. Personally, I just see the period as a good rest. Long ago we stopped buying presents for everybody - there are just too many and we simply can’t afford it - and we only buy the usual food for that length of time.

So, think about it and do as you see fit. Some will disagree (as they always will), but I see no pastoral reason to come down on people on points of disputable factual interest, that have no real bearing on Christian faith.

Having said all that, I think there is no harm in remembering the birth of Christ, so long as we remember He came to die, not to forever be recalled as a child in a manger! His birth was a miracle, but the reason for His birth is greatly overshadowed by the reason for His death. His birth was a sign of God’s love for His elect.

His Son came to suffer and be cruelly murdered. If we can remember that, we do a good thing. But, essentially, this remembrance is shown every time we take communion together. So, why repeat it once a year as well? It is, however, up to you.

And please do not be duped into moaning about the “real meaning of Christmas” or the “commercialisation of Christmas”. There is no meaning to the period we call ‘Christmas’! And how can people ‘commercialise’ what does not really exist?

On the other hand, why not complain to Walker’s Crisps who use the words “Merry Crispmas’ in their new ads? Not because Christmas has any true meaning, but because they think it is fun to derogate what is perceived to be a Christian festival. Don’t get hung-up though – if Christmas is not a Biblical festival, nor is it commanded, you will just get worked up about literally nothing.

Scandalous Fraud

We have been saying for some time that the facts and figures put out by government and certain scientists concerning global warming, climate and CO2, are bad science. Now, thanks to a hacker* (who we should all be grateful to), the bare truth has been made known – there is worldwide and massive fraud, mainly centred on the East Anglia University climate unit. I have written articles about this and spoken with many scientists about it. I have also interviewed the man who started the Oregon Petition (in my Canada Free Press column).

(* It is only assumed that a hacker got the information. It is also possible an insider at the University sent the material to others. It has been mooted that it came about only because the unit refused for years to hand over vital documents for investigation. Now, we hear the documents were destroyed a while ago to save space! Hm. Very convenient, eh? And so unlikely as to make it yet another lie)

I can see that even sceptics of warming and climate change think the problem is only to do with bad science. It runs far, far deeper than that, and to miss the point is to leave ones’ self open to future grief.

But, what will be done? I have already tried to complain to the BBC, who ignores the news and is even pushing more pro-climate programmes, and I tried to raise a petition on the governmental website… all four have been rejected, because it is too close to the wicked Copenhagen Summit, at which world leaders will take us down the road of Marxist perdition. The BBC has known for the past EIGHT WEEKS about the scandal, but has said nothing!!

I have written articles in the press, and argue the point as widely as possible. But, it takes massive public objections to overturn the government lies’ machine! What, then, are YOUdoing about it? Please don’t tell me it is not a Christian activity. How else do we oppose what is coming – worldwide hatred for Christianity, silencing of Christians, and universal removal of the name of God?

One thing you can do is sign any petition opposing green deception. Because government rejects my petition on its site, I have started my own: one for UK and commonwealth, and the other for foreign signers who wish to show their disgust for any country that listens to false propaganda. Go to:

and also

(The latter petition was not started by me). Please sign them and get everyone (not just yourself – everyone in the family, friends, etc) you know to sign them, too… we need to hit hard whilst the opportunity is there!

It is a fact that these atrocious abuses are carried out because we do not bother to argue or stand against evil. Though I have asked people to sign these petitions, which try to oppose the coming Marxism that will severely attack Christians, few will bother to do so. Sign NOW. For ALL readers, whether British or foreign, the general petition is:

For other material see my column in the Canada Free Press. Go to: and click on top bar for ‘Columnist Archives’. Scroll down to my name ‘Barry Napier’ and click on ‘archive’. And if you add a comment to each article it will make sure it gets noticed on Google!! That way, the message spreads faster.

The whole matter is about far more than lies concerning weather! It is about loss of freedoms, imposition of crippling taxation, freezing in winter, deaths of people in the poorer countries, destruction of Christianity… the list of evils coming from following a godless, pro-warming, climate, CO2 agenda are mightily serious! The worst evil will be the clamping-down on believers and the wicked removal of Christian freedoms to worship and witness… if you think current ‘equality’ laws are bad (which are part of the same agenda – old Russia created similar laws), then you will be devastated by what Marxists plan to do in the near future.

And part of the blame for all this can be laid at the feet of Christians who cannot be bothered. To be inert under the excuse that it is all part of God’s plan is not acceptable. Even though we know these things will come to pass, it does not mean we must allow every evil under the sun to overcome us without so much as a word! We are, rather, called to be witnesses to the Lord, and to fight evil in whatever form.

Since publishing articles on this in papers such as the Canada Free Press, I have had emails from scientists who obviously get their views from others and not from genuine research! Indeed, many views come from Al Gore’s deceptive and fraudulent film!! On the other hand, I have had excellent responses from Congressmen and genuine scientists. So, though the fight is all uphill, it is worth doing. 

Get It Right!

I was sent a rather curt email by someone who says he did evangelistic work with a known evangelistic mission. He accused me of being a bigot and a racist. When I asked him why he said these things, he didn’t send me any proof, and just made fresh accusations! A ‘bigot’ yes – because I firmly believe in what I teach. But, a ‘racist’?

At the same time it was obvious that he was an inverted racist, because his emails were peppered with a number of charges against ‘Caucasians’ (white people) for all kinds of ills in Africa, Australia, and so on. He did not, however, see this trait in what he was saying, though it was glaringly obvious.

It turned out that I was ‘racist’ because I ‘blamed immigrants for everything’ and because of my words ‘against immigrants’. When I pointed out that I was only against illegal immigrants, who tend always to be criminals, no matter what country they came from, and that I was against Muslim extremism, the fellow didn’t calm down but continued to speak ill of Caucasians. Evidently, he has no idea how to conduct an argument, or how to properly read Christian literature.

Then, he suddenly went on to accuse me of not believing illegals could be saved! I had said nothing at all about the subject, but he rambled on. I am more than happy to receive comments or even accusations, but not when someone is so badly misinformed. I take very great care to get things right. But, this fellow just jumped in and made accusations without once checking the facts (common amongst Christians). Rather, he read my articles in a very prejudiced way, making my words fit his preconceived inverted racism.

This is not acceptable, and to think the man evangelises is troubling. If he thinks such things about ‘Caucasians’ how can he properly evangelise white immigrants let alone white UK citizens? He has a very blatant personality problem caused by indoctrination about white folks. I will continue to speak against illegal immigrants, because, regardless of their race or religion, they are ILLEGAL – they reach this country by illegal means and get in illegally, and live here illegally, often by doing criminal things, if not violence.

As Christians we are not to side with criminality, some of which is to do with theft, fraud, violence and sexuality. I will also remain against Islamic incursion by people who refuse to become British, refuse to even say hello to you in the street, and who work to bring down the UK as a Christianised country. If an evangelist cannot see the sense in this he should not be evangelising. In fact, I side with Switzerland, who has made it illegal for Muslim minarets to be built. The reason is that the minarets are used as a symbol of superiority over any country, and the nation has had enough of Islamic demands. Good for Switzerland.

And as for the old chestnut that many of the illegals are ‘asylum seekers’… no they are not. In law, people must seek asylum in the first free country they come across closest to their own country. It is rather odd that they all head for the farthest country – the UK! They do it because they know they can get everything for nothing. They don’t even have to find work. So, please, Christians… be real. And be sure of what you say. Inaccuracy is not a good characteristic in a believer.

I don’t hold anything against the evangelist, but I do get very annoyed with being called a ‘hater’ of people just because I speak openly and frankly in Biblical terms. The difference between being critical and being a ‘hater’ is vast! People who do not know how to differentiate criticism from hatred are prime candidates for making unbiblical accusations.

It is my opinion that most people need a hefty dose of tuition in what constitutes facts, and how to read literature properly.

Elders in Need

Every year in the UK there is a big push for ‘Children in Need’. Frankly, I think this charitable scheme is overrated and over emphasised.

In Britain, though the various child agencies have displayed some appalling lapses, in general, children are well catered for. Those who are considered deprived are deprived mainly because of their parents’ problems. Mostly, even when unemployed, they provide for their offspring and do it well.

The fact that the children don’t have as much as others is not relevant, and I don’t see why charities should give to them. For three decades my children had next to nothing but were very happy. I did not expect (and did not get!) help from any source, and only the second child had a very small child allowance.

Today, families, even those that are unemployed, receive huge incomes compared to my own situation… and my situation was far better than that of parents a generation before mine! But, the main point I wish to make is that children have the ‘Aw’ factor. Because they are children they automatically get gushing sounds from observers! But, there are far more older people in very real need, and no-one really cares!

Most older people have brought up children of their own and many of them did not have even the basic helps available today. Now, because their own kids don’t care, or because they never visit, these older folks are alone. Most are unable to cope well. They cannot afford electricity and gas, or much food. Their homes are steadily deteriorating. Some, to get out of their deplorable conditions, even choose to apply for a nursing or residential home place, just to get warm, eat properly and have some company. Dogs and cats are a very poor second best!

It would take relatively little for younger people to look into this and to give help. Most people in need will not ask for help, but that they need it is obvious. At the least, they would all benefit from simple friendship and company. But, older folks do not have the ‘Aw’ factor. They don’t get the media holding events or gathering much needed money for them.

This comes from our growing secularisation and fragmentation of what used to be a ‘given’ in society – the existence of the extended family. This kind of social group still exists in many other countries, and rightly so. But, older folks, even with families, rarely see their families now, if they have them. This is socialism in practice, not Christianity!

The Russian Bear

My mother’s father said very little. Yet, he seemed on-the-ball when it came to knowing people. Of the future, he warned people to “Watch the yellow race, and the Russian bear”. How right he was!

Right now in Russia, Putin is getting historians to rewrite Russian history, to ‘soften’ what Stalin did. Stalin killed more of his own people than Hitler did in the Holocaust! But, the newest school textbooks have made Stalin out to be a hero. They have even airbrushed his pock-marked face to appear smooth and fresh!

In the background, Putin puts down critics, and controls the media, and there is a growth in old-style communism again. Couple that with the leading role being taken by China and it seems my grandfather was right.

Add to that the outright Marxism of Gordon Brown and Barack Obama, and the scene is set for a global communist regime. In the USA many Christians are mobilising because of this – they know what communism means to freedom and even life itself. But, in the UK? As usual there is very little action, let alone public debate or genuine Biblical talk amongst us. So we get thrown into the lion’s den without God’s protection.

Interestingly, since I started writing my column in the Canada Free Press, which is very influential, my work has spread like wildfire, helping the Christians in the USA to have a voice. And the articles are reaching many influential people, including future Congressmen and Sarah Palin, and are being reprinted in US newspapers. I pray that others, especially in the UK, will similarly listen to the warnings.


Obama, who has silenced critics and hidden his past, may soon be uncovered for what he really is. On the other hand, no-one has yet provided definite proof he is a fraud. Such proof must exist, but who will dare defy this wicked man and all the danger he represents for critics? It is no good looking at Snopes, for in its ‘explanations’, it speaks of those who want answers, as “birthers”. This is a derogatory term used by Obama and his sycophants. By using such an emotive term, Snopes proves its willingness to side with Obama at any cost, as a sycophant.

Climate email scandal. Those who want to manipulate us have already mustered their troops, to hide what has happened. The Liberal Democrats in the UK want to hold a mass outdoor meeting in London to shout for compliance to the Copenhagen Summit. If they do, I guarantee the BBC will cover it… but they won’t cover opposition scientists who can more than ably give the truth! Major UK newspapers are clinging to their pro-green stance at any cost, showing they are willing to press the green agenda forward without bothering to say that the emails prove fraud! This is so obviously a political issue!

The IPCC, who stated the mess, now say they will stand by their former fraudulent claims – not because science proves anything, but because GOVERNMENTS SAY SO! This is the clearest indication yet that it’s all fraud.  

© December 2009

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