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Why promote and encourage homosexuality? Why encourage and sympathise with homosexuality, when it is synonymous with disease, social breakdown, sexual immorality & sin?

Why sympathise and ‘love’ what God has clearly called an abomination?

Why pretend they have nothing to do with paedophilia, when they do? Why turn a blind eye to foul sexual habits that go far beyond anything imaginable?

And why allow them to enter our churches with arrogance, demanding parity for their sin? Why allow them to enter our schools to corrupt children?

And why allow them to parade in the streets, flaunting immoral acts and pseudo-sexual activities before the eyes of children?

Why join green movement groups when they are pagan-inspired and against Christian teaching?

Why join them when they are taxing ordinary folks to the hilt, denying them the opportunity to buy fuel at reasonable prices? Why join them when their intention is to bring in drastic, fascist regimes?

Why join them when it is their intention to bring in a new era of paganism?

Why promote and encourage Islam?

Why do so when it is violent and anti-Christian at its core? When it intends bringing in harsh sharia law? When it intends getting rid of people from their own countries, as in the West?

Why support politicians who are corrupt and unable to live moral lives? When they are caught in sin and yet go unpunished and remain in position? When Christians vote for them time and again?

Why allow TV to contain a growing list of blatantly sexual programmes? And Why allow them to contain disgusting language, even early in the evening?

Why make allowances for so many wicked movements and people, who laugh at God and Christians, openly boasting that they will destroy their faith and beliefs?

The reason is SIN, not just in those who God hates, but in the very people who claim to be saved from sin: Christians!

No Christian can accept the above evils – and they are only a few we can list! Yet, many Christians do accept them, if not openly, then by their silence.

Today, I heard Cliff Richard, so fawned-over by countless Christians, give his ‘views’ on Christian topics… he accepts evolution as true; he thinks that saying God made Adam and Eve ‘just like that’ is magic, not the act of a scientific God! He says Islam is a religion of peace. He said all religions arrive at the same God. He said that there will be others in heaven beside Christians and those elected by God, because they are somehow ‘good’ and have tried to emulate Christ’s life. This is typical ‘Christianity’ today!! And it stinks.

It is about time all Christians asked themselves ‘Why?’, because otherwise they will be destroyed, as per Satan’s plan. Those who remain silent in the face of wickedness are just as guilty.

Beware Muslim Police!

Muslims are showing their intolerant hand more and more in the UK. Now, no Muslim policeman will provide protection to the Israeli embassy! This is incredible. So, if a Jew is being murdered, a Muslim policeman will not step in to stop it. And how soon will it be before he does not help the Christian either?

If this absurd demand is given into, it is okay for a Christian policeman not to help an homosexual, or to go to an homosexual event. The consequences of all this are blatant! Britain must stop pandering to Islam.

Panadol User?

If you have to take pain-killers (known as analgesics in the trade) and use Panadol or a similarly named brand, ask for ‘Paracetamol’ instead. This is, if you like, the unbranded ‘original’ and costs very much less, about 16 pence a packet! No point in paying just for a brand name. Same goes for any other branded medication you might be taking. Ask your pharmacist.

Also, if you are taking prescribed pain-killers for specific reasons, e.g. migraine, arthritis, etc., and the painkiller does NOT contain paracetamol (look at the list of ingredients - better still, ask your pharmacist), it is quite safe for you to also take paracetamol for other purposes, such as headache, ‘flu symptoms, colds, etc. Be careful that the paracetamol does not contain any other ingredient, such as aspirin. And DO NOT take more than the recommended dose given on the box… you can be overdosed!

Some people (especially if older) who take a lot of paracetamol might become drowsy in the day, unsteady on their feet, or have nausea. These are not usual symptoms, but I noted them during my time as a nurse. Just talk to your doctor about it, who will recommend another course of action.

And Statins… If you use statins try to find a more natural way to deal with cholesterol. There are a number of things on offer that do not have the very dangerous side-effects of statins.

Many Moons Ago…

BTM began its ministry in 1985. Very soon afterwards Barry Napier lost his lecturing job because of gay activist activity against him. Same thing happened to him again in 2005. But, in between are 25 years (almost to the day) of varied and eventful ministry work!!

We can never say it has been dull! We almost ‘lost the plot’ for a while a few years after starting, but got back on track thanks to God’s prompting and guidance. Now we have a new website that can potentially reach many millions… so please pass on our link to anyone and everyone!! For our newest site, it is:

The older site no longer receives new material, but is an archive site and will eventually be taken off-line. Thus, most of what we have done to the time we began the new site, will still be found on the old site. Because transferring everything to the new site will take time, please visit the old site to find relevant articles not yet put on ‘dot com’. The link is

If you can pass on our link to your friends, church and anyone else, including Christian sites, it will help us to grow rapidly and begin to make a difference in the Christian world, as well as amongst unbelievers who God may well be prompting. What better gift can there be, next to salvation, than to point them towards truth?

The need to grow fast is vital in today’s wicked world that even seduces Christians. Help us to do this by making the sites known.

Evil Runs Faster

The evil homosexual movement is now running faster. Obama began the new trend by appointing more homosexuals than any other president, giving fresh and powerful impetus to gay activist groups, who now see a clear path for their obnoxious agenda. David Cameron in the UK is also accelerating the trend started by Blair, whose claim to ‘Christianity’ is farcical.

One judge in the USA, like all the judges under Obama, is stepping way beyond her proper bounds, by ordering the whole US Forces to allow open homosexuals to apply for admission. We can expect to see the rapid decline of the USA because of this and the other socialist, godless policies and laws implemented by Obama. The only hope for the USA and the rest of the western world, is if he can be proven to be illegally appointed himself. Then, every law he has made will be void, thus cutting the legs from under the homosexual movement, as well as numerous very dangerous security issues.

Check the Small Print

As some of you know I was kindly given an holiday in Malta by a BTM reader. Sadly, it became a very expensive one, because someone entered my hotel room and robbed my brand new spectacles. They were special, with the lenses fixed direct to the frame. It was a stupid crime, because only I can make use of prescription glasses prescribed for me!! They were purchased because the old glasses are too heavy and were digging into my nose. Also, the plastic used is causing an allergic reaction. The cost was just under £600… I have never paid such an amount in my life!! But, they were the only ones that were light enough and non-allergic.

Anyway, I made a claim on my holiday insurance. Today, the insurance company paid out – just £100. So, I have lost a huge amount of money and cannot buy another pair. It seems the insurance only pays a maximum of £100 for such claims, regardless of the fact that the glasses were only bought a few days before I went on holiday.

My advice is for you to check the small print in your insurances. In my case I never bothered because I did not anticipate someone stealing glasses I was wearing!! (I changed them for a few hours, and put them into a drawer – the hotel safe was one of those very flat boxes at reception, only suitable for papers and money). Especially as they are of no use whatever to anyone else!

The same goes for any insurance you might buy… check what they pay out if you lose anything. That is, if you buy insurance at all… I know many do not.

Islam, Religion of Peace

As Christians race to accept Muslims and persist in their irrational claim that Islam is a religion of peace, churches and synagogues in Chicago are on notice that they may be targeted by the recent spate of bombs sent through the post from Islamic terrorists. (Many apologies for identifying Islam, Mr Obama – I know you dislike anyone highlighting the fact that Muslim terrorists are actually Muslim!).

This, to me, is the abiding picture I have of peaceful Islam… because this is what Islam is really like. The current bombs were sent from Yemen, now identified by US authorities as public enemy number one. As experts warned, the coming of Obama into office immediately sent out signals to terrorists to resume their threats and attacks since 9/11. The resumption was expected… and it came. Obama, though, is the public enemy number one, because he is the weak-kneed Islamicist in the USA who allows terrorism to continue without proper retort.

When will the media start to laugh in derision every time Islam claims to be peace-loving, when the ‘holy’ books of Islam contain specific hatred against Jews and Christians?

Dressing Up!

The homosexual movement has a huge ‘shopping list’ of demands, all of which are sinful. Christians are being duped by this list, and because the ‘gay’ movement has been using a ‘dripping tap’ technique to influence people, many are being misled.

Included on the list is the notion that dressing in clothing of the opposite sex is ‘natural’ and okay. Personally, I find nothing funny or entertaining about men in drag; I find it repulsive. It is just a short step to homosexuality proper. And it can ruin marriages, because the desire to dress this way is homosexual.

The Bible says that men and women dressing in clothing of the opposite sex is an ‘abomination’. It also says that women who have sex with animals should be put to death, as should men with men. We are left in no doubt that God loathes homosexuality, as Romans 1 clearly states.

As a disclaimer for all who abuse the term ‘hate speech’… No – we are not free to kill homosexuals! But, we do know what God thinks about it. No Christian should give house-room to homosexuality or to homosexuals, unless they are repentant. Remember that homosexuality is really a death cult replete with many diseases. So, why accept its awful beliefs and demands?

More From Godless Elijah List

All we have to do to know what God is going to do in 2011 is register with the Elijah List. Sounds so much like the biblical way of prophecy, eh, when God spoke to a prophet who then told the nation, without fee and without ‘registration’!!

To find out what God is saying “It’s really important” to register to attend the Elijah List Conference in Albany, USA in January. So, if like most of us you live outside the USA, you cannot know what God says. That’s how God works isn’t it?

When will God close down this false ministry? Its claims are a source of consternation. Though I told Christians of the huge prophecy that did not come true (Obama would definitely be saved last year!) and asked the Elijah List to withdraw it with repentance, they refused to do so, despite what God says about making false prophecies. That sums up the legitimacy of the Elijah List.

The EU – Evil Unlimited!

The EU destroys families and freedom, morality and genuine love. It hates Christianity and loves Islam, Marxism, Fascism and all things socialist, including immorality.

We receive direct EU communications and analysis and find, time and again, that all the reports point to the EU’s insatiable appetite for our money! It just increases its demands for no real reason, other than to lock us into its foul system.

Cameron in the UK has tabled a law that prevents us giving any more power to the EU, but this is a farce and will do almost nothing to alleviate the problem. The EU has already been given power over the UK by the traitors Blair and Brown. Cameron will continue this ignoble tradition of ceding UK power to the EU, because he is a politician who loves homosexuality and unholy alliances. He will hand us over like so much garbage to those who really rule… Cameron doesn’t, but the EU does. And if you think they are bad, wait until the UN gets in on the act!

The EU has always, from the start, been a very bad manager and a very sly operator, pretending at first to be just a trade organisation but secretly working out its plan to take over the whole of Europe politically.

Its socialistic plans are obvious, as is its Fascism. I don’t care if some hate me constantly referring to the fascism of the EU… I must do it because few recognise it. And I do so because socialism hates us. It hates anything to do with God and will do anything to ultimately get rid of Him and us. The homosexual laws are just some of many designed to subjugate us as believers.

The EU is as evil as they come. Christians MUST fight it or be crushed. Yes, we do so by prayer… but those who only think along those lines are unrealistic anyway. We must use any legal, righteous path we need, and not just lay down and die.

Oppose the EU itself, not just its many bad decisions! There is no way any Christian can legitimately accept anything it says, when its major aim is to kill us off!

Who Says Creation Speaks of Literal Days

Both the Bible itself and science! Evolution attempts to suffocate this fact, but it cannot hide the truth for long.

As Apologetics Press said (12th Nov.), one indication that the days of Creation were literal is found in symbiosis. Such as plants that specifically rely solely on one pollination method, and the one method being used solely on that one plant. Both had to exist together in close proximity, otherwise both would have died! Simple. No room for slow evolution.

They were designed to function together! This is why we see evolution of species as absurd. Indeed, not just absurd but stupid. If, say, sea-living creatures had to come out onto dry land to ‘evolve’ into something else, it was impossible, because sea-life exists differently from land-life. Every part of the sea-animal’s body would have to be radically altered IMMEDIATELY… or it would just die. It might somehow crawl or land itself on a beach, but then it would die, because it could not get oxygen through its existing system.

There can be no slow changes, because each time the thing came to shore it would – die! It has to be an instant change. But, how is this possible? It is not, and it is this mechanism of change I want proved to me before I even consider evolution as a serious theory instead of what it is – a fake hypothesis invented to politically assassinate Christian teaching and the teaching of Genesis. But, I KNOW no-one can show me the mechanism, because it does not, and cannot’ exist!

Those who keep dragging the dead body of Darwinism onto the beach hoping it will somehow become something else (like a genuine theory) are acting stupidly, and those Christians who claim to believe in it are just as stupid. I say that with great Biblical authority, not as a personal jibe.

The days of Creation are literal. I am part-way through a paper proving this to be so, from scripture.

Even without this proof from scripture, the facts of science themselves prove the literal days of creation, and therefore a short span of years between today and creation – a young earth. Because everything lives in symbiosis or mutualism, things cannot just exist independently. They need other things to live. We see this everywhere in plants, animals, chemicals, earth, and so on.

Why don’t scientists and foolish Christians just give in and admit their defeat? It will say a lot more about their integrity than their present stupidity in believing what is impossible and godless.


This edition of the Beacon is late, due to a computer breakdown. Many apologies!


Who do YOU think is the ‘antichrist’? After all, right now it is open season on who it is. The winners at the moment are the EU and Obama. Hm. Both are certainly evil and both are socialist, but are they THE antichrist? No.

As we have said before, Obama is only the battering ram who is being used to bring in a socialist regime to the USA. When his narcissistic fantasy world is finished (probably next election) a more serious socialist leader will emerge. Possibly Hillary Clinton. Whoever it is, he or she will have immense clout. The EU? It is possible that this nasty little military/political machine will be overtaken by the far nastier UN. But, so what?

THE antichrist will crush all resistance and the world will follow, because it has to, and because it rejects Christ. But, what does scripture say?

The antichrist will be known by his hatred for Christ, and they will tell everyone that Christ (that is God) did not come to this world at all. This is why so many cults and liars tell us Christ was ‘only a man’. As we see in 2 John 1:7, though a singular ‘antichrist’ is mentioned, John was actually referring to “many deceivers”, not just one. Note also that the singular antichrist was one of a number, hence ‘an’. An antichristos is the adversary of Christ. This can only be one person – Satan. However, he will use many others throughout history to show his hatred. See article O/196.

THE antichrist is yet to come. No need to keep searching – he will make himself known! Look to the Lord, not His enemy.

© October 2010

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