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“And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband.”

This awful name is found in 1 Samuel 4:21. The statement is repeated in verse 22, by the widow of Phinehas, one of Eli’s sons and an errant priest in the Temple.

As a punishment for his and Eli’s sins, God allowed the Philistines to take the Ark from the Hebrews in battle. The heart-broken widow began to have labour-pains, and cried out in anguish when she heard that the Ark was now in enemy hands. Such was her dismay and anguish, she died just after giving birth. Her hopelessness is then displayed for “...she named the child Ichabod.”

When a person or a local church, a denomination, or even a whole country, gets rid of God, God’s presence is removed by His own decision, and the spiritual condition is Ichabod – dead. Where God is removed there is no glory, honour, or true life.

The UK, once a country of Christian heritage, beliefs and actions, is now not just heretical, but apostate, and even worse, satanic. The glory that was once vested in Britain has now gone. Do not think we are just slowly slipping away – we have already lost the glory. And when the glory is gone there is no presence, and no benefits from the Lord. The position is now hellish, and only individuals will know God’s presence in their own lives. The country as a whole is ‘riding to hell on a fast horse’.

As we know from Bible history, it took a long time for the glory to return, and only after repentance and a rejection of what caused the glory to disappear in the first place. Can you see this ever happening again in the UK? Can you see government removing the gains of homosexuals, Islamists and greens, or the apostate declarations of the ‘state’ church? It is very likely that the glory will now never return to this land before the final day of the universe arrives.

Even so, we who are faithful MUST drive forward with vigour to remind government and others of their part in Ichabod, the stern warning of the damage done by wickedness, and the remedy – God’s word and obedience to morality and spiritual life. Without it, Ichabod will be our ethos and our cause of evils present and yet to come. Even so, this is no excuse for any of us to ignore Ichabod. We must earnestly live for the Lord, where once we were lax.

Not only must we as individuals repent and then strive to live holy lives, but we must also preach against those enemies who ruin life and mind, seeking their removal by God. Above all else we must soberly reflect on the hard fact that Ichabod is brought about by God Himself, as the direct result of our sins and our refusal to bring government to heel.

“Other Sheep” – Who Are They?

In John 10:16, Jesus said this:

“And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”

I know of various and ridiculous ‘interpretations’ of this verse by those with little or no biblical knowledge and an inability to apply scripture to their lives! Who is Jesus referring to in this verse?

The ‘fold’ is for the believing Jews. We know this because Jesus came to preach salvation to the Jews only. He did not come to preach to anyone else. Yet, He said that ‘other’ sheep would join with the Jewish believers in one bigger fold, as equals.

The word ‘other’ specifically means someone/thing of the same kind. When we take all other texts into consideration, it becomes obvious that these ‘other’ sheep are Gentiles/Greeks, whose time would come when the Apostles began preaching. It DOES NOT mean that unsaved peoples, or cults, or fake religionists, can enter the fold! (For more, see my study on John 10).

The Stupid Get More Stupid!

Stephen Fry, arch-homosexual, has done it again, soon after he made fun of Stephen Hawking’s illness recently! (Mirror, 9 February 2015)

He has started an absurd online petition for all homosexuals convicted under previous laws (about 49,000 men) to receive a pardon!! Many of those men committed gross acts of indecency and sexual depravity, according to law at the time. Others were convicted for lesser but still serious crimes of being homosexual and acting out sexual acts.

To try to get a blanket pardon, no matter how serious was the crime, is extreme and ridiculous. It is also absurd that anyone should try to back-date to when something was a crime. If he gets away with his childishness, then why not get all thieves pardoned, or murderers?

It seems Fry is going to become worse and worse, and more stupid with every thought! This is to be expected, because homosexuality fries the brain (pun intended). The homosexual mind is damaged by sin, and follows unnatural and unreasonable paths. It begins with absurd whimpers and ends in horrendously mentally-unbalanced shrieks – which is the lot of ALL people (male or female) who turn to this wicked perversion of normality, spurning God.

Of course, Fry is hoping that all his idiot followers will add their names to the petition, which most will, so the names will not be representative of society as a whole. No doubt government will listen and do whatever is demanded, because homosexuality is the poisoned flavour of the month and Fry knows that if he makes a blatant demand he is very likely to get it satisfied – BUT IT WON’T MAKE AN IOTA OF DIFFERENCE TO WHAT HOMOSEXUALS ARE, AND WHAT GOD THINKS OF THEM!!

While government is the lackey of Stonewall and homosexuals, they refuse to listen to Christians who object in very much larger numbers about their pro-gay stance and their criminalising of those who reject homosexual demands. Government is partisan, but only towards homosexuals, Islamists, and fellow MPs.


Government is being urged to supply a new drug 'Truvada' to healthy homosexuals, at a cost of just under £500 a month (Independent, 24 February 2015) that will prevent 86% of them from contracting HIV. This means homosexuals will indulge in perverse and unhealthy sexual practices with gay abandon (another deliberate pun). I foresee grave consequences to all this, as wicked behaviour is rewarded and encouraged.

If such money is spent, along with paying out to treat those homosexuals with full AIDS, the cost will be enormous. And it is no coincidence that government is now cutting back on funding vital drugs to help those with cancers and other life-threatening problems.

As one Daily Mail journalist rightly said, government will pay for those who DELIBERATELY put themselves in harm’s way (even use of condoms is stupid – condom material does not prevent repeated acts of sodomy passing on HIV). Only one tenth of homosexuals admit to having ‘safe sex’ (a repugnant thought). The rest think it is great fun to get HIV and are vastly more promiscuous than heterosexuals.

It is plain to see – government will do ANYTHING for homosexuals who damage their own bodies with unnatural acts, but refuse to help those whose diseases are wrought innocently. Frankly, I pray that those who support such wickedness in government receive in themselves their just reward: Let them be struck down by God, as was Herod (Acts 12:21-24). I also pray the same judgment upon rampant homosexuals, whose lives cause a vile odour in the nostrils of the Almighty and harm His people.


James Waddell recently attended a training course, and into the room came a ‘transgender’ man, wearing female clothing but obviously a man. No-one said a word and ignored what was grossly foolish. I was in a local supermarket before Christmas and as I picked up a loaf of bread from a lower shelf, I glimpsed a spotted dress next to me. As I raised myself, the dress and high heels were worn by a man... with a full beard!! He quickly moved on so I had no chance to say anything.

It is fascism that prevents us from laughing out loud when idiots go out in public looking like a very badly drawn cartoon! And it is fascism that prevents us from making public comments in the supermarket.

Many Apostates Still in the Woodwork.

Well-known U.S. preacher, Rob Bell, has finally left his naïve church, declaring himself to be an atheist. After years of talking nonsense, why are people surprised?

When preachers and pastors continually walk off the true path, saying things that devalue and dishonour the Lord and His word, their claim to salvation and office MUST be challenged. These men keep a firm grip on their power-base, so no-one bothers to kick them out of office. Sadly, there are MANY more of these blind deceivers.

The vast majority of pastors and preachers are frauds. Many are in the pulpits because of their brazen refusal to face their own discredit. They occupy offices they have not been called to by God, and the people they ‘lead’ do not think clearly, nor discipline, nor kick out. And, though charismatics take the lion’s share of these fake offices, this kind of apostate can be found in every denomination and none.

They are apostate because they were never genuine in the first place, so their slide into atheism (or whatever) is just a fake believer returning to his true status of unbeliever and hater of God. It is a pity Rob Bell, for example, did not become a turncoat much sooner, thus relieving the Church of yet another false ‘man of God’.

Those in office must be shown suitable reverence for their calling, but should NOT be revered for themselves! Reverence is for the calling NOT the person. Those in local churches who go beyond this and revere the man no matter what he says or does, are due for a big fall, and it serves them right.

The so-called ‘leader’ is not a leader at all, but is equal in status to his fellow local church members. He is their servant, not their boss! As a pastor he should be shown suitable care, and any sin must be tackled with this in mind. But, obvious sin and bad behaviour should, and must, receive swift justice. He must be cast out quickly. If sins are less obvious but present, then the due process of discipline must take place. If not, every moment the man is left to his own devices is a moment more when he reinforces his power and deceives others.

Such men may have power, but they have no actual authority in God’s eyes. They are usurpers who have no right to their office, or even their membership in the congregation.

Such men must come under the ‘third strike’ biblical rule... if they refuse to repent and change at the third warning, then they must be cast out. (See my book on ‘The Left Boot of Fellowship’, which is based on my PhD presentation). If they are left, they poison the well, and those who drink from his fake fountain are made spiritually ill.

I foretell that we will see many more apostasies in the coming days, as fake pastors leave the Lord they claimed to follow, but really did not. They will probably devastate their churches, but this is all for the good. People are misled because they have been lax; they have followed a personality rather than God’s word. They NEED to be brought down for a season. Then, they must repent. Scripture is very clear on all this... start thinking biblically; get rid of fakes before they damage your soul.

Every Jihadi MUST Be Dealt With

I find it insulting in the extreme to read that politicians are saying “It’s time to get tough on jihadi terror suspects”! It is insulting because they have waited until now to say it, after many have died in the UK alone and jihadists are openly calling for death on a wide scale. Jihadi John, they said, COULD have been stopped before he went to Syria. Why did they not stop him? The answer is very simply – a refusal to face reality about Islam and its death culture, and a refusal to stop all immigrants from Muslim countries.

AND don’t listen to the wicked claims by terrorists like Jihadi John, who say they kill because of MI5. Rubbish! They kill because they are lawless, wicked men, whose sin is supreme. This is why so many have joined him in Syria... it shows us just how many psychopaths there now are.

Never mind watching these suspects – put them away for as long as is necessary, years if required. To put it bluntly, I DO NOT CARE about their ‘human rights’ or the cries from Muslims. What I care about is my own safety, the safety of my family and friends, and the security of the UK. Muslims who don’t like it can go back to their own countries.

Round up ALL jihadi suspects NOW. Don’t listen to legal fools who want a short period of questioning. Britain is the laughing stock of Jihadists, who see our country as soft and weak. They should know that it is our supposed leaders who are soft and weak, not the people. Left to the people, EVERY jihadi apologist would be locked up indefinitely, and if their ‘moderate’ friends don’t like it – tough!

On top of that, send troops in to kill every single jihadist, male or female, because they are multiple murderers who, if left alive, will just carry on their hate and foul killings.

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Burton on Water English VillageBourton-on-the-Water. An English village we have visited often. It has a just a few village shops and eating places, lots of ducks, and a river running through the place with several low bridges.

When I look at the peaceful village above, and visit its calm and lovely atmosphere, Islamic culture, by comparison, is a dark forbidding cave, full of ravenous animals wanting to tear people apart. Just as I see nothing good, and nothing of value, in homosexuality, so I think the same about Islam. Muslims only think it is wonderful because they are brainwashed from birth. But, many still wish to live in the relatively freer West! Now, the only reason Muslims come here is to rapidly increase the Muslim population, so as to literally take over Britain by sheer numbers. Then they will listen to the radicals (the real Muslims) and do whatever they are told. That is when Britain will slide backwards into another Dark Age, and lose every freedom we’ve ever fought for.

Heresy Not Always Obvious!

I feel that I have my shoes on, when I do not. That is why I can sometimes start to leave my house with only my socks on, or leave my slippers behind when I move the car a bit and get out... leaving my slippers behind. It’s all down to my diabetes. I have what is called neuropathy – damaged nerves in the feet. At the moment half of both feet are without real feeling, except for burning pain. One thing that prompts me to check to see if I have my shoes on is a different problem – all the fatty tissue has gone from under both feet! It is like walking on the bones and it is this discomfort that makes me check my feet!! What a testimony to the human frame, eh?

Christians can just as easily miss what is wrong in their spiritual lives, through years of not bothering to think for themselves or checking what people say to them against scripture. So they dream-walk into heresy.

But, we have a conscience. Though it can be damaged by constant refusal to check for truth, a separate damaged bit of us – the conscience – starts to nag us, and we suddenly feel the discomfort of what we are urged to believe in.

We can be urged to believe in what is wrong, but also in what is right! The simple remedy is to be immersed in your Bible. Know what it says (and not how fakers teach you) and act accordingly. Then, you might not walk out thinking you have your spiritual shoes on!

How We MUST Be - NOW

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” (Psalm 1:1-3).

This is your answer, and mine! Do it!!

© February 2015

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