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End of the Year... CHOOSE!

“A land which the LORD thy God careth for: the eyes of the LORD thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year.” (Deuteronomy 11:12)

This is how it ought to be – but Britain and its Christians* have consistently ignored God’s laws and allowed them to be tainted by unbelievers. (* Except for a notable few). God will give the nation many blessings if it obeys Him. The nation that refuses to obey is warned:

“And then the LORD'S wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven, that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit; and lest ye perish quickly from off the good land which the LORD giveth you.”

It is obvious to us that God is now punishing Christians and society alike for their laxity and alliances with godless groups and leaders. Until we repent and turn away from the world and call upon God to remove our wicked leaders and their envoys (MPs etc), there will be no change and Christians may as well cry into the wind, which does not hear pleadings.

Another activity has recently occurred at the end of the year...

“And it came to pass at the end of the year, that the host of Syria came up against him: and they came to Judah and Jerusalem, and destroyed all the princes of the people from among the people, and sent all the spoil of them unto the king of Damascus.”

ISIS has rampaged from and in Syria with murderous intent. It wants to destroy Israel and spread the spoil amongst heathen Islamic nations.

Which end of year results do YOU want? We are about to be deluged by Islamic and homosexual horrors, in all parts of the world. Many Christians, thinking they are being strategic and clever, try to appease tyrants and wicked men; they think it is godly to have ‘dialogue’ with them, when God Himself wishes us to condemn them and speak of His warnings from Heaven. This situation has been prophesied in scripture, but it is no reason to just sit back and let it happen... God also expects us to stand and be counted, to speak out firmly with one strong voice of condemnation!


None that I know of... the very few who do are being trampled on and silenced by those supposed believers who pretend to be godly. They shun those who stand to be counted, and speak in sickly tones to sinners whose task it is to destroy Christian witness and our youth, through wicked policies and activities. These are not normal times. Satan is so obviously wreaking havoc through evil men and women. The lad David won the war against the Philistines with one pebble. Let David now stand up and fight in the name of our Lord! As a Church we must stand firm, or be crushed. (This does not negate prayer!)

30 Years and Counting!

BTM will be 30 years old in 2015! The ministry thus far has been interesting and we offer a summary in BTM News No. 41. It will not be sent out generally to every list - anyone interested should ask for a copy.

Manifesto Letter

We sent out a summary of (our) Christian concerns to the Manifesto committees of the main political parties, to the major media, and placed it on our website. This was important with the coming General Election in a few months. We also sent a copy to UKIP, who have still to make ‘Judaeo-Christian values’ part of their actual manifesto. To this point they have simply waffled, so as to get the Christian vote without giving any promises IN WRITING or in policies.

James Waddell challenged Farage on this at a UKIP meeting and some UKIP leaders promised to make it an issue. BUT – talk is cheap. We want to see it in the manifesto and in policies! The Manifesto letter only contained issues that are relatively new to the country, so did not cover other important issues such as abortion, which is already well battled.

Spiritual Battlegrounds

Few Christians have ever entered spiritual battle-grounds, yet they firmly think they have! Some might remember the deacon I approached in the 1970s, asking for his spiritual counsel. As a psychiatric nurse, the only one in my hospital, I faced actual violence every day and needed to know what I should do about it. The advice from this man? He also faced industrial ‘violence’... by holding management sessions with irate union representatives! All I had to do was what he did – pray beforehand.

How you could pray beforehand about sudden eruptions of the worse violence, when the idea was to kill me, he could not answer! Yet, to him, his irregular verbal arguments with union reps were the same as my facing not just one but many violent killers in my wards! He obviously felt he was at the forefront of spiritual battle!

No, I’m not going to sternly tell you all to enter into a battle that is fierce and continuous! In the modern army there are many grades and types of personnel, but all aim to do one thing – provide safety for their country in whatever job they have been given. Yes, some are trained to enter the fray and put their lives at risk. But, most in the army serve in subsidiary roles, all vital.

To be frank, if I had known what being on the front line really involved, I doubt I would have done battle at all! And, at times, I have been dry-mouthed-fearful, wishing I was somewhere else. Indeed, when I remember my earlier days, I think of a lovely time in our church. I was in a ‘comfort zone’. But, it did not last long and I was literally pushed into battle, afraid and untested.

Not many are called to be like this. But EVERYONE is called to join their captain in some role or other. No Christian can be an ‘armchair believer’... though too many Christians try to drive someone else’s ministry from their comfort zone! They always know what someone else SHOULD be doing, even though they are safe and have never entered a battle of their own.

Friends, we are in times that are growing increasingly, and quickly, dark. Very dark. Even in terms of physical presence, Islam is already covering our nations in the West with a black shroud of hate and violence. Homosexuality, too, is doing the same. And, though few Christians realise it, environmentalism is also a scourge on mankind. There are many more lines of attack against Christians. So, not to ‘join the army’ to obey the Lord-captain is foolish as well as nonsensical.

I can assure readers that the best defence is offense. Jesus never once stood there and cried about what was happening; nor did He make excuses; nor did He try to appease His enemies. He hit them between the eyes! Those who were genuinely asking questions He spoke gently to. But, the rest were just enemies, who He spoke to AS enemies, giving no quarter.

Friends, I call on each one of you to stand by Jesus, and to fight with Him in battle. Many try to avoid this requirement by saying that our current battle is ‘spiritual’-only. Those of us who HAVE to face enemies head-on cringe at that! Yes, EVERY sinful act we have to oppose is ‘spiritual’ in its ultimate nature. But, many of the modern enemies we have use physical and emotional attacks. They are real. We MUST pray for them to be dealt with, but there are times (and this might increase with the passage of history, very soon) when we will have to decide on a more physical course of action. That is my view based on a detailed and continuous observation of many factors in the West today.

But, not all will be called to this battleground. Many will be needed as those who pray in support (sadly, something we at BTM receive very little of), or offer financial support. Others will be needed to spread facts amongst the churches, or even have suitable speakers who can outline what is really happening today.

I have no doubt whatever, that some readers (usually not on our mailing lists) will express concern at what I have said here. But, as one who is familiar with the evils of enemies, and with standing firm but battered as a soldier of Christ, I KNOW what is going to happen, very soon. Do you?

Do not hide from the facts of life; do not avert your eyes from seeing enemies approaching; do not stop supporting those on the front- line. Pray for them all. Pray for us.

Economy Improving – Again!

One thing I learned as a student of economics, was that figures can easily be manipulated and ‘massaged’, to make them say whatever you want them to say.

This goes on continually in governments around the world, and the infamous fascist EU is a master at it! For some years, the UK government has claimed our economy is on the way up. What a farce! From my perspective, the variety of elements needed for a better economy were simply not there. So I called government a liar.

Every year, chancellors have claimed our economy is showing signs of recovery. But they are still liars. It is the task of a researcher to not just check his own figures but also the vast amount of data supplied by others. All we are given officially is the ‘spin’ of the current government, which lies constantly with a view to the next election. Looking at other sources, we are NOT seeing economic improvement, but we are still in the doldrums. The EU makes it worse, and the UK continues to send billions of our tax monies to the EU for the privilege of being made suckers by Brussels. It is a straightforward fact – stop membership of the EU NOW and watch the UK economy start to flourish – genuinely!

Voting – is it a fool’s errand?

We at BTM have decided, after many years of governmental trickery and refusal to listen to moral and ethical arguments, not to vote in the coming general election. We urge other believers to think hard about this.

We have, since before Blair became our wicked prime minister, extensively communicated our concerns to Blair, then Brown, and then Cameron. All rejected a godly approach and none even bothered to respond, in spite of our very detailed notes and arguments. The same can be said of our communications with so-called ‘church leaders’. The fact is obvious – government no longer is the government of the people. It is a secret club that does its own thing, even when it harms the country and society.

We could list so many factors, from homosexuality to the EU, to Islam and fake environmentalism that steals our taxes. The truth is, when we elect an MP, he or she immediately hives-off and does his or her own thing, usually within Party lines. They stop listening to the voters and just take their inordinate wages for being worthless.

Some groups of Christians think we should cosy up to MPs until they see sense. For us, we have tried that. We have watched for years as these greedy immoral people take wages for being wicked. They even handed us over to the even more wicked EU, who, as a foreign power, turn our ‘leaders’ and MPs into blatant traitors and tyrants.

They have forced upon us everything the EU demands, including Islam and pernicious homosexual laws that do immense and continuing harm. Yet, fellow believers insist on blindly ‘praying for them’.

Scripturally, we may not pray for their good, when all they do is wicked! Rather, we should pray against them, that they are made to topple and be destroyed by God’s wrath. THIS is the import we find in scripture, not appeasement!

We can no longer use ‘spoiler votes’ or enter into complex strategies. No, we must now not vote, as a direct expression of our reliance on God alone. Our consciences have been seared and we must not, any more, try to be ‘balanced’ and ‘fair’ with those who do us actual harm. They also intend harming our children, given to us by the Lord. They are already harming our witness and intend stopping genuine Christian faith from having any influence on the world, or even existing.

Those who think otherwise usually have had no understanding of what is now happening, or they have no idea of just what God thinks of wicked, shameless leaders, who He will remove! Think hard friends. What we have said is tough, because it has to be. We must continue to pray that leaders will change... but only God can change them. Until then we must also pray against government (and tell them), who are daily harming Christians and their families, and throwing their children into a pit of sexualised evil.

We have worked constantly for the past thirty or so years to inform and challenge governments. We have done so behind the scenes, mainly because many Christians think they know it all and shun what we do. And some groups have arisen only recently, also thinking they know better. Well, that is their choice, but they should also beware... this is Satan’s day and he will rip off the heads of all who think there are safe behind their church walls. Will YOU vote in the coming election? If so, what is your reasoning? Be careful friends, for Satan easily dupes the people.

End Time Convergence

As we head towards the end of the end times, there is a fascinating convergence, where scientists who were once evolutionists are turning to an ‘intelligent design’ perspective, whilst, on the other hand, another movement is taking place spurred on by God-hating atheists and governments. Will the two converge before time runs out? Will the increasing number of eyes-open scientists begin to dissuade evolutionist colleagues of their intellectual stupidity? (Sorry to use the word for intelligent men and women – but it really is stupidity not to accept that the amazing world and universe are the result of God’s creation – Romans 1).

Also interesting is the way even die-hard Dawkins admits there are flaws to his arguments... there is even talk of ‘stasis’ in evolution, when nothing improves at all. The real reason for this, of course, is that they are not changing from one kind to another! And, on top of that, such measuring as is done by, say, carbon 14, is so bad at its job, it isn’t worth using!

There is also the coming convergence of Christian faith and wicked reasoning. When both meet, what will happen? I believe God will then pour out His wrath on those who so sinfully despise Him and us, with devastating outcome. It will not be long, my friends!

Real Science Wins!

When evolutionist scientists argue their pompous rubbish, they lose out big time, academically, ethically and morally. They have no spiritual status to lose, because they are spiritually dead anyway. And alongside these are creationist scientists who have always had the REAL high-ground. True science wins, no matter how loudly evolutionists shout!

Lately, those who argued that Noah’s ark could not possibly have been built because it would have been too big, have been proved wrong – Chinese treasure ships were almost as large! And what about the amazing trireme warships of the Mediterranean?

Then there was the finding of an Edmontosaurus regalis, with the ‘comb’ on its head still intact and soft! Not possible if we talk millions of years. And then there’s the ‘hobbit’ on an Indonesian island, supposedly giving us yet another strand of evolution. In reality it was a smallish male who had Down’s syndrome. Evolution has nothing to offer us. Argue back!

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