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The Acceptable Year

Isaiah 61

“(1) The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound;

(2) To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

(3) To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”

Over the past year some have known mourning and loss; yet they have remained true to the Lord. As a Church we have all known mourning over the state of our nations, and are assured that God will soon bring down what the children of Babel have raised up. The wicked will not prevail much longer, and the mournful will be given grace and love to carry on… that He might be glorified.

Jeremiah 23

“(14) I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth return from his wickedness: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.

(15) Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts concerning the prophets; Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and make them drink the water of gall: for from the prophets of Jerusalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land.

(16) Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, [and] not out of the mouth of the LORD.

(19) Behold, a whirlwind of the LORD is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind: it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked.”

These are the pastors of our nation, and those whom claim to be leaders. They commit both carnal and spiritual adultery, and God sees them as guilty, ready to be destroyed as Sodom and Gomorrah.

The same pastors and leaders call upon us to love men that God says He hates - homosexuals who loathe us and God. These errant ones will be ruined by God, because they love what is an abomination and help wicked politicians to arise and continue.

They allow profane speech and actions to come from the centre of the nation, covering all people with filth and immorality, foul language and evil images.

God is already fanning the edges of the whirlwind, even as the wicked run wildly this way and that proclaiming the success of their own endeavours. It will be loosed by God’s word and command, and evil pastors and wicked leaders will be cut down. These are God’s promises, and will come about.


Charcoal picture of Calvin
Charcoal picture of Calvin

As I have said many times before, we are not ‘Calvinists’, but we readily accept anything he says that is scriptural. (This has nothing to do with him as a person – we do not add anyone’s name to what we are – Christians). Lately we have received foul accusations against Calvin, by people who are ignorant of the truth. They hate him because they hate truth. They love to think they can be saved by their own free-will and means, though God says differently.

This is the man who brought Grace and predestination, twin powerful truths, back to men on this earth, and was hated for it. In turn men of today hate Calvin. It has nothing to do with any failures or sins of his. His enemies would accept any number of these, so long as Calvin would retract what he taught on salvation! Well, he is no longer within the grasp of Satan’s helpers and we will see him in Heaven. But, those who detract viciously will never see him, for their ‘free-will’ will condemn them to a place of torment forever.

Do not be so quick to tear down those who gave us freedom of speech and beliefs! There are others beside Calvin who should be honoured. Between them they defied Rome, and Romish doctrines such as Arminianism, and because of them we have been able to think on God as we ought to.

Now, wicked people, including those in the churches, are trying to destroy this holy foundation, to replace it with one of their own – humanism and human efforts. Do not let them get away with it – defend those who gave us our freedom, because the freedom is fast being taken away. Stand against it, just as Calvin and the Reformers did, often losing their lives because of it. Christ gave His life to save us, and later preachers of truth lost theirs for preaching it.

Calvin made mistakes like everyone else, and he admitted to it. But, even so, we owe him a debt of gratitude for obeying the Lord and freeing many from the sinful yoke of false religion. No doubt, in this year of the 400th anniversary of the KJAV, many will want to tear down that amazing providence, too! But, God watches, and He is ready to brush them all aside. Stand firm!

Climate Change

Tonight (31st January, 2011) I watched a TV documentary about climate change sceptics. Or, rather, that was what it was supposed to have been about. It failed, because it concentrated on only one man, Lord Monkton. The end result was that Monckton was slowly made to look a liar.

One argument put forward by a number of pro-human-caused climate change scientists was that Monckton was not a climate scientist. What, then, is Al Gore? And yet it was he who propelled the whole mess into the public arena, with unscientific lies!

It was again said that the argument was over. No it isn’t! And when science tells us that we should no longer argue scientific points, we are in trouble, because we see scientists closing ranks to maintain a fund-raising situation for themselves.

The presenter of the program did not interview others who were sceptics, many of whom ARE climate specialists! And there are now thousands of them around. He did not mention that the IPCC that pressed the human-caused climate change idea was no longer capable of running such an agenda, given that its 2007 Report (which started the ball rolling) was found to be written by almost no actual climate scientists, and that the report contained dozens of deliberate errors, which the IPCC did not bother to put right.

And what of the claim that Monckton has not produced a peer-reviewed study? This is science calling the pot black… few of the IPCC 2007 Report studies were peer-reviewed, let alone written by climate scientists!! I have myself reported on these factors, including the one where a 2007 Report study claiming that the Himalayan glaciers were just fading away, was based on a telephone chat and a popular-magazine article… nothing reviewed or even checked for accuracy. And, it was found that the article was NOT accurate, but was wildly wrong. (See my CFP column for details).

This kind of fantasy can be found time and again coming from the IPCC and pro-human-caused climate change scientists, many of whom begin with the notion that computer models are okay and that humans cause climate change. In truth, they do not start by asking if their basic starting point is true… thus far no science has proved that humans cause the climate to change.

There is so much vital information that this programme did not touch upon! The presenter did not talk to the many climate scientists who reject the popular scientific idea, nor did he talk to those leading the fight, such as Marc Morano.

What is my own view? I am not a climate scientist, but I do listen to everyone. There are far too many disparate views to claim that “the science is over so we should just shut up”! Climateers have not proved their case! But they CLAIM they have, which is rather different. They silence anti-climateer arguments and refuse to have them in science journals. That’s suppression.

It was said that all major scientific associations accept the climateer claims, but the presenter failed to state that a major UK science association had recently reversed its acceptance of human-caused climate change because of the opposition of its members to the official policy… all objectors being top-ranking scientists!

I have seen this kind of TV programme before, and whilst presenters have started out sounding reasonable, they invariably slide downwards to make out that sceptics are idiots. It is nothing but subterfuge.

In my book on the topic (‘The Global Green Agenda’, available from bookshops and Amazon), I do not begin with science but with the philosophies behind the human-caused climate change craze.

I packed each page with sources that prove conclusively that the environmental scares we now have are based entirely on socialism – both Marxism and fascism. My conclusion was that both forms of socialism, combined, have taken over politics, environmentalism being a brainchild of socialist Russia and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

These roots have continued to today, and THIS is why I loathe the green movement… which has erupted onto the world political stage to begin one world governance.

This is not mere controversy or some kind of conspiracy theory – it is taking place right now, and green philosophies are behind it all, from heavy taxation to reducing oil reserves, to placing petrol/gas prices so high as to stop us using vehicles, or to buy electric ones, to taking away our freedom of speech and choice of energy, to what light bulbs we can buy, to hatred for Christianity… the latter being a big part of Gore’s green statements.

Read the book and you will be convinced! I have carefully plotted the roots I speak of, from the 1800s to today. They are very real and not just scaremongering. The whole ‘green thing’ is about power, taxes and control, NOT climate!

Climate changes regularly. Big climate changes happen. And there is nothing mankind can do to stop or start it! Even if the climateers were right – what can they do to stop climate change? Absolutely nothing!! Only God changes climate.

Even if climateers stopped ALL CO2 emissions right now, it would do nothing to climate. But, they continue to ram their hypotheses down our throats every day. Not to change climate, but to impose socialism on the entire world, and reduce population by any means possible (including starvation and genocide – see section on the UN!).

This issue is too important for Christians to pretend it isn’t happening. Already I cannot afford to have heating during the coldest winters I have known for decades. Many others are in the same position. And it is because energy companies are given approval to hike-up our energy bills by more than four times!! For what? To supposedly research wind-turbine energy, even though wind-turbines will NEVER fulfil energy needs.

The programme set out to do what? It is my view that the presenter led viewers to think that Monckton was a liar and a cheat, and thus promoted the green solutions being pressed upon us by governments. At any one part I felt like pressing a button to contact the presenter, so as to challenge what he said! Monckton is only a face, a front-man… he represents many thousands of scientists who are too afraid to talk publicly – this is what they have said! The programme should have chatted to them!

I must say this – Christians CANNOT be greens, because the authentic green movement, the one that actually drives the huge green machine, is anti-God! It is pagan at root, and it blames Christianity for the death of the planet! (The evidences are in my book).

The Bible DOES NOT call us to be environmentalists or to save planet earth! It is all a ploy. For my argument see my critique of the Green Bible (available from Lulu).

Greens would have us believe we MUST act now or kill the planet. Of course we will… yeah, right! They want to strip us of all our money so as to save the planet for generations hundreds of years from now!

So, we must suffer for people we will never meet. This is not how good governance works. They want our money to pay for all kinds of looney-left activities that will supposedly ‘treat’ our ‘sick’ earth and make it better. What a lying farce!

This is where they have played a clever hand of propaganda – if the climate improves after they have taken our money, they will be triumphant and claim it was because of their brilliance. But, if it got worse though they have taken our money, they would say it is because we did not act fast enough!! It is all a ridiculous but deadly joke.

There is much we can all do to stop waste and to improve methods, but taking heavy taxes to the point of ruination of the people is not one of those methods. We do not need draconian beatings, just sound and honest politicians who are good at managing the country! Making everyone poor will not bring about anything good.

As we have already said, God changes climate, not man. Scientists and greens who insist they can stop climate change are just simple fools… except for the hard-core who know exactly what they are doing and want sheer power to bring about massive social change free of God.

BTM Publications

Much is being written by us these days! The 10-part series on Philosophy, taking the reader from ancient Greece to the modern day, showing where our current problems come from, is now completed. (It is likely that each era referred to will be further added-to by other philosophies. We will advise if we amend any of the articles).

Rather than fill this page with titles, just send an email if you want the full list. It is true that certain parts of each paper are a bit technical, simply because philosophy tends to be written in tough language! But, it is worth looking at. For example, the evolution hypothesis was not just Darwinian – it began before Christ was born!

Other publications include:

O/201 British Israelism. Cultic heresy.

O/200 Holographic Reality. Might have mentioned this one before – based on a recent scientific claim. (Maybe a bit technical).

A/390 More Arminian Error. This is in answer to a confused but angry Arminian!

A/389 Was J C Philpot a Mystic Who Taught Pietism? It seems every genuine righteous preacher is being attacked today! This excellent article is written by a brother in India, a very good defence of a great preacher.

A/388 Rick Warren – Green UN Stooge. Rick Warren is now showing his latest colours: he is an heretic of the first order.

A/387 Homosexual Fascism. We know some folks think we throw around the word ‘fascism’ willy-nilly! This is not so – we use it because that is what we are describing. This article shows the homosexual movement to be fascist, by comparing it with acknowledged features of fascism.

A/386 Geneva’s One-Time Glory. Shows how Geneva flourished under Calvin, because the city lived by God’s laws. But, like so many similar cities, it gradually lost its spiritual edge and became like any other.

O/201 Do We Have a Dark Side? No! It is just pop-psychology!

More being prepared!!


Wait awhile before clapping about Egypt dethroning its leader. In this kind of country such a leader can get back into power, and then inflict greater privations on the people. If not, we must be wary of whatever regime will follow. It is very possible that we are seeing yet another Arab country turning to Sharia and strict Islam.

And, like other deceptive movements, Islam will gladly pretend to want democracy so as to gain the trust of the people, only to turn on them later with the full force of religious dictators. I hope I am wrong.


I get many emails (the emphasis is on ‘many’) a day. Invariably, a number of these are complaints from unbelievers and Arminians, and one thing is obvious… they have no idea how to interpret scripture. One fellow even said that we should merely ‘read at face value’.

So, how does he ‘read’ a phrase such as is found in Psalm 18 (verse 26)? “with the forward thou wilt shew thyself forward.” Taken at ‘face value’ it means that if God meets with a perverse man, He will show himself to be just as perverse! Many texts in scripture, if read at ‘face value’, are complete nonsense! The Bible cannot be read in that fashion.

Bible interpretation is not just reading scripture. Nor is it placing a meaning on it you wish to give it. It does not matter if you are well-meant, or not.

Like discernment, interpretation is down to the Holy Spirit, not the proud guesses of man. Yet, most who contact me think they know all the answers. I am jealous – because I wish I had all those answers!! (Joke).

I do know that interpretation is not just reading at face value, with all its inherent dangers. It is to read scripture led by the Holy Spirit, whilst looking at what the meanings of the words and context really are, and praying for guidance whilst meditating on the word.

Every Christian can do this – but it is fact that God provides Bible teachers who are gifted along those lines. They read scripture through God’s eyes, joining word meaning with Holy Spirit directions concerning application of the reading. Listen or not.

And – the number of appointed Bible teachers is restricted by God, by His own grace and wisdom. Christians should never pretend to be anointed in this way… if they are anointed it will flourish and show itself.

Sadly, too many Christians think they are the fount of all knowledge and can teach others. For the sake of their souls they should listen and learn.

Me and My Whiteboard

Whiteboard with ideas mappings
Barry's white board for ideas mapping

I work out many theological and biblical equations on my whiteboards! I have two, sited right in front of my desk where I use the computer, so that I can ponder on what I have put on them. They have helped me work through very difficult considerations. You cannot read this small depiction but it was when I worked out the matter of prayer.

There are times when straightforward reading does not work. I have to ponder my thoughts on the board… and it works.

Currently, my board contains data on absolute and secondary nothing, vital for my understanding of creation and the relationship between the two… as I work out the ‘meanings behind meanings’, useful to oppose scientists who claim evolution is true.

But, how inadequate my thoughts are! The same goes for us all, as we tackle big and small issues, hopefully bringing glory to God.

It has taken me a decade to work out scripture’s meaning of ‘prayer’. Then, just as I thought I had it, I realised there were points on which I was stuck… hence the whiteboard. I am no maths expert, but I find treating my queries as equations brought to light all kinds of possibilities and truth. (Odd – whilst doing my education degree, I took a module called ‘mathematical reasoning’, which I found fascinating and very useful. Yet, mathematics as a subject I could only just do!!).

It is a truism that Christians think all they need to do is to skim Bible pages and give their opinions! No, it takes far more than that to get to grips with scripture, and theology itself. That is, the extended meanings of what we have in scripture. (This is all acceptable and legitimate!).

And, though well-versed in Bible research, I can struggle at times to express what God’s word says. This is because, as a teacher called by God, I must be exact in what I say, and there is much information hidden in such things as Hebraisms, syntax, historical references, and so on.

I am writing this as I glance up at my whiteboards, mulling over the vast truths hidden within the word ‘create’. I cannot unlock God’s mind, but at least I can unlock what He says in scripture! Now, I have told you what I am doing at this precise moment, I must get back to completing this Beacon and have a cup of tea!

Cameron’s Gayness

Whether or not David Cameron was, or is, an homosexual (he refused several times to answer the question), he is certainly displaying ‘gayness’, by not just accepting homosexuality, but ramming it down our throats by law.

He has promoted a set of ideas for primary schools that push homosexuality via ordinary lessons on geography, maths, and so on! (We sent out a web-news item recently). He says schools can adopt the packs if they wish to… given the very leftist teachers we now have, how many schools will refuse? It is now up to Christians to tell everyone about the reality of homosexuality.

A leader of an homosexual organisation called ‘Schools Out’, says the lessons will not teach homosexuality, so what’s the fuss about? Friends, whatever these homosexual activists do – beware! When society is being engineered the first thing to change is language. The reason homosexuals are using ordinary lessons is obvious – by inserting the ‘gay’ themes’ activists will make what they do seem ordinary.

They want the public, and especially children, to think of homosexuality as everyday, common and good. They are using kids because they are vulnerable and impressionable. That is, they are being groomed.

Parents MUST act now and approach the schools, to demand these packs are not used. They must be armed with the latest homosexual facts, concerning HIV and AIDS, violence of gay couples, immorality, and hatred for Christian views. It would be a mistake to just batter them with Bible texts. Schools must understand that what is happening is just another form of grooming.

Another approach would be to accuse the government of ignoring its own training concerning vulnerable people. (POVA - I undertook it myself). Children are indeed vulnerable and must be protected. They cannot be protected if the government promotes a lifestyle that kills millions every year! Raise that angle in the media in your own area and with MPs. I even have a quote from a gay leader who says he is amazed that gays have not been shown to be the cause of literal ills in society!!

The heat is being turned up by homosexuals, and the UK government, the EU and Obama are providing the fuel. It is one thing to give homosexuals legal freedom. It is quite another to promote their dangerous and vile lifestyle and sins. If my kids were still at school I would rather go to prison than let them attend these lessons. Do YOU have the courage of your faith?

This is just another example of how homosexuals are attacking us from every conceivable angle. They will use anything – education, law, theology, philosophy, science, to do so, even though they cannot prove anything they say to be genuine! But, it doesn’t matter – all you need to do is keep repeating the lies. In the end few people will bother to argue. And that is how we will be crushed! That is how Hitler taught his staff. Keep the pot boiling or your spirits will go cold.

Homosexuals & Discrimination

I am presently writing a full paper on this issue. Some say we must not discriminate, because, after all, we all sin. My view is that this is a wrong attitude – we must begin, as always, with what God says. It is wrong not because it suggests we may not discriminate, but because it is simplistic, and does not see the full picture, which is horrendous.

However, advocates of ‘no-discrimination’ are free to reflect their own consciences, even if wrong, and I must provide scriptural proof that we MUST discriminate in certain circumstances. Otherwise Christians will soon become lap-dogs to homosexuality, or be cast out of society, without income, home or freedom… we are VERY close to that point already. But, vitally, we must not lose the true starting point for all arguments: what does GOD say? Some think they have the answer, but they appear to rest their case on only one aspect of this awful situation. At the moment I see at least five separate but co-joining arguments and must work on them.

If I am wrong on this I will say so… but all the signs thus far, in my own spirit, are that we must discriminate against homosexuality… though not necessarily against homosexuals as individuals in all circumstances. For example, we may sell them bread, but we may not provide ‘services’ to be used specifically for homosexual acts or to further their cause.

This will be a very important article, which will also touch on Islam, because both movements want to destroy Christians.


At first, when I lost my job in 2005, I feared most for how we were to live. On top of that came a short period of loathing those who had conspired against me. I thank God that He moved me to repent of that. But, at the same time, a number of Christians told me it was my own fault… so they did not bother to help me. Yes, it was my own fault – because I told people the truth about homosexuality… but, it was a ‘fault’ I had to express.

The fear for my income, however, continued. This evaporated two years ago! Though I still do not have an income but get sent a very small number of gifts each year, I know God will not let me down. The bank continues to rob me of every penny of both my wife’s and my state pension, etc., and this is why gifts are so vital… but, God has proved Himself to be a provider even in times of immense stress. It is for this reason that I no longer send out details of our finances (which are usually at zero anyway)… if God is to provide, He will do so without my pleas!

But, that is not the point I am making. The point is that homosexuals can devastate us as much as they like (and they like to do that very much), but, God is greater. He watches what these awful people are doing to His children, and He hates them with the passion of Almighty power.

Not only Has He sent AIDS and other vile diseases upon them, but He will one day send them all to a fiery eternal end. Fellow Christians may not understand, but He does!

Right now the churches are being penalised by God for their laxity towards homosexuality. The answer? Repent!

Reproving Sin

Scripture is usually very clear. In the matter of discrimination - scripture, not human law, is the key to holiness:

“…have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” (Ephesians 5:11,12)

In this text ‘fellowship’ means to partake, or to have friendship with, or even to communicate. We cannot do these things, but must shun those who practice them, because what they do (public sin) is barren, having nothing of value to offer.

So – reprove them: expose their evil; admonish severely, call to account and punish. It is dishonourable to even talk to them, or about what they do.

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