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Apostasy Grows

Over the past year or so, we have noted the growing movement to deride and dismiss God’s truth in those who claim to be His. Mostly, the issue they hate with virulence is predestination.

It is most bizarre, because they say openly that God did not predestinate, or that ‘predestinate’ only means to ‘foreknow’. This, as any true Bible student knows, is bunkum!

To foreknow is not the same as to fore-ordain or predestinate. The sheer effrontery and ignorance of those who argue their case is amazing.

Behind this blatant ignorance is a love of self and self-choice in the matter of salvation. It hides a hatred for God and His word, but is presented as ‘theology’.

Incredibly, though I have studied theology at higher level for several decades, some (whose spelling, let alone their ‘theology’, is so badly askew) critics spill out the most ridiculous comments. One of them is that though I present the Greek and Hebrew meanings of terms, they are not, for these people, enough! But, their own take on the language meanings is so obviously wrong, yet, of course, sound!! So they think.

The critics replace sound theology and Bible meanings with their own sour false beliefs, but scream hysterically they are right. I can tell you that their communications are very tiresome as well as sad. As if to make themselves sound right, many use block capital letters in their emails!! I find this a pathetic abuse of email protocol.

Our website is open and honest about our beliefs. We come at life and beliefs from a Biblical, Christian stance. Yet, we still get readers who complain that we speak as we do! The answer is simple – if you do not like what we say, why not just go somewhere else, and stop beating yourself (and us) up over what the Bible says. To our knowledge everything we say is God’s word. If proved to be otherwise, we will amend what we say.

But, critics are not like that – they just throw out abuse and very bad theology. They can expect us to stay the same… our theology is scriptural, not personalised. If some do not like that, they ought to read another Bible that gives them the deception they so crave.

I am never bothered by criticism… if that is what it is. But, I have no time for foolish folks who, pretending to be wise, give me a load of rubbish pretending to be ‘learning’ and ‘understanding’.

What we are seeing in our communications from others is this apostasy, prophesied in scripture. I said it before – some of our worst enemies will come from within the churches. They are proud, arrogant and dismissive of God’s word.

Green Makes Me See Red

Another area that makes me see red is the fast-growing greenism in our churches. Christians are making it so easy for the godless, by not just following the ways of the wicked, but actually joining them as ‘members’. They spread green policies like a flood of evil, not understanding (or preferring not to) that environmentalism is hard socialism. Accept green policies and you accept everything they stand for… including the attempted destruction of Christians and God. The movement is atheistic – members who are Christian are tolerated for now.

Recent Random Bits of Life

It seems to be a fun thing to do – just scrape a set of keys along the side of someone’s car. I got up the other day to find a long scratch along the whole driver’s side. The main dealer told me it would cost almost £900 to put right!! So I’ll drive around with a scratch. Great fun. The car is six years old, kept nicely, and never had a scratch!

Took it to the dealer again today, for a service. When I got back home, guess what – there are now multiple scratches on the bonnet, passenger-side wing and door, too!! So, both sides are graced with the nastiness of someone who walks past my home. Why? It seems to be part of a great societal change, from decent to appalling. No-one cares any more, and so one person’s ‘fun’ can cost the one he has had fun with a lot of money!

In the first week of December last year, when the ice and snow were at their best and temperatures were below minus 4 degrees, my wife and I, with my sister and her husband, visited a small town (or is it a village?) across the border, Bradford-upon-Avon. Though we had driven through snow and ice, there was little of it there. We strolled around the cold streets looking at historic buildings and then I came across something I never thought I would see – especially not in the dead of a very cold winter – an outside grape-vine adorning a coffee house, right on the main street. Not only that, but it was absolutely crammed full of grapes!!

My companions thought I was nuts, but I just had to try some… they were small, but lovely and sweet! There were bunches from the pavement right up the walls on two sides, around the door and window and up to the top floor! I thought it was amazing – and it is always nice to be amazed with something pleasurable nowadays. How on earth could grapes survive into the second month of below-zero temperatures? God’s creation is stupendous, eh?

Bradford-upon-Avon…grapes just to the right!

Bradford on Avon shopsI only picked and ate a small number of grapes, just in case, because of their location, steeped in car fumes and dirt, they might have made me sick. But, I was fine – I should have picked as many bunches as I could! Oh well. That lovely find somehow balances out the rotten damage done to my car… I know it is only a possession, but it is still a nasty surprise when it happens. I’ll have to name the car ‘Scarface’!

Still, it was better than damage done to a car I had, well over twenty years ago – a white saloon with a sun-roof. From my living room I heard a thumping sound and got to the window in time to see a grown lad running up the back of my car, stomping on the roof, jumping onto the bonnet, and off again, to repeat his fun on every car down the street!

I must admit I was hopping mad and chased him, but he was already too far away. When I looked at the car I saw that he had caused a deep dent in the roof, which distorted the sun-roof. The cost of that would have been excessive, so I left it, after laying on my back on the front seat and pushing out some of the dent with my feet.

I soon had to give that car back to the finance company (after my first attack by homosexuals in 1985), and they got a much reduced sum from the buyer because of the dent, so I had greater instalments to make. Sin always costs someone something, whether it is money, time, peace of mind…! And it is getting worse with every year that rolls by.

A small group of our family went to Cardiff recently (for foreign readers – Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, UK). We (that is, the women; I just tagged along!) strolled around the new mall and we ended up at a very odd place – a shop with fish in warmish tanks. They are fish from warmer climes, and their role in life (at least in Cardiff) is to eat hard skin off people’s feet!

The fish are small and have no teeth. My sister tried it and said it felt like hundreds of air bubbles brushing against the foot. The fish all zoomed in as if to a magnet, and the end result was smooth skin and a great feeling. One of those very odd things you come across every so often!

Lastly, I put the radio on today and happened to get a ‘Christian’ music station. It blasted out ‘Christian’ rap… I don’t know what the words were because I couldn’t understand them! All I can say is – what garbage! By comparison with hymns of praise and devotion, this kind of rubbish is like stuff that needs to be buried.

BTM Publications

This is our latest batch (available on request):

O/202 Apostolic Succession. O/203 When Did Rome Split from the True Church?

O/204 Thomas, Bishop of Marash.

O/205 Clerical collars.

O/206 Birthright Church Membership (on web)

O/207 Bilocation An occult phenomenon.

O/208 Cardinal Virtues

O/209 The Clevedon Code. Persecutory laws made after Cromwell… very similar to today!

A/391 Once Saved, Always Saved.

A/400 Christian Attitude To Homosexuality. This longish article took a lot out of me. As some of you know, I had to stand down from my opposition to this wickedness, partly because the time had come to do so, and partly because the whole fight left me repulsed, because the factors involved are so foul. Anyone who has experienced this kind of hand-to-hand fight with evil people will understand. Those who only have a notion cannot possibly understand. But, it was a necessary thing to write for the sake of all believers in these dark days, when what is despicable is being made normal and ‘acceptable’. The article asks how we should love our enemies – in this case homosexuals. The answer is not as simple as some believe.

A/392 The King James Bible.

A/393 The Cloud of Unknowing. Example of mystical prayer, now used by charismatics.

A/394 Separation of Church & State…how it is impossible and godless.

A/395 Chicago-Lambeth Articles The start of ecumenism and move towards Rome.

A/396 Soaking – charismatic heresy.

Non EU Apple

Very large red appleOne of my brothers has a house on the great plain in Hungary, in a very small village. His large garden has many fruit trees. The apple he is holding is enormous – shows what can be done when the EU doesn’t get involved! As with everything else, if we don’t complain we get lumbered with nonsense dressed in official clothing. Yes – this is another swipe at the EU! Let’s push to get out and not sit back and allow it to rule our lives in the extreme.

Church & State

(See article, A/394). Only recently did I come to see how absurd this comonly-accepted dogma is!

The rule should be – the ‘state’ should not interfere in religious beliefs. But, the Church should have a say in governnance. This is because the ‘state’ is made up of every citizen in the country. Therefore, to say that the state should be separate from the Church is bunkum, because it attempts to be rid of people of faith, when those same people are working IN the ‘state’. Why should the secular win? Why should it rule? Why should those without faith dictate to those who do? Why should faith not have a place in government, when everyone in government already dictate from their own beliefs (atheism, etc)?

It seems we have all been duped by that one, and I am amazed that I did not see it sooner! Everything done in government rests on the beliefs of its members… including secularism. This is completely intolerant. A tolerant government MUST listen to those with faith… it is people of faith who pay them!! The ‘state’ is comprised of people we all pay through our taxes. So, how dare they tell us what we can believe, or not? And how dare they dictate to other state employees (paid for by us) how to act and believe?

Ash Wednesday and Other Fakes

“Millions of Christians worldwide will usher in the 40-day season of Lent by imposing the sign of the cross on their foreheads with ash on Wednesday.”

Who are these ‘Christians’ who do this? Why are they indulging in Romish fakery? The Lent season is again upon us and many folks will ‘give up something’ for Lent. For myself I’ll be giving up thinking that genuine Christians will at last stop following these absurd seasons that have no biblical warrant whatever! Or, I’ll give up chocolate because I don’t much like it anyway. No, changed my mind – I’ll give up doing my own toast in the morning and get my wife to do it. No – changed my mind again… I’ll just give up Lent. Not that I ever observed it anyway!

It seems that the more modern we become the more superstitious Christians become. They adhere to Roman Catholic feast days, want Jewish names for everything, and greet each other with ‘shalom’; they hold Jewish feast days.– what a jolly life they must have!

But, none of it is kosher (excuse the pun). You won’t find these wondrous Church feast & celebration days anywhere in scripture. Well, not the 1611 AV anyway. If someone tells me they observe these things it makes me question their salvation, because they surely do not understand anything about it.

And what about those Christians who believe Jesus will return to rule the earth for 1000 years, even though this idea, too, is foreign to scripture?

A recent poll in the USA tells us that 65% of evangelical ‘leaders’ identify with premillennialism. (National Association of Evangelicals). The excuse given for this poll result, according to the NAE president, Leith Anderson, is “It’s in our human nature to want to prepare ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually, for what might be ahead.”

That might be so, but we are preparing for a mighty long wait if we think Christ will return to rule on this earth! What scripture actually says is that Christ will return like a thief in the night, suddenly and without warning, and He will take up those who are His own, before all others, then unbelievers, and assemble them before God to be judged. No 1000 year reign! The idea is as implausible as Lent and other false theories.

BBC – Arch-Enemy of Christ

The BBC is on a roll… because it controls the viewing of TV and listening to radio, it says and does whatever it likes. In particular it loves to offend Christians. Only recently, it said it wanted to hire more homosexuals and have more homosexual content, even though there are less than 1% homosexuals in society at any one time!

Now, it says it has contracted with an atheistic Hebrew scholar to present “The Bible’s Buried Secrets”, a new series on the Bible. It’s escaped their brazen minds to hire a person who actually believes in scripture!

It seems the presenter will make a number of personal assertions,. One of them is that the Bible writers were all male, and females were treated as second-class citizens. Where did she (!) get that one from? I think she has mixed up the Bible with the Koran!

The ‘expert’ said that the Bible is not an accurate historical document. Other assertions will be made, making very sure that the BBCs hatred for truth and God are given prominence - again.

Andrew Graystone, director of the Church and Media Network says this is nothing to worry about. After all, he says, if the presenter is an expert and speaks well, everything is okay! Perhaps he ought to ask God about that! And I mean that. If Graystone read scripture he would see how God hates all sin, and displays his wrath against those who mislead others about His word.

Old oil paintings of Christian scenesIf the BBC gave equal time to those who really DO know their stuff, I would say nothing. But, the BBC does not do this – it only presents material that denigrates truth and scripture. It is BBC policy!

Trying to be clever, Graystone said that we can hardly accuse the BBC of being unfair, when it had a four-part series on Jesus over Christmas. I only saw one part and found it to be filled with inaccuracies! (Yet, I heard many praise it).

Beautiful paintings in an old Istrian church

In 2008, I stumbled across these medieval paintings when looking inside a tiny church in a village in Istria. They just lay against the wall. The wall was also filled with old frescoes. A very old lady dressed in black saw me looking at the church and just handed me a set of very old, large, iron keys… she just trusted me! But, nothing is recorded in tourism books, and even the tourist chiefs knew nothing about them! I have come across amazing things in the past…my reason for showing these ones? Just for interest’ sake.

What is Love?

So many Christians contact me and say I lack love for this or that (usually because I do not believe what they believe). In particul0ar, they do not like the way I use hard words to denounce certain sins. But note this:

“Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.” (Proverbs 15:17). As a father I sometimes had to sternly warn my children, but I never stopped loving them. See the point? Do not think that I lack love because I use hard words.. God does it throughout His word!

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