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Responding to Sin

How do we respond to sin? The answer is obvious to any genuine believer – our response must be that of God, with certain exceptions. For example, we have no right to condemn a person to hell, nor is it within our power. Also, we have no right to punish a man physically or mentally because he is an unbeliever (we leave that to the fake Roman church). Another difference is that we cannot withhold salvation, nor give it.

There are other ways in which we may not act or speak like God. Even so, we have a responsibility to respond properly to sin in our midst, and in these circumstances we must be godly. It is surprising how some who claim to be Christians disapprove of the way we at BTM respond to sin, even when what we say or do mirrors God’s own judgments! How, then, do we respond?

Sin remains sin, no matter how emotive or empathetic we might be towards the sinner. It does not matter if the sinner is ourselves, our nearest and dearest, friends, or strangers. All sin is worthy of death, and our response must reflect that. We have no right to be judgmental, however, which causes us to react badly to sin, or to apply our own human standards to the sinner.

We must learn how to respond rather than to react. A reaction can often be poor or bad, or even sinful itself. Rather, we must respond – with carefully judged biblical standards, not our own. That is, we look at sin as God looks at it, and we apply the necessary discipline, as He requires.

Discipline is NOT what so many think it is – punishment! True discipline covers every aspect of our Christian lives. It means we read scripture, pray, and act according to God’s word, in all things. Constructive, not destructive. When it comes to sin, discipline arrives at genuine conclusions found in the evidence, and applies the remedy as we perceive God to demand it. This might be compassion, or dismissal of our thoughts, or punishment. If it is punishment we must ensure it is action we see in God’s word, or is compatible with it. This explains BTM’s whole attitude towards the grave sin of homosexuality, which God hates totally. At no time should we allow emotion, anger, or punitive lust to bring us to conclusions concerning sin in others.

And always, we must punish with love and a desire to help the sinner put things right. If he refuses, we must issue a warning. Only after this can we cast a person out of fellowship or shun him, all as God demands.

Some think that when we at BTM judge persons or movements in articles, we are being ‘judgmental’. They send us warnings that we must not judge! Their indiscriminate use of the words proves they are ignorant of the truth. To judge is not the same as to be judgmental! They are two different, if not opposite, words and actions.

To judge is to examine the facts/evidence, and to arrive at proper conclusions as given by God. It is objective and does not include our personal desires or wishes, and when we judge we do not come to a conclusion based on anger or prejudice.

To be judgmental is not the same. It means to be prejudiced from the start and to come to a bad or poor conclusion based on nothing but hearsay or emotion. Very often judgmentalism arises from one’s own sinfulness and a desire to inflict harm.

So, sin is sin. We must respond wisely and carefully, relying on scripture for our conclusions. That is, we judge a person or situation AS DEMANDED BY GOD. Scripture clearly tells us that we MUST judge others and situations, before the world does so. In other words, we must ‘nip it in the bud’ before sin becomes obvious to unbelievers, who will then mock us.

Example of the sin of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

One article published by us, on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) received multiple angry letters/emails/web site comments! Those who wanted an excuse for their ‘BPD’ did NOT want an honest, objective appraisal of their psychiatry-invented ‘diagnosis’. The article pointed out that those with supposed BPD were actually just sinners who refused to act in a disciplined manner. What anger this attracted!

In almost every reaction was the idea that because we had been honest and scriptural, we were being unloving and lacking in compassion. Nothing was farther from the truth and there was no evidence to enable one to come to such a conclusion.

The fact of psychiatric gobbledygook can be proved time and again. Psychiatry has covered many sins with pseudo-medical classifications, so sin grows rapidly. Thus, we identify the sin and dismiss the psychiatry. For many this is unloving and ‘judgmental’, though they cannot say why. They fail to identify sin and to treat it as such – as something God hates. In this way they give an excuse for sin and do not respond to it properly. For this reason millions today, even Christians, continue to sin because they have a ‘diagnosis’ (which is, really, an excuse to commit sin).

Is saying this ‘judgmental’? Of course not! It is just telling the truth! Do we say it with spite or malice? No, we do not. Do we smirk or laugh at such sinners and their predicament? No, we do not. We know that we, too, are sinners – but we are saved by grace and must show such grace in our everyday lives. We have compassion for all who struggle with their sin but who repent.

We have no such compassion for men and women who continue to sin even when they have been shown their folly. In this we are acting in godly manner, not judgmentally. If sin is found in us, and we are shown it from scripture, we will repent and change. This is how we should live as fellow believers.

Judge, or be judged by God. Sin is loathsome and cannot remain. (This article taken from O-282, recently published).

ISIS, Hamas, et al

I am aware that some believers are heartily fed-up with mention of Hamas, ISIS, and all the other terrorists who want to spread havoc and death on this earth. But, as I explained to our email subscribers – this current round of evil is centred on our own destruction, not just attacks on Israel. Yet, believers seem unaware of what’s really going on. If it is possible, Christians in the West are virtually missing the unfolding of not just secular history, but also end-times prophecy!

What we are witnessing is the coming of an even greater destruction. The Christians and Jews of Holland, for example, during WW2, knew that if the Nazis got to their country, they would suffer wholesale. And they did. But, today, how many Christians understand that the fate of Israel and Iraq at the hands of foul Islamic terrorists is also our own? Do they realise that fermentation of hatred towards us is ALREADY occurring in the West, and in the towns, villages and cities of the UK? They are so busy pretending to be ‘multicultural’ and fawning over Islamic ‘relations’, that they are completely missing what is truly the case – Islam is grouping together to eliminate Christians!

Perhaps some cannot see this to be true, especially as many Muslims in the UK claim to be ‘moderate’... but I receive dozens of sources of information on this current situation EVERY DAY. I read every one of them so that I am kept abreast of a fast-changing horror. I see the movement that has been spawned by Satan and observe the many warnings from terrorists, that they WILL attack us and subdue the peoples of the world. Much of this is thanks to Obama, but the sleep of Christians adds to the very real dangers. (And this is why I recently wrote a short paper titled ‘Are You a Useful Idiot?').

Christians seem to think that while they sleep and ignore facts, God will somehow protect them. It is possible He will... but to carry on as normal when the position is far from normal, is absurd, and naïve. Two Muslims have already beheaded a soldier on a London street. It was very easy for them to do so... do you really think they won’t come after you, an infidel and enemy of Islam?

Those who receive our general emails will know what is happening (if, that is, they read them all and don’t dismiss them because the stories seem to be repetitive). But, who does anything about them? The attacks by Hamas and ISIS etc., are attacks on God, not just on Israel. These evil people have vowed to rid the world of Jews... and Christians.

We need to show governments that their idea of multiculturalism is wide of the mark, and will bring hatred and destruction upon everyone in the country, not just Christians and Jews. Muslims want total subjection, not just intellectual assent to their fake religion. (Islam is not a true religion, but just a political/military concoction designed to gain control over others). If you want to live under sharia then please read what this really means in the Middle East and Africa!!

Soon, young men and women who travelled to the Middle East to cut off heads, slaughter babies and mothers, crucify, and shoot men in the head, will travel back to the UK. They did not go out for a holiday! They went out to become proficient, sadistic, psychopathic murderers!! And this government will be lax enough to let them back in, to continue their jihad unabated in our own streets. They must be stopped. Islamic hatred must be stopped. The growth of Islam must be stopped. Simple as that. And Christian ignorance must be stopped, before their ignorance kills us all. It is now time to stop ALL immigrants who are Islamic, whether they prove to be violent or not, because the times demand great caution.

What To Do?

The answer is obvious: Western governments must immediately STOP all spread of new mosques, and monitor established ones. They must jump on people who show any sign of linking with terroristic organisations. Muslims who have been given UK citizenship must have it revoked immediately if they refuse to toe the line. If they continue to show hatred, they must be returned to their country of origin... MINUS all the state benefits they no doubt claim (which they never contributed towards).

At the same time Christians must be allowed to give the facts about Islam, and the facts about hard-line Islam must be published openly by major papers and TV, radio, etc. Islam must not be allowed freedom to act now – its adherents are proving to be a danger to us all. Do not listen to government cowards and those who stupidly want ‘multiculturalism’ – which is just another word for ‘Islamisation’!

It touches a very raw nerve, that almost all Muslims who come to the West hate the citizens of their host country, and never work, and yet are given massive payouts... which take money away from legitimate claimants, and cause havoc in all areas of Western life, reducing our financial status to almost zero. ISIS and Hamas are not just localised terror groups: they have their sights on the West... and I for one will not convert to their fake religion. We are not very far away from the formation of civil protection groups. And if these are led by factions who are themselves extreme, there will be bloodshed in the UK. Can’t you see this coming?

(Note: After I wrote the above, a government minister also said similar things! Amazing. But, what he said may only be the usual sabre-rattling... used to make a show of anger but leading to nothing).

Since writing the above another Muslim rampaged through a quiet English street and beheaded two cats and an elderly woman. He will be treated as a ‘mental patient’, but no-one will acknowledge that Islam attracts this kind of person. In recent days we have seen that people who join the jihadists in the Middle East quickly are turned into psychopaths deserving only of swift death. I have also noted that modern people who join Islam are looking for an excuse to vent their lust for violence... in other words they are ALREADY psychopaths. Islam, because of the words of the Koran, written by a man who lusted after sex and murder, is a foundation used by psychopaths nowadays, to kill and hate, making any mention of so-called ‘moderates’ superfluous and misguided.

Push Back!

My eldest son, not yet a believer, takes no nonsense and looks upon ignorance with disdain. So, when he has in the past been stopped by police, he does not just sit back and be meek and mild! Because of a previous job with government he knows the law, and will do battle with any officer who dares to pretend he has stopped him for good reason!

On one occasion he was stopped not far from the centre of a village in Swansea called Oystermouth, where there is a police station. The constable stopped my son with an invented reason and demanded he comply with his demands. But, my son knew the law and challenged the officer, who did not, of course, like it... he stood on his supposed dignity and threatened to arrest him if he did not answer his queries, though he had no right to do so.

My son also has a very naughty sense of humour, and he said, “Tell you what, I will come to the station now and we can chat about it with your senior officer”. He promptly got back in his car and drove to the station, parking in the police bay! The officer arrived behind him and my son smiled broadly. “Okay, let’s see about this!” The officer was now red-faced and losing his superior air. He said he would forget the ‘incident’ and ordered my son to leave. Which he did not! He pressed to enter the station until the officer admitted he did not have the right to stop or arrest him.

Now, friends, we have sent out many emails and stories about open air preachers who have been arrested for fictitious reasons, usually after complaints from homosexuals. You must remember that homosexuals lie their heads off if they think they can cause trouble for Christians! We have also sent out the latest from law-makers, telling us that officers CANNOT arrest or even warn you just because an homosexual is ‘offended’ by what you say. So, police are acting illegally if they arrest or warn you.

Do not stand for it! Warn THEM they are acting illegally. And no doubt you carry a recording device for just such an incident. Use it. Police nowadays are being used for political purposes. The more we let them get away with, the worse things will become. This kind of illicit arrest is usually done by younger officers whose training schools have given them classes in ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’, etc. They often fly an homosexual flag. Even so, they must be challenged. If you do open air preaching then look back at the emails we have issued – print them out and use them wisely. Carry them with you!

Use them as evidence, particularly the more recent one about the legal fact that officers cannot arrest you just because someone else does not like what you say (that is, if you do not actually abuse them or use abusive language, or incite others to violence). It is in your best interest to keep abreast of developments and the law.

(By the way, my son also takes no nonsense from his current employers, who often act abominably. Also knowing employment law, he refuses even to talk about things with his bosses if they speak and act outside the law. So, they usually leave him alone. It is true that most will keep quiet so as to keep their jobs – but will simply lose them later. So, why not tackle them head-on if you know they are blatantly wrong? Of course, if they really wish to get rid of my son an employer will do so anyway and lie... but at least my son is nobody’s fool and nobody’s door-mat. You should try it sometime... better to go down fighting than hiding under the bed).

Sin and Our Response (Cont, from P1)

As a ministry we frequently receive emails from disgruntled readers of the web site. Some of them are fellow Christians (or claim to be) and all think they know better than we do. They accuse us of ‘judging others’, even though they REALLY mean we are being ‘judgmental’. The trouble is, they never appear to know the difference, so they use the words wrongly. It seems to us that readers of our materials can say whatever they like to us, but we may not reciprocate.

Thus, they prefer their ignorance to being shown a better, biblical way. As a ministry we tend to be careful, sometimes in the extreme, to speak accurately and biblically. It is the same for every other genuine ministry... though this carefulness does not seem to apply to those many ‘Christians’ who write blogs as a way of ranting at those they dislike! They truly think that their blog is a work of God, even though their language and arguments are far from godly and broach no complaint or discussion, even when wrong!

We answer sin by saying whatever God applies in such cases. Our personal reactions are irrelevant, though few critics can see this. Rather, because THEY speak from their own prejudices and ignorance, they think that everyone else does the same. Oh dear! No, we speak only after careful examination of the biblical facts. Any criticism we give is not out of personal chagrin and personalised conclusions, but from biblical teaching properly understood and interpreted.

In our responses there are no angry retorts unless the anger is firstly shown by the Lord. We must be angry at what He is angry with. We must reject whatever He rejects. That’s how we do it. So, we cannot be accused of ‘being personal’, being angry without need, or speaking from ignorance. This is vitally important in days when most of our churches wallow in selfism and personalised ideas of Who and what God is, thus bringing the Lord’s Church and His Name into disrepute. We have some wonderful readers, whose faith is true, but we warn those who think they can bash us into submission with their anger and pious self-interpretations... we will not stand for it. Our defence will be robust!

“And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” (1 John 4:16)

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