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Responding to Sin: Part 2

In the previous Beacon I made comments about how we should respond to sin. I have no doubt whatever that some readers (usually not on our private mailing lists) will take umbrage, or charge me with elitism, or some kind of unloving attitude. So, let me deal with that old chestnut!

Over the decades one or two readers have said I write ‘bluntly’. This is perfectly true and it is intentional... too many Christians write or teach in a nebulous, airy-fairy manner. I never want to do that. People need to know the way I write, understanding that I will be truthful and not condescending. In personal meetings I am usually quite different, because I can discern the other person’s responses.

Most seem to appreciate it, but a few do not. On the other hand, they have no idea how I speak personally to those who seek help, or who sit in our church meetings.    Like all who are looking for an excuse to continue in sin, they never try to find out my breadth of belief, etc., and they think that in personal, face-to-face meetings, I must surely be nasty!

The only time I am blunt in these personal meetings is if I know the other person is rejecting God’s word or sinning without repentance repeatedly after being warned kindly. To me, this is a godly action, and not evidence of being heartless or harsh... the words ‘harsh’ and ‘hard’ usually being mistaken for each other. We should never be harsh, but we must have the courage to be ‘hard’ when it is necessary. Sadly, many pastors ‘beat about the bush’ in an attempt to be ‘reasonable’ or accommodating. I find this a waste of time, if not ungodly and fruitless.

When I am blunt, and on the occasions I am ‘hard’, I am responding to the harshness and deliberate ignorance of others. What I say MUST be hard in order to overcome or minimise the sinfulness of those I am writing about. People – especially in churches - tend to think that any reprimands in a sermon only apply to someone else, and not to them. If they thought the reprimand applied to them personally they would probably become angry, and reject the message. I observed this many times, especially when I used to go out preaching regularly. I would get the ‘evangelical smile’, the fixed grin of those whose consciences are not seared and who have a 100% reliance on self. They walk out of the church thinking everyone else is sinful, but they are okay.

This is why, on a fateful Sunday, I decided never again to speak in roundabout terms, but to speak as I honestly believed God wished me to speak. All I did was to drop pretence and that infuriating ‘niceness’ and vagueness that often marks the reformed sermon. Thus, as I have said before, my speaking engagements soon dried up, even from those superficial churches who only invited me because I sang to them. They did not want honesty! Then, I quickly was dubbed as a ‘backslider’ and ‘troublemaker’. The same happens to any preacher who does not toe the formal evangelical line!

How dare I trouble their souls with such straight talk? So, yes, my writing is blunt. Not always, but usually. But, nope... I won’t apologise for it... it is how the Lord leads me, against the tide if required. (However, don’t make the mistake of thinking I speak or write just with emotion or with chagrine).

So, I again come to the subject of responding to sin. As this is ‘Part 2’ I may repeat certain things, but I want to make sure my intentions and attitudes are accurately portrayed.

As I said in the last Beacon, our response to sin must always be the response shown by God. Any other response is not a response at all, but a reaction, a wrong attitude based on our human emotions and poor understanding. Sadly, most Christians react, because they have no idea what God really says in any given situation.

I want you to bear in mind that while my writing is often straightforward, without frills, and even blunt, it is always scriptural. As a person I am no better and no worse than any other human being. So, what you read from my pen is not my personalised reactions, but what God says in His word. This is so, whether I quote direct texts or I paraphrase. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Certain sins cause me to feel repelled, and certain sinners cause me to feel nausea, sick to my stomach, such is the vileness of what they do. Yet, I could be just as bad, if the Lord had not saved me years ago. Even so, we are right to look upon certain sins as repugnant, if not totally filthy. If we are truly saved we cannot look upon ANY sin, great or small, as anything but filthy!

However, the worst thing Christians can do is to translate this inner repugnance into outward hatred for the sinner and judgmentalism. We must not hate them – such is God’s privilege... and He DOES hate certain sinners. Homosexuals are high on His list: He hates them with such depth, we cannot imagine His loathing. And does anyone doubt how much He hates ISIS and those who murder with a ‘religious’ disregard for life, especially for His own, saved people?

While we have no right to hate, we must always avoid sinners who sin in such horrendous ways. Those Christians who think we should rub shoulders, or even show sympathy for, gross sinners, are themselves sinning! They often quote Jesus sitting with tax collectors, etc., but this is just an excuse for their ignorance. Do you really think Jesus would sit comfortably amongst, say, unrepentant homosexuals or murderers? No, He would not be found amongst them. He was found amongst tax-collectors because He was preaching the Gospel to them!

So, to all those Christians who spend many hours amongst, say, alcoholics and drop-outs, I say this: Do they repent? If they repent, do they change their lives for the better? Those who sleep rough usually do so because they have rejected goodness and genuine social rules. They hate being told what to do. They love drink or drugs. Do you truly think Jesus would just hang-out with these people, when all they did was carry on as normal? No, He would not be amongst them! But, if even one of them asked Him for His help, He would give it. Just as I would.

This is why Jesus warned His disciples to leave the dead to bury the dead – a profound statement all believers should understand properly.

We all sin, then, but this is not an excuse to treat sin softly, not even in ourselves. If we do not recognise the filth of sin, then we are in trouble. Sin - big or small - must always be ‘nipped in the bud’, because it offends the Lord. We must do so with compassion for those who repent. We must remember that we were once as they were, and we STILL sin at times. Yet, every time we sin we must repent and get rid of the sin.

No Christian may continually ‘help’ those who sin without repentance. Rather, we must act biblically, by warning those who sin, to repent and change. If they do not do so after further counsel, then we have no option but to cast them from fellowship and shun them until (and if) they repent. This process applies in EVERY case of sin that is known publicly.

Do you know how hard it can be on a pastor who has to insist on this process? Really, it is a process every believer ought to be aware of. A family must deal with the sin of its family members, no matter how young or old the member is, and no matter what that member perceives to be the ‘cause’ of his or her sin. This requirement is especially pertinent to elders, who MUST rule their own household with godly firmness.

The same applies to the spiritual family, where every local church member must be aware of the need for dealing with sin when it arises. Otherwise, trouble awaits the local church that leaves sin slide.

Remember, response to sin has nothing to do with our personal feelings. It is everything to do with God’s word and what He demands. Against this we have neither defence nor authority. What we personally think is irrelevant when we already have the answer in God’s word.

And this is why my public response to sin (for the edification of many) might seem ‘hard’ or unsympathetic. It is not my job to soften God’s anger or to make something appear to be of less importance than it is in God’s eyes! I must ‘tell it as it is’, regardless of whether or not it brings me friends or loses me readers, or even church members. God first! There are times when I feel uncomfortable about what I have to say or do, but my emotions and feelings are, as I say, irrelevant.

I hope the above adds to the previous article and sheds some light on the reality of responding to sin. Please realise that what GOD says is important, not what I think. I am a nobody passing on the commands of God, so don’t shoot the messenger!

Ebola, ISIS & Other Goodies

Ebola threatens to take the flesh off millions. There are theories that the US is responsible for the release of the virus, but proving it might be impossible. (The same theory was said when AIDS first came on the scene, so the blame game might just be a repeat revamp of an old conspiracy theory). Whatever the real cause, it is now rampant. Yet, though AIDS is by far EVEN MORE rampant, no-one cares a jot that it is set to kill many more millions, especially with the worldwide freedoms given to homosexuals.

ISIS is also set to rip the flesh off their victims. Yet it, too, is allowed freedom to operate, with almost no real threat made to their status. In older, bolder times ISIS would by now be running away from world armed professional soldiers who would make very sure they never arose again! But, with Obama in charge of the USA and fascists running the West and Islam, there is little hope of a decisive attack on those whose joy is murder.

And as these two world-horrors carry on their trade, homosexuality is given boost after boost in every country that accepts its lies and terrible legacy, so that AIDS will spread even more. No doubt liberals will be surprised when this happens. But, it is inevitable as more disgusting people do even more disgusting things in their disgusting lives!

Without God’s morality there will be an exponential increase in all manner of death-movements and vile things. Without national respect and reverence for the Almighty, there will arise countless evils, evils that liberals will not fully understand or care about, so long as everyone can do what they like.

As an additional confirmation: no country is banning visitors from Ebola stricken countries. Why? Because they give good money to airlines! And it seems HIV is on the rise in the very countries the UK have now given freedom of movement to!! So, our own HIV population will rise with it, because these people will come to the UK for free treatment... homosexuals who have this vile disease get whatever they need, whereas old people and the vulnerable get almost nothing. Such is the sinful nature of our government.

Discrimination. Is it Good or Needed?

Christians bend over backwards nowadays to make sure they can boast “I never discriminate”. Especially when it comes to Islam or homosexuality. And if they say it, then they prove their ignorance, not their balance! (Do they REALLY not discriminate in their minds and hearts? Do they REALLY accept homosexuals in their midst? Then their sins outweigh their protestations).

Everyone, including anti-discrimination ‘experts’, discriminates every hour of every day! Thus, the fight to end ‘discrimination’ is as absurd as saying the sun is a great refrigerator. The term is made meaningless because it is not treated with reality.

Discrimination can be spoken of as judgment, discernment, choice, or conclusion. It is certainly not bad, nor is it illegal. It is a vital part of who we are and what we do. It looks at evidence for and against, and comes to a sound conclusion. Thus, it is certainly not ‘judgmentalism’. Yet, ‘experts’ try to criminalise what is sound judgment, by teasing-out an extremely narrow definition from what applies to all of life, and which cannot possibly be defined in such a ridiculous way.

Take the obvious current anti-discrimination target – homosexuality. To say we should not discriminate against homosexuality is simply nonsense, because it provides no qualification worthy of the name. It reduces everyone to a dumb automaton, because it does not say WHAT discrimination is or WHY it should not occur. Discrimination is VERY target orientated. It cannot be used broadly at all, because to do so makes no sense! To discriminate properly, we need to take all the facts, weigh them against each other and against an external standard, and come to a rational conclusion.

For example, if we cannot discriminate, a school must employ a known paedophile, a bank must employ a known bank robber, and the owner of a lovely home can employ a colour-blind designer!

Discrimination is NOT equal to being judgmental. To suggest such a stupid thing is to avoid the issue of what genuine discrimination really is. I will not eat food if I know it has been prepared by an homosexual cook who handles the food. Why? Because most homosexuals indulge in revolting sexual habits, too foul to mention here. So, why should I possibly want to trust such a person to prepare my food? Is that not sound discrimination? What if the cook was ‘Typhoid Annie’ (look her up!)? That is only one reason I can quote for not wishing to go anywhere near homosexuals.

And should we be against homosexual teachers, when it is known that almost all homosexuals desire sex with children?

Should we allow Islam to proliferate when we see all around us the negative, deteriorative, and even fatal effects of letting it do so? When it demands loss of freedom, and a fascist demand that we stop this or that and favour the cruelty of sharia? When we know the demands found in the Koran that make wholly Islamic countries so backward? Even today I learned that a church in Istanbul has Islamic loudspeakers in its yard, used to deliberately disrupt services. That is Islamic ‘tolerance’! So, why embrace or welcome Islam, in any form? It is barbaric and anti-intellectual, of no use to man nor beast... but great news for anyone with an authoritarian or psychopathic bent! So I choose against it. That is, I discriminate.

If we can discern the best colour tie to wear with a suit, we should have no problem discerning what is right and wrong, good or bad. To cast aside such a fundamental activity is to poke ourselves in the eyes and fill our ears with cement (like Anglicans, many Christians, and political leaders)!

Liar, Liar!

Some think my description of certain men or groups, including churches, can be over the top. How dare I call them liars, for example? Well, try a bit of logic...

What is a lie? It is an intentionally false statement, made by people who know it is not fully or partly true. Now, if a Christian does not tell the truth or some of it, with the intention to deceive, they are liars. Simple. This is why I described the charismatic movement as a lie. I showed with ample proof, that the current movement is based entirely on a lie, and this is why I say that all charismatic teaching belongs to the tares, ready for burning down. God cannot tolerate a lie, and nor should we.

There are some whose lies are ‘technical’. They are genuine believers but they reject certain sound teaching and embrace what is false. They then pass on their ‘beliefs’ to others, and because such beliefs are false, they are lies. I mentioned some of these in my book, ‘Patchwork Quilt Theology’ (Amazon). Those not fully aware of our beliefs do not realise just how close to their own lives this comes. How can this happen? Because Christians are lax and do not obey the Lord. I count myself to be guilty at times, so this is not a ‘better than thou’ jibe!

Don’t be a liar before God – search your hearts and then search scripture. Don’t just accept as true, something said by a famed preacher. Always check it out. A church specially for the deaf felt compelled to break-away from those in a hearing church, because they had to rely on the work of hearing ‘signers’ who translated verbal words into sign language. Sadly, as the pastor recalls, this brought trouble, as signers replaced actual words spoken with their own personal beliefs, thus passing on lies and even heresies!

In the same way hearing Christians can pass on heresy and bad doctrine, and will find plenty of lax Christians to take it all in without checking it for truth. This makes them all liars, because a lie is opposite to the truth! Even the best of us can lie, simply by not checking what God says in His word.

The Ebola Killer

Ebola is a frightening fatal disease, yet it can be killed-off with light! (Natural News, 11th Oct. 2014). The machine used (named the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot) can kill Ebola in just two minutes and was invented by doctors in Texas.

The robot sends out pulsed UV light to clean hospital environments and in so doing also kills viruses, including MRSA and Ebola. The light used is 25,000 greater than sunlight... and Ebola hates sunlight.

This begs a question... WHY are companies fighting to invent an Ebola-crushing medicine when this robot is already in use and can do so very quickly? That’s right – financial gain and political expediency. Politicians love a crisis and love to pretend they alone can provide the answers. And they do so through greedy pharmaceutical companies.

So, to be grimly funny, next time you are dying of Ebola, demand a visit from the robot. And if it doesn’t arrive, tell your relatives to sue the health unit for letting you die! Sadly, politicians often refuse valid treatments to seriously ill patients, unless it is they who need the cure.

Beheader’s Charter

Jihadists spout they are in a war. But, what war? It is one of their own making, based on the words of a false prophet in their ‘holy’ book! This is like people of the UK devoting their minds and hearts to Noddy and Big Ears!

Yet, Obama and other leaders actually THANK jihadist mosques for their ‘help’ in creating ‘peace’! Eh??? Thus, this will go the same way as pro-gay... it will give a freedom charter to all who wish to murder. Leaders are either blind of wilful. They are certainly wicked.