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Cromwell Needed Today?

As we come to the end of 2010, we look back at a sinful year. Church leaders have refused to conduct themselves faithfully, and government was changed from one form of socialism to another.

In the UK a totalitarian Blair was replaced by a totalitarian Brown. Then he was replaced by a totalitarian coalition.

The key feature of each successive government, including the present farce of an already failing, inept rulership, is its steady rejection of the people. Even in December we find that the recent expenses scandal has not gone away but hides under other names. And, of course, those responsible are protected, like mafia dons, hidden by so-called Parliamentary privilege and wicked deception.

These greedy, unethical rulers earn massive sums compared to even well-paid workers, yet they offer us nothing but scandal, shame, immorality and dishonesty. And they will not, at any cost, answer for their actions, nor do they intend to listen to the people.

 In his time, Oliver Cromwell finally had to take charge of England because of the corruption of Parliament, a corruption that is readily acknowledged in our current Parliament.

We have been handed over to the EU, itself an act of treason. It is a process covering the past 40 years, but the last government and this one surpassed themselves. The UK is now but a snivelling coward amongst other snivelling cowards, beaten into submission by foreigners, whose allegiance is to themselves, under a flag of Rome, using the tactics of Hitler’s fascism. And yet the people do nothing.

In the past few weeks we discover that not only is our prime minister, whose name is so unworthy, handing millions over to the Irish government to help it function, but it is also paying out many more millions to the UN disaster fund, itself run by a closed group of money-grabbing functionaries.

Altogether, our persecutory and faithless government has taken billions from our pockets to give to foreign countries, whilst we must suffer fewer services, higher immigration costs, lower wages and increased fuel costs, enough to cause fear in most people on a fixed low wage! Many more older people will die this winter, because of government mismanagement and dishonesty concerning ‘climate change’ and supposed ‘green’ policies. All combine under a worthless government, intent on becoming the first fully homosexual parliament in the world, which sets out to destroy all things Christian.

Oh that Oliver Cromwell were here today! The issue is not the political party, but the rejection of God and goodness. Do we need a king or queen? No we do not, but we would prefer that to the corrupt and mean government we presently have!

Kings were allowed by God, and were not part of His plan for mankind. But, mankind rejected God’s rule, replacing it with their own. So, God said ‘So be it! Now you will suffer the consequences!’ And we have, ever since.

We must obey powers and rulers… but only if they rule under God. Today’s rulers do not rule in anything like a godly fashion. Instead, our rulers protect and promote wickedness, because they are themselves wicked, and they destroy what is good, moral and godly. This MUST change.

We MUST demand accountability and a new deal. Stop paying out billions to the EU and foreign countries (where so-called aid is purloined by despotic rulers). Stop obeying green policies that are without foundation. Stop acting like totalitarian dictators. Rule under God, or not at all!

The UK is on the brink of disaster. Expect Satan to crush Christians through leaders. But, stand firm and obey God, forthtelling His name and commands, which apply to all people at all times.

Do we need a Cromwell today? Yes, we definitely do! But, I am not talking about armed force or the decapitation of the Queen (or her loathsome political leaders). I am talking about someone, or some group, with the courage to stand up and oppose strongly and consistently, without compromising with evil; with the political clout to do so, and with the social expertise to persuade the people. Where is Cromwell today? Will he please step forward?

Subscription Time Again…

Those who only receive emailed newsletters, etc., need not give us their postal addresses, BUT WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO, JUST IN CASE OF INTERNET INTERFERENCE, WHICH IS ALREADY HAPPENING IN THE USA (we can then resort to post).

If you receive by email and wish to continue receiving them, just do nothing. But, if you wish to discontinue, just send us an email saying so. We urge all readers to send us their postal addresses, given current bids to restrict Internet use to websites. It’s up to you.

According to 1 Corinthians 9:14 “they which preach the gospel should live by the gospel”. We believe God will move people to give gifts to BTM. As always no difference is made between those who give and those who do not (the majority). But please remember that our ministry costs serious money to run!

As for those who sustain us with fellowship, prayer or gifts – every year some leave us. Not for any true reason, but because we appear not to agree with a specific issue they happen to believe in. This is not a particularly good reason, if we otherwise teach truth! However, we would worry if everyone simply accepted everything we said without question! We know that some readers hold different perspectives on many subjects, but we never discriminate against them unless their different views are major.

The same should go for our teachings. Do they maintain the truth of scripture, or not? In every major way? Then why walk away over a single, and often minor, view? We would remind readers that we base what we say on scripture, not on particular theological perceptions. For a ministry, this is very important and quite unique. In this we apply what we believe to be genuine, Holy Spirit-led interpretation, rooted solely in what God’s word says. If we speak speculatively, we will say so (though this is very rare).

So, we urge you to stick with us, friends, even if, at times, you disagree with what we say. After all, did Paul split from Peter because of his wrong (and serious) view? Is Peter any the less an apostle because of that wrong view? As always, if we are shown to have made an error, from scripture, then we will openly admit to it and change what we say. This, also, is very unusual amongst Christian groups, but we believe it is right.

Be advised - we do not care one jot about feelings alone. If what we say offends feelings, despite our treading carefully, but what we say is true, then we will not move. We will not go with the flow of general social beliefs, but will always give you what God says. Often, this leads to persecution, or some readers walking away, but this is better than giving you lies, deception, and social trends.

There you have it. We hope you will continue with us, and encourage other believers to do likewise, for we need a people well-taught in scripture, not in their own ideas of what God’s word says. We do not follow human writers, but we do take note of anything they say that corresponds with scripture.

A Bit Longer Than Us!

By the time you get this Beacon the 1611 Authorised Version of the Bible will have been in existence for 400 years… a bit longer on the scene than BTM.

Even the evolutionist, Richard Dawkins, praises it for its contribution to literature (though he won’t accept its contents). One publisher says that she doesn’t think the AV will disappear soon, but we still advise readers to buy a copy, and not to buy corrupt other versions. Once this very special version is lost we will have no other true version to rely on. (No – we don’t want opinions on this, so please don’t begin correspondence trashing the AV). And, as Dawkins says: “Not to know the King James Bible is to be, in some small way, barbarian.” (Quoted from Washington Times, 29th Dec 2010).

We will say more on the AV later in the coming year, but suffice to say that people were murdered by government and Rome so that we could have the true word of God before us. Do not easily lose it.

Many modernists in the churches scorn the AV, but the king James who called for a new version (after a plea by a leading Puritan), was well entitled to speak well of the AV – he was steeped in Greek and Latin plus other intellectual abilities.

James ordered the new translators to root their work on the Great Bible based on Tyndale’s work, rather than on the Geneva Bible. James hoped the finished product, the AV, would unit both Church of England and Puritan. Did it? Today, the Church of England has slipped back to its parent, Rome, and this is proved in its many corrupt beliefs and practices. Yet, the 1611 AV remains, the only genuine version around.

For the publisher’s celebratory ideas, go to and the History Channel will promote it in special programmes. Of course, when TV gets involved anything can happen. We will see! Meanwhile, theologians are trying to promote other versions. Resist it, or lose the accuracy and truth of the 1611 AV. To finish, we have the AV text “Give us this day our daily bread”, compared to the popular modern ‘version’ called ‘The Message’, which puts it this way: “Keep us alive with three square meals”!! Not quite the same, eh? And certainly not containing the spiritual element.

BTM Publications

(These new publications may not be on the website so just email us if you want them now.)

O/47 and A/385. Both look at Ezekiel 28:11-19 in particular, following a discussion with a reader and in response to several claims made by theologians and pastors. The first, dated 1993, suggests that if there is any ‘type’ in the passage, then it must refer to Adam and not Satan… though the writer does not really believe that either is mentioned! The second looks in more detail at the passage, showing how Rome and Dispensationalists have twisted the text. In the second article, written this year, we say there is no typology at all in the text, despite the mention of Adam in O/47 by the same writer!

O/196 ‘The Antichrist’

O/197 ‘Tough Talk About Depression’

O/198 ‘Do Ghosts Exist?’

O/199 ‘The So-Called ‘Rapture’.’

A/384 ‘The Subtleness of Arminianism’, giving an example.

A/208 ‘Loss of Christian Loved Ones’. Contains a very touching but powerful testimony of parents who recently lost their son to an accident, plus pastoral counsel.

A/209 ‘Our Abilities in Heaven/Paradise’. An important doctrinal statement based on scripture alone.

We also have a growing number of articles in a series on the philosophies that have shaped our world, including theology. As the list is expanding fairly quickly just ask for the list so far. Added to these we have several allied topics, not listed above.

Many more articles are in the pipeline, some almost completed. All are vital for a real and abiding understanding of scripture in days of hatred for God and His people.

Be Careful…

There is a tendency in some to become very bitter and scornful towards Christians of lesser knowledge, whether it is about sexual habits, reading abilities, or understanding of scripture. If the other person shows little regard, so the one with greater knowledge pumps-up his reaction, which, sadly, becomes retaliation rather than a godly response. Please be careful, for your own soul’s sake. As a very young Christian I fell into this same trap and this should not have been!

Love the brethren. If some hear the truth and then refuse, go through the proper steps of discipline, and don’t allow your heart to turn sour. As your anger hits the other person, so it returns to plague your soul! There are proper times for righteous anger, but do not let this be an excuse to hit out every time at those who know less than you do.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Through the kindness of just three readers, we have been able to do major refurbishment and repairs to the house. Because the builders had other jobs to do, it took four months to get the bathroom and kitchen completed just before Christmas. The plumbing was sub-contracted out.

Hm!! When the radiator in the bathroom was hooked up to the system, and we tried the central heating, to see if everything worked…oh dear! We came down in the morning to find the bathroom a teeny bit flooded! Next day I tried using the bath – that, too, leaked, as did the wash-basin! The plumber? He didn’t return the builder’s calls, and we’ve seen nothing of him since! A few hours ago the builder came to see what had happened and I will not repeat what he said.

So, water is shut off to the bath, sink and radiator, to stop further flooding, and a new plumber can come next week to repair the awful work done by the first plumber!

There is still more work to do, but the gifts given thus far have now depleted, so we will move forward more slowly! At least that won’t flood us out!

Computers – Just Like Cats!

Well, after six months, our new computer system is up and running… I think! To me, computers are like cats – they work independently of humans, love to do what they wish, run off into the mist when they feel like it, and scram you at will. So, one of my old computers is now side by side with the other new one, just until I get to grips with it!

The new system looks rather like something from NASA, with two monitors perched on one central stand. I can ‘drag’ images straight across from one monitor to the next, so I can (in theory) have several pages up at the same time, which will (I think) be a great boon to me, because I keep my research material on one screen and my active articles on the other.

Up until now I have had to transfer material from one machine to the other using a memory stick… but as the old machines were different, it often did not work (another cat)! The new system is very powerful, so let’s hope all will go well. At the moment my second old machine has crashed (explaining the lateness of mail and emails, etc), and contains all my email addresses and contacts. I hope that by the time this Beacon is sent out to postal readers, we will have found them again. Otherwise, a huge number of people will wonder what has happened!

Over the past month all of us have experienced illness – two sisters with lupus especially ill. My co-founder, James Waddell, lost his mother just before Christmas, following a fall that fractured her hip. Some of us had bouts of whatever is going around, and apart from my local flood, all is now okay… maybe!

We are now looking forward to the new year, to see how God plans to keep us solvent and busy! Though Barry has relied solely on God’s provision since 2005, he still finds it very strange to go forward in hope without knowing how the means will come. Yet, God has not let him down thus far, as He uses other believers to carry out His provision. For this we thank God. We also thank God for the special and extremely powerful ways God has given immense strength to three readers who lost loved ones in 2010. It is a real inspiration to read their testimonies and continuing faithfulness to the Lord.

Much is in our thoughts right now, as ministries are being not just hampered but persecuted throughout the world. In the USA Obama and his Marxist government are about to control the internet. China already does. It was planned by the Blair government at one time, to stop criticism of their policies. So, we would not be surprised if our ministry was suddenly pounced on – as we have already warned previously. Some who read this will say “So what?” The concern is that, as watchmen, our ministry is not the usual placatory stuff, but aims to teach truth, even when it hurts. This will stop if Christian websites are censored (also called for at the UN by Muslim countries). Then, truth will be hidden. So, please support us.

Barry has been looking at several interpretation nightmares recently, to try and combat the very bad teaching so many churches put out. One of them is now available, on Ezekiel 28. We doubt if many who think this text speaks of Satan actually know where the idea originated from.

And so we fight on. Christians will not increase in number, as so many charismatics claim. Scripture says we will dwindle, as more and more in our churches side with heresy and error, sliding into apostasy. There will be a dramatic increase in those who pretend to be saved, filling churches with pseudo-Christians, whose errors will do great damage to the true Church. After all, these are the end times.

Is It Just Me?

I started church life as a baby; my mother used to take me, from birth in 1946, to a church in town pastored by a rather unusual man who always wore a French-style beret. His son left college in the 1950s and has ever since tramped around the city sleeping rough.

I remember going to sleep on the pews, covered by my mother’s fur coat. Each Sunday night would be a cup of tea and a slide show of the Holy Land, in the crypt. Small though I was I enjoyed it.

Early 1950s saw me being taken to a new Baptist church ‘on the hill’. We lived on a brand new huge council housing estate built on farmland just before the war. On the crown of the hill were four churches, all clustered around a large roundabout! My mother made us all attend three times each Sunday, especially as she was the caretaker!

Each Sunday, we walked from our house to the church, and kids and parents seemed to come from everywhere, like ants pouring out from each street, towards the churches. Each church had hundreds of children. The annual Sunday School Outings still remain as a great memory.

This went on until I was ‘too old’ to be in the kid’s Sunday School (about 14), when I sat on the side of the hall, taught by a teacher on our own. From there I started to attend the adult class at about age 18, where I must have been a real pain in the neck – I loved to ask awkward questions, taking some pride in making the teacher squirm… or so I thought! It was in that class that God came to me with power, and I was saved.

After that, I attended more regularly, now being a Christian, and loved every minute of it. I then met the girl who became my wife, and she, too, was saved, so we attended together. After that, so did my baby son. After that we moved to England.

What I am coming to is this – those early days were lovely! I enjoyed attending meetings, most of which were homely and friendly. Fellow believers were the same, and pastors never tried to be too clever! They were days when being a Christian meant something, and those who claimed to be Christians generally were. I am not one to dwell on the past, but things were really different back then. Is it just me? Or, am I right?

This is not David’s pride – it is just fact. Can we say this in 2011? If we can, then we can have an effect on our communities:

“Thou has proved mine heart; thou hast visited me in the night; thou has tried me, and shalt find nothing; I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress.” Psalm 17:3

This is for us all… pray for each other!