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Exorcise the Exorcists!

I was sent a link to a programme on exorcism (BBC Radio, 5th August, 2011) so thought I would give a few notes of advice. For about five years in particular I was deeply involved in opposing the demonic in a psychiatric setting (mental hospitals are rife with demonic activity). My main point here is simply to warn you not to be involved unless God moves you to deal with it.

Doug Harris of Outreach says even Christians can be possessed. But, if anyone suggests to you, as a saved person, that a Christian is possessed, they are lying. It is not possible!

I urge all believers to stay away from ‘exorcism’, which is the RC and Anglican version of genuine casting-out of demons. If a Christian is to be used to cast-out demons, he or she will be clearly shown what to do and when. To put it another way, no Christian should ever search-out demons (a common activity in charismaticism), or to get involved, UNLESS the Holy Spirit is urging him to act.

Such a prompting is unmistakeable and overriding. Always, it is done in the name of Jesus Christ, and there are no rites or special items such as candles or bells. The casting-out of demons is NOT a career! Those who do it full-time are charlatans... or very foolish. It is done ad hoc, when prompted to do so by God.

There is a danger to Christians who have secret sins they have not repented of... a demon will openly refer to his sin, and this can be embarrassing if others are present. It can also be dangerous, for demons can attack those whose lives are not in Christ.

Today, I see demonosis increasing rapidly. The growth of homosexuality and the way many homosexuals act in public is an example. Another is the growth of deep environmentalism and its worship of the goddess, Gaia. Yet another is the increase in violence in towns and cities, and through evil terroristic groups (especially Hindu and Islamic). Demons are also influencing (not possessing) ‘religious’ groups and cults, whose task it is to deny doctrinal truths. Linked to this is the increase in atheism, where God is openly rejected and scorned. Demon possession is real, but it can be dealt with in the name of our Lord.

Important reminder: Christians CANNOT be possessed! Also remember that demons can easily ‘play along’ with a foolish person who thinks they are called to ‘exorcise’ people! The net result is usually an ‘exorcist’ who is then plagued by demons. In my own life I have helped in such cases, but on only one occasion was warned inwardly not to approach a certain person with a demon. Charismatics who think they can oust Satan or his demons by their unbiblical approaches are onto a dangerous game!



This is just a short note to indicate our thoughts on Israel and so-called ‘Palestine’. (It does not give every aspect or detail of our beliefs, so don’t jump to conclusions).

Over the years in our Sunday meetings, I have regularly reminded fellow members of the following: That, currently, Israel is making mistakes, and has committed wrongs in the past. In no way are we like Zionists, nor do we necessarily believe everything said by Israel. (Personally I usually check through a number of sources).

However, Israel is far more believable than Islamic terrorists... anyone who resorts to terror and violence without good reason is suspect, especially when they are joined by fellow terrorists who do not even live in the country. Al Qaeda do this continually.

Scripture makes it very clear that we may not disparage Israel or deal badly with the country, because God has not finished with the Jews. They will one day be given back the mantle of evangelisation, and will be restored in a major way by God’s mercy and grace, with salvation, and the land still belongs to them. I cannot go back on this fact. Because of their unbelief and disobedience they have suffered repeatedly over the last two millennia. But, this does not alter God’s will for them. (See A/37).

At this time, and for centuries, Jews have opposed or neglected God and few have known true salvation through Jesus Christ. Therefore, though still in God’s heart, Jews are committing grave sin.

Concerning ‘Palestine’, I do not trust its leaders at all, whereas with Israel I acknowledge they make mistakes. They may even lie at times, like most governments – but not on an industrial scale... at least this is my perception based on how ‘Palestine’ acts and speaks. They have blatantly vowed to obliterate Israel from the world map, and they train children from birth to hate Israel and Christians, though an unknown number do not wish to follow the path of violence and hatred. (Note that I place the word ‘Palestine’ in quotation marks. This is because it does not exist as a country and never has. The people are simply Arabs, not ‘Palestinians’. See A-038).

Hamas and other factions place their guns and mortars inside the homes and gardens of ordinary ‘Palestinians’, and this is why Israeli forces have been loathe to hit back when shelled mercilessly. Local ‘Palestinians’ appear to fear this kind of embedding of terrorists in their homes and gardens, but it is up to them to reject what is happening. Yet, many ‘Palestinians’ have work given to them by Israel, and many are helped by Israel when their own Hamas do not.

Israel cannot just let the urbanised ‘human shield’ action continue and reprisals are bound to occur. All countries KNOW that Israel’s policy is to hit back hard, ten times greater, to discourage terrorism. I note, too, that in towns and cities in Israel, Christians have a hard time from strict-sect Jews, and this must stop.

In many instances when ‘Palestinian’ (who are they? Born in the land, or Al Qaeda?) terrorists have rained death on Israel, Israel has not usually responded in like manner. I know this from many sources, including startling materials from ‘Palestinian’ news and the internet.

For example, some years ago I watched a video made by ‘Palestinians’ and shown worldwide. It was used to convince the media who gullibly accepted that Israeli soldiers were shooting at a man and his young son in the street, killing them. But, when analysed and when accompanied by a separate journalist’s video, we could see plainly that the deaths were faked, and the two ‘victims’ later ran away with glee. The Israeli soldiers did not fire one shot. This is typical of ‘Palestinian’ horror stories against Israel – fakery and outright deception.

A very good deception was a photo of an Israeli soldier in Jerusalem supposedly standing over a ‘Palestinian’ youth he had beaten to a bloodied mess. It turned out that the youth was a US Jewish citizen who had been attacked by a violent mob of ‘Palestinian’ (Muslim) youths – the soldier was protecting him from further attacks! But, the media portrayed it in a completely false light. Yet, it is still used by ‘Palestinian’ propaganda.

It is a fact that many ordinary Arabs/’Palestinians’ want peace, but their terrorist leaders and terror cells do not. So, continuing war is inevitable... working out in detail the warning by God, that the children of Ishmael would always be at the throats of the children of Israel. I expect that Islamicists will hate Jews and Christians, though there are notable exceptions. I believe it because they express their hatred openly. As does the Koran.

Do I trust Islamicists? Generally, no, with good reason... but I always hold out my hand in friendship to individual Muslims I meet. Nowadays, this seems to be a wasted effort, as they blatantly ignore me, even in the street... but I keep on trying.

So, I hope this gives you some idea as to a snippet of our current thinking on Israel, because I do not really want to mention it again soon... this should be sufficient. Nor will I respond to angry arguments and long-winded ‘proofs’ of my error... which I will not accept, given the Arab/Muslim proofs against ‘Palestine’ and its fake claims.

For more on Jews, read our Article, ‘The Jews Today’, written in 1994 by K B Napier (A/37). Our biblical view has not changed. There are always those who use the “He said, she said” approach to this subject, continually searching for the flaws in Israel while giving credibility to the stories put out by hardened ‘Palestinians’ (Muslims), and thereby making the whole matter muddied.

Frankly, this kind of approach leaves me cold. Poor ‘Palestinians’, they moan! (Do they mean the terrorists, or the ordinary people?). For ourselves we go by proven sources. We also tend not to go by the words of known terrorists, or Muslim governments (on all sides of Israeli land) who want all Jews dead and jihad against Christians to continue!

At BTM we are not afraid of opposite views, so if you wish, go to and hear a Jew giving an apology on behalf of so-called ‘Palestine’. We do not usually allow unbelievers a platform on our website etc., but this is useful to show readers what ‘Palestinian’ propaganda is like.

The presenter is not just an unbeliever (in both Judaism and Christianity), but he rejects the biblical account of David and his amazing kingdom (even though recent research discovered David is an actual figure and his kingdom really was powerful).

The implication is that the Jewish claim to Israel is therefore invalid. At this very early point in the video I was turned off by his motives and interpretation of the facts. I have heard his kind of randomly mixed presentation of ‘facts’ and personal anecdotes before, and it does not come over as genuine. Nor does it allow for rational thinking and proper research.

What he is saying may, or may not, be accurate... one would have to research very carefully to separate his anecdotal evidence from actual data, though I suspect it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to check some of his claims. Apart from that I am always suspicious of those who act as spokesmen for terroristic nations or individuals. And the fact that he proposes Arab/Muslim sources is typical of propaganda.

Not only does the man reject his own history and biblical (Old Testament and so Jewish) accuracy, but he appears not to have a realistic and factual understanding of ‘Palestine’ and its occupants before 1947... when the idea of ‘Palestine’ did not exist.

In reality he gives credence to terrorism by ‘Palestine’. Some reject this title of ‘terrorism’... but that is what it is when ANYONE reacts with violence and death when life is not in immediate danger. Those who now fight for Hamas are not old enough to remember being ‘driven out of their homes’, and this, too, means they are political terrorists, which is Marxist in ideology (Islam is itself Marxist). For proof FROM the PLO, too, see A/38!

He also prefers to avoid the fact that Muslim preponderance only came about after Islam was invented and took the Middle East by the sword. Before that, Christians and Jews were the predominant population! And, until terrorists forced their way onto the scene with violence, most Jews and Muslims lived peacefully side by side. Today, we see the evils of terrorism that have been imposed on ordinary Arab Muslims in the area who would not otherwise have risen up against Israel.

So, if ‘Palestine’ desires to have its land returned... why not go back further and let the Jews and Christians demand the same thing? And then go farther back and resurrect the Amorites, Philistines, Assyrians, et al and ad nauseam, so they, too, can claim back ‘their’ land. It is all absurd in historical terms. Lands change ownership many times over the centuries. Even so, there never HAS been a rule called ‘Palestine’, so how can these Arabs ‘claim it back’?? The previous Ottoman empire belonged to what is now Turkey, not to Arabs!

He also does not address the fact that in the first half of the 20th century thousands of Arabs migrated to ‘Palestine’ from other Muslim countries, because of the new work opportunities created not by ‘Palestinians’, but by Jews, who, single-handedly, made the “desert bloom”, when ‘Palestinians’ did not bother at all to work the arid soil. (This is down to the Islamic idea of fate – if they are poor, it is because Allah determined it; if their car breaks down in the desert, they will just sit there and die... because that is what Allah has decided! Untrue? I have heard it myself. If the desert is arid, just let it stay as it is). So, how many today ARE ‘Palestinian’? None!

Between 1922 and 1948 about 100,000 Arabs migrated to ‘Palestine’, swelling the Arab-Muslim population many times. So – just WHO are the ‘Palestinians’ who claim to want ‘their’ land back? Migrating Arabs or indigenous Arabs?

The speaker does not understand, nor accepts, that God gave the land to Israel for all of time... and what He gave to Jews was far greater geographically than the tiny amount of land they now have, or were allowed by the League of Nations (which included two Muslim countries!). And, as I have asked before, how far back do we need to go to ‘return’ land to its original owners, seeing as how most countries in the world have been repeatedly invaded and ruled by other countries? The issue can become very clouded and ridiculous.

As I said, I do not tend to believe what the ‘Palestinian’ (PLO) rulers say, because, in most cases, what they say is deceptive and often horrendously violent. As for the video speaker – well, there is a need to look more deeply into what was mainly an anecdotal presentation, mingling subjective assumption with objective facts (‘anecdotal’ because a lot of it cannot be easily verified). He admitted to giving a one-sided talk and not a ‘balanced’ view... yet those who demand pro-‘Palestinian’ support call for balance! Hm. But, this is not the way to analyse a serious situation or topic.

If he is right, that’s fine, but we cannot know what is truly right without checking the details very carefully, and such a search would involve a very long period of time and great effort, because he has mixed the items he presented, making the subject tangled. Even so, you are welcome to your own view. I can only warn that A/38 completely trashes any claims by ‘Palestinians’ and their supporters.

Remember that we are not interested in ‘he said, she said’ arguments. These only serve to keep the matter agitated without conclusion. If you wish to argue against us, please read A/37 and A/38 first and then send a brief, concise, tightly-reasoned comment via the comment reply page on the website. Do not ramble or try to cover the whole of human history! But, expect an open reply! For us the crux is scriptural evidence. (But, we also have evidence from the lips of Arab-Muslims themselves). Our interest is in what God says – and one sentence from Him can demolish all the usual rhetoric against or for Israel.

We are observers, so the issue is interesting only; we are not interested in heated debate or hateful retorts, because the issue does not muster such a reaction in us! Nor are we that interested in political arguments on this matter, given that God gave His promise, and that is final.

We will not, then, be drawn away from our biblical conclusions. I base this on many years of face-to-face verbal combat, with everyone from charismatic leaders to Roman Catholics, Hindu priests to mental patients, local pastors to archbishops! Nowadays I simply present the truth of scripture. If they do not want to hear... tough!

Note: I use the word ‘Palestine’ for convenience – the land with that name was, until about 1970, merely a collection of disparate Arab clans. As for the general’s son who made the video... perhaps older readers will remember the man named ‘Lord Haw Haw’. Not a nice name to have. The ‘Palestinian question’ is a fake, devised by Islam to destroy Israel, for no other reason than Israel exists. (See A-038).

Instead of referring to ‘Palestine’ and ‘Palestinians’, refer to them as the Arab Middle East and Arabs/Muslims! There is no ‘Palestine’ and there are no ‘Palestinians’, except those who resort to sheer thuggery and anti-Israel propaganda. Believe as you wish friends, but we warn against derogating Israel.

Were There Camels?

I have written a paper (SC-006) on a current archaeological nonsense, which claims there were no domesticated camels at the time of Abraham, even though scripture says there were. This is yet another attempt by atheists (and Muslims, by the way) to debunk God’s word, so beware!

I show that non-Christian researchers have concluded there WERE domesticated camels, even 1000 years before Abraham. And at the start of the book of Job, he had about 3000 camels; by the end of the book he has 6000!

I also show that the conclusion that there were no such camels is based NOT on archaeology, but on the 19th century heretical theology of the Higher and Lower Critical school (see my articles on this). In other words, expert archaeologists stray from their subject and rely not on actual evidence but on theological heresy that has already been debunked. Never fear so-called ‘science’, because any science that contradicts scripture is bound to be faulty, if not completely wrong.

“And he entreated Abram well for her sake: and he had sheep, and oxen, and he asses, and menservants, and maidservants, and she asses, and camels.” (Genesis 12:16)

There are 47 mentions of camels in the Old Testament. They are completely ignored because the archaeologist does not believe the bible or its historical narrative!

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