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Psychie Mumbo-Jumbo

In one of our articles, Barry Napier exposes the ‘counselling’ movement within most of our churches, as fraudulent and unchristian. Some ‘counsellors’ are trained at Christian centres. Many paid pastors are trained whilst in Bible college. But, all are trained in modern psychology (to a point). What they don’t know is that their counselling theories are anti-God.

I have not yet come across any counselling course that is Biblically-sound. Indeed, most of the popular courses are built upon things Christians should never associate with, because they are written by godless men.

The best-known names in counselling and ‘talking therapies’ claim their theories are compatible with scripture, but they are definitely not. They mix scripture (very badly) with humanistic and mystical theories that vaunt man, not God.

I refer to local church counsellors as ‘meddlers’ and ‘amateurs’. They do a course or two and then think they are ‘qualified’ to deal with counselling. But, there is a very subtle difference between Godly counsel and counselling. The first is a gift given on an ad hoc basis to those (can be anyone) called by God at the time to deal with a problem; the second is humanistic and deviates strongly from what is godly.

This will no doubt shock counsellors, but what I say is true (see newest article on this, Psy/06). And most psychotherapies and counselling are founded ultimately on the godless theories of Freud, who claimed we have an unconscious or sub-conscious mind. This has never been proved to be true, and is impossible to prove anyway. It is, in plain terms, just mumbo-jumbo to hide sin.

The main figures in Christian counselling all work from godless theories prepared by godless or ignorant men and delivered by Christians who mislead others and themselves. They claim that we need the Bible plus something else – the talking therapies. This is a direct lie. Scripture is God’s word and He tells us His word is sufficient for absolutely everything. That is, even if He does not mention something specifically, the principles are always found in the Bible.

Generations of Christians who have all manner of malady, including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive syndromes, fears, and so on, are all misled by counsellors, who say their problems are ‘psychological’.

In my own psychiatric work I saw, and can testify to, the fact that all psychological problems are spiritual ones. By treating them as psychological only, counsellors defy God and place people in the hands of unbelieving psychologists such as Freud. The result is a superficial ‘success’ and perhaps a lifelong injury to the spirit of the one counselled.

If any person in a church or outside it, claims to be able to counsel anyone at any time… watch out. God does not give out counselling success like candy! God gifts a Christian who is acting within His will, to give godly counsel on an ad hoc basis to whoever requires it… and who requires it will be made known to the Christian who will be used to help. There will be a burden within both the one seeking help and the one giving it. And, the answers will usually be swift.

In my own counsel I care not for the complex web a person tries to give me, because it is usually used as an excuse for hiding sin. I only care for one thing – stop sinning, repent, and turn to God’s path. If the person refuses or fails, then he does not have the spirit of truth within. What about deep problems? These are merely sins that have been given a sanitised image; the person hides behind them and pretends he does not know the cause.

Really, there are no ‘deep’ things to hide. God will reveal them instantly to the one seeking release from his or her sin! There is no need for a Freud or for in-depth counsel… such nonsense is believed because the churches have been brainwashed by humanists for so long! It may be that one or two residual effects remain after repentance, but this is only because the person dwells on them. Repent of those, too, and get on with life! Until we get back to this godly approach to life, Satan will continue to hide the truth.

I must admit that it was very satisfying to ‘counsel’ people in a psychiatric hospital, because those counselled usually believe every word you say to them! But, it was a delusion. I saw this time and again and quickly stopped using psychotherapy no matter what its theoretical basis was. Instead, I relied only on God.

And, to be blunt, a Christian counselling an unbeliever is rather like trying to help a person to swallow poison! This is because an unsaved man or woman can only get superficial relief from their problems, due to their sinful natures. And, as I found out, a counsellor can easily turn them away from their supposed ‘problem’… but the anxiety and symptoms merely go on to show as yet another problem, because nothing is ever solved! It is a pointless exercise, replacing one problem with another.

And, why should Christians counsel unbelievers when the real cause is their unbelief? It is a useless task. Also, it suggests that they can get relief without God or His word. See the latest article on this: ‘Talking Therapies’, Psy. 06.

Tribute to Maria Gray

Maria Gray died in hospital on the 8th January, of hypothermia and pneumonia. She was one of our first readers, and at one time it was her gracious cash gift that bought a new computer for BTM. She prayed regularly for us and was always interested in what we did.

My wife and I visited her on a few occasions, when we could (which wasn’t often enough, but the distance was not small), and we last saw her in March 2009, when she looked frail and unwell. Her friends contacted me to say she had been taken into hospital and died.

When I first saw her she was in her late sixties, upright and perky. Few folks know her background. She and her sister came to Britain from Argentina, where they had lived for all their lives with missionary parents. Maria spoke fluent Spanish, translated, and sometimes taught in an Argentinian university.

Remember the amazing WW2 story of the pocket battleship, Admiral Graf Spee. It was being chased by British navy ships around the South American coast. It was finally shelled several times and fled to the neutral port of Montevideo in Uruguay. There it played cat and mouse with the British navy, taking advantage of international law to get repairs done. In the end, duped by elaborate deception, the captain of the German vessel sank the ship. There was even a film about it, which was very accurate.

Well, one of the men involved in discussions with the German commander, Hans Langsdorff, and the British navy, was the British consul. And Maria was his secretary. When I watch the old film I am always amused to think that the actress who plays the secretary actually plays Maria!

Her life story was, then, interesting and stimulating, and yet she lived quietly in the UK, a member of a local church. I enjoyed our chats, by letter or by ‘phone, and the way she would discuss various articles I had written. She will be missed, but she is now awaiting the Lord’s call to join Him in the heavens to judge the world. I suppose I will have to continue our discussions there! It was a pleasure and a privilege to have known her.

Arrogance Loses to Sense

My wife and I have no place for radio presenter, Jonathan Ross, whose arrogant sense of power led him to be foul-mouthed towards an actor. When he returned from being suspended, he and his cohort again arrogantly ‘apologised’ by singing a stupidly childish song about it. Now, the BBC has refused to rubber-stamp his £6 million contract and so Ross has left the BBC. Oh, what a loss to the tax-payer! And what a victory for sense. He is so full of his own importance he couldn’t see the harm he had done. Now, thinking he is wonderful, he will try and work for someone else, a has-been destroyed by his own self-importance. As for the BBC, it is only playing it safe. But, I don’t care – no man is worth a £6 million contract just for being vain and godless. Bye Bye Ross. I hope you never come back.

MPs Free To Fiddle

The outcome was obvious from the start – MPs set up their own committee to tackle their appalling financial expenses fraud. Invariably, it has decided they can carry on fiddling! What a surprise, eh?

Did you know that the children of MPs and also their elderly relatives can claim expenses? I didn’t – but now the committee has given them a raise, too! MPs can also claim for home security… so no doubt they will now buy expensive pedigree dogs to ‘protect’ their first and second homes, and a host of other perks that could loosely be titled ‘security’. How about HD plasma TVs, capable of showing security camera views? I am sure you can think of many other luxury items they can buy. Give them a break!

MPs can also continue paying relatives, even when none of them do anything to get a salary. Great way to pour tax-payer’s shekels into their household honey-pot. They can, of course, continue to buy second homes. What gets me angry about this is that everyone else has to travel to and from their places of work, often at their own expense. When the MP loses his position or retires, the house belongs to him and he reaps thousands in tax-payer’s money for his own enrichment.

As I and others have said before, government should buy up a council block of flats. MPs who stay in London can then book a room. In this way they don’t get any money or houses, just a bed for the night. But, that’s too simple for government, who only wishes to maintain their gravy train for fat cats.

To put it bluntly, British MPs are not worthy to receive a salary let alone huge expenses. Yes, some are honest, but they beg the question – if they are so honest why do they not shout about their fellow MPs who fiddle the books and take us all for a ride? That makes them just as bad. Their fellow MPs are NOT ‘colleagues’, so why stay silent? MPs are supposed to obey the voters and act on our behalf, but they act instead on their own behalf, raking it in mercilessly. If Labour or the other two major parties get any votes at all in the coming election, I will wonder where people’s brains have gone! 

Gordon Brown has ridden through another crisis point, as two of his own party tried to oust him before the election. My view is that he should stay in power until then, in the hope that he will make even more blunders and rile the people enough to vote him out.

But, don’t think voting Conservative or Liberal Democrat will be better – both are just as bad as Labour. We now need someone completely different to really upset the applecart. So far UKIP seem the best of a bad bunch. They can see how the people loathe the major parties, and at least they fight against the EU. To vote for the major parties is to vote for more homosexual influences and more losses of freedom. All three show contempt for Christians. So, think hard!

Someone has devised a new website. You click on MPs names and an email goes to them telling them they are being watched, because they are stealing from ordinary voters. Apart from being funny it also has a very serious complaint to make. If you want to add a few clicks:’

Freezingly High Temperatures

Hilariously, since the Copenhagen Summit, Britain has frozen in minus degrees! Global warming is freezing us to death! Of course, warmist scientists insist that global warming is ‘causing’ freezing. They claim it is created by an ‘upset’ in the atmosphere. And, of course, that has been caused by our old friend, CO2. What garbage!

There is NO PROOF CO2 causes anything at all. It is only a culprit because greedy scientists and governments say so. No research can say CO2 causes climate change. Indeed, it is impossible to definitely link the two. The closest we can get is to surmise, to guess, because no mechanism within science can prove CO2 causes warming, or even cooling. In scientific terms there is only a casual, not a causal link.

That means CO2 exists, as does warming or cooling – but there is no connection between the two. And, no way of proving any connection. The only way governments can claim CO2 is a culprit is simply by saying so – no proof! As a reason for holding the whole world to ransom, that is not just lame, it is futile and fraudulent.

I have just made yet another complaint about the latest stream of government ads, which say “Scientists say CO2 causes climate change” so we should reduce car journeys by five miles a week. Hm. This is again fraudulent, because the sentence should begin: ”Some scientists say”. The sentence should continue “that CO2 MAY cause climate change”.

But, warmists have agreed that they must have an united front that shows no wavering of beliefs at all. So, they will not say what we all know – that only some scientists are warmists. The rest are in opposition, or they don’t know. And, because CO2 does not cause climate change, using cars less, especially by such a paltry amount, will make no difference whatever! I don’t use my car much now because of the cost of petrol, but if I could afford it I think I would drive up and down all day in front of the University of East Anglia’s climate unit (the one caught in fraud), just for the sheer fun of it!

Bufoons at West Lancashire Council

West Lancashire Council gave a 60 year old bin/trash-man a written warning and moved him to a different route, after 30 years on the same one. The reason? He dared to pick up waste matter that had over-spilled a bin/trash-can.

My first question is: who is the sad SS spy who told the Council, and why is his or her mind so petty? The second is: has anyone in the Council got an ounce of brains? This is another example of our PC country, where employers do not have the courage to do anything decent. Here we have a man with a good work ethic and record being reprimanded without good reason. And they get away with it. That is how boringly ‘PC’ people in the UK have become. It is so disgraceful!

More PC From PCs

Another act of political correctness leaves me speechless (well, not quite). Local police often host community meetings. But, police chiefs have ordered them not to talk about crime “because it upsets people”! Eh??

In the USA, Obama has relabelled Islamic terrorism as ‘anti-Islamic activity’, even when people are killed! Who cares if Muslims are upset because we dare to mention that a Muslim terrorist has committed an act of… Muslim terrorism? Especially when those terrorists give the game away by shouting “In the name of Allah…”!

As one police officer said; “This is a bad joke. What the xxxx are we supposed to talk about in a public meeting? The price of tea in China?” Officers need to keep us informed about crime, not about stupid ‘PC’ cover-ups.

Does God Love Unconditionally?

The short answer is ‘No’. The long answer is ‘No way’! I have heard it in so many sermons, and from the mouths of so many Christians: that God loves unconditionally.

The first thing is to separate the saved from the unsaved, because that is what God does. The second thing is to understand that God hates sin and He hates those who are wicked, standing against Him. So, that leaves those who are saved.

Does God love the saved unconditionally? In 2 Corinthians 6:7, Paul talks to believers about a promise from God: “Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” Note that – He receives those who are not tainted by associating with sinfulness. The obvious counter is that if we associate with sin and sinners, He will NOT receive us.

The third thing is to try to understand that there are at least 20 kinds of love described in scripture: which one are you referring to when you say God loves us unconditionally? It is true to say that He will accept us into heaven – but that is because he accepted the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. Thus, His love is directed firstly to His Son, and because we are under His wing, we are also loved. God also loves us when we live righteously. But, He warns us if we stray and sin, especially if we continue to sin after being warned. Then, we will know His wrath, just as any man does.

Romans 5:5 tells us that the love of God is found in our hearts, given by the Holy Ghost. This automatically means those who do not have love, do not have the Spirit… they are unsaved. And if any man does not love Jesus Christ (the test of which is – do we obey Him? If we do, then we will obey)… Paul says he is Anathema Maranatha.

His love and promises are to those who love Him (James 2:5 and 1 John 5:3). So, please, look again at this ‘unconditional love’ thing, because it is more smaltsy-emotional than true.

Repossessions Expected

We are told: “Thousands of homeowners are sitting on a mortgage time-bomb, after a sudden rise in inflation.”

The reason given for this sudden rise, that will add hundreds of pounds to many mortgages? The bail-outs given to banks, or in the secret language of government, “for the £200 billion of quantative easing pumped into the economy by government! As I said before, someone has to pay for this stupidity – and that ‘someone’ is the ordinary tax-payer, you and me. Not government, nor MPs, but ordinary tax-payers!!

So, remember this when you next vote; government took OUR money (not MPs’ money) and gave it to banks. The same banks are treating those who bailed them out like dirt, and their top bosses continue to pay themselves bonuses in the millions, for being failures. Then, mortgage rates go up massively to pay for ‘helping’ the banks to stay afloat, and bosses to live like lords.

The same banks will then order home repossessions of the tax-payers who helped them. That’s how it works. I will NOT vote for any of the big three parties next time, because they are all as bad as each other. Be wise, friends!

False Prophets

Did you know that all you need to do to get fresh prophecies is to hold a conference once a year? God will then deliver the goods to the leaders, and they can then dole out the prophecies God intends for the people, for the coming year. And that happens every year! Not a bad system, eh?

In Daniel, we see that he did not receive continual lists of prophecies from God. There were about fifty years or so between some of them! Yet, modern day fakes can muster God to give them new prophecies every year, just by organising a conference! 

The very language they use tells us they are frauds. The Elijah List dutifully reports on these happenings as if they were genuine and worthy. The latest from them (January 21st) refers to the ‘Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE): Word of the Lord for 2010.’ Wow – the title sounds grand, eh? What a pity they are fakes.

The editor of the Elijah List said “This word was compiled by the prophetic members of ACPE” I would prefer to call them ‘pathetic elders of ACPE’; these self-styled elders claim their prophecies are “the new word of the Lord for 2010.” The editor says “I’ve been at the ACPE meetings a number of times and I can vouch for the intensity of the work this group puts into these meetings”. I’ll bet they do! After all, they make money from their pronouncements.

Main ‘elders’ include the heretic C Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs. The editor says “I like to get as much of my own revelation before I get revelation from others.” They all vie with each other to give out the latest revelation from ‘God’. They are liars and deceivers. God does not give continual prophecies to mankind.

The main reason for the so-called ‘prophecies’ is not just the status it brings to these ‘elders’ who are revered by their followers. It is about money. To receive what God said for 2010, all you need do is send for the CD’s or the downloads of the conference! The costs range from $70 to $90 (give or take a cent), and I have no doubt thousands of gullible and badly taught Christians will eagerly order them. Nice money-maker! But, I don’t recollect any true prophet in scripture charging for what God says to the churches.

Another get-rich scheme attached to charismatics is the International Miracle Institute. (Yes, it can get worse!). 1801 students graduated in 2009. That’s 1801 students with no brain and plenty of money to give out to charlatans. They have been taught how to ‘get’ miracles whenever they like, from a subservient ‘god’ who is only too pleased to submit to their demands.

Oh yes – nearly forgot… Elijah List also has its ‘Message of the Month Club’. Subscribers receive a special message of prophecy from God. The claim is: “become the doorway for the supernatural to flow through!. They’ve got that bit right – occultism is rife in charismatic circles! The Elijah List staff “hand-pick two of the best prophetic messages” and send them on!! (Some may remember en ex-staff member who told us the Elijah List collects so-called ‘prophecies’ for years and issues them when they think the time is right!!)

So, they ‘hand-pick’ the ‘best’ on offer from ‘God’. I am so glad they are there to moderate what ‘God’ sends out, and when!! And, of course – you have to pay fees to join. True charismatics are not just wicked, they are painfully gullible… and, it seems, poor! They might find it cheaper to become Roman Catholics.

New Darwin Film

The new film, ‘Creation’ suggests Darwin had a crisis of faith and finally went over to the ‘dark side’ with his theory. But this is not quite the case. Typically of his time, he pondered whether to go into the military but decided on the other favourite – the Anglican priesthood. His earlier ‘faith’ was not genuine Christian faith, because he moved from Anglicanism into the religion of his mother – Unitarianism… which is not really religious but philosophical.

It is in the interests of evolutionists and other atheists to portray ‘sense’ and ‘science’ winning over belief. But, it did not happen with Darwin. Even on his voyage on the Beagle he had strong Christian mentorship from the captain. But, he lost all vestige of religion on his trip. Not because the science was greater, but because he was an unsaved man using humanistic logic.

Darwin later got ‘treated’ with an opiate-derivative and ‘water therapy’ for what appears to have been a psychosomatic illness, but we can expect this kind of mental imbalance in anyone who ditches the idea of God and deliberately publishes works that oppose the Creator of the universe.

So, Darwin did not throw aside his faith because of traumas in his personal life, nor did he do so because his scientific discoveries ‘disproved’ God. He did not have faith to begin with, but the usual religiosity found in people of that time. Indeed, the evolutionary views he espoused and which overshadowed science, and still do, are NOT ‘science’ per se. He observed certain phenomena and then he gave his interpretation of what he saw.

As with ALL science, this was influenced by his presuppositions, not by the facts before him. (I touch on this in my MA dissertation). Ever since that time, scientists have used his interpretations and not actual observational facts, to prop-up an hypothesis that has not even made it to first-base as a theory!

Prefer Bed to Work?

It is surprising just how many people who call themselves Christian stay in bed until late every day, even if it means they can’t work, or get on with Christian service. This futile non-activity can affect boys and girls, but mainly boys. They should bear in mind the warning in Proverbs 20:13, “Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, (and) thou shalt be satisfied with bread.”

In other words, get out of bed you lazy good-for-nothing, and work for a living! God does not commend anyone who prefers to stay in bed. Some have to stay in bed because if their condition, but a healthy youngster is expected by God to DO something! Quite often the same ones who stay in bed all day, also stay up all night messing about with Playstations, or something equally useless.

Some Christians say they have no motive to get up. In which case they are not really believers to start with! At the very least every Christian must make time to pray, study God’s word, meditate, and give service to God. They must be ready to help those in need, or who require help in any practical way. They should be up early to do these things, to exercise, to show willingness to work.

Some lose their job because they cannot be bothered to get up in the morning – then let them starve… that is what God says! If they have parents, they should not help them to be lazy. And if the lazy Christian refuses to listen, then he is dishonouring his parents. So, he can’t win any argument!

Another Evil From Greenism

Green ideas about climate cause many rows and severe societal arguments. They are being used by governments to tax and enslave us. Now, a message purportedly from Bin Laden, has been issued, blaming the USA for climate change. Of course, Bin Laden cares nothing about climate; his real aim is to destabilise relations with the USA. But, he is using useless and fraudulent climate change theories to fuel hatred towards the USA, thus creating unrest again amongst Muslims. This is yet another reason why we must work quickly to stop greens and climateers in their tracks.

More Proof of Fakery at IPCC

Four revelations about the IPCC have emerged in recent weeks. One is that a major part of the 2007 IPCC report featured the rapidly melting glaciers of the Himalayas. We now know it was fraudulent!

Another revelation has just come out – that the other major element in the report, about deforestation in the Amazon, was also a fraud! These revelations are now coming thick and fast, yet foolish Christians are clinging to green theories as if they were gold!

As I ask in my Canada Free Press (CFP) column – how many Climategates must be exposed before the whole green movement collapses? For people, especially Christians, to keep believing in green ideas when ALL their claims have been debunked and shown to be fraudulent, is amazing. It is also an indication of their state of mind, and their scriptural understanding.

“Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.” (Ex 23:7)

Today, I have details of a third new revelation that blasts greens out of the water! That’s three in the last week alone! For more details of these go to my column in CFP. If Christians continue to support this absolute garbage, we should really question their relationship to Christ. It is not that it is a test of orthodoxy – it is because they insist on following a godless movement even when it is proved to be lying, cheating and fraudulent; if they prefer that to truth, then are they truly saved to begin with?

Stop Press: Today, a report has come out saying the IPCC surface measurements used to predict long-range global warming is all a fraud! I won’t bore you with the details – just go to my CFP column!

Our Worthless Leaders

The people keep on voting for MPs and MEPs, whose only aim, it seems, is to rip off those who vote for them! MEPs have now voted themselves an extra Euros1500 a month in ‘allowances’! They also voted to give their assistants more money. And all already earn huge salaries anyway, such is their greed. Yet, in 2008 alone, MEPs logged-in a staggering 54,000 ‘sick days’.

And because no-one bothered to stand up against the Lisbon treaty, the EU has opened 54 embassies around the world… the cost to the taxpayer will be phenomenal! MEPs get £360,000 salary a year. How much will an EU ambassador, a fake leader, get?

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