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Politics – Satan’s Joy GE#2015

Both the USA and the UK are about to have elections. For me this is a farce, because each Party now mimics the other, and each strides down a socialistic path, some fast and some slowly. They do it for a basic and sinful reason – to gain absolute power.

In the coming elections we clearly see the hand of Satan, who must be overjoyed at his global success at last in the world! He is manipulating the minds and hearts of leaders whose minds are dead, whose hearts are black, and whose aims are evil.

In the UK, most obvious is the aim of all Parties to harm Christians, as they destroy everything that is godly and put wickedness in its place; an end-times scenario. This is why I have said I will no longer vote for ANY Party. Even UKIP has changed its tune... it says it will no longer stop immigration, and will base its ideas on ‘British Values’. Responsibility for instituting the latter has been delegated to an homosexual. This means that any pretence to Judeo-Christian values is a lie, for homosexuals hate God and His people.

As the election looms closer, so every Party promises this and that “IF we are elected”. Don’t you think it strange, that while they promise the earth, they have not bothered to bring about their promises before! Why do they need to wait until an election to make promises of sweeping changes? Because most folks are gullible, it seems. The ONLY promise you can rely on is mine – Parties WILL return to their selfism, ignoring voters after the election. THAT is a promise you can count on! (Note why Parties are making promises – they are trying to ‘sell’ themselves, just like shops. But, this is NOT in their power – they are supposed to be our servants, not shopkeepers making profits at our expense.

The Party system ensures that huge policies and huge numbers of members are stuck with whatever Party leaders decide – and not what the voters demand, even if individual MPs do not agree with what is decided. On the other hand, if there was no Party system, each MP would be responsible for his own decisions... he would have to do what was decided by his voters. Any additional things would have to be ratified by them before he brings it to Parliament. Can you imagine what that would do? It would slow government actions for a start! Then, everyone would have time to scrutinize what MPs were doing. New laws and all decisions would first have to come from the voters, not from secret enclaves of corrupt MPs looking for a quick buck, future wealth, or present power grabs.

MPs should not have second jobs... in most professions workers are not allowed to work elsewhere if they have full-time jobs! Many are sacked for it. They would have to work at being an MP every day, and could only claim expenses agreed beforehand (unless they were minor, such as payment for paper, but even this must be examined after the event). Agreement amongst MPs should not be to the fore – agreement must first be made with the electorate.

The whole point is this – MPs are NOT a free profession (if it can be called professional at all). Rather, they are simply representatives of those who elect them. This means that they do the will of the voters, not of themselves! And this would get rid of the ridiculous idea of ‘votes of conscience’... WHO CARES what the MP thinks, when his voters demand something else! A reluctance to do something because of honestly held religious views is one thing... but freedom to choose what is harmful to all of society is not acceptable. That includes voting for gay laws and policies and membership of the EU.

There is much more we could say, but who really wants to know? As the country races towards oblivion because of the current system of politics, and the allowance of immoral and unethical thinking and laws, most people will unthinkingly just vote as they always have, with no regard for the harm the country suffers because of, say, gay MPs and laws, environmental idiocy about climate change, Islamic demands, and EU meddling.

I guarantee that large numbers will doggedly vote for Labour, though it is a useless and ruinous Party pushing defunct communistic ideals. The voters for this Party have no real idea what they are doing, but they do it anyway, because their parents did! Others will vote for Tories because they still have an old image in their heads of Tories being somehow moral.

Others will vote for UKIP, because they are so desperate to get out of the EU... whilst totally ignoring the fact that even UKIP is now running with the wolves, holding hands with homosexuals. Therefore, ALL Parties are now the enemy of genuine Christians.

I have already ripped up my official pre-voting card. I will return my actual card on the day, with words saying that I refuse to vote because all Parties intend harming Christians. It will just be thrown in the bin, but at least I will have followed my spirit in all good faith, rejecting the idea that I ‘must’ vote even for those who wish us dead!

Political Horrors to Come

Nobody in Russia even dreamt that they would become oppressed and killed by communism. Yet, the godless regime killed more people than Hitler. Nobody in Germany thought Hitler would quickly establish himself as an antichrist like Stalin – yet he, too, murdered millions in the name of his political ideas. Think it can’t happen today?

Many steps of both Marxism and fascism have been taken in the UK and USA, and in the EU in general, where Christian lives are thought of as nothing. Christians are being scapegoated and labelled and attacked. Filth is replacing what is pure and good, and is being pumped out by TV and radio. Homosexual ‘celebrities’ mass like rotting corpses in the media. Laws have been made against Christians, and more are due to be released, like maggots on meat.

And many churches are turning on genuine believers. All these things are signs of rising fascism and Marxism. But, as with Russia and Germany, almost no-one can see it coming! Why not? Like Pharisees, they hate truth because it denies them the comforts allowed by their godless masters, who allow them to live if they comply. And, they fear a backlash by the masters, so they stay silent and hide. The masters are homosexuals and Islamists, and, behind the scenes are the environmentalists, who favour paganism.

We have warned about this rising tide, but very few are listening, just as most Jews did not listen in Hitler’s day. Only a few escaped to freedom before the ‘final solution’ came about. In the West, very few Christians even care. Why not? For the same reasons given by the Pharisees. They think that by staying silent they will be safe. Not so.

See what happened in Germany when Jews were finally made a pariah – friends, family and neighbours all conspired to inform the authorities where the Jews were! It is likely, too, that churches and pastors may have to be registered in the West, just as they were in Russia and Germany (and in many other places today – fascism and Marxism are still rife throughout the world, including amongst Muslims).

Not only are we seeing the signs of coming fascist-Marxist oppression and repression, doing deliberate harm to Christians, just as they are harming modern-day Jews, but these are also the pre-conditions that usually arise before genocide.

There are two other positions that accompany genocide – ethnocide and politicide. Ethnocide is when a rampant group attack everyone else through a rapid and extensive change in culture and values. We see this easily in the actions of Stonewall and homosexuals. And we see politicide coming from our own governments in the West and in Europe, whose hands are instructed by the UN and EU... where the majority are being forced to accept political movements and ideas even though no-one voted for them.

Both these aides to genocide now exist and are growing fast. It all points to destruction of churches and Christians, and the installation of filth and sin as normal. And because this is the coming status in the West, led by ALL political parties, I will not vote. Even if some things each Party offers seem good, it is all obliterated by the harm they do to Christians, with more promised in the near future. These are the last days, friends. Be careful not to join with Parties, whose only aim is to destroy you.

As I have said, ALL the signs are already in place and politicide and ethnocide are already established features in the West. Don’t be blind! Don’t be cowards! Oppression has the habit of building slowly at the start, but, once it gains momentum it races ahead like a locomotive, ramming all in its path. And the locomotive is already starting its journey of violence and death. Can’t you hear its whistle?

Turkey’s God

Many in Turkey are now referring to its President as ‘God’, equating him with Mohammed. This does not speak well of the near future, nor does it give any hope to Turkey’s one-time ally, Israel. We have warned for some years that Turkey was ‘on the turn’, changing to fanatical Islam.

Modern Turkey disassociates itself in the main from its former self as the Ottoman empire. This is partly because the Ottomans’ killed almost a million Armenians in a deliberate genocide in 1915.

It was a long time ago, but modern Turkey seems ready to take up its reigns again, as it adopts the hard-line approach of Iran and other Islamic countries. Its Islamic clerics are already sounding the trumpets of war and no doubt several other hard-liners will applaud their actions.

Watch this fast decline of Turkey as it solidifies into a monolithic, monotheistic religious fanatic unable to be reasonable or moral. It will happen fast. Will Turkey resume the Ottoman desire to steal land and people, or commit further genocide? It is all possible, given the recent rise of ISIS and others who hate God and His people. If so, it seems one of its closest victims could be Greece and the bits of Cyprus not already run by Muslims.

“And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it”. Deuteronomy 20:12.

Giving to Charity

As believers we are to be cheerful givers. But, do Christians actually know WHY they give? Or, who should be excluded? Is their giving consistent with scripture?

When it comes to giving anything to anyone, it is a sad fact that most give out of excess; that is, from anything extra left over after paying all bills. Or, out of money saved and so they feel comfortable. But, few give sacrificially. This is why Jesus commended the poor widow who gave her last mite. She gave out of nothing, when she could have used it for another loaf of bread. If you had enough for a bare meal, would you give to help a needy Christian? I doubt it. Especially as needy Christians usually need help daily for a long time.

How many give out of nothing, when they have little to give from? Very few. And how many give to Christians or ministries who really need it? Very few. As I have noted before, Christians are far more willing to give to ministries with glossy magazines than to small ministries who publish nothing glossy! And they love to give thousands to care for cats and dogs. But, not to people.

And how many give to overseas missions, though they know nothing of the actual work being done, or the people involved? None of this is biblically-based.

Have you noted the many (and I mean MANY) TV advertisements for all kinds of charities, from donkey sanctuaries (one we know rakes in MILLIONS of pounds a year... where does the money go?). Others are asking for girls to be saved from Islamic marriage at a very young age. Or, for women to be educated (again in Muslim countries).

Then there are many charities that claim to help poor people in Africa (and sometimes elsewhere), to pay for clean water, or to relieve blindness, or hunger, etc. Indeed, the advertisement parts of programmes are filled with these tear-jerking portrayals of a definite need.


Scripture says we should look after family first, then Christians in need, then those in need in the churches in general.

We also have a problem of reality. In EVERY case I have so far noted, charities are asking for money to ‘help’ poor people in ISLAMIC countries. That is, in countries where looking after one’s own people is rare, even though Islam claims to take money to give to the poor. If this is true – then why are their people so badly off, need operations, need fresh water, and so on?

Islamic countries are backwaters of strife and need, because those who rule keep money for themselves, and even take from the poor. Money and aid sent to Islamic countries – where do the funds and goods end up? Where are the audits and reality checks? Those who send to help ‘Palestinians’ care nothing about the fact that money and goods are taken by Hamas to fund their lavish lifestyles! Or that most ‘Palestinians’ hate God, Christians and Jews. The same happens in all Islamic countries that take foreign funding from charities and governments.

This carries on because Christians are lax in thinking and cannot see beyond the tear-jerking ads on TV!

But, there is yet another factor – by giving money to ‘help’ these poor people, Christians are actually making things worse! They do so by constantly sending funds and ‘help’ when the rulers of the countries could not care less and do not spend any national resources on helping their own people!

In other words, charities merely extend and promote the status quo. That means nothing changes, and the state of the people remain the same over time. What this really means is that the charities take a lot of money from donors that i, really for their own benefit and continued existence... the charity bosses and paid workers get their share first!

It is in the interest of charities that the situation they say they want to help continues to ravage the people! After all, if everyone really was helped, the charities would not be needed. And what can extend the life of a charity more than a status quo, where people starve continually, governments keep on stealing food, etc., from their own people, and one baby is saved, while yet another two are born into the same situation!

And in Islamic countries, especially Africa, the real poverty and need is caused by Islam itself, as its terroristic members rampage through the country killing their own kind and starving them! Islam is wicked and hard-hearted. What Christians are doing by giving them money is helping terrorists to continue and their governments to live the high life. I see nothing virtuous about that.

For Christians, what Jesus said is paramount – the poor are always with us! But, to help fellow believers in need is of greater importance. Don’t be fooled by those pictures of beautiful babies with big brown eyes! Think hard. Think biblically.

Sunny Days...

Memories are odd things; they pop up without any kind of prompting! For some reason I remembered my work as a senior designer in a furniture company. I was one of about 20 men, some were draughtsmen and the rest of us were designers. We both did the same job anyway. This was 1970-1.

The company made bespoke kitchens and furniture. It was my job to travel the country to measure up rooms and take a brief from customers, many of whom owned mansions or similarly wealthy homes.

I then came back to design their kitchen and any other furniture they wanted. We also designed new kitchen cabinets and equipment as time allowed. (This was before computers did the designing).

But, what did I really remember about my time there? It was the huge drawing board I had! It came from an aircraft company, so it was four times the size of the usual boards, complete with a system of weights and counter-weights. I loved it! Its size meant I could sit behind it and not be noticed! Why should I suddenly remember that fact? No idea. It was during that time that I came to the notice of MI5, who photographed me and took my details (because of a strike that finally lost me my job). It was a very hot year, and our second son was born then; it was also the time my wife and I, and eldest son, had a holiday in the Isle of Wight, where he promptly split his head open in a fall. The scar remains to this day!

My poor brother, John, loaned me his new car for the trip, and the wind caught under the bonnet, pulling it upwards, bending it on the hinges! (John, often loaned me his car, meaning he had to walk. I thank him for his kindness in those far-off days!). We stayed in what, on reflection, was just a shed with beds in, but I played snooker on a fancy table in the owner’s mansion, on which a king had played! See how one memory evokes another? They were, literally, sunny days.

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