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Hatred for God

Hatred for God need not show as outright public displays, or as obviously hateful language. It can also come as devious heresy.

I came across a nasty example a few days ago, when someone attempted to subvert my ministry and a ministry co-worker with blasphemous material. There was too much to relate here, but some issues were to do with Paul… who the heretic called a lying criminal.

The idea is to denigrate genuine Christianity by saying that Paul appropriated the Gospel for his own ends. The detractors even suggest he made a lot of money from it! They also say he twisted the Gospel and taught things Christ did not say. Be aware – all of this is Roman counter-reformation thinking! It is put out by those in Rome who conduct the secret and continuous onslaught against God and Christians, and by accusers.

The same sad individuals also attack Calvinism. Whilst I am not a Calvinist but believe his answers to Arminius (the famed ‘Five Points’) are spot-on, and so believe them, I do so because they are scriptural, not because they come from Calvin.

Attacks on Calvinism, though, are Romanist, because Rome is humanistic and Arminian; Rome initiated Arminianism, and Rome is behind Dispensationalism!

Only those who hate God’s salvation will go to these lengths to destroy genuine Christian witness. Many can be duped by a particular fresh deception. When they allow it to keep them entranced however, they become blind heretics. But, when they then go on to accumulate many heresies and then proceed to teach it to others, they become God-haters, and an anathema, blasphemers.

Paul was central to Jewish hatred of Christ and His gospel. He was a leading Pharisee, and was given the task of heading a death-squad, hunting down Christians. So, he was not just an onlooker, as our deceiving friends say he was (they got their material third-hand anyway, by looking at anti-God websites and by shallow ‘research’).

Paul was saved in the most spectacular way, because of his Jewish position and work. After he was converted he was sent by the church at Jerusalem as an envoy, to spearhead the Gospel in Asia Minor and farther fields. Thus, he had the support and authority of the whole Church, bearing in mind that Jerusalem was also the central home of all the Apostles. Do you think they would have sent him out if he had been subversive, and wanted to help himself to glory and money? Please – do not be so silly!

After travelling several years he returned to Jerusalem to report back. Reports on his progress were sent to Jerusalem before he arrived. Don’t you think his schemes would have been revealed if they were moves to take over with his own wickedness? Do not underestimate the intelligence James and the others had of Paul’s journeys!

And as for Paul teaching something different… he taught openly, and the Jerusalem core of Apostles knew what he taught. Don’t you think they would have not just stopped him, but put out an all-embracing alert to shun him, if he was a rogue? And don’t you think disciples would have openly rebelled when he sent his letters to the churches?

Paul merely applied the Gospel in a theological way. Everything he taught can be found in what Christ taught. But, God-haters will not see that.

The wicked folks who tried to subvert my fellow Christian are in serious trouble. They knew the truth and rejected it, in favour of internet cronies who spread evil and anti-God material. Their fate is sealed if they do not repent. Hell is assured for all who teach abominations. And the Paul they also hate says that what they teach is ‘another gospel’, and that is anathema. God help them, for they are digging themselves into a fiery pit and try to bring others down with them.

Thank God my fellow Christian is intelligent and knows his scriptures. But, many can be fooled by this kind of wicked tainting of God’s word and His servants.

Should we pray for the souls of the wicked? God says we should not give help to those who hate Him. We may pray for their repentance, but, meanwhile, they must be shunned, because, right now, they are blind heretics who are trying to spread heresy and evil against God. Remember this: God does not just hate what people say against Him, He hates the people themselves. We do not have that authority, but we can at least shun those responsible for spreading lies, until, and if, they repent. Until then, they follow Satan.

Whether we follow environmental bad science with a desire to eradicate Christians, or side with homosexuals, or with false religions or sects, God warns us against it:

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” (Psalm 1)

We have no place supporting what is sin, whether by our silence or by our active support! Rather, our “delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night”.

Who, then, do you side with? Who are your friends? Be careful not to incur the wrath of God, or, worse, His rejection of you in this life, when He will just leave you bereft of His presence, so that you will know only what the world has to offer, to your shame and injury.

Church Going Backwards

Another gem from the Elijah List!! This time it is the Passover…

Charismatics often revert to Judaistic rites and words. One favourite is to greet people with ‘Shalowm’. I suppose saying ‘hello’ doesn’t sound holy enough!

There is no virtue in speaking in another language in the pursuit of holiness. Nor is there any virtue, or any sense, in repeating Jewish rites and traditions as if they meant anything for Christian life.

Yet, in March this year, charismatics will meet to celebrate something ‘modernised’ by Christ – the Passover. The Passover was symbolic of what Christ was coming to do. Well, maybe charismatics haven’t heard about it yet, but Christ actually came to this earth 2000 years ago, died and rose again! That is why we take part in the remembrance of Him in communion (the Lord’s supper).

Communion is one of only two practices or ordinances Christians have to keep. The other one is baptism. So, where does Passover come into it? It doesn’t.

The false prophet who thought this one up said “For some time the Lord has spoken to me about the importance of seeing a remnant brought together to declare a shift in the timing of the church, that will bring us back into sync with the power of the blood and deliverance.”

Now, I want you to read that again and tell me what on earth it means? No, don’t bother – it is totally meaningless!

The same false prophet said “The word of God revolves around the Feasts, and remembrance of these physical events causes us to understand the significance of what came and what is to come.” Eh? Another bit of gobbledygook! Totally meaningless and very unscriptural. The ‘prophet’ even wrote “word” with a capital W… “Word”! That is, Jesus Christ - the only time ‘Word’ is written with a capital ‘W’. But, in his ignorance, the ‘prophet’ used it wrongly. At any rate, the word of God does NOT revolve around the Feasts of Israel!

The ‘prophet’ carries on in his ridiculous homily, by saying that “we can honour the Father by remembering Him and receiving from Him at these appointed times.” God does not return the favour when we keep traditions and rites meant only for the Jews! They were only ‘appointed’ before Christ. Today, we ‘receive’ nothing from God for keeping these feasts, because they don’t honour Him – they dishonour Him by repeating what Christ took away.

Reader, If you have been caught up in this pseudo-Jewish way of thinking, then drop it immediately. We now have the New Testament, the new promises of God, in Jesus Christ. To go back in time to the Old, and to maintain that it honours God, is sinful and wicked. Christ did not come to reinforce Jewish rites, but to give us salvation through His blood, in faith.

And please, don’t greet me with ‘shalowm’! (Unless you really mean it and know what it actually interprets as!!).

More from Elijah List!

This time the Elijah List asks: “Is seeing the Spirit for you? Discover the seer in you!” How embarrassing this is, and how deceived are people who actually listen to this nonsense, given out by James Gnoll.

Gnoll says “Some seem to be ‘born with a full-blown gift”. Don’t overlook what this implies: that some are filled with the Spirit from birth, thus putting themselves on par with John the Baptist! Gnoll mentions Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson as examples.

Gnoll speaks of being ‘extra sensitive’ – an expression found amongst mediums and other psychics. He says the “seer realm unfolded over time” in him, and “I found the Lord giving me both internal and external visions. Dreams were multiplied and became a regular tool in which the Lord would speak to me.” This is typical of psychic phenomena, not of genuine godly activity.

He said “being around the culture of the seer, hanging out with gifted people, enhanced my own hunger, gift and calling.” This is just reinforcement of a delusion.

He adds: “Remember, you too can move in visions and dreams – it is your rightful inheritance as a believer in Christ Jesus.” But, he does not give scripture to prove his claim!

The idea that we can demand things from God comes to the fore as usual: “You can be a candidate for horama visions (which he defines as waking dreams). Just tell the Lord of your desire to be a person who receives the spirit of revelation and sees visions. It is there for the asking!” If it were so, God would tell us in His word, not through money-grabbing ‘seers’ like Gnoll.

It is easy to see how gullible and superficial Christians could be captured by this kind of talk. But, it is just an illusion, a deception put out by false prophets who are pushed into service by Satan. 

Bank At It Again!

The UK government is trying to convince the people they have come out of the recession. Yet, the UK is heading for a huge financial crisis as debts cripple almost everyone, thanks to socialist policies.

Yet, the Royal Bank of Scotland, its bosses as arrogant as ever, are defending their decision to hand out a staggering £1.3 billion in bonuses!!! The RBS was given huge bail-out money from our taxes, but it deems it okay to give these foul payments for making a mess of the bank and the economy… give the bank £45 billion in bail-outs and then it hands out £1.3 billion in bonuses! No sane man can accept that, especially as the RBS made a £7 billion loss! I can guarantee that those ‘salesmen’ they employ who do not hit their target will be demoted, paid less or even sacked, whereas a top boss will not just continue in his job – he will be promoted, and get a huge bonus! It cannot get more insulting.

Atchoo, Atchoo!

We’ve said it before and certainly voice it to friends – the ‘cleaner’ we get the worse becomes our health!

A report in the Daily Express (8th Feb) says “Obsession with cleanliness has made 15 million victims, costing the NHS £1 billion”.

Every day on TV we see ads telling women to ‘protect’ their families by using this or that spray or polish or some other chemical bodyguard against everything from colds to the black plague! I was watching one the other night, where a mother neurotically sprays a hand-rail after one of her family sneezes on it and before a son or daughter goes to put their hand on it. In another ad a child picks a bit of jam off the table, but after the mum cleans it with an anti-virus compound.

Please – get a grip!! It only makes things worse! When we sneeze, viruses are immediately spread over a wide area. One sneeze can bring an entire train carriage, restaurant, bus or room, down with whatever the virus is. You can spray and polish as much as you like – it won’t do anything. You might clean the bit you touched, but not the air or all the other objects nearby. In other words, you are paying out good money for something that is almost useless.

When I was a student nurse I was taught the ‘aseptic technique’ and wore gloves to clean wounds, then a new pair to dress them. All items were sanitised by being pre-packed in hyper-clean conditions, and equipment was steamed until germs dropped dead! But, soon after I qualified I realised it was all a farce (except for theatres). I just took normal precautions: washed my hands, touched things as little as possible, etc. Why? Because, as soon as I opened a wound pack the contents came into contact with the air, that contained all manner of naughty things.

And when I was a child I got muddy and dirty. I got scratches and cuts. There were no magic potions then. Just soapy water and salt! No problem. But today, with so many things available, people are no longer in contact with real life, and so they either fall to every virus that hits them, or they become allergic to all those chemicals. So, go on – live a little. Let the germs touch you. You’ll ultimately feel a lot better!

Immigration Must Be Stopped

The USA is plagued by socialist approval of illegal immigrants, who flood the country from Mexico. They take jobs, increase violent and other crimes, and generally run down the economy. But, the same has happened in the UK… and not just because of illegals.

It has been reported (Daily Express, 8th Feb) that immigrants have taken 1.3 million jobs from UK people, at a time when many are being made jobless.

Immigrants know they can get free money and help. They immediately apply for national insurance numbers. Once they have these, they can apply for every benefit available, including pensions! Yet, the government will not halt immigration.

As I have said before, this has nothing to do with racism. It is just fair play for home-born people who pay taxes and get nothing, while people who enter the country can get everything without ever giving anything back. This is a massive drain on the UK economy. It is also a powder-keg that will one day blow up in our faces, as UK citizens retaliate. This is not my wish, it is just what we can observe happening in society.

It does not matter what country immigrants come from. If they cannot speak English, have no wish to integrate, actively oppose Britain, bring in their relatives, and just take from us, well… they must be stopped.

It has been well-said that a Briton could never get away with these things abroad. They would not be allowed entrance, or they would be kicked back to Blighty. The other sad fact, and it is alarming, is that Muslims are trying to increase their birth rates so that Muslims outrun the indigenous population. This they will do within a decade or two. The intention is to make Britain a Muslim state by voting for their own Muslim MPs, and by insisting on Sharia law or other Muslim prerogatives. The warnings are all there.

Why I Oppose…

I know, and have known for many years, that many hate what I do and say. Some were close friends. Others are acquaintances. And many avoid me when they can! Why?

Because I will speak out publicly. What they never ask is WHY I speak out. That’s because they don’t really care, about either the issues or my own well-being. It is my view that if these folks, purporting to be brethren, truly believed, they would contact me and try to reason. But, they will not do that, because they really do not care! And, because they know I will give a very good answer.

When do I speak out publicly? I do it when the issue is very important, if not vital. Take the examples of socialism and homosexuality. If adherents to these movements kept quiet and merely lived as they wished, there would be little for me to say. Yes, I might say they are not acceptable to Christians, but I would not have maintained years of opposition in public. So, why oppose them in public? I do it in public because they are public movements.

Anyone can believe whatever they wish. It is up to them. Even if what they believe is immoral or bad for those who join them. In the case of homosexuals, their lifestyles are ultra-sinful and lead to death. In the case of socialism, their beliefs lead to humanism, atheism and a disregard for God and His people. That is up to them.

But, when these movements impinge on my life, and start to produce laws to force me to comply with them… that is when I will stand and oppose! Both movements are evil. Both are immoral. Both are atheistic. But what forces me to oppose publicly, is the way they are taking us down a route of their own choosing; they invent laws to force us to go along with them; they hate Christians and target us for not accepting what they say; as movements they do immense harm to all the people. That is why I MUST oppose!

It is my view that when Christians do not stand to voice the same concern or opposition, they harm the cause of God, the Church, and society in general. By their silence, they stand with sinners and help propagate their evils. By, instead, opposing those like me who stand against the evils, they show contempt for their brethren and love for hatred and wickedness.

So, that is why I oppose some things publicly. Paul, talking about Peter, said “I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed” (Gal.2:11). Paul did this publicly, in front of everyone else (verse 14). He demanded to know of Peter, why he compelled Gentiles to live as Jews… exactly why I oppose wickedness made public, IN PUBLIC.

As for Christians who walk comfortably with members of both the movements I have mentioned: they do so sinfully, for both of them hate Christ! We may not be unequally yoked… what agreement is there between Christ and Belial? We must “come out from among them”. There is NO EXCUSE when Christians walk alongside these vile sinners, whose lives are filled with godlessness.

I attempt to live by God’s word, and will oppose publicly anything that harms the Name of Christ or God’s people. Whose word do YOU stand by? And if you think I’m wrong, you are most welcome to show me how and why. Let us ALL stand against evil and show this wicked world what Christians should be like! I challenge you.

UN and Internet

Much concern is flying around the internet, that the UN intends to completely stop what we now accept as the internet, and will replace it with its own version, from scratch. It seems only those accepted by the UN and its socialist charter will be allowed to have any kind of internet presence.

The idea is to have total control over everything, from a Marxist-Fascist angle, by issuing special certificates. (See my article on this, Canada Free Press). This is a very good way to get rid of the last bastion of free speech. Let’s all watch for this coming new Berlin Wall. Other moves of a similar nature are being planned by Obama in the USA. So, if you don’t speak out now, you may never will.

Labour’s Secret Win

An excellent article in the Daily express tells us why Labour succeeded in the last election, and probably why it won the first one. If it wins the next one, this year, we will know why…

Labour has been allowing immigrants into the UK in large numbers, even though most of them end up claiming benefits. Know why? Because over 80% of immigrants vote Labour – because Labour gives them everything, including National Insurance numbers, which entitle them to many other things we usually have to work hard for, like pensions! By flooding the country with people who have no work, no prospects, and large families, Labour ensures they get almost all their votes! 

Another voting block that usually votes Labour is the massive public services sector. Because they rely on government to pay them they vote Labour! And as the government is the largest employer, it gets the votes.

This is why the writer of the article said “The system is rigged against the Tories” and, as he said in the title, “Labour could field a donkey and still get 30% of the vote” - no matter what happens it will always get that 30%. Others have to start afresh from zero.

Another factor is that Labour tends to have MPs in large cities and towns, whereas Tories usually have their seats in rural and more spread-out areas. So, Labour gets in simply by having seats in large conurbations with bigger numbers of voters. To me, this is secret politics. Labour does not deserve to be in government.

Indeed, none of the three major parties should be voted for, because all are moving towards socialism and immorality. Their illicit and vile exploitation of the expenses system is only the tip of the iceberg.

Gordon Brown: Note how he is screaming his innocence over bullying his staff? What nonsense! Many months ago I reported that his staff called him ‘Stalin’ because of his dictatorial ways. Also, lately, he forced London borough councils to back down when they complained about his proposals for elderly care (where he wants to take £20,000 from the estate of those who die in a home). Like Blair before him, Brown is a dictator, a totalitarian, and a Marxist. He doesn’t just bully his staff – he bullies the whole country.

On Politics

For reasons I cannot tie-in with scripture, some Christians think they should not ‘get involved’ in politics. What a blinkered and foolish view to hold.

Everything is governed by politics, including morality and social norms. When Christians say and do nothing, it allows wicked men to just carry on, and even attack Christians and the Gospel.

All the Patriarchs were involved in politics; Joseph was the president of Egypt; Moses ran a whole nation for forty years; Daniel was another president; Jesus spoke against the rulers of the day; Calvin and Luther risked life and limb by being involved in politics… Christians MUST do what they can to retain freedom to think and preach! And that is done through politics.

Another definite ‘no-no’ is for any preacher or ministry to advise on who to vote for. That is another foolishness!

At the risk of repeating myself – Christians ought to seriously consider NOT voting for any of the three main parties in the UK. ALL of them are set to give even more evil legal freedoms to homosexuals and others who destroy society and demand the silencing of Christians and the pushing of sin.

Indeed, as we have seen with Cameron, who will give homosexuals even more radical laws, leaders do not care what voters say, and do not listen to objections. Though the number of Christians is far greater than the alleged number of homosexuals, Cameron is more than pleased to give gays whatever they want, whilst disenfranchising Christians. In itself that is perverse.

Labour is just socialist and becoming more Marxist as time goes on. The Liberal Democrats… I know the person with responsibility for moral, art and social issues, and he is blatantly immoral in his views and actions, and hates Christianity.

My view is this: vote-out all three main parties. Vote-in a party that is new, because it will fear the voters and perhaps toe the line, as representatives of the people instead of managers, greedy and destitute of morality. It would be far easier to make demands of a lesser party than of the three main parties, who clearly think they are above approach and voter influence.

At stake are Christian freedoms. If any of the big parties get in to power, gays will go on to ensure our lives are thrust down a dark pit, attacked by laws and by society, and overcome by filth in the media. It is up to you. We are indeed heading for the end times… but that is not an excuse for limp-wristed, spineless Christians to just stand by and even vote for wicked politicians who do what they like and loathe the very name of God.

In the USA, bus-loads of homosexuals are travelling around all the Christian colleges, specifically to intimidate and attack them if they refuse to accept their speakers on campus and do not allow the teaching of homosexuality. This is exactly like the way Hitler’s brown-shirts travelled around Germany with base-ball bats to terrorise all who refused to accept the Nazi party. When will the world finally tell the homosexuals to shut up and get back behind closed doors?


The Labour Party stridently warned the nation that it WILL press schools to teach homosexuality by next year! They will NOT ‘get out of it’ they said. In this way the nation as a whole is told to shut up and be silent… they will teach our kids evil from their earliest years. Scripture says we must obey governments IF they do what is right. We may NOT obey if they teach us to do wicked things. So, what will YOU do when they start to teach your children about homosexuality? We are now at a cross-roads, and you must either stand for Christ, or fall to sin.

We are seeing the natural result of allowing our so-called ‘representatives’ to rule us as masters. That is why it is vital to get rid of the main parties altogether and remind the rest that they are there to do our bidding, not their own.

Remember, too, that David Cameron is set to do much worse than Labour if he gets in: the homosexual agenda will then be built up to greater evils… and it is the voters who will be responsible.

The Anger of God

As some of you saw in the Bible study, on Mark 3, Jesus became very angry with the people for their hardness of heart. He displayed outward anger at times, too. And so should we. Not personal anger, but righteous anger at those who are wicked and who blaspheme God’s word. No true Christian can just sit back and allow blasphemy to go either unchallenged or unrebuked.

There are times when I (and those in similar ministries) am charged with being unloving or harsh, etc., when I oppose blasphemous people or ‘ministries’. You may not realise it, but it does not matter how many times I am accused of this, I always check myself and what I have said. Mostly, they are wrong: they just do not like what is said about their favourite blasphemer!

On the other hand, after so many years facing these wicked men and women I admit to being rather cynical. For this reason I try to hold back and be as objective as possible. This is not always possible, though, because rebuke must be made. As far as possible, too, I try not to use personalised arguments, except perhaps as illustrations. Again, this is not always possible.

It is very easy for Christians who do not execute this kind of ministry (or any ministry at all) to be armchair critics. Every day I am bombarded with blasphemous claims and evil statements. Unless the reader has been doing this for many years, there is no way he can understand what this is like. All I ask is that the reader who wishes to be critical cuts a little slack! The road I travel is very hard and many wish to see me removed from the public domain. Yes, at times, I can become personally angry, but this is rare. I will, however, become very angry when I am faced with deliberate blasphemy, and I will never tolerate it. To me, this is part of my ministry and calling.

Look hard at the kinds of things you see or hear, and wonder if you, too, should not be righteously angry, and should speak out.

The man behind the New Zealand Protestant newsletter is also accused at times of the same charges! The last time was because he took a cleric to task, for teaching homosexuality is okay, people who believe in other religions can take communion, and the virgin birth is not true! Yet, the editor’s anger is a righteous anger, at someone who uses the pulpit for wicked ends. It is a sadness that those who call themselves ‘Christian’ cannot see the need for such anger, but are very willing to accuse those who rightly express it, as harsh or unloving!

Bournemouth Outraged – So What Will They Do?

The people of Bournemouth are outraged by a foreign website that lists about 50 places where homosexuals can solicit youngsters in the town! From the letters and comments it is obvious the people have no idea what is going on and that government and councils are keeping their gay affiliations quiet.

If residents think the website is awful, they should remember it is Labour and now Conservatives who make laws protecting and promoting homosexuality! The answer is to vote them out, but also to keep up pressure via newspapers, radio and TV. Which they won’t.

Latest – Sex Education

It seems the government is relenting of certain clauses in its soon to be unleashed sex education demands on schools. Of course, homosexuals hate it and say that excluding homosexuality from some schools will lead to ‘prejudice’ being taught.

What nonsense! Is it ‘prejudice’ to want decency, morality and goodness? Is it ‘prejudice’ not to want kids to be taught how to enter a dark world of filth, immorality and fatal diseases? Of course not! The prejudice is on the part of gays, who hate Christians and loathe any kind of decency and morality. 

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