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Joy to the World

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her king; let every heart prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing…”

Written by Isaac Watts in 1719, with a tune by Handel, it is a one of the world’s favourite carols. Do you know anything of this joy? Though He is Lord of all, we know that not every heart will prepare room for Him; indeed, the elect alone will do so.

Only those who know Christ can have this joy, a joy that goes far beyond mere happiness. In fact, it has nothing to do with the human emotion we know as ‘happiness’. This kind of joy is eternal, with its roots in heaven and its spiritual flower in our hearts.

That this holy joy is found only in those who belong to Christ is seen in the message of the multitude of angels who sang praises to God before the shepherds:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

In the Greek, this sentence is structured as:

“Glory in highest (places) to God and on earth peace among men of goodwill.”

Only those who love and know God can be ‘men of goodwill’. And so we know from the angelic host, exactly who Christ came to earth for! You and me; and all who, throughout the ages, have obeyed God and loved Him, following our election in heaven before the world was made. Joy, then, is to those predestinated to salvation. There can be no joy for people bound for a godless eternity.

For many religious people this idea is unacceptable. The idea that God chooses whom He will and casts away the rest cannot be fathomed, so it is rejected. But, to those of us who are elect, it is the language of eternal love and mercy. And that is why we should know joy.

I say ‘should’ because too many of us are bowed-down to the ground with the cares of this world, so we do not see the glory of His presence all around.

How can I talk of joy when so much is going wrong? When all around us is dark? When Satan is tearing us apart? When our lives are burdened by so much pain and lack?

I can talk about it because I have known both pain and joy. I can speak of it because it is promised to each and every Christian. I can say the words because I must, or I would be guilty of not showing the full heart of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ, Who died that we may know joy.

The outward signs of great joy can be shouts, even dancing and music (See David in 1 Sam.18) – not the silly engineered stuff we see in charismatic circles, but the genuine response. Others may weep (Ezr. 3:12). But, these are outward expressions – they don’t say anything about the inner joy we should all experience.

The person who receives the word of God will do so with real joy (Mat 13:20). This joy, chara, means gladness about the One we receive it from. Do you have this gladness? Or is it muted by time? The joy we are talking about is not superficial but ‘exceedingly’ (as in the root, chairō) with rejoicing. Christ expects us to receive the word with joy – and not just at the beginning when we come to Him seeking forgiveness. After all, many hear the word with joy but then die off, the word not taking root.

John 15, stating the words of Christ, says He has given His teaching (and spirit) so that “your joy might be full”. This means we have joy that is complete and cannot be topped-up. Indeed, it overflows! This is why the charismatic idea of seeking to be constantly filled is erroneous. He has already filled us with joy! So, where is it in you and in me? It must be hidden by our many woes and trials, which we see as a threat and burden, instead of as a sign of His love and care for us.

He won’t bother to give you trials if you have no true feeling for Him! He only gives trials to those whom He loves! So, laugh with joy and stop being morbid and bent low! He is with you. Can’t you see Him carrying you in His arms? He is there!

Years ago when I mentioned joy to readers, I had a very nasty letter back from one man, full of bitterness, saying it was “easy for you to talk, with your salary and savings and comfortable living.” At that time I was in the middle of an 18 year long stretch of sheer poverty. We rarely had food on the table, my shoes were full of holes, the kids had nothing, my wife had the equivalent of 10 shillings (50 pence) a week to buy groceries. (Nothing much has changed in 2009!). On many occasions we were threatened with eviction, and I was unable to find work. That was the sum total of my “salary and savings and comfortable living”!

I was talking about Christian joy, but my critic assumed I could only talk about it because I was comfortably off and had plenty! This is not what Christian joy is all about. It is a trust and enjoyment founded on love for God through Christ. It has nothing to do with money or status or any other comfort.

It is certainly very easy to say you have joy if you have everything you need. But, it is only talk – to say you have joy when everything is against you and when you cannot see anything but a gaping chasm before you… now THAT is genuine joy! It transcends circumstances sent to test us (by God) or destroy us (by Satan), and rests entirely in the majesty of the Lord and in the salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you do nothing else this coming year – seek real joy. Do not rest until you find it… and you will find it where God has put it – deep inside you!

US Forces Hatred?

An amazing and frightening document is said to have been circulated amongst Pentagon US Forces top personnel. It is frightening because the armed forces are being used to spread a PC and political idea that directs hatred towards all Christians.

The report was written by a US army major and circulated on the School of Advanced Military Studies website, and to the United States Army Command and General Staff College.

It makes startling claims designed to whip-up hatred against Christians and Christianity, in particular mentioning those who believe in a rapture (Which we at BTM do not, by the way, but that’s not the point), the state of Israel, absolute truth, the infallibility of God’s word, dislike for the UN, opposition to global government. These, say the report, have a ‘negative impact’ on public-policy, and drives the USA away from the UN and destroying US policies for years!

This incredible document is socialist diatribe, and has nothing to do with military theory or policy! There would be something seriously amiss if this tawdry piece of propaganda is allowed to spread or to gain influence.

However, note that this thinking is in line with that of Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, and many in the Marxist Democratic party. To say that people may not believe as they wish, especially concerning absolute truth and God’s infallibility, is another evidence of Fascism, but, this time, coming from the military. The obvious fear, is that when hatred for Christians comes from the military itself, it shows a definite and government-accepted (or guided) policy that will eventuate in the culling and disruption, if not the imprisonment or worse, of Christians. Such hatred cannot become public unless the government displays the same hatred at high levels.

It is incredible that genuine Christianity can be accused of making the world worse, when it teaches love, compassion and God’s loathing of sin, which corrupts and makes evil.

Opposition to the UN is logical and needful, given that it is Marxist, opposed to freedoms, and wants to control all armies and forces in the world, bringing death with it. And opposition to world government is also logical – who wants to live under an iron fist?

The army major who planted this document must be Marxist and atheist, therefore anti-God. He should be reprimanded for creating it, because it is none of his business what we believe and what we wish for. But, who will complain? If this is not immediately stopped it will be but a short goose-step to actual imprisonment or worse. I doubt if this is the belief of the whole of the armed forces, but coming from an influential commander, it can only be used to our harm.

Glasgow’s Fake Artists

Once again, repulsive godless ‘artists’ of Glasgow desecrate God’s word. This is deliberate and it is vile. Someone deep-fried a 200 year old Bible and sold it at auction.

What they didn’t know was that the woman who finally bought it, did so to keep it out of the hands of evil London art houses who wanted to display it publicly as ‘art’.

As an artist myself I know that today’s so-called ‘artists’ only crave notoriety, producing work that shocks, in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Once an artist sinks to this, his work is no longer art, but marketing. And when it sinks even lower, to desecrating God’s word, it is Satanic.

Anglican Duplicity

Of course, not all Anglicans are wicked or unbelieving. But, it has to be said, that when you join with those who are, you get tarred with the same brush.

In an Anglican news item (ACNS4674, 6th December), the archbishop of Canterbury commented on the election of a second homosexual bishop in Los Angeles. I think maybe these clever folks don’t understand that if you give an inch to evil men, they will invariably take a mile!

This time, the ‘bishop’ is a woman! So, on two counts the election is unbiblical. The archbishop said that the election of Mary Glasspool “raises very serious questions”. No! You don’t say! 

Whilst he said the election still had to be confirmed, he nevertheless pins his colours to the mast by saying that it affected the Anglican Communion. He therefore asked for “a period of gracious restraint in respect of actions which are contrary to the mind of the Communion (which are necessary) if our bonds of mutual affection are to hold.”

What utter demonic garbage! Who cares about the ‘Communion’ when what it says is contrary to scripture? The response should be to get rid of the woman and to stop fooling about trying to be ‘gracious’ to homosexual activists who care nothing for God’s word!

The ‘serious questions’ are raised about the archbishop and his merry men, not about keeping the peace. I sincerely hope the African bishops, who so far have shown far better Biblical understanding than their Western Biblically-challenged counterparts, will rise up in anger and demand action against homosexual parity. Homosexuals have no place at all in office. Also, Anglican offices, like those in Romanism, are unbiblical anyway.

BTM Quarter Century!

The next edition of The Beacon will be in January 2010… BTM’s 25thyear of ministry! More on that in January. We ask that you will keep us going, because so many small Christian ministries have folded through lack of support.

Strangely, the BTM website is visited by thousands, but the number of supporters who offer financial help can be counted on the fingers of just one hand! We are certainly not in this ministry for the money – but we do need it to keep going. Think about it.

Climategate – Latest

It is now known that the Russian secret service hacked into the climate unit at East Anglia University, so as to cause problems for the Copenhagen Summit. However, the email scandal that ensued made no real difference to climate fraudsters, who just carried on regardless! They get away with it because ordinary people don’t show the slightest interest! Yet, what the frauds are doing is altering YOUR life drastically, and causing government to heavily tax you and stop your freedoms! In my own experience almost no-one, including Christians, will stand up and do battle unless something lands directly on top of their heads. Then, they moan and cry out in anguish… too late.

Also, western governments colluded with each other to ‘stitch-up’ Third World countries! The ‘leak’ came out on the first day of the Copenhagen Summit and third World leaders were furious.

Then, leaders met secretly to create their own documents and deals, which they just presented to the others.

Amidst the email scandal, the Summit was a complete travesty. Leaders said that the emails pointing to the fraudulent nature of green claims “made no difference to the conclusions”!! This statement is so outrageous as to be almost funny. Thus, it does not matter what the science says, greens want action anyway. Or, as Tony Blair said: we must act now – JUST IN CASE!!

So, trillions of dollars are going to be taken off ordinary taxpayers, JUST IN CASE there is climate change caused by human CO2!! I cannot fathom this kind of bad logic; it is truly as dumb as it gets. And when you consider that a huge aim of the green movement is to eradicate Christianity – why give it houseroom in the first place? If you don’t know the truth about green stuff, then find out, or be destroyed by socialist powers.

Read my column at Canada Free Press (address – front page). You will find many articles, including an almost daily report on the recent Copenhagen Summit. Well worth the study time! Remember to click on ‘columnists archives’ to find my name.


Some of you will have received my email about why my local city council (Swansea, Wales, UK) gave a licence to a night-club owner to open a lap-dancing club. Now, I don’t know if you are aware of it, but such a club is nothing to do with ‘dancing’: it is just pornographic movements designed to be highly sexually charged. For those who did not receive the email information… the council said it would not have given the licence if local Christians who complained verbally or by email had actually sent a signed petition or individual letters of complaint to the planning officer!

But, though a few hundred complained, they didn’t follow it up with written complaints. So, after many years (I know, because I was one who fought sex shops and clubs for those years), Christians have allowed a foul sexual outlet to become fixed in the city, just because they couldn’t be bothered to go through the procedures. If they HAD done so, the club would not begin to operate. So, let it be a salutary lesson in how to do things!

In the last Beacon I told you that No 10 Downing Street refused four of my petitions on the official government site. After that I said so, in an article in the Canada Free Press. Soon after that I had a message to say my petition was accepted!! Hm. The power of the press?

I ask you to sigh this one also – it is vital to get as many signatures as possible. Again, I ask you to sign it yourself, and to get everyone in your family at home to sign it, plus your extended family, friends, church members, work colleagues, students… everyone you can think of!

You might not be able to get everyone in your home to have a signature accepted – the government craftily refuses more than one name on one email address!! I am currently complaining about that, because for every signature you see on my petition, another three or four have been removed. If possible, get the other name on other email addresses, or even go to an internet café and use their addresses. Or, just sit back and let government take us all for a green ride, as the first step in removing Christian witness.

When I first looked at the petition on the No 10 website, they had put a sarcastic note to my name, saying that “only Dr Napier has signed this petition”. I am asking you to prove them wrong! Make sure the church media, too, knows about it. And your neighbours. Even if the Copenhagen Summit is not successful, the UN fully intends for countries to sign their citizens over to its powers by March 2010. We need to oppose the scheme NOW, before it is too late. At least, then, we will have tried. The petition is at No 10.GOV.UK:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop laws and taxes based on climate arguments."


So far, everything I have said in my book, and in previous Beacons, about climate etc., has been proved to be 100% true.

Green Christians?

 It is NOT POSSIBLE for a genuine Christian to believe in climate change, global warming and CO2 emission claims made by greens and still remain spiritually intact. This is because the claims are only superficial, based on bad science. More than that, the green movement is atheistic at root, and fascist in practice, hating Christian witness.

The aim of both communism and fascism (the foundational theories underlying the green movement everywhere) is to destroy Christianity. That is why Christians should and must see the movement in its true light – an end-times Satanic force out to remove God’s witnesses on this earth. Are YOU a witness?

Alpha Deception Continues

I find Alpha adherents to be very odd indeed. On the other hand, if first contact with ‘Christianity’ is through Alpha, or by way of a cultic or bad church, maybe they are not odd!

Tony Blair wrought havoc in the UK, is totalitarian socialist, is pushing a green agenda in Denmark, and is Catholic! Yet, here he is at Holy Trinity, being subjected to that old and completely commercial ‘interview’ so fundamental to Nicky Gumbel’s meeting format. Can’t Alpha-ists see beyond their own deception? This famed-person approach to ‘witness’ is not acceptable because it makes them celebrities, and people only attend to see them, not to hear the Gospel.

The interview with Blair was not penetrating, nor was it open. It scouted around main issues and did not ask a direct Christian question. So it was useless and very misleading. Blair spoke of joining with Muslims, because he sees so many similarities with Christianity. I can assure him that this is not how Muslims see it! Blair did not speak of a personal salvation by grace alone, and Gumbel didn’t ask about it. 

And what of the growing Catholic link? How can Alpha claim to be of Christ when it endorses Rome and Rome endorses Alpha? The ring of untruth is heavy!

Another ominous sign is that Alpha now links to Ellel Ministries (see our article). The latest Alpha paper offers a one week free trial with Ellel. On the very first page of its introductory letter to the course it speaks of ‘generational curses’ – a favourite superstitious theme in charismatic circles.

Almost all of this first page is filled with what God can do for you – mainly healing of all sorts. Nothing about what we must do to obey the Lord and how we must learn what scripture says. And, of course, ‘finances’ arise! The talk is all about being freed from depression, pornography, etc. Where is the real teaching, beginning with what scripture says?

I have witnessed people entering into this kind of thinking in other ‘circles’ and they convince themselves they are somehow under attack or that their way of life is a ‘curse’. They concentrate on ‘healing’ when what they mostly need is to gain in God’s knowledge, as found in His word.

Then, as they conform to that knowledge, God brings about a new way of life. Ellel begins with failure and tells people it can help them to change. It is a different locus! This is why the course says it will begin with ‘reality’ and not condemnation. Even though God condemns sin?

The course says it does not begin with giving knowledge, but with applying the truths of scripture to our lives. That is, we are asked to work blindly and hand over what we know to Ellel. Not good. It speaks of ‘hidden depths’… the language of self-improvement and psychology, not of God. God is not interested in ‘hidden depths’ but in holiness and obedience to His word. All else will follow.

Of course, I may have got it wrong, and have misinterpreted the aims and words. I don’t think I have, but it is always possible. However, the third page concentrates on how human lives suffer – but no mention is made of why… that we are conceived in sin and we are bound for hell if we do not repent!

The teaching continues, that we all (no exceptions) have a ‘God box’ in which we place our understanding of God, etc. And there seems to be the idea that we may pray for and with unbelievers, when God says He does not hear them. Thus, the first unit continues without the idea of sin, saying that all we need is to follow the model set for us by Jesus. Remember – this is a course linked to, and commended by, Alpha, so it bears a similar imprint of scriptural deception. The course says Jesus is a gift from God to the ‘human race’… no, He is the Gift of salvation from God to those who are elect!

The Director says (video) we are born in spirit - but we are not, for our spirits are dead until we are saved. He misinterprets the text in Genesis, that we are made in His image and so we have live spirits to communicate with Him. He says God was pleased when we were conceived; but scripture says we are conceived in sin!

So, the next statement – that God loves us, is not explained properly. The Director does not speak about sin and its effects on our state, or that sin causes God not to regard us. As the sermon continues, we are told we have free will, which is wrong. Other things are mentioned in an easy manner; the language used is pleasant. But, it is not based soundly on the fact that we are sinners who need to repent before we can live truly.

As with Alpha, Ellel has attractive ways, but is short on truth. There is an overemphasis on healing instead of on reading and obeying God’s word, and there is an apparent teaching of universalism. Yet, at another part, the man speaks of receiving the truth from Christ. It is possible that if emphasis wasn’t put on ‘healing’ that the scriptural way would become more effective and genuine. Yes, if we need it, we can be healed – but we do not begin with it in every case.

In a question on the Ellel site, a tutor says that some will be judged on the way they have lived their lives and responded to their God given conscience. This is a warping of truth, which states that those who are to be saved are elect – it has nothing to do with conscience or even with how we live our lives, though it is important. So, that is the first part of the free course!

Alpha is showing itself for what it is: a marketing campaign that rakes in huge amounts of profit, and involves heretics and cultists, especially Romanists. It does not preach the true Gospel but makes-do with a ‘feel good factor’.

And for those who are new to Alpha-watching… no matter how wonderful you think it is, and whether or not you claim to have been ‘saved’ at a meeting – Alpha began in the cess-pit of the charismatic Toronto Blessing. It was a movement that tore apart the churches and caused thousands of Christians to walk on a path of heresy. Therefore, it has nothing to commend it. If you want more details find our article on the subject, or buy the book on Alpha.

Pope, Peace and Environmentalism

The pope, that eternal meddler, gave a message to the 43rdWorld Day of Peace, celebrated on January 1st. The title of the message was quite upfront: “If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation”.

This, says the pope, is his “cosmic vision of peace”. Can’t get much bigger, eh?

This peace, he claims, “comes about in a state of harmony between God, humankind, and the creation. In this perspective, environmental degradation is an expression not only of a break in the harmony between mankind and the creation, but of a profound deterioration in the unity between humankind and God.” He added that there is “urgent need for action” as he recalls the “Church’s commitment to defending the earth”.

The rest of the speech is couched in communistic terms, particularly spreading wealth, ‘solidarity’, and “for a balanced use of energy resources.”

Nothing he said is Biblical nor is it scientific or sociologically good. It is just Marxism shrouded in pseudo-religiosity. It is amazing how energy use is translated into ‘peace’. Of course, the speech was issued at the same time as the notorious Copenhagen Summit was being held.

Whilst I have tried personally for the past few years, and others have done so, to thwart the agenda of greens, I know that their evils will result in a worldwide government. Even so, we must all stand up and oppose what is inherently wicked, harmful to the witness of God, and to the well-being of His people.

A Mental Deception

Psychiatry deals mainly in eastern mysticism and humanistic theories. Almost none of it has any value to Believers. One deception is that if someone commits a particularly horrendous violent crime, or appears to be acting oddly, he or she is labelled ‘mentally ill’ or mentally unstable. This is both cruel and very foolish.

It is cruel, because the person who is labelled is thereby cut off from the only answer that can change his or her life.

A woman who had her driving licence removed because of her ‘mental state’ continued to drive and eventually killed someone in her car. She was found a few days later hiding in a field.

If she had the savvy to hide, it proves she was not mentally ill, but just plain wicked. I can think of very few instances where anyone can fall back on the defence of ‘mental illness’. Many people act oddly, because of drugs, drink, or just being allowed to get away with it. The woman driver was high on cannabis, but that’s not an excuse. Rather, it should be a matter of shame and criminality. She has now been put away in a mental institution indefinitely. But, the worst part is that she was allowed to get that far in the first place.

Mental illness is usually a cover-story, an excuse, for sin. We have been duped for over 100 years, that mental illness exists, though it cannot be proved. From my own work in this field I saw almost no mentally ill people, only people allowed to get away with the most awful of sins. Those who I considered to be mentally unbalanced (which is different) could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Very closely linked to mental imbalance is the case of men (or women) who marry and then get divorced because they are homosexual. A well-known rugby captain has now ‘come out’ and the world is beating a path to his door to give sympathy!

Let’s get it straight (yes, that’s a pun) – homosexuality is a sexual perversion. It is a choice, not a natural condition. Those who ‘come out’ are not brave: they are self-indulgent and completely arrogant. They destroy their marriages and probably their children’s lives, by insisting on telling everyone they are homosexual. And after that their mental imbalance begins to show – as it always does in people who choose this source of sexual impropriety.

From that time they concentrate all their life’s efforts on just one aspect of life – sex, and on a deviant type of it. That makes them unbalanced. They are not ‘brave’ but arrogant to think they can just do whatever they like and ruin the lives of others. Theirs is not a good or a moral choice, but one that is deeply disturbing and ugly. But beware, because ANYONE can fall into the same trap, including lax Christians. They can also fall into other sexual sins, such as fornication, adultery, prostitution, and so on.

Whilst we must, of necessity, warn against sexual sins and denounce them, we must also not be hypocrites, having thoughts of doing the same things and yet outwardly being judgmental. That is, we must certainly judge, because it is what we must do, but we have no right to be judgmental, foisting onto others what we secretly or mentally align ourselves with. Sexual sins, even those as wicked as homosexuality, are not unique.

Every sin imaginable is open to every one of us. It is only God Who stops us entering into their awful world. And it is to Him that we must fly immediately our thoughts turn to any of those sins, before they grip our souls and spirits, and damaging others in the process.

Email Pests 

Well, today I had my umpteenth invitation to contact 25 year old Olga from Russia, because I am a ‘member of the dating site’. Yeah’ right! I also had Health Alert from a site that only sells stuff. Another email from the Elijah List, again selling something. Today I had the millionth email asking me to buy a fake luxury watch so that I can impress everyone and think like the rich! I’m sure that will work next time I am hauled before my very unfriendly bank manager! Plus dozens of Viagra offers, several ‘winning numbers’ on foreign lotteries, pleas from women in Africa, funnily enough all dying of the same cancer and their husbands’ murdered, etc, etc, etc. Oh yes, and it’s 21 degrees in Malta.

Every day I get hundreds of spam emails. I can’t just get them put into a spam folder to get rid of automatically, because, for some reason, genuine emails get sent to the span folder, too, so I have to check them all manually anyway.

Knowing the annoyance I feel when I receive all this spam, I understand when readers get emails they don’t want. So, if you don’t want our emails, please tell us.

Real Christians & Real Churches

It is easy to get caught-up in talk about denominations, conferences, preachers, etc. But, most have lost sight of what a real local church is and what real Christians are.

A real local church is only a microcosm of the universal Church. Therefore, it is ONLY made up of people who are saved. If unbelievers attend services, they are NOT part of the local church – they are just observers.

No local church should give-over their services to unbelievers. So, the usual Sunday night devoted to the Gospel is unwarranted and not required by God. Unbelievers must sit there and listen, with no special attention paid to them (unless the Holy Spirit suddenly gives the preacher or some other person a direct command). That’s the job of evangelists!

This is because the Church consists only in saved men and women and no-one else! When they meet together it is to praise God and to teach each other true doctrine. They do not meet to preach the Gospel… such activity is traditional, not Biblical.

A real Christian is one who is saved by grace alone. He will, if he can, meet with others who are also saved. It doesn’t matter where the meeting is – it can even be in the supermarket, because where two or three are gathered together, there is the Church! It doesn’t even matter what they meet for, because it relies on their relationship to God, not on anything they do.

I passed a local church that advertises the usual traditional ‘Bible study and prayer meeting’. But, there should be no such thing as a regular prayer meeting! These meetings contradict the extempore nature of God’s meeting with us as individuals, and makes sure prayers are decided and invented by us, and not prompted by God. Follow the usual old routines if you wish… but don’t expect God’s blessing on something developed by men for their own ends.


Some probably think I should not mention Obama so much, but the reason I do so is because of his central role in worldwide politics. In itself politics is not of real interest to Christians, except when it intends to do us harm, and when it derogates the word of God. Then, we must speak out.

The argument about Obama’s birth certificate is still raging and gaining momentum, yet it is ignored by most of the media, including those in Europe. It is one of the biggest stories to come out of the USA, but no-one bothers to speak about it. This shows just how much of a grip Satan has on minds and hearts throughout the world. No-one seems to mind that though Obama speaks well in short bursts, his actual policies are riddled with errors and foolishness.

Sarah Palin says that to question Obama’s right to be president is proper. Constitutional lawyers say Obama has a legal duty to tell voters who he really is. Given his Marxism and pro-Islamic stances, it is indeed vital. And, if he is not eligible to be president, everything he has signed into law (and all those Czar appointments) will be invalid.

George Soros, a billionaire Nazi collaborator in the Second WW and current-day socialist, has backed Obama all the way. He is particularly pleased to see Obama signing up for permanent death panels in the new health system. They will decide who gets treatment and who dies. If we investigate all those who support and financially help Obama, we will see many whose lives are sinful to excess. We must be rid of the man. And we must fight against Obama’s state control of TV, radio and newspapers.

The Foul EU (From Open Europe site)

Research has found that the top 100 EU Regulations (all to do with illusory green issues), mandatory on all member countries, will cost Britain £184 billion by 2020. This doesn’t count the cost of all the other Regulations imposed upon us, or the billions it costs to remain a member, or the cost of Blair giving back billions each year in refunds!!

This country, then, pays multi-billions to the EU every year. They are billions that should go to the British people! We also pay out billions each year to house and keep illegal immigrants. Millions are paid to treat people who should not be treated – homosexuals with AIDS, drug addicts with problems, smokers with lung diseases, and so on. If they need treatment let them find the money for themselves, because they have brought it upon their own necks by ignoring facts and medical science. And, in some cases, they ignore moral imperatives. But, it is all required by the foul, immoral, unethical EU.

Meanwhile the EU is paying out billions in (green) windfall profits to big industries and oil companies, through its ‘environmental’ laws. These are profits they get for doing nothing, and which will not be seen in a reduction of prices to the people they fleece.

The Chair of the recent Copenhagen Summit suddenly resigned from the post half-way through the meetings. No public reason was given, but the real reason was in her own words “I can’t put up with it anymore! I think I’m going to have a breakdown before I finish my term!” If a senior figure in the EU can feel that way – how many others know the EU is a farce? I daresay everyone knows it! But, they shut up because it is such a good gravy-train.

President Sarkozy, that strutting Napoleon, admits that his part in the EU is to promote his own French corner. (Irish Times). This is very unlike Brown, who promotes the EU itself, though it decimates the UK economy.


Just one complaint from a sour-faced atheist is enough for councils to pull down all references to Christmas. Just one parent complained to a school that their carol concert would contain ‘religious’ content – and the school stopped the singing of carols. But, the audience all stood and sang ‘Silent Night’ anyway, then clapped! Good for them!

Now, if one complaint from an atheist is enough to stop Christmas even being mentioned, why is it that one complaint about the complaint is not enough to put the Christmas references back again? Try it next time! I don’t really care about the symbols, but I do care that unbelievers are leading us by the nose and commanding the instant attention of leaders and councils.


2010 will be the 25th year of this ministry! So, we will soon be launching our new website to celebrate God’s goodness. The making of the site has proved to be difficult to James, who has spent hundreds of hours to perfect it. We will also be praying for offers to do seminars for believers, and for God to provide a BTM building (see ‘Vision’ article – one of our introductory leaflets). Other than that we expect great things from the Lord, and so pray for many to join us in building up the ministry as He sees fit. In particular, for helpers to assist by being website editors, teaching others through their expertise and calling.

Oral Roberts

The late Oral Roberts was well-known, and was considered to be a leading Christian. But, was he? According to some he was one of two ‘luminaries’ – the other being Billy Graham. So, there is little discernment on that score!

John MacArthur, however, says Roberts was responsible for spreading the idea of prosperity, and that his message ruined countless churches, especially in the third World. MacArthur claims Robert’s did not once preach the Gospel. Instead, he preached ‘Seed-Faith’ – that what we receive from God is proportionate to how much cash we give… which means I must be trailing far behind everyone else, given my cashless life!

Roberts, then, left a “deep mark on the church worldwide.” In the recent past I have been invited to speak at huge campaign meetings in Africa, along Faith-Seed lines, such was the impact of Roberts on congregations everywhere!

And this is why recent claims by Benny Hinn, that his lavish lifestyle is acceptable, are made with such freedom. He thinks his Rolex is a gift from God, when, in fact, it is a gift from all who are easily led by his monied approach to the Gospel, ‘which is no gospel’.

There are times when God freely gives prosperity to saved individuals, but the true meaning of prosperity is the inner joy and spiritual life He gives to those who obey.

USA Beliefs

You won’t have heard of the Central Idaho Post. It is sent out freely in Idaho (Sarah Palin was born in the state), covering localised news. The logo on the top of the newspaper’s title is “In God We Trust” (‘God’ being emphasised). On December 4thit ran a front page article by myself, on the environmental scam pushed by the UN. From the front page it ran on every page inside, such is the importance of the issue to people in the USA. The paper is owned and edited by a devout Christian, who always puts Christian messages in the pages.

He told me that most of his readers are of the same strong faith, and who abhor what Obama and greens are doing to America. The editor asked for my article because he feels Christians MUST understand what is truly happening. Yet, in Britain, few Christian papers bother to give the matter more than a few hundred words! It seems to me that USA Christians have greater insight than we do in the UK. 

I know from people like this Idaho editor, Sarah Palin, and many others I have had regular contact with, that despite the activities of homosexuals and atheists, Obama and the Democrats, there is deep faith at ground level in America… far greater than in the UK. Let us stand and be counted!


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