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The Unsaved Don’t Think Straight

Trying to argue with unsaved people is often filled with nonsense, simply because they can’t think straight. They have no spiritual moorings and no godliness, so their thoughts are always askew or off at a tangent.

I don’t mean they are stupid – mostly I deal with people who are intellectually bright; they are intelligent beings. They can challenge me, too, with deep and incisive observations. But, when I respond, they are incapable of understanding, because we have no congruence. They are unsaved and I am a believer. The difference is the same as the chasm between east and west. There is no meeting point and no real understanding.

It might seem like I am just being elitist or even deluded about my spiritual state and the state of others. But, I know what God says about unsaved people – they cannot understand and have no desire after God anyway. Therefore, whatever I say as a Christian, it can only be realised superficially by the unsaved. But, the bulk of Christian life is beyond the scope of even the most intelligent person who is unsaved.

One person (only one) recently requested that I remove his name from our mailing list. Frankly, I expected it much sooner than that, because he is unsaved. I was intrigued that anyone who is not a Christian should bother to read our materials! The usual reason is that some unsaved people only wish to make notes about how odd Christians are. Or, they gather information that supposedly proves how rancid our minds are, or how stupid we are. No matter.

The (ex) reader said he was fed up reading stuff that zoned in on the errors of others, and because the activity led to ‘witch-hunts’. Firstly, our stated ministry includes identifying and warning against errors in the church and sinful activities in the world that impact Christians! Secondly, we continue to provide continual information on such evils so that believers are made aware and can act accordingly. That is not a ‘witch-hunt’, but responsible reporting by watchmen.

The alternative? “Oh no – not more evidence that Germany’s beloved leader, Hitler, is operating death camps? Please stop reporting on him – it is no more than a witch-hunt!’” Or why not “Why are you telling us each time the government creates wicked laws? You are just having a witch-hunt!”

Are they witch-hunts? Of course not – we are telling readers what to look out for. We tell it as it is. The reason some do not like it is that their own ideas of morality and truth are amiss. We cannot expect them to understand, because they are unsaved, with darkened hearts. No matter how nice they are, or how reasonable they think their thinking is, they are not my brethren, and have no Truth within.

This is why I always advise Christians never to argue with the unsaved. It is a pointless exercise. This is especially so in the realm of sexual perversion today, green politics, and false churches. Do not argue because the other person has no real idea what you are talking about. His priorities are totally different. Even if he has some sense of morality and sense, it is not godly, but human-based. By all means agree on what you can agree on… but never argue, because it will get you nowhere.

What of the unsaved who ask genuine questions? That’s fine. In that case you give answers… but do not let them rule the roost or take you along their own path, because you will only end up using a massive amount of your time and effort, only to be given another useless question… and another… and another. That means you will be pulled by a nose-ring just to satisfy the person’s liking for argument and discussion!

Remember – never let the unsaved, no matter how reasonable they might sound, dictate to you how you should think or act. Only God has that right. (This article is not meant to be offensive – it is just a fact of spiritual life).

Tories Lying Already!

The combined government, LibDems and Tory, have decided to open up its government policies to the public by asking us to tell them what laws should be repealed. They will listen, they said, and give us a more honest and open parliament. So, send in your ideas! So far, so good!

But… it is only a farcical front. They have no intention of repealing laws that matter. We know because one of our co-workers in the ministry put an idea to them – the repeal of the Sexual Orientation Regulations that have caused sheer havoc in society and harm to Christians. The idea remained on the government website, attracting many comments. Of course, ‘gays’ gave him a rough time – but the co-worker gave excellent replies, and all were decent and without any kind of nastiness or offending words.

However, his idea was suddenly removed from the website! In the same way I called for the repeal of ALL pro-homosexual laws. I said nothing offensive, but gave the blunt truth, without using nastiness or offensive words. But, my entry only lasted about half an hour and then it was removed! It seems that anyone who says anything with sure knowledge is not welcome.

The reason both ideas were removed so quickly is simple – the gay activist machine complained and the government website obeyed slavishly! We can be open but we may not touch the sacred cow of rule – homosexuality. Try it for yourself and see! The only entries of a similar nature that are allowed to remain are those that are general, without factual evidences. Of course, gay comments are always accepted and published.

If you think government will relinquish its stranglehold on the public by repealing pernicious gay laws, then think again. They have no intention whatever in backing down on this issue, even though people like me, who have detailed knowledge of what homosexuality really is, and what it does to society, can tell them exactly why homosexuality should not be given house-room let alone its own laws. This is because the real issue is NOT about useless laws, but about spreading cancerous sexual perversions until all of the country is immersed in its vileness. This is because many MPs are themselves part of the scheme to make us immoral and insensitive to truth. They prefer rampant diseases, abused kids and personal sexual satisfaction to truth and reality.

Alpha Course

Every so often I get emails telling me how wrong I am about Alpha, usually from folks who have been duped by it and whose knowledge of its source and contents are scant. But, no matter how long it is since I wrote my original criticism, nothing has changed with Alpha – it is still heretical and godless. Free meals, funny interviews on stage, and smiles from Nicky Gumbel will not make any difference to that.

I note in the latest Alpha News (No. 50) that Alpha is highly praised by Rome, moreso than before. This, in itself, is a prime warning bell to all who wish to defend the Course. Anything praised by Rome and given promotion by it, is, by definition, unworthy and wrong. It is, in fact, Roman Catholic in mind.

The latest Alpha News continues to praise itself and boasts of how many archbishops and bishops attended its big annual campaign meetings. But, sin is sin, whether it is committed by archbishops or by trash-collectors! Note how several of those bishops were Roman Catholic, proving its godless origin and activity.

Muslim Lies

Muslims love to tell the West that our people are immoral, and point to high incidents of pregnancy amongst the unmarried, STDs etc. They pretend all is well amongst their own women, who they portray as always chaste.

Yet, increasing numbers of unmarried Muslim women elect to have surgery to ‘correct’ their unchaste state! And, worse, they do this at the expense of the UK’s tax system via the NHS!

To put it plainly, they go to the NHS to have an operation that gives them a false hymen – the thin membrane that almost covers the whole of the inside of the vagina, found in virgins. If broken, it ‘proves’ to husbands that their bride has been immoral. And, many have been! But, Muslims like to lie about their women. It is all based on urban legend anyway, for hymens can break for a number of reasons, including strenuous exercise or sports. It shows how nasty Islamic lore can be.

It also turns out that westerners are having this operation… but the vast majority of the operations are done on Muslims. Once again, Islamicism is leading to unnecessary NHS expenses, because we try to placate their sensibilities. It is about time western and Islamic girls faced up to the consequences of their sexual actions, instead of lying and expecting taxpayers to pay for their immorality.

The Tentacles of Arminianism

The subject that raises most arguments from those who contact us, is Arminianism. Barry has already written a book tackling the errors of Roman theologian Thomas Aquinas, and has often alluded to Arminius. Now he is writing material to show why and how Arminius’ views were linked to the Jesuits and Rome. The links will grow with time. For example, John Wesley taught Arminianism, as do Billy Graham and Benny Hinn. So did Finney and Moody. Charismatics are Arminianists, along with General Baptists and many others. As one writer (Michael Bunker) succinctly said: ‘Arminianism IS Catholic!’ He is right.

We have also found that the heinous Alpha Course is strongly linked to Jesuits and Rome itself. For example, the college run by Holy Trinity, Brompton, has Jesuit theologians as visiting lecturers, and is a constituent member of St Mellitus college, which does the same. If Jesuits also speak at the Alpha Course… there is no way that genuine Christians can accept it as being of God!

What passes as the ‘Christian church’ and ‘Protestantism’, is really Rome with a different coat on! It is a mess… and it is part of the continuing activity known as the ‘counter-reformation’, led by Jesuits.

We advise readers NEVER to accept the claims of the Alpha Course, or its leaders, or its founders, all of whom are entrenched in Arminian charismaticism, a product of Rome, the Whore of scripture.

We must admit that the arguments against Arminius tend to be far-ranging, if not far beyond what he actually taught. Even so, the system attributed to him, and his objection to predestination as taught in scripture, is enough to list him with heretics. It is a very simple thing: to teach that all may be saved because of their free will is, though a singular teaching, a very damning one, for it negates totally the notion of free grace and salvation by God’s choice alone. It is for this singular reason that we must categorise Arminianism as a heresy to be condemned.

One pastor, commenting on my notes, said that Arminianism and Calvinism are just two rail tracks leading to the same goal – God and salvation. This is untrue. Frankly, I do not care if he refers to Calvin or not… what matters is the claim that we can come to Christ by our own decision and choice, becoming, in effect, co-redemptors with Christ!

Fox in the Hen-House!

How do you protect hens in the hen-house? It is obvious – bring in a fox security officer! That’s what the police authorities have done, so it is surely good enough for us!

The Metropolitan Police, now well-known for their radical PC agenda, have appointed a radical Muslim as liaison between the police and the Muslim community. (Telegraph, 24th July): the Muslim Safety Forum (MSF).

Azad Ali is known for his extremist views. He says al-Qaeda is a ‘myth’, and agrees with the killing of British troops in Iraq. Never mind the ‘safety’ of Muslims in the UK – how’s about the safety of British citizens and protecting us against people like Ali?

Ali is a senior member of the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), fighting to make all of Europe an Islamic state, under Sharia law. The IFE shares the same office as the MSF!! Have the police lost their brains? Why choose a subversive extremist for the job? If we have to placate the Muslims at all, why not choose a reasonable, UK-orientated Muslim?

In the meantime Mr Cameron shows his complete disregard for truth and reality by saying that fears of Turkey joining the EU are unfounded. Just like the ‘unfounded’ fears of giving laws to protect homosexuals?

The EU – Roman to the Core

Rome was behind the formation of the European Union. That is why the EU is solidly Romish in its structure and alliances. As we grow closer to the papal visit to the UK, Catholic video producers are working overtime to make films that glamorise Catholicism, showing early Catholic rebels as nice folks whose only aim was to convert the British back to the ‘Mother church’. No, they were into sedition and murder, and conversion by force.

The Jesuits work tirelessly to convince the public, especially through lax Christians and their churches, that being closer to Rome will benefit them. Not so. It will bring a darkness of soul and a growing totalitarianism, such as is already unfolding in Europe and the USA. This is why the new role of EU President must only go to a Catholic. Did you know that?

Ever wondered why Tony Blair, that arch-enemy of Britain, suddenly converted to Rome after he left office? It was because he thought he was to be the first EU president! He is, then, another failed Guy Fawkes! Even so, he is just as dangerous.

The HIV Lie

The International AIDS Conference was held in Austria last week. But, one glaring omission was made (as always): in all its deliberations NOT ONE speaker or paper was up-front about the most obvious cause of HIV and AIDS… homosexuality!

Obama and Clinton offered hefty support for the fight against AIDS. How can anyone fight AIDS when they refuse to identify the cause and get rid of it? Even gay leaders have commented to that effect.

Not to talk about homosexuality as the cause of AIDS is like refusing to get rid of a virus that causes other pandemics. But, in the case of every known virus and disease EXCEPT HIV AND AIDS, experts identify and get rid of the cause. They know that unless they get rid of the cause of a disease all programs of help and treatment are useless and expensive. In the case of AIDS we all know what the cause is, so why are ‘experts’ being such morons? Yes, I use the word as a Christian, because that is what they are! They are also criminal, for not apprehending the criminals who spread the disease. And ‘criminal’ is what homosexuals are.

HIV and AIDS will NEVER be kept in check until the world accepts the cause is homosexuality, and proceeds to eradicate it from the nations. How? By calling homosexuality a vile social activity and by shaming its practitioners. Some say that if we did that, the stigma would drive them underground. So what? If they fear making their evils public, that is good! If they fear enough not to come forward for treatment, then so be it… they will just die in their shame. We should not be paying for their treatment anyway. They made their mess – let them pay for it. And if they pass on their awful disease to others who know nothing of their status, they must be criminalized, if not charged with murder. The only exception should be fellow homosexuals, who already know the dangers.

Some African states have shown mettle by making homosexuality illegal. Let’s praise and support their efforts, because they are doing what any sane country should do.

Democrats and Foolish Christians

Foolish Christians and pseudo-Christians can be bought just like any unsaved man. The Democrats in the USA recently praised the “broad faith movement” for supporting and promoting the evil policies of Obama. The rulers of the USA said they could not have passed any of their new reforms unless the “faith community” was behind them! Now you know who to blame for all the ills to befall the USA.

Of course the praise is not for genuine believers but for those on the ‘religious left’, who destroy true faith just as well as any Democrat and liberal. Remember that next time you vote for, or uphold, anything desired by communistic or fascist governments.

Burn the Koran?

The Christian Post (30th July) ran a story I could hardly believe… a large church in Florida is calling for an ‘International Burn-a- Koran-Day’!!

Yes, we must oppose Islam… but not this way. It must be the most foolish thing any church can do. The best way to oppose Islam is mainly to teach scripture and preach the Gospel. We may also call on governments not to cave-in to Islamic pressure for Sharia law, or to give any other Islamic concession. But, burning Korans is a step too far.

If the church did what it wants, we all know what the result would be – violence, jihad, and the burning down of the church! The church would also be condemned by Obama, who loves Islam but not Christ.

There must be a very strong movement to oppose Islamisation of the West. Deliberately attracting evil is foolish. Of course, there will be many who say that Muslims burn anything they wish, including the American flag, Christians and churches. This is true. But, we must not follow the same path of wickedness. Defence is one thing, but provocation without cause is quite another.

Theology or Faith?

As one who works every day at what is called ‘theology’, I believe every Christian should follow theological principles when studying scripture. Basically, this principle is exactly the same as the principal within any discipline. It is what underlies genuine academic study and research. The only difference is that theology deals in the things of God and what He says and does.

Having said that, we should not confuse theology with Bible study. Bible study is part of theological work, but whilst only a few Christians are equipped to deal with theological ideas and research, EVERY Christian has the ability to study God’s word.

This means every Christian has a right to ask questions, make comments, or oppose wrong precepts, and follow God personally.

However, what I object to strongly, is when Christians who study in an ad hoc manner, often loosely and without any kind of structure, argue without bothering to answer criticism. It is obvious their years of ‘study’ have been rather scatter-brained, but they insist they are right, scorning those whose lifetime task it is to study scripture seriously on a daily basis.

I urge ALL believers to study God’s word, but with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, without which any ‘study’ will be haphazard and usually wrong. Let God lead you and He will! God bless all who study in this way.

© July 2010

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