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Christians? What Christians?

The most popular book in ‘Christian’ bookshops appears to be a novel titled ‘The Shack’. It contains heresy, a low view of the Creator, a wrong view of salvation and a ‘paganistic message that there are no consequences for sin’. Yet, this book has been top of the best-sellers for the past two years (and not just in ‘Christian’ outlets).

I want to know two things: why are ‘Christian’ bookshops stocking it? And, what are Christians doing buying it? There can be no legitimate answers to these questions.

It happens that this heretical book is being used by thousands of Bible study groups and churches, as a ‘teaching tool’.

A book (‘Burning Down the Shack’) is now out to counter ‘The Shack’ – but, really, the only counter should be that no Christian bookshop stocks it and no genuine Christian reads it! The fact that a critique is made available only shows how badly-off Christians are today. An understanding of God’s word should be sufficient to cast away any heretical garbage like this.

‘The Shack’ claims everyone is saved (so it is Arminian), and rejects the fact of personal sin and condemnation, including eternal damnation. But, as Worldnetdaily says, “I think I can safely say that no ‘Christian’ publisher will touch ‘Burning Down ‘The Shack’,’ because it might disrupt the profit stream.” I know about this, as a ‘Christian’ bookshop refused to stock our materials after a complaint by an MP!

What we are seeing is a wholesale corruption of the churches, where weak, sinful Christians are being led by the nose, by pretenders to salvation. Because these weak Christians have no idea what genuine scriptural teaching is, they hook on to anything that seems interesting. So they fall foul of truth and God.

But, this cannot happen unless they are firstly taught or under the wings of bad pastors. Many in the churches are now corrupt, so we can expect widespread delusion. It is why so many churches now accept and welcome homosexuals into their memberships and even into pastoral offices.

Watching all this developing over almost the past five decades, I have seen Christians go from bad to worse. They refuse true teaching and favour popularised versions of truth in magazines and easy-read books with more padding than substance.

For this reason I never now accept the initial claim of someone I meet, to be ‘Christian’. Just telling me they are believers, or are saved, no longer cuts ice with me. I have met too many fakes and too many who claim one thing and live a very different kind of life. Few I meet have any Biblical truth about them… and I can prove it when I talk with them. I am not any better than these people, just more alert and constantly examining my own mind and heart.

Christians? What Christians? Anyone who claims to be saved must prove it, not just say it. We now have a Tory government thanks to many ‘Christians’ who care more for their own political opinion than with what Tories will actually do to Christians and witness.

Genuine Christians are thin on the ground. Few within our churches are actually saved. And it is obvious to all who have eyes to see. Don’t accept people as fellow brethren unless they have proved their spiritual credentials, otherwise you will be dragged along the same corrupt path.

It isn’t just fakes who deceive… it also includes Christians who are saved, but who fervently follow denominational or other theoretical approaches to scripture, including reformed pastors who should know better. The proofs are out there – if you can’t see them then you have already been deceived.

Do you prove yourself in everyday life? Do you oppose evil in all its forms? Be honest!

Understand Your Enemy

When I was saved, in the mid 1960s, I attended a local Baptist church. I loved the people and the place, but the Holy Spirit did not let my mind and heart settle. Soon afterwards I moved to England to work and attended several other kinds of churches. Then, I moved back again. But, I realised the elders of the Baptist church were not open, so I had to make my own way theologically.

Because I had read all kinds of theories, including Buddhism, before my salvation, I suggested we ought to receive teaching in the fundamentals of error to watch out for, so that we might better fight their influence on our lives.

I was firmly put down. They said the Bible can take care of itself! For the life of me I still don’t understand that one, especially as I have watched so many churches go down the drain because they had no real scriptural training or beliefs! That same church finally succumbed to a brash and arrogant young pastor, who left it worse than before. And the elders still don’t know their doctrine.

We must know our enemy, for Satan comes in many guises, including churchified ones. He comes through politics (hence my articles on the subject) and in many other ways. To blandly hope for the best is a recipe for disaster, and a sign of laziness.

A blind belief in the goodness of fellow believers is another problem, for too many believers are themselves agents of ill to the churches. They believe and promote heresies and off-the-mark doctrines that damage the brethren and their own spiritual lives. But, they seem not to care and trundle on, dragging their useless baggage behind them.

Elections. WhatResults?

About one million people voted for UKIP in the recent elections. Many of those were Christians, who shied away from both Labour and Conservative. Unfortunately, many Christians still voted for Labour and Conservative, in spite of very good reasons not to. Now they must be wondering why they were so foolish, as Cameron ditches one conservative policy after another, in favour of a more fascist regime. Promises made have already been broken and Cameron will have no part in protecting those most at risk today – Christians. The speed with which the Tories have moved is very similar to the way Obama swiftly began ruining the USA!

And tough-talk made before the elections about the EU have also been ditched. “What has been revolting is the speed with which they have grabbed any excuse to dump every Conservative policy of resistance to ever-greater control of Britain by the EU institutions.” (Mail Online 18th May). But, should we be surprised, when it was another Tory, Edward Heath, who, lying his head off, signed Britain up to be vassals to Europe in the 1970s! Tories, of course, will bleat that they had no choice but to cave-in to LibDem demands. What nonsense! Cameron was looking for an excuse to throw his many promises overboard anyway, and a hung parliament was that excuse! Pity it wasn’t an actual hung parliament! We could all do with freedom from liars and cheats in government.

“It has become clear that every word of scepticism ever uttered by Cameron and Hague about the dangers posed to Britain by the EU was fake.” What? Only now are the media finding that out? The Tories will not serve the people who voted for them, any more than Labour did. We warned this would happen many times! But, everyone thinks they are political experts, so they ignored the warning signs and voted Tory. And when the Tories force us into the single Euro currency, they will have ruined Britain for good.

And that doesn’t include the terrible promise to hand us over to homosexuals! That will the biggest blow to all who love freedom and genuine social stability. The UK is fast changing into a socialist melting pot but, as usual, few will stand up to fight it. Don’t pretend that because it is part of prophecy, we must just sit back and accept it! Such talk is cowardice and bad theology! We are to be obvious beacons in a wilderness of evil, not joint heirs of socialist wickedness.

Evolution V Creation

Some states in the USA are allowing Creation to be taught alongside Evolution. The Northern Ireland government is now thinking of doing the same thing in museums, and every Christian ought to support and request it.

Don’t be fooled by the high-pressure sales-talk of evolutionist scientists!! They have no science whatever to support evolution, because there are no actual proofs for it!! Despite a lot of hot air, there are no evidences either, only misguided and bad science.

If we call evolution anything at all, it is philosophy, not science. Many words are written about it, yet there are still no proofs. By proofs I mean real tangible facts that show, without doubt, that evolution exists. So, logically, there is no reason why evolution should feature in schools or museums, as opposed to Creation.

Evolutionists are disparaging and group together, like animals in a burrow to keep warm and for self-protection – but they have no reason to exist if their science is not just flawed, but impossible to sustain!

Please be encouraged to teach your children Creation, and bring it up as a positive teaching to anyone who will listen. Creation is NOT just an ‘alternative’ to evolution – it is superior to evolution, because scriptural evidences outweigh evolutionary claims. There is no need to feel intimidated by scientists, nor to accept evolution because you don’t understand their arguments. It is all eyewash and so much balderdash.

And, the teaching of evolution makes no difference whatever to scientific work. In fact, neither does Creation. But, it makes a difference in the reasoning of philosophy. So, why are evolutionists so uptight about it? The reason is that they are doing the bidding of their master, the devil, who hates God with a passion and will move people to act and think stupidly to maintain his corner.


Interestingly, many evolutionists who decry Christians for believing in Creation, also decry us for not accepting global warming/climate change arguments. It goes hand-in-hand with general ousting of Christianity and God. 

Around the world environmentalism and climate change are taking a definite back-seat, much to the anger of greens. Doesn’t this tell you something? That is, climate change arguments are false! Yet, governments are insisting on taxing people to the hilt to combat the mythical danger of CO2. This proves the real intention of governments towards the people – to force everyone into a socialist frame, as prisoners of Marxism and Fascism.


Incredibly, many voters in the USA are still friends of Obama. Even more incredibly, many of them are poor. They voted not for Obama as a man of honour, but as a black man, which is a pretty ridiculous reason to vote for anyone.

Obama has no political track-record, but he does have a ‘black’ record of associations with criminals, terrorists and Muslim extremists. He loathes Christianity and freedom of speech, and is the most ardent Marxist to have been foisted on the people in known US memory. The economy is going down the drain, US muscle has been weakened throughout the world, and Obama is electing homosexuals and socialists to high office. Yet, those he is afflicting the most continue to support him! It reminds me of the lame voting of lifelong Labour voters in the UK, who vote Labour only because they have always done so. They even think Labour is the party of the people! Shows how much they know… which is nothing.

In the meantime many groups are trying to impeach Obama, because he lies constantly and continues to hide facts from the people. Like so many socialists (including our own Blair and Brown), he promises open government and honesty, but delivers neither. People must just shut up and accept whatever he tells or gives them. The row rumbles on full-speed about his eligibility to office and no high justice (appointed by Obama!!) will allow court cases to proceed, that question his history and claims. A very odd way for a country to work!

The oil spill off the coast of the USA was not tackled for a long time, because Obama held back. He has since put a ban on drilling in Alaska and a number of oil production schemes. The indications are that he deliberately made the oil spill worse so that he could ‘justify’ closing down non-green ventures. What a man! And oh what a mess he has already made of the USA! Every socialist government and leader makes a mess of their country, just as Blair and Brown did.

In the past year, for example, Brown deliberately spent billions that didn’t need spending, so that the new government would be hampered by the debts. He also gave UK nationality to at least one third of a million immigrants a year, to boost the Labour-voters in the country. This means huge costs for the UK, taking vital services and help away from our own citizens. Obama is doing the same by making it ‘legal’ for illegals from Mexico to stay in the USA and get benefits! The USA now consults with Mexico in the matter of the economy (what economy?) and immigration!!

Harmed by Sin

Government protects those who sin. Not just homosexuals but also prostitutes. There is even a minister who ‘protects’ them in their sex trade! Several ‘working girls’ have been murdered, Ripper-fashion, by a PhD student who loved to kill. The headlines are most odd – as if the girls were ordinary ladies murdered by a crazed killer. This is not so! They were living a sinful life, defying death in a nasty ‘trade’ that invites violence and crazy people. It is no wonder they were murdered! To deify them is nonsense. Yes, they were somebody’s children. Yes, murder is always evil. But, the girls worked in something that is always accompanied by danger, for the sake of money. It is their own sin that brought about their downfall.

The same goes for any girl who regularly has sex outside of marriage, with a regular boyfriend or one-night stands. The only difference between her and a prostitute is money! Otherwise that is what she is, even if she ‘lives together’ with her boyfriend.

Sin is vile, no matter what it is. It always harms the person doing it, and harms society in general. Many young Christians now live with their boyfriends, or have regular sex with them. Let them know that God sees them as prostitutes. And if they want an indication of what He thinks, let them read Proverbs.

Oh, What a Surprise. Not!

The EU President has admitted that the full implications of the Euro have not been told. What a surprise! We have not been told the truth about ANY EU activity!! The EU rose to power on the back of sheer ignorance and stupidity by those who believed the lies. A few of us didn’t, but nobody listens.

The Euro is the cement that would stick all countries together, unable to resist its implications – one currency and one power. Not only does it mean this, but it also means that any country (Like Greece and others) who are about to go bankrupt, can rely on the Euro to bail it out. That is, every citizen in every member state must pay through the nose, via taxation, to save countries whose ministers are bad at their jobs. The same happens with the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), which rewards all the bad farmers in the EU. All the time, EU policies push up our taxes and reduce our freedoms. But, as the President says – we are not told the full implications of EU membership and the ruin it brings to every member state… and citizens within them. It is the EU, too, that forces us to adopt Human Rights laws and homosexuality, illegal immigrants and terrorism.

The Euro lies also mean that the Greek crisis has completely destroyed UK companies’ worth by wiping out £33 billion of stocks and shares value. This is what happens when a mega-power operates as one. Get us back to individual countries who stand or fall by their own successes or mistakes!

Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 1 (needing injections) is usually well controlled, but Type 2 (needing tablets) is often more awkward to control. I have Type 2 and a short while after being diagnosed I found I was losing my appetite. This quickly led to having no appetite, and no wish to eat. This went on for about a year. The only plus was that my waist went down from a rotund 44 inches to 38 inches!

The doctor finally halved my Metformin (a usual medication), and my eating partially returned. Before, I had to force myself to eat, and I often left threequarters of my food on the plate. But, this did not give me back my appetite. So, I stopped taking my statins, which is a horrible and dangerous medication. These gave me sharp stabbing pains everywhere in my chest, headaches and aching all over, so I would be happy not to take them! Perhaps it is me, but I now seem closer to eating normally. I can’t say I have a real appetite now, but at least I’m eating again!

So, if you have Type 2 diabetes, and are on either tablet, see your GP if you are not eating properly, or if you have all kinds of symptoms you never had before. My wife once had statins and I had to take her to the emergency department at a hospital when we were on holiday – she had what seemed to be a heart attack. In the end, after exhaustive tests, it was found that the statins had given her chest pains that were identical to heart trouble. Remember that if symptoms you never had before arise after taking new medication, go to your doctor – it may well be the medication.

Again on Health…

Yet another study has shown that those who pay up to 70% more for organic produce have no extra health benefits. Last year the Food Standards Agency discovered no better nutrition in organic foods than in others. And on a personal level I often find organic foods are generally less tasty, though there are a few exceptions. This time, a German research company has verified the same things. Oh well.

New WebSite

Our new website will be officially opening on July 1st 2010, It is already open for a trial run, so please take a look at

The Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty is just another lying, cheating exploit by the EU. Signing it sealed the fate of each and every member state to EU domination. But it does more than that.

It lays the groundwork for the EU to have more power in the coming new World Order (timesonline, 25th May). Laughingly, the EU says the Treaty will give more democracy to member states… even though so far it has acted like a Fascist-Marxist thug.

Countries who opposed the original Treaties signed the latest one. The EU managed to dupe them all, by not mentioning that items previously rejected were hidden. But, it mentions the very same items in footnotes. This means they are as legally binding as more open statements. Politicians, however, did not bother to check things out, so Europe is now lumbered… though any enterprising leader with backbone could easily just jump back out of the EU cesspit.

The Answer to STDs, HIV and AIDS

No Christian can sympathise with those who contract sexual diseases. HIV is mainly passed on by sexual activity, too. When HIV was first diagnosed the experts all said the only answer was isolation, but this was ignored because of gay interference, and the disease is now rampant, killing millions.

What’s the Christian answer? That’s simple – all who contract their disease knowingly (and all homosexuals do, for example) must pay for their own treatments, including personnel costs. All who go on holiday specifically to have multiple sexual exploits must pay for their treatments. Unaware spouses, etc., can be treated freely. Unless we get tough, these diseases, many of which have no real solution, will get worse as super-strains take over, & we all pay. 

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