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As the Sun...

“So let all thine enemies perish, O LORD: but let them that love him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might. And the land had rest forty years.” (Judges 5:31)

I am well aware of the distaste felt towards me by some Christians, because of what they perceive to be an ‘unloving’ attitude towards enemies of myself and God. But, I am very used to this after decades of ministry without support from Christians in general! In a sense I am glad of their opposition, because it means I am not obliged to any of them.

A few, a very small number (dare I call them a remnant?) are with me in just about all of what I teach... because what I teach is from God’s word. And these are the brethren I write for, to warn them and encourage them in the Lord.

Christians who do not even read their Bibles dare to say we should only ‘love’ our enemies, in every circumstance. This is not what scripture tells us! Enemies of Christians are firstly enemies of God, as the Son tells us in the book of John. As I have taught so many times before, we have NO RIGHT or mandate from God to love those whom God hates!

Let these enemies perish! How many Christians can say that? Or, do they stick to their emotional pseudo-beliefs and ‘love’ everybody even when they hate our Lord?

Those who are enemies or who love enemies of God are doomed already. But, those who Love the Lord are “as the sun”, bright, warm, full of life, bringer of the harvests. Not only that, but when believers lead a country, they bring prosperity and peace. In the text the people had “rest forty years” because of their obedience to God! The reason we in the UK do NOT have rest, and why so many haters are ready to obliterate us, is that we have not obeyed. We can have no rest until we obey! Such rest from God will be very apparent:

“And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain.”

(2 Samuel 23:4)

We are now in the midst of evil darkness, with storm clouds gathering overhead. But, it need not be this way! Obey and live! If we do not listen and obey, we have but one thing to look forward to:

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” (Joel 2:31)

Even so,

“it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.” (verse 32).

“Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.” (Proverbs 7:2)

Is God’s word the apple of your eye? If it is then you will obey and be godly. If not, you can expect to see devastation on a worldwide scale.

“And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” (Luke 4:4).

Do you believe AND live it?


My son and his wife paid for Diane and I to stay at a nice hotel in Ascot, so that we could visit nearby Windsor Castle. (My last visit there was when I was 14 in the late 1950s!) We went up the day before and had a meal (also paid for). It was funny because the staff put us in with a group of American Civil War enthusiasts, there for a conference! Later there were apologies but we didn’t mind – nice food! Unfortunately, Diane was not at her best and didn’t look well that day. We now do almost no travelling and any trip must be well planned and short for a number of reasons.

Next day we went early to Windsor and Diane was amazed by the air traffic going over, at the rate of one ‘plane a minute. Silly place for the Queen to have built a Castle, eh? :) Anyway, we saw the Guards’ band playing, and changing of the Guard, of course. The best bit, though, was the utter friendliness and care shown by the staff of the Castle. Diane walks very slowly nowadays and is often quite weak, and can’t use steps. A member of staff saw this and kindly asked another member of staff to take us upstairs to the State rooms by lift (elevator).

From that moment staff actually came to us as soon as they saw us, unprompted, to ask if we needed help (shows how awful both of us must look!). We were taken into ‘secret’ corridors that needed passwords and keys – the lifts are not available to the general public usually. It was interesting to see how many staff were ‘behind the scenes’ in the corridors.

As I have had severe pain in my left ankle and leg for the past month, I was a great picture too, limping badly! We were told that if Diane needed to sit down at any time we were to use whatever chairs were in the room – even those belonging to the Queen! The care they showed was genuine and spontaneous.

All this care was quite humbling and we appreciated it very much – it made our day. Frankly, few people anywhere show such care for any reason, so I did not expect it. But, Windsor Castle staff deserve to be commended for their attitude and help. I admit that my life can feel rather jaded at times, because of the way people are so nasty or uncaring, so I was pleased to experience something nice for a change!

The Armenian Genocide

Perhaps you have been aware of the media attention paid to the Armenian genocide of 1915, because of its sad 100th anniversary. Why is it in the news such a long time afterwards? It is because Obama and Turkey refuse to call it a genocide, even though the deliberate extermination of a nation IS genocide! And, Turkey’s attitude to modern Armenia is frighteningly similar to that of ISIS, who have busied themselves killing as many Christians as they can get their hands on.

The wrangle is over the UN definition of ‘genocide’, but the facts speak for themselves: 1. The Armenians were Christians (albeit with some erroneous beliefs), 2. The Ottomans were Islamic. 3. They murdered all the major Armenian leaders. 4. They murdered many Armenians. 5. They drove remaining Armenians into the deserts until they reached northern Syria, where they left them. Many died on the long walk, and many more died as a result of no water, food, shelter, or medicines. That was an intentional determined attempt to destroy the Christians!

Armenia used to be part of what is now northern Turkey, but after the genocide the Ottomans renamed the area Anatolia. Modern Armenia is now in an area of Syria. (Note there is NO connection between Armenia and Arminians! Some Christians make the spelling the same and get confused). Also note that whilst Armenians claimed to be Christians, albeit with dubious beliefs, this is no excuse to murder anyone (unless the murderer is Islamic, in which case his murders are for Allah, so it is okay).

The area lived in by the Armenians was their land for about two thousand years; the Ottomans and Turks came much later, but most of the new Turkish government were leaders of the Ottoman regime.

I recently completed a short course on ‘Genocide’ with the Open University of Israel. Some wonder why on earth I should spend time on such a topic. Well, given the murderous actions of ISIS and Muslims around the world, I believe it to be highly relevant.

We looked at a number of genocides in history, including the Holocaust of course, though it did not feature prominently, and each genocide had its own expert professor whose books we read. I discovered that these experts also added ‘Politicide’ and ‘Ethnocide’ to genocide. They often feature together.

It is startling to learn that genocide arrives in stages and, in the UK, and throughout the world, all the stages that end in genocide have already occurred when it comes to the Muslim and sociological attacks on Christians. And this is why I studied the subject.

Politicide has already been established in the EU, UK, and the USA, for at least a decade. Ethnocide is in full swing in the West, and is brought about by both Islam and homosexuality. This is why a short while ago I said in one of our news items that only actual mass-death is missing from the genocidal pathway in the West. It is in the minds and hearts of Muslims already, thanks to the violence of Muslims (and not just open terrorists) towards Christians in all Muslim lands. Which is why we warn urgently against allowing more Muslims into the UK. Their aim is genocide of three groups (a) Christians (b) Jews, and (c) Muslims who refuse to kill or obey the jihadists. It is also why we must not vote for the Labour Party, who will obey the will of Islam, to the great harm of every citizen, particularly of Christians.

As I said to our local Tory potential MP candidate (himself a Muslim) it will take only a little bit more before we reach a tipping point, when Islam will demand control. Even BEFORE this tipping point, Islamists are already commanding government to use laws against us, to silence us, and to bring about sharia. Thus far, government is listening to them and applying pressure on everyone to shut up about Islamic genocides, and Labour promises to allow sharia to become part of our legal system!

Friends, most Christians have no idea what is going on, nor do they really care, thinking it is not their problem and maybe we should shut up! Too late, they will face the wrath of Muslim hatred when that tipping point is reached, which will happen very quickly.

And do not be deceived, though public statements by homosexuals avoid the idea of genocide, it is strongly desired by them that Christians are silenced and removed from society. From the way so many Christians say they will vote, and even vote for Parties that loathe us, pogroms are almost upon us. They can be held directly responsible for God’s wrath upon our country, and the viciousness being sent our way by haters of God. From May all parties will toe the EU line and ban Christians from expressing anything but acceptance of homosexuality. Prison and other harsh penalties will otherwise be imposed.

It is all coming, friends. And when it does, you can expect informers to go to the authorities about Christians who refuse to shut up. Many of those informers will be fellow ‘Christians’. We already have politicide and ethnocide. It is but a very short step to genocide... as many thousands are finding out in Muslim countries right now!

Against Evolution

Evolution has been the foundation for genocide, major godlessness, and wickedness ever since Darwin wrote his pretence of ‘scientific’ research. But, as with so many other issues, few Christians oppose it. So, why not buy and read the latest book on the subject, possibly one of the best to use in this insane world we are now in?

‘Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels’, edited by Dr Robert Carter, and available on Amazon, etc., is an excellent resource. I have studied the sinful and academically weak hypothesis almost all my Christian life, so I am very familiar with the ideas behind it. However, despite my familiarity, I found one or two chapters difficult to digest. Even so, it is worth buying the book... just keep on reading and re-reading. Even use a dictionary and look up on the internet! Sadly, few Christians have the stamina to search scripture diligently, let alone search academic material! Get past this sluggishness and read the book, hard though some of it will be for many.

The book contains copious examples of why evolution is dead in the water. Countless fascinating truths are given about all manner of ‘scientific’ findings that have no basis in science. This is because evolutionists in academic life are willing to ditch their intellects for the sake of what is a useless philosophy. Why do they do it? Because they fear their peers laughing at them, or they hate God, or both. Their intellects should push them to discover truth, but they don’t do it. And their inability or refusal leads the whole world to hellish conclusions and actions and punishes those who are not PC.

Of course, the book was immediately attacked by these unscientific scientists... but I can assure you that the book presents what can be called unavoidably factual and truthful true science. Evolution is NOT true science – it is worldly philosophy of a sub-standard kind. See for yourself.

Voting... #GE2015

UKIP seems to be trying to placate Christians just before the election. But, they have not convinced me. Farage speaks of being tolerant towards Christianity and more recently promises to give us legal exclusions. BUT, his proposed culture leader is homosexual, and UKIP also says they will not tolerate anyone who will not show deference to people of various lifestyles. Nor will UKIP reverse pro-gay laws on marriage (or anything else). In other words, with an homosexual in charge of culture issues, UKIP will be no different to any other Party when it comes to persecution of Christians. So, its promise is meaningless, because under pressure from Stonewall they WILL cave in.

Sadly, few Christians seem able to read between the official lines, and hope that UKIP will be able to turn the tables. Frankly, UKIP does not WANT to do this. They want power, and even if they somehow managed to get us out of the EU, homosexuals will still rule and persecute us. Note that UKIP has already gone back on its aims in this matter.

So, I remain resolute – I WILL NOT vote in this election. As I keep saying, to vote would be like digging my own grave before the Nazi guard shoots me in the head! I refuse to vote for MPs who, because of the Party system, are intent on doing me even more damage, inflicting persecution on all believers, and continuing in anti-God behaviour. Without such compliance I have no reason to vote. I can only say – God help us, for all Parties are now neo-socialist and haters of God. And UKIPs double-talk does not fool me! And we MUST demand that MPs are ‘squeaky clean’ – because this is God’s demand for leaders!

Be realistic – we are heading fast for the very end of time, and the West is under judgment for its failure to obey the Lord. That is why there is such fast-growing hatred in the world for Christians and God.


Labour promises to criminalise and imprison Christians if we remain ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘homophobic’. Knowing the contrary nature of voters, many will vote Labour just as a knee-jerk against the Tories, and not because they recognise facts. And when they do, they will see hard-line Marxism return to the West. (Marxism is just another facet of the same coin: the other side is fascism).

In particular, at this ministry we expect Labour, if elected, to start proceedings against us. This is probably why homosexuals have not attacked us recently. The promise is to imprison Christians who do not toe the homosexual or Islamic line. Labour is superficially angry with so-called Islamophobia and homophobia (to get votes)... but they care nothing for the VERY evident heterophobia and Christophobia! They can inflict great damage on us, but we may not even query our main enemies!

If Labour does get in, we expect (though may not get a warning) them to demand our articles on homosexuality and Islam to be removed. In that case we will comply. Why? Because if we do not, we will be totally shut down and our entire ministry will be lost. Remember all this if and when the time comes and that I have already given my all. We will, of course, retain all the removed material in separate files. So, you will need to ask us for items, which can then be sent by post... hopefully without the thought-police knowing.

Even if Labour do NOT get in (and I hope so anyway, because socialist policies are ruinous), those elected will still follow Stonewall demands and bring further misery to Christians. Expect it, for it WILL come about.

If readers can see the same thing arising and sincerely wish to read sound doctrine, we advise you to send us your name and postal address. (We know that our emails and internet presence have been monitored by government agencies for some years).

Change of Issues

I have already informed our internet readers of this – I believe God has now stopped me from dealing in detail with the two issues of Islam and homosexuality. Though there are certain side-reasons for this, the main reason is that I truly believe God wants me to now concentrate on doctrine. Yes, I could easily go on about them but I have no prompting from God to do so. This has always been a part of my ‘deal’ with God – when He no longer appears to be prompting me on a matter I will stop dealing with it. No doubt we will still send out news items on these issues, but I will no longer make lengthy comments. This might change in the future, but for now I must obey what I am called to do.

God in Us

In 1978 when I lay on my back, crippled, and the doctors thought I was dying, one thing kept me going – God’s peace. The Holy Spirit within kept me calm and joyful, so for almost a year I was in severe pain with multiple observable traumas all over my body. This was no long-lasting chronic condition, but one that would end in my soon death.

But, God decided I would live, and after a year I gradually improved. When I tried to walk I fell over, but I was alive! God in us is the most amazing and wondrous thing we can know. Thank Him for this gift and do not be led by evil-doers and wicked rulers.

© April 2015

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