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The Turn of History:-Secular Inquisition Coming

In the midst of growing hatred for Christians and their beliefs we must say that the secular inquisition is coming. It will begin with the election of the new government, if any of the main three parties get into power, each of whom is already displaying its own level of intolerance and totalitarianism.

In 2010 we are standing at the very turn of history. There are many turns that can decisively alter the course of history, and the UK political elections are a major turn, probably more significant than many others through the centuries, because it heralds the fulfilment of prophecy, the start of the end times. We know, of course, that unbelievers will laugh in derision at such a concept, but we no longer care, because they have been laughing for years! As they laugh they bring in unprecedented scorn for everything decent and good, and the people, ever asleep, have no idea where it is leading them.

Initially, they will accept what is happening because it hits them at the lowest common denominator – their own vanity and desires. But, after a while, they will realise, too late, what is really happening to them: they are being manipulated by those in power, and those in power will not relinquish their hold.

We have already warned that a vote for any of the three main parties would result in totalitarianism and sexual evils via the homosexual myth. Judges are already condemning Christians simply because they do not wish to be part of the ‘gay revolution’, and are being made out to be incompetent by the same judges, who pompously tell us our beliefs are nothing and to be rejected as sources of mores and truth.

It is now time for Christians to hit them between the eyes! This has nothing to do with violence or hatred. It is to do with the very fabric of life. All people of all types base what they think, say and do, on presuppositions, on suppositions, on surmises. So do judges! All laws are based on suppositions - beliefs!

Judges have declared Christian beliefs to be worthless, without merit. So, they say we must obey the law on homosexuality. Oh no we don’t!

Judges’ Beliefs Unacceptable, Too

They say that claiming a special case for beliefs is not acceptable. THEN WHY MUST WE OBEY THE SPECIAL CASE MADE FOR HOMOSEXUALS, WHEN JUDGES BASE WHAT THEY SAY ON THEIR OWN BELIEFS? We must aim for the spot between their eyes! That spot is the beliefs on which judges found their absurd statements, which directly affect all Christians. We must get people in general to understand that judges are not just attacking Christian beliefs, but also their own lives, for any law that enforces submission without respite or real reason is fascist and widespread. The same law used against Christians will also be used against ANYONE who dares to disagree with gay rule! And, after that, laws will demand submission to ANY demand by government.

Homosexual laws are deliberately hateful of Christianity. That is a fact admitted by gay activists themselves. They tell us they MUST get rid of all Christian influence, so they can bring in the very worst of homosexual behaviours, activities so evil and disgusting that most civil people cannot even imagine what they are! But, first gay activists must get supposed ‘protection’ under their belts, with ‘equality’. How a dog is equal to a cat I cannot tell, but judges believe they are the same! So do politicians, law-makers, church leaders, college heads, and most who pretend to be ‘intellectual’. But, there is nothing intellectual about denying people the freedom to reject an argument! It is anti-intellectualism, the kind found in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. It is like that of China and many eastern countries ruled by an iron fist. And this is where we are heading if one of the main parties gets into power!

Fake Christians Abound

There are countless fake Christians around. Tony Blair is one of them. David Cameron is another. Even homosexuals have their own brand of Christianity! But, they are all fake – you can tell because their teachings and beliefs have no connection to what the Bible says! I find it incredible that people like Blair, Cameron and judges can pontificate to genuine Christians when they have no idea what they are talking about.

Previously, I have said that David Cameron was manic in his rush to give gays whatever they want. In that rush he is more than willing to crush Christians, and anyone else who disobeys gay laws. That is why I asked him outright if he is homosexual himself. He did not bother to deny it, so you must decide for yourself what is going on. If He is homosexual it explains his utter hatred for Christians and his manic desire to give gays whatever they demand, without checking to see if they are reasonable.

But, they are NOT ‘his’ laws, or the laws of any politician; they are laws written and enforced by gay activists. We know this is true because no politician has ever taken counsel from any genuine Christian, or anyone who has actual expertise in the subject! This is positive proof that what they devise is one sided and unbalanced.

Real Facts Needed

The USA appears to have the hard-nosed Christians we need. They run groups like NARTH, whose expertise covers every known aspect of homosexual claims. They base their expertise not only on what scripture says, but on science, medicine and social facts. Not mere beliefs, as are held by judges and politicians. They can back up their claims with tough truths. Our politicians can’t, because they prefer to have one-sided bias from gay activists. And, in the process, they take on board the wicked attitude of gay activists, who absolutely hate Christians!

In the run-up to the election we have issued several hard-hitting articles and contacted many MPs and those standing for election. Readers have joined us in this activity and the results are very telling, showing a UK-wide hatred for Christians by government and those who want gay laws. Of course, the media are PC and refuse to mention them. We have approached many MPs and prospective MPs, but every one of them has sided with the subjective and unfounded claims of gay activism! Even when offered mounds of factual material they prefer gay activist information. Now what do we call this? Yes – prejudice and deliberate avoidance of truth.

Homosexual Propaganda is not Truth

All pro-gay laws and policies are founded only on gay activist information. That is, propaganda. It is not good propaganda but misinformation designed to spread hatred against Christians, the main source of gay activist angst. It is why my own livelihood was destroyed by activists, twice! It is why judges destroy the careers of professionals who dare to stand for their consciences and beliefs.

As gay activists and other Marxists tell us in the USA, simply destroying without reason is far quicker than explaining why!! We are already seeing the formation of the coming secular inquisition. If any of the three main parties gets into power, we can expect it to begin in earnest, with Christians in particular pushed into a corner, a ghetto, before we are attacked ferociously in the hope we will be obliterated. Look at the history of Germany and Russia, because they contain all the details we need. They precisely map what is now happening and what will happen very swiftly.

And after the Christians have been obliterated (or so they think) the next victims will be the general public, who will also be beaten into submission with harsh laws and policies. These are already in motion, in the guise of ‘greenism’, and will get far worse as the EU dictates what we believe and how, in any subject they wish to criminalize.

The aim of all this is destruction of genuine beliefs and the imposition of secularism and Marxism/Fascism. History is repeating itself with a vengeance, and those in power see the advantages to themselves. The ‘gay thing’ is only a front for future power grabs. It is being used to demonstrate that government is the current god, whose will must be obeyed.

MPs Treat People with Contempt

The recent expenses scandal proved this without doubt, as MPs just carried on regardless, treating the public with contempt. Yes, there were a very small number of sacrificial scapegoats, to placate the public. But, the arrogance and wickedness of MPs carries on still. They simply don’t care who says what. They don’t care what anyone believes. All they care about is their own power, incomes and authority. Instead of being servants of the people they have become our masters.

The only way to combat them is to fully disrupt parliament, even to get rid of it in its present form. If we had a minor party in power at least they would start to listen to a public that is so angry with MPs and government. We are so very close to civil unrest and yet MPs continue in their repeated evils and crushing of people with genuine beliefs.

Why are secular beliefs any more worthy than Christian ones? They cannot answer that. Why is the Christian belief in peace, love and social truth counted as worse than the gay beliefs in promiscuity, violence, hatred and bad health? It does not make any sense whatever! And why is it imperative for everyone to be battered with gay laws, when their very consciences cannot allow it? Judges use their consciences (or lack of them) as ‘reasons’ to cull Christianity. What makes their underlying beliefs better than ours?

No Truth So Bad Laws

The reason gay activists have successfully attacked us is NOT because of their superior arguments, but because of the LACK of arguments. They have hidden and banished all genuine opposition, not just by media but by law. Any true society would allow opposite arguments to go out, with the most reasonable argument winning the day. This is precisely why gay activists MUST destroy Christians, whose arguments would destroy their own, with logic and facts. 

Sadly, too many Christians think they must only reply with scripture quotes. I say it is sad, because they just quote Bible and nothing else. They don’t explain the relevance. What Christians must do is hit them hard with facts and research! This is because gay activists use false information to convince everyone. The actual facts are very potent because they cut the legs from under all gay claims!

We have, then, been our own worse enemies, by not fighting back. It is true that we are in the last days of this corrupt earth. What we are seeing now was prophesied centuries ago in the Bible. It is all coming about as predicted. But, this does not mean we just sit back and allow ourselves to be beaten down. We also have a duty toward all of society, because we live within it. The Marxist-Fascist aims of governments must be thwarted or we become attackers of ourselves!

Your Opportunity to Change Things

Meanwhile, I will say “I told you so” in advance of the elections. God has no qualms in saying “I told you so” when we reap the results of our own stupidity. So, I say it again - If any of the three main parties get into power, we can expect a swift attack on all Christian values and beliefs. Remember that the attacks will come from those who are also basing their actions on beliefs, but their beliefs are without foundation, leading to demise of culture, society and everything good. This short article will stand testimony in the future, to both the wickedness of secular leaders and the laxity of Christians.

Armed Forces as Jailers

This is no conspiracy theory. The USA already has plans for imprisoning protesters. It is called the ‘Civilian Inmate Labor Program’ and is found on the official army website.

Troops are briefed to arrest and imprison those who belong to the ‘Tea-Party’ groups who oppose socialist government, calling them ‘bomb making terrorists’. In other words, argue with government and you will go to jail. This can happen in the UK and has been mooted by Labour before. Christians are already regarded as an irrelevant waste of space. We are already criminalized and taken to court. Next step is logical – put us in prison. It is the way things are going.

Is It Wrong To Talk Like This?

I have been piously told that as a minister I should not try to influence voting. Though I do not say who to vote for I definitely advise who NOT to vote for. This is with good cause, for the three main parties are all defiantly arrogant, refusing to listen to reason of the voters.

I have been told it is okay for us to advise others privately!! What nonsense! There is no difference in telling others privately and telling others in bulk!!

Calvin, Luther, Christ, Paul, and many reformers, all acted politically and warned the people. For myself I will know I have done what I could to thwart the aims of wicked men. What do you do to stop them? Many hide behind what is called ‘prayer’ so as to avoid being more involved. It can be just an excuse.

We acknowledge that we are coming to the last days and whatever God has prophesied will come to pass. But, this does not prevent us from speaking out against wickedness in high places! Not to do so is to act the coward, go easy on sin, and invite Satan to just take over without a challenge. Christians who oppose us in this matter of witness should be ashamed of themselves, but they would be the first to enjoy the privileges of freedom if we ever get it back!

How would they cope with being an underground church? Because it might easily come to that… and I know that many would be only too pleased to call the police on us. I also know that many who call themselves ‘Christian’ would ‘settle scores’ by informing on true believers. Too far fetched? No doubt Christians in Russia and Germany thought that, too!

A Short Tribute

It is rare to find genuine believers who have the courage of their convictions. I know one couple who have been severely acted against for their Christianity. Because I haven’t had permission to mention their names, I will just refer to them as G and R F.

I also know a lovely Christian couple who have suffered at the hands of homosexuals. Though I would have loved to meet them before, I have not yet done so. The husband has just died (D) and his wife (K) is displaying amazing and beautiful faith in the Lord. D, in earlier years, was a local councillor who stood against pro-gay activities, and was attacked publicly for it. More recently, D’s dear wife, K, stood up for her beliefs before prospective MP candidates and was similarly attacked, in the midst of her grief. Basically, Christians are to be got rid of… but this couple stood firm. I therefore pay tribute to them, including D who has just left this world for a far better place. If all Christians were like them, and like R&G F, what a big difference we would see all around us. Their faiths are a beacon to all and an example to follow. God bless them.

Satan Works to Blaspheme God

Satan works in many ways and through many people, including, at this time, homosexuals, pro-homosexuals and the green movement. But how many are aware of the way Satan works against us through the churches, whose laxity and heresies slowly eat away at truth?

There are also false Christ’s, who masquerade as Jesus, leading false churches. The latest to be made known to me is a South American, Jose Miranda, who blatantly tells everyone that he is the Christ promised at the Second Coming. That is, Christ returned in him. He also tells people not to follow Jesus Christ, because he is now dead.

He openly says he is God and his followers are tattooed with the numbers 666. The man says he is the anti-Christ, but twists the Bible meaning by saying it really means another Christ – Him! He tells followers there is no sin and no hell… clearly Satan is the founder of this wickedness. He says he does greater miracles than Jesus ever did (where are they??). At age 61 I wonder how his followers will react when he dies or is knocked down by a truck? Not so eternal, then, eh?

Satan will abound more and more as time starts to fail and the end comes nearer. Expect them, oppose them, and very importantly witness to the truth.  If you want to hear the 666 man for yourself try YouTube.

his false Christ is not the only one – people even follow Oprah, who also detracts people away from God and His word, and uses her TV presence to influence everyone into disbelieving God. Now politicians are adding their voices to the clamour of wickedness. Will you stand out against this evil crowd? Or sink back into anonymity hoping no-one will approach you or accuse you of being a believer? I know what I see and know many will be like Peter before Jesus’ death, denying Him hotly.

Kim Clement

False prophets feel it is below them to answer objections to their lies! I asked Kim Clement, the one who made the utterly false prophecy about Obama being converted, to recant, repent and tell his audience publicly that he had made a false prophecy. Nope! He just ignored that.

Better still, he went on Elijah List yet again and made even more false prophecies!! Not content with making the one about Obama, he is nor predicting what the White House will do, turning full circle to witness to Christ!! Firstly all the homosexuals there in power (and there are many) will and must repent. They must then tell the country they have repented, and will remove all gay laws and policies.

Kim Clement can only survive within his charismatic circle. Outside it he would be dead in the water! I have presented the whole prophecy in a separate article, with comments.

The Gay Thing

I said a while ago that my time fighting against homosexuality was over. The only reason I have concentrated on it recently is because the election will be the literal breaking or making of Christian freedoms. But, after this, I will return to non-responses.

Partly, the reason is personal. After over thirty years opposing this most wicked of sins, and having been attacked constantly throughout, especially in two special incidences (the last being 2005), I am literally sick of the subject. I know what these people do with, and to, each other; I know what they do to kids; I know what they are doing to society and law… and, frankly, every time I deal with the subject I feel sick to my stomach. I simply have had enough of it.

I believe I have ‘done my time’, so am more than willing to hand over the baton to those who wish to fight it. I already have many battle scars, and many memories I wish I did not have. My time is gone. I just hope someone will carry on, bravely and with toughness. And before anyone dares to accuse me of ‘giving in’… I was fighting beyond 2005, but I was suddenly stopped in my spirit. Therefore, knowing my human frailty, God removed me from the field of combat. I am still doing battle in another battle-field, but my strength for fighting this particular evil has now gone.

Follow Christ, Not Man

“Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me… whosoever… shall be ashamed of me and of my words… of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed…”

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