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Tyranny of Today’s Art

When I first went into art in the early 1960s my art was whatever I wished to do. I tended to veer towards the Impressionist school, but otherwise I did what my artistic wishes dictated. And I loved my life.

As an artist I realised that art was to do with an inner talent, not just an outward training in college, though I had both. College only sharpened any skills I had.

I spent many hours honing my drawing skills and my courses spent much time teaching me how to apply colours, mix them, and generally use them properly. Unless you had these basic skills, you couldn’t diversify into any area of art.

I was 16 when I first started to sell artwork, and from that time I sold everything I did, starting with friends and working outwards to ‘proper’ buyers! To earn some money I began to do work for local printers, and in those days it was not easy! There were no computers, so I had to be perfect in my art and have age-old drawing and painting skills.

As a full-time artist and designer I did my own thing, in both England and Wales. Whether it was furniture, interiors, resin products, modular homes, or painting and sculpting, I did whatever my talent and wishes required. And I enjoyed the art community I belonged to, because fellow artists spark off each other. And so I did anything that took my fancy, from painting the names on boats, to scenery for theatres, to making jewelry, sculptures, paintings, printers’ graphics…

Then, artists were artists. They had talent and were excellent draughtsmen. One could always tell the difference between one who was merely a technician and one who was a genuine artist.

Today, those who call themselves artists cannot even draw! This amazes me. You might be tired of hearing about socialism, but modern art is a product of socialistic principles, humanism. In previous centuries artists mainly honoured God with their talents, or, at any rate, did not use them for bad. Today, artists have no qualms producing sloppy or disgusting work, some of it vile or even pornographic, or violently ‘sick’.

Exhibitions rely now not on talent but on being different, because this is how big-time buyers want it; Saatchi being the most prominent. And his choices are often weird and very humanistic.

Because of his kind of influence, good artists are pushed aside in favour of the different. Genuine talent is scoffed at as being old-fashioned. Yet, this kind of talent is what art has thrived on for millennia! Nowadays an artist is expected to be foul, dishonouring to God, and generally the servant of socialistic buyers, who dictate what artists do. This is nothing but tyranny! It is not art, nor does it bring about good art or produce good artists.

A good artist has natural talent, a talent given by God. He will learn his craft as a draughtsman and colourist, knowing how to do the very best. Whatever else he does, all will rest on the development of this inward talent, well-honed draughtsmanship and colourism. To rely only on being different is folly, for he will always be at the mercy of buyers. He should work on what he wants to do, rather than on what buyers want. Only then can he develop as an experienced and talented artist.

All artists produce 90% rubbish, which they throw away or paint over! Only a percentage of their work will be good enough. But, if they don’t know how to discern what is good from bad, by learning their basic craft, they will be unable to know what to do. The good artist must honour God with skill and inward thoughts. His work must never be foul or vile. He must not be socialistic in output, but must be true to his God-given talent.

Looking back I would not go again into commercial work, because it is driven by deadlines and other people’s expectations. Many go into commercial art thinking it is exciting, but really it is just boring, because few can do anything they really want to do. They are always at the mercy of buyers.

There is a great inner joy in producing genuine art for its own sake. When an artist produces work that is good, he is transported in his mind and heart to a wonderful place of contentment and happiness. This is why he mist firstly learn his craft and only do what he wishes to do. Commercial art does not allow this to happen, so the artist slowly loses his edge and real talent. He might become sought after as a commercial success, but his art will suffer and he will not be able to do what his heart desires. That is why it is tyranny.

Brown Delusion

Well, it is either a delusion, or a deliberate lie, but Gordon Brown has ‘promised’ to continue as leader even if he is not returned to the PM’s office.

He said he “owes it to the people” to “finish the work” he started of “taking this country out of the most difficult financial recession”. In other words, the man who engineered financial collapse, added billions to the national debt, bailed out greedy bankers, and gave freedom to MPs to milk us dry, now wants to reverse the damage he has done! Not bad! But, I would still prefer to see a complete novice at the helm, if it means getting rid of all three main parties.

Cameron – another email was sent by us to David Cameron, asking him bluntly if he intends continuing to force more laws and policies in favour of gays. We pointed out that any such laws automatically harm Christians and others of religion. Similar emails have been sent to other main parties. It is extremely important because no Christian should vote for a party that intends such harm. In the world today I cannot think of many groups more hateful towards Christians than homosexuals.

Crazy Men Let Free

That’s what people usually call schizophrenics – crazy. But, from what I know of them, they are not crazy; especially those who are violent. They are calculated and vicious; simple as that. Psychiatry does immense harm to society with its multitude of theories about human nature. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard the idea that people cannot be ‘that evil’ – they must be disturbed or mentally ill.

Evidently, they don’t come across evil men, or they have been duped by theories! A violent schizophrenic (let’s use the psychiatric label for now) beat a man so badly he needed reconstructive surgery. A few months later he was free to be on the streets, and he stabbed a young father to death at a party.

The killer, Colin Walsh, had a history of crack abuse and had a string of offences involving violence. When he killed his latest victim he said he had heard voices that told him to kill. Very convenient!

Let me put it this way – even if a man heard voices, he still has a conscience. And if he has no conscience, it proves how evil he is. Either way he should never have been let out, ever. It does not matter if his head was messed by drugs, either – it was his own fault. If I had the time and patience I would watch to see when he was let out again, because that is just how stupid and sinful the authorities are.

Bulger Killer

The killers of James Bulger are now young men. One of them has committed serious offences and is again in prison. All of this is open to much debate, but what I want to point out is a government minister openly said that such killers are “not evil at birth”.

In this we find an excuse for people who do the most heinous things. All people are sinful at birth. And I must admit I am certain that some are destined to pure evil, to be the most wicked of men on earth.

What the legal and justice system cannot grasp is this simple fact – that men and women, and even youngsters, are evil because they are! They don’t need circumstances or upbringing or any other factor to ‘make’ them go bad… it is already inside their hearts. It is where all evil comes from. It is about time everyone recognised it.

Government Gets Away With it

The Advertising Standards Authority supposedly ‘investigated’ the government’s environmental ads. After a few months all it could come up with were mild objections to two of them. This will make no difference to the government, who is already showing different ads anyway!

I told the ASA that it would not come down fairly against the government but would take its side. And that is exactly what happened! Having looked at those consulted by the ASA to give ‘expert’ opinion – guess who they asked? Yes, the government, and pro-government agencies. This was no ‘investigation’ – it was a pro-government exercise to silence critics.

Another nonsense is that the ASA continues to say there is a ‘consensus’ that humans cause CO2 damage to climate, and that was a major reason why it accepts green arguments! Yet, a ‘consensus’ is only propaganda! There are no known numbers of pro-green scientists, and none for anti-green scientists, so how can anyone claim a ‘consensus’?

Once again, government and greens have got away with it. And this is made possible because governments around the world strangle the media and love taxes, and foolish people hang on to their propaganda.

So, the UK government will now push on regardless and tax us heavily on the basis of a fake consensus.

And, when they have done that, along will come more green taxes from the EU… aren’t we a fortunate nation?

HIV Double-Talk

Double-talk and propaganda are winning all arguments over the past two decades. In the case of HIV, we are now told BY GAYS of course, that HIV numbers are rising because of anti-gay laws!!

In every country that gave freedom to gays there has been a sharp rise in HIV. Over half of all cases are homosexual.

But, even without facts like that, to say HIV is caused by a non-existent law is absurd. HIV is ‘caused’ by those who practice illicit sex, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. Homosexuals are completely to blame for the start of HIV and AIDS, but everyone else is adding to their wickedness, through promiscuity, drug taking, sharing needles, and so on, and by sympathy for gays. 

The cause is, then, sin. The ONLY answer is no sex until marriage and no extra-marital sex. Simple as that. But, no-one will push morality as the answer, though it is as glaringly obvious as the nose on your face!

As far as laws are concerned, we need to scrap all pro-gay laws. Let these people do what they wish – because that is what they do anyway – and let them suffer the consequences.

At the same time let society shun them, for being immoral and ungodly. But, give the death sentence to anyone who deliberately passes on HIV through sex without advising those they sleep with. Imagine these measures being taken? The trouble is, no society is so free-minded and moral!

More Gay News

I am always amazed by those who believe homosexuality is natural and ‘cool’. It is a life choice filled with death and disease, so how can it be cool, healthy or natural? It is impossible. Latest news is a rapid increase in throat cancers amongst homosexuals, all of whom indulge in oral sex. The activity spreads sexual diseases (because of promiscuity) and induces cancer.

Who pays for this sexual immorality? We do! Though disease is rampant amongst homosexuals (including women) no-one says so. It is about time the public knew the truth about homosexuality and what it means. That is, if we could get past the legal chains put on society by homosexuals, who call any form of criticism or discussion ‘hate speech’!

Obama Dictatorship

Obama got his way and brought in the new healthcare bill. He did it by rejecting the Constitution, ignoring the people, and imposing his will. It will cost the Americans several trillion a year to implement, through heavy taxation and enforced insurances.

Legal groups are poised to take Obama to court over it, because he completely bypassed the legal and Congressional procedure. But, any man who can do that will get away with it! Obama doesn’t care less. After all, he has got away with being president, despite the fact that there is no shred of evidence he is entitled to be there but plenty of evidence to show he is a fake.

That’s not all. The USA will be holding important elections later this year, and this is why Obama now wants to give ‘amnesty’ to 14 million illegal immigrants. This will give them voting rights and access to state benefits, jobs, healthcare, education, etc, and guess who they will vote for? Yes – the Democrats and Obama who gave it to them!! This is a repeat of Gordon Brown’s allowing in so many immigrants to the UK, 80% of whom always vote for Labour, because they give them cash and benefits!

If I may use a very street-like phrase – this world stinks! Or, rather, it stinks in the hands of socialists, whose only aim is self, power, and money.

By the way, high-placed politicians are playing hard-ball. The UN is gathering momentum in Europe in an effort to offset the way the USA is trying to go it alone, with its own UN military build-up. But, don’t be fooled by it, for the UN is well-advanced in its plans to rule the world. Obama is just another leader to the UN. He will leave the scene, but the UN has been around for a long time and keeps on going, whether or not we want it to!

Budget Lies

As expected, the budget had an eye for the coming election. But, because of the mess Brown has made, it was hardly inspiring!

What we have is a budget based not on genuine economics and finances, but one based on years of socialist lies and deception.

When Labour first came to power over 10 years ago, Brown handed out tax-free incentives to New Wave financiers, who took the country for all they could get and now live luxuriously after leaving banks riddled with their debts.

It is these debts, encouraged by Brown, that caused the banking crisis not so long ago. Same happened in the USA, because both countries were equally stupid and reckless – reckless because they weren’t using their own money, but the hard-earned cash stolen from the public through taxation.

Now, socialists have saddled us with trillions of pounds of debt, they intend taxing us even more. After the election, they intend making £30 BILLION worth of cuts, to add to the huge debts.

Truth is, this is nothing compared to what will happen AFTER the election, when we will be hit in the face with massive debts requiring even more massive taxes in all areas of life. And that doesn’t include the unnecessary ‘green’ hikes in energy costs, or the extra billions we pay the EU just for being members of their fascist club!

Be assured – the EU is poised to tax us all, with Brown’s blessing, for he signed-away our sovereignty, without our permission, to the EU. The consequences have yet to hit home… and they will be enormous.

Do not think the Conservatives will fair any better. They will also be saddled with the results of Labour’s recklessness, and the EU’s inordinate demands. It costs Britain billions every week to stay in the EU, a fascist movement that grew out of Nazi Germany, and which intends to rule us with a rod of iron. The only answer is to get out – but no major party intends doing that, because, as we all know, their politicians love the gravy train!

If Labour get back in they will also add a £19 billion tax bill that will destroy any idea of getting out of the recession. Don’t believe the claims we are fast rising out of recession! The hallmarks of improvement are simply not there! It is all a lie… the UK is flat broke!

After the election, there will also be cuts in transport (and possibly removal of those concession cards many of us rely on, to get around on buses), defence and housing.

Labour us foul – but so are the other two major parties. Yes, there are good MPs in parliament, but not enough to change things. Indeed, they lack the spirit to do so anyway.

Hope for Betrayed Spouses

The laws on divorce (in the UK) were changed a few decades ago, so that blame was no longer an issue. This was a grave error, leaving innocent spouses high and dry, often with crippling debts, without homes, and with children whose lives were altered psychologically (never listen to the claims that children are not harmed by divorce).

A landmark case may change this. A woman who co-signed a remortgage is now free of the debt, because she did not know her husband was having an affair at the time of signing. The judge said this was equal to the husband causing her to sign under ‘undue influence’, because the wife did not know of the affair. It is obvious that she would not have signed if she had known. The ex-husband is now fully responsible for the mortgage repayments. Excellent – hope it hurts!

Too many enter into divorce lightly, or because one has had an affair. I once wrote a TV play that called adultery ‘A kind of murder’, because it destroys the other person totally. It is about time divorce was made very much harder, and that blame is again given.

Free Lightbulbs?

Did you get sent those ‘free’ lightbulbs; those horrible dim lights supposed to be better than ordinary ones? I did, and I wrote to the company telling them I did not ask for them and did not want them. But, it made no difference.

Anyway, it has now emerged that we all paid for the lightbulbs through higher electricity and gas bills! The companies swindled us. Why? So they could comply with government targets to be ‘green’. So, we got sent useless lightbulbs, and we paid for what we did not ask for. In other words, we have unwittingly been spending £45 a year towards environmental plans made by government for energy companies. Do you know how angry that makes me? It should make YOU angry, too. Can we demand our money back?

Obama Arrogance

Obama, like Blair, has the arrogance to think he can sort things out that generations have been unable to do. And he insists everyone complies NOW.

Obama is now trying to force Israel to do what he wants for the area… for no reason except his own arrogance and desire to look good on the world stage.

To do so he follows the hatred of Palestinians, and refuses to listen to the Israeli government. Yet, Obama is a political nobody with no experience at anything!

He is trying to stop Israel building accommodation just for Israeli citizens on its own land in Jerusalem. Who does he think he is? It’s their land. Does he know that in Jerusalem there are ‘no go’ areas where Palestinian thugs attack anyone who isn’t a Palestinian? Why shouldn’t Israelis want to live in violence-free zones in their own country? Obama should not stick his nose in where it isn’t wanted, and in something he has no idea what he is talking about… much like just about everything he deals with.

Body Scanners

The first case of abuse of a body scanner has been recorded at Heathrow, when a worker ogled a female, commenting on her ‘attributes’. The machines take detailed scans, even of genitalia. To me it is rather obvious that this will happen! It won’t be too long before voyeurs apply for jobs using the scanners. To say scanners are now necessary because of terrorism is like saying it is necessary to stop building cars because there are accidents. Scanners are so intrusive and yet the number of supposed terrorist incidences are very few. As with so many things insisted-on by government, they are taking away our freedoms on the basis of a supposed threat. And worse, they are thus giving sexual predators a chance to indulge in their fantasies at our expense.  

© March 2010

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