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Popes…Koran – No Difference

The pope has come and gone, his outward benign nature hiding the malevolence of Satan and his designs against truth and God. A very small number stood witness against his visit, no doubt thinking everyone else was lacking in holy fire for not being with them in their vigil (which is not true – there can be many reasons why they did not attend, including long distances or no money!). No matter… atheists and homosexuals made up the difference, swallowing up the media attention!

But, how many who stood silently to oppose the visit, really understand that the pope, Islam, and the other false religions, are all the same? There is no difference in God’s eyes – they are all wicked and damned to hell.

What we do is concentrate on the most obvious enemy of the day. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about the others. We can only oppose so much and so many at any one time! Yet, few understand the satanic unity of these movements that appear to be unconnected.

Some years ago I warned that the pope had already been approached to be a kind of caliph of Jerusalem, acting as head on behalf of Jews and Muslims. The popes have been secretly chatting with religious fervour with each other for some years, so that Rome and Mohammed can become as one unit in the rule of the world.

Of course, Obama and other Marxists are the outward manifestations of socialist evil… but Islam has been socialistic in its rule from the start! Today its radicalism is a direct son of Marxism, just as the Fascism of the EU is a son of Nazi Germany. The UN is wholly Marxist, too. So, what do we make of Rome? It combines the best bits of both, if we can speak of the ‘best bits’ of godless regimes.

Both Rome and Islam supplant genuine faith and religion. They both try to stand up as God’s anointed in this world. And both are fond of violence. Even today, Rome’s priests are not averse to encouraging riots and mayhem against those who refuse to bow to Rome. Particularly if they are Christians.

But, all of this should be expected. The Reformation was a great move of God… but the job wasn’t finished! Instead of cutting out the cancer at the root, it was allowed to flourish in a small way under the guise of the Anglican church. It was just a weaker version of the Roman church. Because the root remained it was only a matter of time before it regrew… and this it is now doing. This is why the CofE welcomed the pope like a pappa! It is why Newman joined Rome. A long time ago I called him a turncoat, but I was wrong – he did not turn about… he was never a Christian to begin with. Yet, Rome thinks of him as a conquest.

The West did not act warily when Islam started to creep its way around the world. Now, it is a very real and active threat, Not just to security and life itself, but also to Christian freedoms. Its agenda is the same as Rome’s – the eradication of genuine Christianity and true faith in the one Lord.

Both systems have been given their head by lax Christians and irresponsible politicians. Instead of denying Islam growth, they gave it freedom, only it used its freedom to curtail the freedom of everyone else.

The amount of freedom Islam refuses is in exact proportion to how strong Islam is in any one country… as soon as it gains the majority, it comes in with all guns firing (so to speak), including Sharia law. The same happens with Catholicism. They are, between them, bad cop and bad cop… no good cop amongst them!

Now is not the time to take our eye of Rome, or off Islam. Both want our demise and are working hard to get it. Rome has a good strategy – to make Protestant Christians appear to be hard, unloving and ungodly. This is the ruse used by homosexuals, and by Islam, too. Will you let them succeed?

Though we are ultra-cynical about anything done by Rome, we note that, for the first time, two groups – homosexuals and atheists – are behind attacks on the pope, and his religion, Catholicism. Those Christians who clap their hands, should not be so hasty. These two groups, like so many others, think that the pope heads the ‘Church’. We know he is a fake and that he heads nothing but his own folly. But, it is what others think. And what we are seeing is a huge wave of opposition to what they see as ‘Christian’… including us!

So, though what they say about the pope does not directly affect us yet… it soon will, as their evils gain momentum. We will suffer even though the pope has no connection with us or the true Church. As far as the world is concerned the pope is our leader. Even the Anglican archbishop says that! In attacking the pope, then, these haters of God are attacking us, because, to them, we are all the same. Take stock, and do not clap when you see wicked men attacking the pope. Not in this instance, anyway, for the attacks are meant for all who are deemed to be ‘Christians’.

And, though it need not be said, because our continual witness proves it – No, we do not hate Catholics… only their religion, which comes from Satan. No – we do not hate Muslims, only their religion, which comes from the same source. Indeed, we do not hate any person… only those things they believe, that are against God. In this we obey the Lord.

Environmentalist Stooges

In both the USA and Britain schoolchildren, even in the youngest classes, are being taught how to be “good environmental citizens”. Did you know that? This means governments are brainwashing our kids to obey their tax-grabbing mantras. The children are at an impressionable age, and governments are cynically exploiting that fact, so that future generations will submit without a fight to green demands, even though their claims are false science.

Elijah – Masters of Hype

The Elijah List deserves a clap for its audacity! Every issue of its newsletter contains more evidence of its godless agenda and work.

Its newsletter of the 29th September has a headline: “Get your hand-picked prophetic messages each month”. In other words, God is not capable of giving His word to an individual… He hands over this responsibility to an office that makes a fortune out of sifting the ‘messages’ and doling them out as they see fit!

Remember what one ex-manager said of Elijah List: it collects hundreds of so-called ‘prophecies’ and releases them when they appear to suit the current world scene!! Follow Elijah List and be sorry! This is only one charismatic dupe out of many.

When will people see that the List is a spiritual fake? In the recent newsletter, for example, apart from boasting that it can hand-choose God’s ‘prophecies’, it says that “We won’t be able to pray the way we did… as there is a shift in how we communicate with God. He is reordering the Heavens and teaching us to pray from an elevated perspective.” REALLY? Believe that and you will believe the devil himself, from whence this rubbish emanates!

Answer to UK’s Debts

David Cameron, like others before him, shouts loudly about British national debt. He is cutting everything in sight, which always affects the lowest earners. But, he is deliberately ignoring the most obvious answer, the answer that can cut all our debts at a single stroke, and give the country a huge amount to spend on vital services. Our readers already know what that answer is – GET OUT OF THE EU NOW!

Citizens of the UK MUST demand that we leave the fascist monolith, the EU, never to return. Get back our sovereignty! Get rid of all EU laws and especially the foul ‘human rights’ law that gave homosexuals and terrorists freedom to act as they wish against us. Get back Christian freedoms.

This is vital. Will YOU make that call? It is easier to shut up and suffer… but now it is time for all believers to show what they are made of. Some Christians, under the mistaken view that we should not be involved, will call this ‘politics’… but it is far more than that. What we see today is Satan’s hand behind leaders who inflict us with wave after wave of evil.


Our government has vowed to the UN to spend half a billion on malaria control (not that it ever works) in Africa, even though the UK’s poorest will bear the brunt of tax and price hikes, and we must all ‘pull in our belts’ (except for MPs). It costs several billions to give benefits to immigrants who will not, or do not, work! All paid for by the UK’s workers’ taxes. If Christians cannot see Satan in all this, they must be blinded, just like the unsaved.

When Black is White

Those who pretend to be leaders dumbfound us! Their attempts at PC are so astoundingly stupid that we really must protest!

For example, we are told we are ’homophobic’. Islam, climbing onto the same frantic bandwagon to cover its tracks, uses the similar word, ‘Islamophobic’. Both groups want to silence critics without bothering to explain themselves, or allowing criticism to arise in the first place.

But, why should we NOT criticise and oppose homosexuality? Remove the propaganda and you have a sexual activity that brings death and wickedness to the world. It is a personal choice (by 1%) based on sinful mental instability… and mental instability is what it really is. How else do you explain why a man or woman enacts something that brings about their death, mental degeneration, and an inability to think logically?

And why should we not oppose Islam, when it is the leading cause of terrorism in the world today, is based on a false religion, and wants to kill anyone who resists?

To say that anyone is ‘phobic’ about these two movements is absolute nonsense! Is it phobic to oppose what is harmful? It is about time everyone fought back, returning language to something meaningful. As it is, language is being twisted to conform to the most ridiculous claims and definitions, the slave of Fascism and Marxism.

There is nothing good in either activity, so why not say so? If Muslims wish to be deceived that is up to them. But they cannot force us to comply. Same goes for homosexuals. If they wish to kill themselves that is up to them. But leave the rest of us out of it – we do not wish to hear or see you; we do not even want to think about you. Do what you do in the dark and reap the awful consequences.

There is no way we will comply with either Islam or homosexuality, even if they bring in a hundred fake laws to ‘protect’ themselves and turn the whole world against us! They are sinners, and God hates what they do… Stay as they are and they will enter hell… repent and change and know peace at last. Which is it to be? (*God hates? Yes, He does! Look it up in scripture). If you are elected by God, you will hear and repent.

Pentecostal Complaints

Every so often we receive complaints from Pentecostals, who claim that we have ‘got it wrong’ about them. These are crocodile tears. For a start, no group that uses a denominational title will convince me they are for God-only. Secondly, Pentecostalism grew out of Asuza Street and its occultism/witchcraft. Out of Pentecostalism came the more wicked charismaticism. Therefore, there is no real defence. I once preached in Pentecostal churches and had many friends in its ranks. But, that was over many years ago when I realised what Pentecostalism was. I refuse to argue about it.

What’s Next?

Catholicism… Islam… globalisation… what’s coming next? I can only give a very brief note in the Beacon… but we can expect Rome to grow very much closer to Islam, in our lifetimes. The pope has already had secret talks with Islamic leaders, who want him to preside over Jerusalem, supposedly to help join Islam, Judaism and Christianity. This, of course, is a deception, for Islam recognises no other religion than its own. This is a prelude to a one-world religion. This does not necessarily mean a single religion. It does mean, however, that all religions will be subsumed into one rule, in which all religions will agree to the headship of one religious leader… and Revelation suggests this will be a pope. This will coincide with a one-world government, which will endorse Rome’s part as ‘keeper of religious peace’, because Rome will provide the other half of global rule – politicians will provide the Marxist-Fascist side, and Rome will provide the religious side. In this future it may not be necessary to kill or physically destroy Christians. The rulers will simply deride and humiliate, so that genuine Christians will be disregarded as a non-entity, as if they were insane or just nasty vestiges of a time long past. All of these things are rapidly coming to pass, so expect them to happen.

Unanswered Prayers

We are in perilous times as we head fast towards the end of all things as we know them. That is why I urge you all to read ‘Does God Answer Prayer?’ A-292. It is 16 pages long but worth examination. Too many Christians say they believe God answers prayer, but deny it in their actions and thoughts, mainly because they think God has not answered them. The article will probably challenge many readers who, as we once did, have lived in the shadow of ‘reformationism’ and false theological assumptions.

When’s a Kitchen Not a Kitchen?

As they say, it never rains but it pours! Our computer system is giving up the ghost and, we had no option but to order a new one, powerful and business-standard to cope with constant use. That came to a little over £2000… but God moved kind readers to send us enough to cover the whole cost!

On the personal side, my kitchen was literally falling apart, so we were forced to get a new one. Or, rather, to consider it (I hate buying things – it wastes money!!). Because I can no longer get down on my knees to do work, or bend far, I had to get a builder in. Hm… not my style at all. What was to be a straightforward putting-in of a new kitchen (again, partially paid for by a kind reader), it has turned out to be rather more. Removal of the old units (what was left of them) was easy… everything is stashed in the room next door, up the stairs, in my study and in the bedrooms. But, it was found that all the wiring was askew and damp had bulged out the plaster and damaged the floor.

So, off comes the plaster and down comes a wall. The wires were renewed and… the work continues.

Then came the bathroom… the humidity from simple bathing caused widespread mold, and the bath was losing strands of its glass fibre content. The toilet was leaking at the tank. Oh well… bite the bullet and get a new bath suite (no gold taps or expensive stuff!)… and more rewiring and ceiling and floor.

At the moment the kitchen aint a kitchen and the house is in a mess. But, God has been good and has sent cash to cover some of the work. At the moment everything electrical is plugged into a number of long extension leads, trailing from other rooms. For this reason lights downstairs are flickering on and off at times. To make a slice of toast is a logistical nightmare as we unplug this to plug in that! But, we are getting there… we think.

Satanic… or Psychological?

In one of our latest articles we look at why we say Obama, Blair, the EU and UN are all ruled by Satan and are satanic at root. One writer accepts that Hitler, for example, used the occult to get his way. But, sadly, he defines the occult merely as an extraordinary psychological trick used to fascinate followers. The author fails to understand that these psychological tricks are Satanic manipulations, producing wicked rulers… Hitler, Stalin, Blair, Obama, and now Cameron, whose right-wing socialism is just as bad, given his desire to push the homosexual agenda to its limits. See A-350 ‘Satanic Rulers’.

In my time I have witnessed many facets of Satan’s rule over people, from influence, to oppression, to full obvious possession, to the wickedness of ‘Christian’ leaders who lead their members down the road to perdition. If we fail to recognise the reality behind current trends and political activities, then we will fail to see who is behind it all. This is not a time to just defensively fight back… we must be the soldiers of Christ we ought to be, speaking out against the evils of the age.

Can We Hope Without Truth?

Outside a megachurch in the USA is a sign that says “This church doesn’t focus on doctrine. We focus on hope.” The ‘pastor’ rides up to the pulpit on a Harley Davidson motorbike. We cannot have Christian hope unless we know our Bible doctrine. Without it we float about on a sea of uncertainty. Nor can we love unless we also have truth.

Another megachurch offered Bible studies, though the sign says the church might not have all the answers. That gives confidence, eh? God has all the answers – it is our duty to tell others.

A sign outside yet another megachurch says that if Christianity wants to survive into the next century, then it must change. Change what? The message remains rock-solid. It is Christian attitudes that must change, so that we have faith in the one true God, not in our own methods and stupid plans.

The person who does not know doctrine will always be prone to depression, anxiety and confusion. Doctrine is the foundation on which our lives are based. If we fail to understand doctrine we are miserable failures as believers, without hope.

For the past 25 years we have brought doctrine to Christians, because we know that Christians without true doctrine are, to all intents and purposes, fake believers, whose trust is in their own devices rather than in God.

Seeker-friendly churches all water-down the Gospel, so that sinners are not offended by being called sinners!

Be Blunt!

On a TV programme a few days ago a teenage schoolboy admitted to his teacher that he was ‘confused’ about his feelings for another male student. The teacher asked him to go to his office so that they could discuss it, “without judging the boy”.

What, in reality, should be done? The first thing is to remember that a Christian cannot give counsel, even to the unsaved, without firstly staying true to God. God says homosexuality, whether in actual practices or in secret feelings, is grossly sinful, an abomination. He says that no person who is homosexual will enter Heaven. THAT is the counsel the schoolboy needs.

Do NOT say you will not judge, when God Himself judges homosexuality to be a serious sin. (All sins are serious, but homosexuality is picked out for special condemnation by God). At that stage a youngster is persuaded by his hormones (same goes for girls and lesbianism) and by very immature thinking. He must be persuaded to think in the opposite direction, because God will not change His judgment! The boy must NEVER be told we will not judge, or that what he is doing is fine. It is not – it will probably lead to his early death by AIDS or some other sexual disease that homosexuals are prone to.

If he refuses to listen it will only be because his sin is taking precedence and, even at such a young age, he has lost his sense. In no way can you support him in his error, or comfort him in his choice. Of course, the same goes for people of any age.

Don’t Believe Hype

We have warned before that the recession is certainly not over! Don’t believe the hype put out by self-interested politicians and bankers. We will be in hot water for many years to come, because that is how governments can keep us under the thumb. Japan was always vaunted to be the best financially-secure country – but it isn’t. Now we learn that Ireland, much hyped to be a new and fast-growing country, is anything but, coming close to needing an EU ‘bailout’. How Satan must be laughing! Be realists.

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