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Tories’ Lead Sinfully

As many people struggle to cope with the massive rises in costs created by greedy gas & electricity companies, and government, Cameron has hired a man of ill-repute to cut public costs. Cameron, friend of all gays, has hired Lord Browne, an homosexual with a bad past. What should we expect from a politician we warned people against voting for?

(Note: See the ads in the media by British Gas, claiming to be the cheapest of energy suppliers? They have already hiked costs up four times, and then have the temerity to say they are the cheapest!!)

Lord Browne, whose boyfriend was attacked by Browne for selling his tawdry story to the papers, wanted to maintain his profits from BP, which he ran until three years ago, so he lied and lied. The high profits were essential for his own financial gain.

The current disaster in the USA, called an ‘old spill’ in the media, has huge worldwide repercussions, but Obama and Cameron are downplaying them, refusing to allow the media access to the truth. The gushing oil may indeed be a part of end-time days, as it destroys in amazing ways.

Cameron has made rash promises to gay activists, and is employing, Obama-style, many homosexuals on his side. It may simply be that if he does so, he knows that gays, hungry for power and the government ear, will comply with his every whim. But, there is still the unanswered question – is Cameron himself an homosexual, or does he have an homosexual past? We have asked him outright, but he has not responded, not even before the election. His character, then, is heavy with doubt and distasteful questions.

The appointment of Browne as a cost-cutting czar is very telling, and not just because he is homosexual, itself a bit of bad news. It is telling because, to make sure his promises of cost-cutting, the prime minister is using a man a court proved to be a liar, a fraud and a seriously deficient business operator. He made his fortune on the back of exceptional lack of management acumen. He used greed instead of wisdom.

It seems true that most big businesses exist because of the very bad practices of such men, who destroy their own companies to get rich, and then cover up with lies and excuses.

Browne was head of BP, and wanted to make it the foremost oil company in the world (so that he would become mega-rich). One way he did this was to promote BP as a ‘green’ champion (remember the ads on TV etc?), following New Labour’s fake moves. BP was no more green than a rotten, blackened cabbage!

But, it served the purpose. He cut health and safety to nothing… and this is why we now have the biggest oil disaster in history. He had done similar things before, causing even his oil-money handouts to Democrats seem paltry, forcing them to denounce his methods following another disaster in the USA.

Even so, Browne carried on, making excuses and adding more lies about the cause of BP’s problems. Eventually, he was forced to resign three years ago… he could no longer sustain his lies. But, he had already laid the plan for the current disaster, by trying to drill oil with antiquated equipment and by refusing to make safety and reality a management ‘must’.

And this is the man employed by Cameron to help ruin the country with cost cuts. This is the homosexual who loves himself and his money more than he wishes to do what is right! Called ‘The Sun King’ by the City because of his self-love and affectations to royal living, Browne will gnaw-away to the bone, like a crazed lion, given the go-ahead by a gay-friendly prime minister, who, like Browne, is more interested in himself than in the country. So, we can expect yet another disaster to come from their handling of the economy!

Many people rely on their BP Pensions to live. Sadly for them, it is their Pension fund that is being rifled to pay for the oil disaster… a disaster that may never be resolved and may completely remove the pension fund.

This is the Cameron many Christians voted for! Thankyou one and all! No doubt they thought the Tories must be better than the Marxists. Not so! We just swapped one form of socialism for another – now Fascism has replaced Marxism. But, who listens?

Do not think that a multitude of ‘good’ policies, such as reducing government rule etc., will counter the promise to give gays massive powers. They won’t! The homosexual promises will greatly outweigh any other policy, and will bring further ruin on the country.

Interestingly, Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, has publicly promised to give us a say in the repeal of useless laws. But, try doing just that! One of our readers got one idea posted, to repeal the Sexual Orientation Regulations that have caused havoc in employment. But, when I placed a far heavier idea on the government website – to repeal ALL homosexual laws, it was removed from the site within minutes. When I complained, they even banned my emails! So much for freedom of speech, eh?

As for the idea of cutting costs… I have no problem with that, because Labour deliberately spent vast sums knowing it would bring grief to the next government. However, to hand responsibility for the cuts to a proven fraud and liar, a man who cuts costs by deceptive means, whose industry position was never challenged, is absurd. The job should go to a private company entrepreneur, who is well aware of the need to keep costs down while maintaining a sound company profile. Browne does not do that – he just slashes like an axeman… so long as he makes cuts he doesn’t care how he does it. So far, his cuts have brought a possibly unending disaster to the world. Cameron is making sure the same man will ruin the people of Britain.

BTM… A Vital Ministry

We are now half-way through the year, just a month or two away from the actual month, 25 years ago, that this ministry first published its work. At the time a well-known minister, supporter and friend, said we could not keep up the same standard of ministry for long.

This was because we were the first group ever to produce shocking researched material that showed the reality of the new epidemic – AIDS. It was a blockbuster!

The disease became a worldwide pandemic and homosexuals managed to convince governments and people that ‘everyone’ could get AIDS (which is a lie) and even made it a virtue to be a ‘victim’ of a disease that flourished because of evil immorality! The same warnings are still given, but more urgently, as homosexuals control the media and government.

The AIDS research publication, though, was not the beginning and end of our ministry. Instead we have gone on from strength to strength, because we do what God demands of us. Many hate us for it, but we continue anyway. We have operated on a shoe-string, from the pockets of the two founders, Barry Napier and James Waddell, even when they both used money intended to keep their families. This is because it is God’s ministry not ours and few Christians bother to help with finances.

The ministry covers a vast breadth of topics, because it was developed to reflect God’s plan in every aspect of life. (The newest website will reflect this moreso). At the same time we concentrated on doctrine, because that was our command. This includes Bible studies, unread by many readers of the Beacon or the website, because they are not heralded, but will become available on the new site. They are vital, because they display what God really says in His word, as opposed to what denominations, theorists, and well-meaning homespun pundits wish to teach.

Thus, we continue to fight heresy at every level, for the sake of the true Church and its purity.

Those who know that the ministry is vital help us in many ways – prayer, forwarding materials to others, writing to politicians, and, on a very small scale, by finances. The latter are few & far between, and so the founders continue to support the ministry themselves through their own financial scarcity. A very small number of supporters send fairly regular money helps. Really, we need a very large influx – but that will only come if God wishes it.

So, the ministry, a quarter of a century later, is still going strong. The reason it did not flounder after such a strong start is simple – the ministry is God’s not our own! Many ministries are not ministries at all, but are just personalised whims, pretending to be from God. They are just human guesses… but they manage to bring in the big bucks!

The Horror of Gay Power

I use the word ‘gay’ simply because most people understand what it means. Really, I prefer the word ‘Sodomite’, even though homosexuals include women. This is because Sodomy is not just men-with-men – it is a word used to describe the lowest and most wicked forms of godlessness.

In the USA, Obama has hastened the making of America into an homosexualized nation. That is why he employs more homosexuals than anyone else in history. It is why Congress is soon to pass laws that will give total power to homosexuals… in employment not only will it be illegal not to employ homosexuals – each company and church etc., will HAVE to have a quota of gays on their staff! If they do not have a minimum percentage of gays, they will be prosecuted or jailed. And so the homosexual juggernaut is crushing everyone in its path.

Homosexuals no longer really bother about Christians, because they know there’ll be no fight from them. They know few Christians have the guts and determination to oppose the homosexualisation of the UK. Cameron will ensure we comply, because he is not a friend of freedom or of morality and, with every noise he makes in favour of homosexuality, it becomes more likely that his motives are driven by his own sinful nature, which may indeed be homosexual. 

Unless we oppose homosexualisation, the UK will collapse under the wickedness of Sodomy, just as happened to ancient Greece and other countries. The demise of a nation does not begin with homosexuality – but homosexuality is a sign that the nation has already slipped down a pit of its own making. Sexual deviance is, then, a sign of pending moral death and national destruction. It is coming fast… what will YOU do about it?

Note: I had a note from someone who thinks we ‘harp on’ about homosexuality and should just keep quiet now. In other words, we must stay silent whilst rampant immorality tries to crawl its way into every aspect of our lives; we must stay quiet whilst those who indulge in what is a perversion kill millions with AIDS; we must not shout out when they try all ways to grab our children’s attention (and bodies), giving them a lust for homosexuality and a short life span; we must not argue when they force the public to adopt and promote their wickedness, when only about 1% of people turn to this awful choice.

We must also pay through our taxes to support men and women who get AIDS and other diseases through their sexual habits, and we must use our taxes to pay for pensions etc., under the pretence that homosexuality is an ‘alternative’ or an equal state! No sir! YOU keep quiet, and WE will continue to warn the people as long as we can, until the wicked silences our mouths and thinking.

The Green Mind

Greens thrive on misery and doom! They concoct doomsday scenarios and look for any situation they can turn into a ‘crisis’. Invariably, the ‘crisis’ is invented and not real, created out of nothing or out of scarce facts.

My city’s Green activists recently turned on me after I warned readers of the local newspaper that CO2 themes are myths. But, they did not use science to oppose me – they just said I was some kind of idiot, because I ignored the scientific ‘consensus’.

I replied there was no consensus, and that CO2 pollution was a myth. I also advised that climate change happens – so get over it! Climate changes all the time, and NO MAN can stop it!! Whether it changes badly or nicely is up to the forces put there by God, and by God’s plans at the time. Note how He changed the seasons to punish the Jews after they forgot to rebuild His Temple when they returned from exile?

But, the Greens WANT doom and gloom to rule, so that they can complain and motivate their fellow doomsayers! It is what they live in. Many Christians are like that – they thrive on misery and the effects of sin. They don’t know how to live a true life so they murmur constantly about sin and sinners and never smile. At BTM we oppose sin and sinners, but this is by no means our reason for living. Our lives are dominated by what God wants, not by any evils we see in society. Greens, like homosexuals, are Satan’s children, doing his bidding. Any movement that turns on God’s people, or His word, is Satanic, whether it comes from groups or government, church or individual.

A Traitor Honoured

Treachery exists in all places and at all levels. In 1985, when I published a very brief summary of my research into AIDS, discovering that homosexuals were responsible for it all, I lost my college lecturing job, even though my departmental head gave the go-ahead to publish… gay activists, even then, had great influence, and threatened to boycott the college if I was not removed. But, it was the sheer treachery of a supposed ‘friend’ that lost me my entire academic career.

Not long before I lost my job, I was called into the Principal’s office, sworn to secrecy. Basically, I was asked to provide testimony against a particular senior man, then a Reader. But, I refused to do so and gave the man, who said he was my friend, a glowing testimonial, saving his job and career. He had no idea I had done so. I did it because he was my friend, and I was loyal to him.

Yet, just a few months later, the same ‘friend’ joined the shrieking banshees who conspired to get rid of me. It was not until 1990, five years later, when I could no longer obtain college posts, even part-time, that I discovered why I could not get good lecturing positions in any college… my ‘friend’ had been sending out bad references, blackening my name. He had completely destroyed my academic career.

At the time, I thought he had emigrated to Portugal with his father-in-law, so I didn’t bother to try and have it out with him. Just as well, because I must admit I was furious. Especially as he had said “Use me as a referee – I will always give you an excellent reference!” He sure did – so good that it ruined me and put me into enormous debt, the start of a financial demise that is still with me!

So, when I saw his name today in the local newspaper, I was very surprised. Not only did he reach the position of Vice Chancellor of the university college and recently retired, but he also received a Queen’s award. It is ironic that if I had not given him complete loyalty, he would never have reached that position nor had anything from the Queen!!

What he had done was to ruin my career in order to be ‘PC’ and to comply with his colleagues. Better to ruin me than himself. Sadly, he claimed to be a Christian.

However, having said all that, if he had not destroyed my career, I would not have taken the route I later took, or avoided the cut-throat world of academia. So, horrible though it was, and though he acted treacherously, it was all part of God’s plan to move me along His own path, which includes this ministry. I believe in predestination – do you?

Taking the Rough with the Smooth

About a month ago, my wife and I bought a pack of those emery boards for shaping nails. Since then I have used the boards after cutting my finger-nails. First, the rougher side, then the smoother side.

Only yesterday I realised what an idiot I was: what I thought was the smoother side was indeed smooth – because it was not emery, but plain cardboard! All along I thought it was gently smoothing off my nails.

Now that’s the power of suggestion!

Lot’s of Christians are like that – they hang on to favoured ideas and theories about faith, not realising it is just an illusion, a figment of their imagination.

UK - the World’s Immorality Centre

A British judge has pompously said that we MUST take any ‘asylum seekers’ who claim to be gay, if their own countries put them to death or imprison them. Now, anyone who wishes to get into the UK only has to say they are homosexual even if they are not!

One ‘expert’ (gay) said “No – it will be obvious they are gay!” Perhaps that gay expert does not realise that this immediately casts doubt on the need for gay laws! How? Because he is saying that you just ‘know’ someone is gay… which is only a subjective feeling, not a provable fact!

Anyone can mimic being ‘gay’. They can adopt postures or wording. They can do it because they want all the freebies they will get in the UK, and they want to stay. They now know that saying they are ‘gay’ is enough to give them all the riches they desire. Even if they were genuine, why should the UK have to put up with filling the land with homosexuals? This is being done over the heads of decent people in the country who loathe the homosexual lifestyle and the special status being given to them.

Of course, they only see the ‘nice’ side of homosexuals, who are being put forward on TV and radio, by the awful BBC in particular, to desensitise everyone to their presence. By accepting the ‘nice’ side people will not bother to ask questions about the very dark side of this perversion. So more and more homosexualization takes place until it is safe to bring in even more, including the nastier side of the sexual choice. And you can believe that David Cameron and Clegg will gladly bring this to fruition for no reason other than they wish to… regardless of public opinion. Even if they took a census today, the people cannot give their genuine view because they are stopped from knowing the actual facts about homosexuality, so that ‘gays’ always seem to be lovable and nice. God help us!

Their sexual choices are vile and to publicly boast about it is like a kick in the stomach for countries that want a more decent life, health, and morality.

“If ye walk in my statutes… I will have respect unto you… I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people… But if ye will not hearken unto me… I will set my face against you.”  Leviticus 26:3-20 

© July 2010

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