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God Demands, and We Must Do

Are you one of those unfortunate Christians who thinks God is Love, therefore His love is unconditional? If you think that, have you actually read your Bible (I mean a real one, like the KJAV)? It would be very convenient for most people if this were the case. But, it isn’t. (See Article A-045).

It is a fact that churches with a belief in a God Who imposes no restrictions or conditions are lifeless and lying. Throughout scripture, God gives conditions by which we MUST live, and which we MUST obey. This is why those who claim to be saved by their own choice are liars, even if some truly believe it. They are liars because the opposite of truth is a lie! Can’t get away from it!

Churches where ‘God is Love’ stands supreme over all and every other truth, tend also to be superficial. They avoid using disciplinary measures – which they must, if they believe God only loves and does not punish. They allow all manner of sin to proliferate among members.

They are easy targets for every wind of change to blow upon them from any quarter whatever. In short, they are ‘spiritual has-beens’, trees that have been cut down by God and are ready for burning.

True churches, on the other hand, know that God is Love AND He is a God of terrible wrath. They understand that every believer ought to take God’s hand and yet fear Him if they go astray. They know that while their salvation comes without conditions, every promise made by God is accompanied by demands, conditions that we must keep or know His anger and penalties.

It is very obvious that modern Christians have a light view of sin. It is obvious because they know the conditions put upon us and yet they (all of us!) sin easily. They do not really consider that conditions MUST be kept and kept immediately. They try to cover-up their sins by ‘praying’ a swift repentance... though it becomes meaningless when it is not really meant; the ‘repentance’ is just a quick-fix gloss. ‘Repentance’ comes only too easily to the lips of many folks (as does their supposed piety and false humility)! How humble they are!

Christians also forget that when God demands, many of His requirements are for the unsaved as well. That they may not have heard of the Lord, or have not been born again, is irrelevant: if God commands something, we MUST obey, saved or not. This goes for governments and judges, too. They MUST rule and judge in godly manner, founding what they do and say on God’s word and character. If they do not, they are not only subject to His anger, but they are also subject to the people, who MUST reject their godless activities, words and laws.

As for morality, ALL people MUST live morally, regardless of their belief or unbelief. This is why Christians MUST speak out against immorality and MUST demand that politicians uphold the moral code of God. This is why we MUST oppose the vile sins of homosexuals, whose foulness infiltrates the deepest parts of society like poison.

And, those who call themselves ‘Christian’ MUST obey God’s word to the letter. We are NOT free to ‘interpret’ as we wish, but must do so as God teaches and demands. This means we MUST listen to teachers called by God who teach what God says rather than men’s theories, even when we personally object to their words, or do not wish to accept what they say... there is no place in the Christian life for pride and stiff-necked self-interpretation. (No, I don’t mean to believe blindly!).

God is not our co-worker... we are His servants, who must do His bidding! I wish more believers understood that fact. Then maybe the churches will reach the unsaved.


A fellow pastor said that he has received a lot of angry emails concerning Nigel Farage of UKIP, because he published Farage’s rejection of Christian concerns. I, too, have received similar emails. They have all come from those claiming to be ‘Christian’!

But, let these angry folks get something straight (excuse the pun)! The denial by Farage - that he ever said what is reported by newspapers, including the foul ‘Pink News’ - is nothing but a smoke-screen. It is possible that the big three parties are trying to use their own propaganda against him, but thus far he has done nothing to prove his accusations against them are true!

It is my view, based on what keeps coming out of UKIP offices, that he is seething that his office put out what he actually thinks, before the coming elections. This is because he wants Christians to remain duped, and yet he also wants to gain homosexual voters, even though their numbers are relatively very few.

Christians who become angry at genuine believers who point out the duplicity of an adulterous politician who denies what he has himself said, are playing the wrong end-game and siding with our spiritual enemy! They are placing their trust in someone who is hot on being anti-EU, but freezing cold on supporting godly, moral values.

He has given more interviews to the press (which he will probably deny having said!!) which underline his desire to further remove the biblical meaning of marriage. Will our angry friends get angry at that, also? Or, will they blindly follow Farage to their own detriment? Don’t put your trust in politics!

As I predicted, UKIP is going down the middle of the road in terms of policies, and so will join the majority parties in its approval and support of, homosexuality. In turn, this will continue the unrelenting hatred shown towards Christians and scripture (and even those without any religion who recognise the nasty nature of homosexuality), hardening the legal attacks on our faith, jobs, etc.

Once, UKIP seemed to be the only political light at the end of the tunnel. But now it seems the light is really a searchlight seeking-out Christians to destroy them.

Farage is not good for us, at least in his present form. He is chasing after the gay vote, even though it is far, far smaller than the Christian vote. He is doing this because he knows that Christians are under immense pressure and attack from homosexuals and the law, and so it is only a matter of time that all Christians will be subdued anyway. So, he is not supporting us, but is throwing us to the dogs. Christians who get angry at these words are welcome to their anger, an anger that is unbiblical and unwise. For myself I will no longer vote for ANY party.

As I have said in newsletters, the ONLY proof that we have got it wrong is if Farage OPENLY and PUBLICLY says he will not allow pro-gay laws to attack and destroy people whose beliefs and faith (and facts) cause them to reject homosexuality and its claims. He must promise OPENLY that if elected to the highest office he will stop the foul attacks by homosexuals and others, who use law to impose their regime upon all, regardless of public views and stated faith.

And, he must STOP extending and promoting anything homosexual, including in schools, government and in the public domain generally. This is because it is plainly ridiculous and anti-intellectual to accept and promote things that kill us, or make us ill by deadly diseases, or use children as grooming fodder, or that use fascist propaganda and law to make society decidedly and visibly worse.

I CAN TELL YOU NOW – HE SIMPLY WON’T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS. I would love for him to show my response to be wrong – well, here’s his opportunity, BEFORE the election! If he does not do the obvious, Christians ought not to vote for him or UKIP.

If you receive our general e-news items you will have read of the UKIP officials who were kicked out of UKIP for rejecting UKIP policies on sexuality. THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL. IGNORE IT AT YOUR PERIL. Don’t vote-in someone who wants us out of Europe, but whose other policies are anti-God, anti-Christian and anti-morality!

It looks like Farage and UKIP will continue to claim that what they said is not what they actually said! It is possible that the major parties want to get rid of them by innuendo and propaganda. They know what to do to combat it – tell us the truth!!

Noah... but which one?

It looks like many Christians are now eating their words, after unquestioningly giving support to the new Hollywood film, ‘Noah’.

It is always an error to spout immediate and unqualified support for anyone or anything that is not scriptural. Before the film came out recently, many noted the ‘quirks’ and ‘added bits’, of the film. Then came disquiet, that some of those ‘bits’ were not found in scripture, but other elements were introduced, such as occultism and environmentalism.

Then came the ultra-criticism... the film, made by an atheist, was NOT based on the scriptural account at all, but came via the kabbalah, a form of Jewish occultism, mysticism and liberalised thought! Of course, Christians automatically assumed ‘Noah’ was based on scripture, so they determined to use the film as a stepping-stone to their own efforts at evangelism. Oh dear!

So-called ‘evangelism’ is always false, if it relies on an external human source. It is not how God works. True evangelism is a God-given task, enacted through a man called to the office of evangelist, who will automatically be given gifts necessary to the task. He does not need props and films, only the prompting of the Holy Spirit to speak and act. So, relying on unbelieving films that denigrate and distort scripture, such as ‘Noah’, are NOT of God! I wonder how many Christians have got the message yet!

Never allow errors concerning scripture to go unchallenged. And if you wish, read my short article, ‘Noah; The REAL Man’.

For State Pensioners...

As a small handful already know, since my wife, Diane, has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, things have been extremely hard, and I don’t just mean the emotional and physical stress. Though I had nursed many people with dementia, there were some aspects that I had no clue about, such as the increased costs involved. For example, the need to buy new underwear and clothing on a regular basis, or to wash clothes twice or sometimes three times a day, then to dry them, to put on heating one cannot afford (because the condition makes Diane feel the cold even when it is warm)... there are many other aspects. As both of us were on basic state pensions, everything has to come out of those pensions.

Now for some tips! I applied for a new boiler under a government scheme and was rejected, because I only had the state pension. I was also rejected to receive cheaper water. I mused to myself that those who had a variety of benefits were able to get these items, and I wondered if I could reverse my pension to what it was before... I was originally on ‘pension credits’ because even with pension we did not have sufficient to live on. So, I sent a short letter to the DWP and asked if I could get back on credits. I told them the truth – others could get boilers etc., and I needed help to do so.

To my surprise, I got a telephone call from the DWP, and quickly was put on pension credits! It is only £6.99 a week – but what a difference! Without credits a boiler would cost us about £4000, and I had already not bothered, because we had no capital. No sooner had I been awarded this tiny extra, I had a surveyor around, who said I was now entitled to a new boiler, free. It will be installed in a weeks’ time.

On top of that I also applied for cheaper water, and it seems the cost will now be capped at about £100 to £150 less than normal! We are not out of the woods yet, because March is a very heavy month for us, when we must spend out over twice as much as we get with both pensions combined! Cheekily, I have only paid a part of the required amounts to each company (water, gas, electricity, and council tax), and I hope each will stay quiet until May, when I will have to ‘bite the bullet’ and pay the remainders.

But, my main message is – if you are struggling on a state pension, try to get onto pension credits! It looks like I can also get other benefits because of it, such as free glasses and false legs! I am not asking for anything I am not entitled to, after working all my life and paying taxes... but nobody bothers to tell a pensioner what he is entitled to. Did God prompt me to muse over these things in the first place? Probably.

Because of credits, I have also applied to my local council for a different bath, or some kind of aids, because Diane is now almost unable to step into one, and getting back out is a nightmare, and very dangerous. Even standing up in the bath is almost impossible. I am waiting for someone to come and assess.

Here’s another tip, too... for those finding it hard to locate light switches at night. I found a company that sells luminous strips. They are small enough (about half inch in length) to peel off and stick onto the actual light switch. When daylight comes or the light is switched on, the strips are ‘fed’ by the light. I also added three strips on the side of the light switch box, so Diane can see it as she walks towards it. An alternative is to install night lights at skirting level, which cost just three pence a night to run, and go off when it is daylight. Hope the tips help!

Too Quick to ‘Forgive’?

Now and again I come across an article that is a true representation of what God actually says. The most recent is about Christians who are far too quick off the starting line to forgive those who have severely wronged them or their families. To quote:

“I’ve lost count of the number of times some tragedy has occurred – a mass shooting, a terrorist attack, a drunk driving death – and the victims or their relatives, usually Christians, start “forgiving” the offenders within hours or days of the crime.

I understand the motive, and also the desire to present an attractive witness about Christian forgiveness to the world. But it’s not a faithful witness to God. It does not reflect how God forgives, which is to be our pattern and model.” (David Murray, 7 April 2014)

It is not an understatement to say that these acts of ‘forgiveness’ are very quick! No doubt the Christians involved think they are doing the right thing. Or, they think they should forgive, or they commit sin. In reality, their quick-off-the-mark forgiveness is not really forgiveness at all, but an indulgence, perhaps experienced too soon after a crime when the people are still deeply vulnerable. No matter what the motives – they are wrong.

As the writer of the article plainly says “God does not forgive those who do not want forgiveness.”

Anyone can repent and be forgiven. After all, this is how you and I came to the Lord ourselves. To receive forgiveness a person MUST repent and ask for it. And genuine believers must be ready to forgive those who wrong them. But, we CANNOT forgive someone if they do not repent and ask to be forgiven. It is not a sign of our piety to forgive when a wrong-doer does not repent: it is a sign of biblical ignorance and a lack of understanding of our Lord’s mind.

The biggest example of wrongful forgiveness (which, by definition, is NOT ‘forgiveness’) is when, say, a mother or father says they ‘forgive’ the murderer of their son or daughter. How often do we hear of this in the media? It is a very simple but potent error, for NO-ONE can forgive a killer or some other wrongdoer on behalf of someone else. And when that person we speak about is dead – there can be NO forgiveness at all on the part of the dead person... the family certainly cannot forgive the killer. (See A/461 for more information). The wrongdoer MUST be forgiven by the one they have wronged.

The writer of that article comes to the correct conclusions, and his accuracy is worth commendation, when most Christians think we MUST forgive, no matter what!

Here it Comes Again – Easter

Nowadays Easter is more like that pantomime moment: “Oh no it isn’t!”, “Oh yes it is!” No, it should be Passover. Yes, it should be Easter. So, what’s the truth?

It has been assumed that the use of the word ‘Easter’ in Acts 12:4 must be a mistake. Surely it should read ‘Passover’?

Look at what scripture really says and one is wrong, but for different reasons! It was Tynedale who first enshrined ‘Easter’ in our Bible, and even the KJAV contains it. Do you truly think that the small army of dedicated translators of the best Bible version in the world allowed such a monumental error to occur in their loved translation work?

Tynedale was correct, and so were the KJAV translators. The word ‘Easter’ really is the right word in the text, and the context it is used in proves it.

But, then comes a problem. While Tynedale and the KJAV translators were faithful to the original language and used the correct word, the seasonal celebrations held today by almost all churches is wrong! By calling it ‘Easter’ they show a basic ignorance of what the verse in Acts says. And, what the holy-day is supposed to worship is not a required rite given by God anyway. If we insist on having the period as holy, it should be called something else, because ‘Easter’ is a wrong term to use. It is correct in its context, but not as a period of worship. Indeed, it is the opposite. For a more detailed explanation of ‘Easter’ in Acts 12, see A-029! God bless.

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