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Call God ‘Allah’?

The Roman Catholic organisation, wrongly called a ‘church’ and ‘Christian’, is now saying we should all call God ‘Allah’! The man who organises the annual Muslim Day Parade in New York is connected with this idea, as is Iran, and the people who support and speak at the parade are known Islamic militants.

In a film about Christ, in the Hebrew language, Christ is shown telling His disciples that the servant is not greater than his master. But, heretics now say He did not say ‘Jehovah’, but ‘Allah’, when referring to God. Of course, a film script can make you say anything it wishes!

In Matthew 10:24, Jesus said “The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord.” The word for lord in this text is kyrios, meaning to whom all things belong; a title for God or the Messiah. The word kyrios is a New Testament word used as an equivalent for the Old Testament ‘Jehovah’, and was spoken by Christ to refer to Himself. Obviously, if Muslims think Allah is not a trinity and Jesus was only a prophet… how could Jesus say He was kyrios? Islam has it wrong if they think Jesus called God ‘Allah’. It is not in the scriptures.

Paul and others also referred to Jesus as kyrios (and thus Jehovah), or Lord. This is highly significant, for no Jew, especially in those days, would ever associate a creature (as Muslims think Jesus was) with the Creator on an equal basis, by calling Him ‘Lord’.

In John 13:16 we are told “The servant is not greater than his lord…” Again, kyrios is used. This is repeated in chapter 15, verse 20, where, very clearly, Jesus equates Himself with God the Father, as God.

This is just a Muslim ruse to gather ignorant people to their religion, by claiming Jesus referred to God as ‘Allah’. The various times when Jesus spoke of God as His Father makes such a claim absurd anyway, for how can a singular, one-person God have a ‘son’ Who is co-equal?

Throughout the New Testament Jesus indicated strongly that He was indeed God, and when He is referred to as ‘Son’ this is an admission that He is therefore God!

We note the involvement of Rome in this fiasco. This fake church says it does not matter what we call God. They ask “What’s in a name?” EVERYTHING!

We call God ONLY what He calls Himself. This is vital, otherwise He may as well be Krishna, Buddha, or some other false god. The name of someone in scripture speaks of his entire being, his aspects and his character. It is important to get it right. Rome, as always, is wrong. We should bear in mind that Rome has been conducting secret talks with Islam for many years, wanting a close relationship even though Islam hates Christians and the Christian God, along with Jews. For Rome this is easy, because it is not Christian!

God is NOT ‘Allah’. Do not be fooled by this very wide ecumenism that tries to break down legitimate barriers to equality.

Finally, think of why Muslims want a mega-mosque on the site of 9/11… Islam deliberately builds mosques on top of former Jewish or Christian ‘holy’ sites. This has two purposes – to show disdain for their ‘enemy’, and, to show their dominance over that place. The reason Muslims pray in the streets annually is to do with claiming New York (and other cities with the same parade) for Islam.

The reason they want to build a mega-mosque there on the site of the Twin Towers is that Islam considers the site holy, because it was created by Islam. Just as they deliberately built upon the Temple Mount, so they want to express dominance over the USA with this mega-mosque idea.

The 9/11 space is now hallowed ground for Islam… I sincerely hope New York will not allow a triumphal mosque to be built there. If they do, the Muslim problem will only get worse with even more demands.

Sears – Grubby Tactics

Once a respected company that was synonymous with American growth, Sears is now becoming one of the lowest in morality, by selling huge sex posters from its internet arm.

They are not ordinary sex posters of nude women, but are a range of photos showing graphic sexuality, including male and female homosexuality. This is not just immoral – it is an abomination. No company should cash-in on filth. And no general sales company should continue to receive the money of its decent customers, if it becomes an agent of gross pornography.

Of course, the company refuses to answer any of the many thousands of emails it has had since selling the posters. It wants the money from sick minds, so it will not back down. The only answer is for customers to refuse to shop with them. Hit them in their pocket and they will soon stop! It may not be the way to make them become moral, but it will do for now!


So, the latest revelation about our Marxist friend, Obama, is that he is homosexual. Let’s get this straight (that’s a pun by the way)… so far he is ‘gay’, a known associate of Chicago gangsters, a known associate of terrorists, a probable Muslim and friend of all things Islam, a hater of Christianity, and a destroyer of all things USA.

That’s all very well, but I have an even more serious question: Did Obama burn the cookies? The answer is “probably”, but he’ll likely blame it on Bush.

God, Not ‘Humanity’!

The head of the Roman Catholic ‘church’ in Scotland, piously called for the USA to stop badgering Britain for releasing the Muslim Lockerbie bomber. The cardinal said it was now “time to show our own humanity” towards this mass murderer.

This is an error typical in society today. The issue does not require us to show our humanity at all – but to show our obedience to God! The Muslim terrorist blew up a ‘plane full of people. For this he should have been put to death as a murderer. Instead, he was put in prison and given the usual soft treatment afforded to prisoners by liberal, godless politicians. He was released on ‘humanitarian grounds’ when it was discovered he had cancer…. But when he returned to Libya as an hero, his cancer somehow got a bit better and is no longer so bad!

Rome is wrong. So is society. That man should have been put to death, along with all other murderers, instead of being allowed to live. That is what GOD says, not Man. God says that the nation that allows a first-degree murderer to live is itself guilty of the crime of murder, and the blood of the victim is on its hands. Thus, the British government is forcing us all to become guilty of murder by letting the killer stay alive. I have no doubt that this liberal godlessness is the reason for the radical rise in violence in the West.

Mark 16

Sadly, many Christians are taken into error by unbelieving theologians. One such area of unbelief is that certain parts of scripture should not be there, because they are fake, added in later, or invented.

Verses 9 to 20 of Mark 16 are thought to have been added later. I once heard it, over 25 years ago, in a church I then attended. The pastor was young and foolish, with no regard for truth, and quoted other errors, so we left.

Were these verses added at a later date? No. What you see in the 1611 King James AV is correct! The idea they were added later to the ‘real‘ text comes from the heretical mind of Higher Criticism, a school of thought invented over a century or so ago by unbelievers. They say these verses do not appear to have been written by Mark because they do not fit his usual style.

This is absurd – as a writer, even when I write what I believe to be from God, my ‘style’ can change enormously, sometimes within the same document! In other words, the claims made against Mark 16 are down to simple personal opinion, not to fact! Do not allow unbelievers to dictate what you accept or reject, and when it comes to scripture, adhere to the AV, not to later inventions and the theories of wicked heretics.

Satan’s Vicar

Michael Land is a 67 year old vicar in a quiet part of Hereford. He recalls with some amusement the day he shouted the ‘F’ swear word out of his car window at another driver!

He now suggests that preachers should instruct their congregations to curse and swear similarly. This is because he thinks we should speak in the parlance of our day. I do not know about you, but I know no-one in my circle of family, friends and acquaintances who use ANY swear words, let alone the ‘F’ word, which is completely foul!

Mr Land also said “People place Jesus on a pedestal. They’d probably be shocked by his language. He was poor and lacked any real education.” How insulting and how blasphemous! Lack of education does not mean people automatically curse and swear! And, scriptures speak of a Messiah who significantly outshone human intelligence. If swearing like this is the result of lack of education… what excuse does Mr Land have?

Mr Land is an enemy of Christ, a blasphemer, and a lout. I pray that he will be removed from his comfortable living as a vicar… not that a vicar is a Biblical position authorised by God (because it isn’t), but because he totally misrepresents Christ and Christianity and makes his views public, bringing God’s name into disrepute.

Mr Land says to use such wicked words is not sin, because they are part of the English language. Not so! They are words used as expletives by the same folks who use the name of God and Christ in vain. They are not appropriate words for any Christian to use, whose lives must be separate from the lives of the unsaved, showing holiness and purity. Words such as the ‘F’ word are just filthy and foul, leaving a nasty taste and dirtying society.


About two weeks ago, I was just about to walk into a fish and chip shop, and was only about one foot away from the door, when I experienced what all men of valour fear by the seaside... suddenly, my right eye, forehead, glasses and shirt were attacked by those birds of prey – seagulls! Their accuracy is better than that of a rocket from an ultra-modern air force jet! Gotcha!

Those who saw it were delighted, of course, and said it was very lucky to be hit by such a missile. All depends on who gets hit, I said! My wife quickly got rid of it, but it left me wondering how on earth a gull so far up can hit me so precisely when I was only one foot away from the door. Hm. I’m sure the same gull was laughing at me a day later.

Satan’s like that you know. No, I don’t mean he makes us ‘lucky’ with bird yuk. I mean he precisely targets who he will aim at, and he never misses. That’s because he knows us as victims; he and his pals watch us in our everyday lives. They know exactly what our failings and sins are, and know what our secret desires are. Then, one day, he pounces on us, dropping his missile from afar, hitting us before we know it has happened. So we sin.

I could wipe away the mess sent by the gull… but getting rid of the sins and guilt encouraged by Satan may not be so easy. He will get you every time if you don’t face up to your secret sins and desires and hand them over to God! If you don’t, believe me, you won’t be so ‘lucky’ as a gull victim! And, very often, when you fail, you will be observed by many others, shamefully and foolishly, as your sin mocks God.

PS. That same day I also fell over on some rocks as I tried to look over the sea. I had broken some toes a few days before, and put my foot down awkwardly, causing pain. I overbalanced, fell on my elbow, and then rolled down the rock ending up like a beached whale!! Not a good day for dignity!

Obama and Israel

There can be no doubt for those who watch international politics, that Obama is anti-Israel; he would be in deep trouble with his Muslim brothers if he were not! US observers are warning him about his anti-Israel stance, saying that it will consign the USA to the “ash-heap of history”, just as has happened to all nations who tried to attack Israel in the past.

The observer does not realise it, but he was merely repeating what God says in His word about those who dare to attack His people. The Jews are not presently favoured by God, but they soon will be, when the time comes for the majority of Jews to turn back to God through Christ.

We have said it many times before – do not dare to oppose Israel, simply because Israel is Jewish and God will hand them the mantle of evangelisation, taking it from the Gentiles. We cannot support everything Israel does politically, but we must beware of joining people like Obama and Islam, who want Israel divided by a hostile terroristic state like Palestine, that wants only to obliterate all Jews. Funny… I seem to remember someone else who wanted to do that!

BTM Publications

O/186 ‘The Death Penalty. Is it Still applicable?’ O/188 Mark 16:9-20. ‘Were These Verses Added?’ Sadly, many Christians have been duped by this idea given by unbelievers. O/188 ‘When Did Christ Die and Rise Again?’ Some claim He died and rose again on days different from those usually given by history. But, they are wrong. Scripture is more straightforward!

Homosexual Vendetta

The founder of this ministry has a friendship with a lady journalist who writes for a Kenyan newspaper. As a Christian she courageously wrote several articles against homosexuality, saying it is ridiculous that she should somehow leave her beliefs aside when writing about this sin, when no other topic makes such demands.

As I expected, she was suddenly attacked by gay groups in Africa, even though most Kenyans are Christian! This shows us just how powerful and arrogant gays are. They boast of their power and everyone allows them to get away with it. And that’s in a mainly Christian country whether there is freedom of speech (for now). They do it because they see how countries around the world are crumbling before gay intimidation.

As soon as anything is put in print against homosexuality in the West, there is an immediate response from a standing army of gay objectors! That is all they do every day – they attack Christians and others who oppose their vile lifestyle. It is, in every sense, a real vendetta against Christians and all who wish to think independently.

Do you think these people only want to silence us on the matter of homosexuality? Then think again! Their aim is, as we keep saying, blatantly fascist. They want to control every aspect of our lives so that they can live as godlessly as they choose. Never forget this plain truth about homosexuals, who are so roundly condemned by God in His word.

Lies Upon Lies

Unfortunately, voters have come to expect lies from politicians. More than that, they ACCEPT it. There are no rebukes or demands for repentance. So the problem gets worse and worse.

In the USA, and in the UK, leaders such as Obama and Cameron proudly boast that they uphold religious freedom. This is a direct lie, for homosexual laws upstage religious laws at every point. Really, there should be no laws for either, but it is what Marxist and Fascist governments do best – regulate the very air we breathe!

Do not let these men blatantly destroy our freedoms. Rebuke them every time they lie. Demand they recant and treat Christians, and therefore God, with respect and legal fairness (though ‘fairness’ and ‘legal’ are two opposite concepts). If we do not oppose every lie at every point, they will only foist worse sins upon us and convince the public they really are fair to Christians.

Let the public know that the leaders are lying. Tell the media. Eventually they might listen and report the truth. Otherwise, we are fast heading for the Gulag idea where Christians will be pushed into ghetto-style enclaves, to be punished for daring to believe in Almighty God.

The Fifth Column

There is a strong fifth-column in religious circles. They are the many in all denominations, religions and cults, that pretend all religions are equal. One such group is ‘Faith in the Public Life’, comprising Protestant, Catholic, ‘evangelical’, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders who openly call people like Sarah Palin and others ‘religious bigots’ and showing ‘hatred’ for condemning the idea of having a super-mosque at ground zero in New York! (

They say they are “committed to religious freedom and inter-religious cooperation, and (they are) deeply troubled by the xenophobia and religious bigotry (found in) some of the opposition to a proposed Islamic centre and mosque near where the World Trade Centre towers once stood.”

Such blatant semantics takes the breath away! Who do they think they are kidding? It is quite possible they actually believe what they say, and really mean it. But, no man with an ounce of sense can accept Islamic desires to take over the world! We cannot ignore the openly planned idea to impose Sharia law on all people everywhere, or the hatred shown towards Jews and Christian by Islam. Palin and others show great courage in opposing this Islamic push to take New York, and thereby the USA, for Islam. Many moderate Muslims, of course, do not accept the violence of their brethren… but they are brethren nevertheless, and it is the violent factions that rule Islam today. By siding with them, any religious group that supports their aims are a fifth-column, not to be trusted or countenanced. It is they who are the bigots, not those who are able to think seriously. And it is the same bigots, who run with Islam, that will gladly denounce and stab the backs of those who stand for truth.

Note: Obama is to ‘celebrate’ Ramadan in the White House (as others have done before him), and will “speak up for religious freedom” at the event. (Associated Press). He can only be referring to the freedom of Islam to run riot over Christianity, for he hates Christianity and godly laws.

When a president celebrates one religion over another, we know he is acting against all the others.

See also how New York wants to give official government support to Islam. Do not underestimate the seething hatred for God’s word and for Christians. It is bubbling like boiling oil under the skin-deep nicety of governments, and will erupt soon.

Seeing Myself in Another Light…

A very unusual phenomenon occurred today as I walked to my doctor’s surgery in the sunshine. Near the surgery is a very busy intersection, with a footbridge over four lanes of traffic.

As I started to cross the bridge, I could see two bright, distinct shafts of light, slightly to my left. They were like solid rods or lasers. As I walked, so the two shafts came with me. I looked up and saw that they both appeared to emanate from the sun, and ended on my chest! It did not matter where I was on the bridge – the two shafts of light stayed with me! When I made my way down the steps, they disappeared. I looked at my chest to see if I wore anything bright, but I didn’t. Even when I moved my body or head the lights remained exactly as before.

Can anyone name that phenomenon? I have never seen anything like it before.

EU Effects

A very kind lady paid for my wife and I to holiday in Malta. Apart from someone stealing my new spectacles from our room, it was a lovely time, with blazing sunshine, bright blue skies and relaxation. We last went there five years ago when I was still working. As I predicted then, once Malta joined the EU they would not be the same. I was right… prices have gone up, Malta is trying to become sophisticated, and it is losing its charm.

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