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Got Joy??

‘And it came to pass as they came, when David was returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, that the women came out of all cities of Israel, singing and dancing, to meet king Saul, with tabrets, with joy, and with instruments of musick.’

(1 Samuel 18:6)

No, this isn’t an excuse for charismatic revelry!

It is the same kind of joy shown in 1945, VE Day, when even the young princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret, secretly went into the streets of London to experience the sheer exultation of Londoners, now saved from the terror from the skies rained on them by Hitler’s air force. Their loved ones could now return home unscathed and triumphant. This is how the women of the time of Saul saw the victory of the Hebrew army. The people brought about a similar scene when Solomon was declared king, and when the choirs appointed by David were told to play music and sing with joy. And so we see this kind of response in the Old Testament.

The word translated into the English ‘joy’, is simchah. It includes the meaning of having a glad result, something that makes people (genuinely) happy; it can be the joy of God; it can even include mirth, pleasure and gaiety. This latter meaning might surprise you, but it is based on the root, sameach, which means to be merry (no, not drunk!) or, to show joy; to be glad. It is the second-root, samach, that brings us back to what most Christians assume ‘joy’ to be – to be glad religiously, to be glad.

Most pulpits declare the need to be joyful. But, most do not define what that joy really is. So, how can the people rejoice in a biblical sense? (I will elaborate on this topic in an article).

In the Hebrew, ‘joy’ is an expression of the whole soul, because it is associated with the heart, the seat of emotion and all responses to life and to God. It even lights up the eyes – we can all see this in a person who is truly joyful.

Joy is far more than singular happiness over one incident or situation. It encompasses the entire person and can allude to almost anything. But, in scripture it is the ‘joy of the Lord’ that takes precedence: the joy of His salvation, His nearness, His promises made good. It is this holy joy that gives a man strength to carry on, or to excel in his discipleship. The indications are, that this kind of gladness is superior to any other kind of happiness. Though we hear many preachers say that happiness and joy are very different things, none of them actually explain why! In reality, from searching scripture, we find that happiness is part of joy.

Even the wicked can rejoice, when they see the affliction of the righteous. This we now experience coming from governments, homosexuals, evolutionists, Islamists, and so many who reject God. Thus, when we use the word ‘joy’ we should make sure we understand what we are referring to!

In scripture there is even the tough fact that believers MUST worship the Lord with gladness (joy). Anything else is an insult to His majesty and power. If we do not have this gladness then we should question our relationship with God. If we do not show this gladness the Lord says He will judge us for it (Deut.28:47).

Joy even includes the idea of mirth. But, as with charismatic revelry that mimics this mirth, a godless mirth will result in grief (Prov.14:13) and will not last. I have often noted that charismatics operate on the superficial level of ‘glazed eyes’. That is, they induce a false sense of merriment and worship by repeated application of choruses, holding arms up high, and calling out ‘Halleluja’. Done for long enough, the deluded folks bring about an inner hysteria, sometimes muted. This is just a mental way to block out reality and true joy, a defence mechanism against truth. This is godless joy, mirth that is no better than the merriment of drunks, and just as worthless.

God is good, no matter what we think. All His ways are for our benefit, even when we do not think so. If you can experience genuine happiness at such times, you will come to know overall joy, and not just a grim, joyless, superficially-declared ‘happiness’ we do not really feel! Got joy?? We all certainly need this true joy amidst the wickedness around us.

The New Equalities Minister

Though the new Equalities Minister voted against gay marriage, the reality turns out to be far more sinister, as emails to James Waddell and myself prove! Caroline Dinenage only did so because a large number of her constituents wanted her to do so. This might sound correct – but note how these voters are ‘her constituents’ when, in truth, they are her employers!! No MP should exist in their own right... and they must be reminded of this.

Secondly, Dinenage wanted to vote ‘yes’. This means she is just as determined as any other pro-gay MP. Thus, given the first opportunity she will reverse her decision; especially as she is now elected to Parliament.

Both James and I have sent her our views. In my own correspondence I chided her for her hidden agenda and asked her WHY government is still promoting what amounts to just a sexual activity, especially as it is unnatural, unhealthy, and fascist in its aims.

More Christians need to write to her with similar queries and complaints, after the newest legislation was put into the mouth of the Queen in her recent speech. How many will do so? Almost none. But, we have to ask those who claim to be believers.

The Equalities department is anything but. And, as we have pointed out MANY times, homosexuals do not want equality; equality was just a dupe, a front for their real agenda – to be superior. That is how religious views come second (if at all) and cannot replace homosexual views and wants. With the next round of legislation government intends to silence us altogether, and if we do not obey they will arrest, fine, and imprison us.

There is everything to lose, not just for (genuine) Christians, but also for ANY citizen who dares to think against the PC view that homosexuality is okay.

Dinenage recently said:

“I’m proud that the UK has just been named the most progressive country in Europe for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) rights for the fifth year running, but far too many LGB&T people around the world continue to experience discrimination. We need to tackle that and to create a fairer society for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This should scare any free-thinking person in the world! Homosexuals are discriminated against in thought – almost none are discriminated against physically or even verbally. So, they need no protection! Nor do they have any real ‘rights’. For government to be ‘proud’ of ranking top of the list of wicked rulers is beyond us! We DO NOT CARE that so many people now think homosexuality is okay. WE DO NOT. NOR DOES GOD.

Though these are our legitimate views, we foresee that government will accuse us of ‘hate crime’. Their aim is simply to shut up all who dissent, even when their views are legitimate.

The police have also been ‘re-informed’ as to how to tackle people like us. Though the ‘operational guidance’ is superficially in respect to everyone, we all know its main and possibly only purpose, is to catch Christians and arrest them, before silencing them by law. As we keep saying – this is fascism in action, not legitimate law.

If you wish to complain to the minister, the email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Talking About Ministers...

David Cameron is running scared. He is intimidating his (well, OUR) ministers in the Cabinet into complying with his own idea of remaining in the EU. He told them that if they wish to campaign against this, they can leave!

WHY should they leave? WHY should they have to have the same mind as the PM? Once again I remind you that the PM and the Tory Party are fascist in ideal and operation, and they treat the offices they hold as their own, not ours by permission!

THIS ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! The very thing that keeps rulers from assuming totalitarian power is the opposition of good men who know the truth.


This fascism from the PM tells us he is afraid that the UK will vote us out of the EU. Just like Blair, he will personally lose far more if we leave. Let us leave! Let him lose!


A short while ago I predicted that Cameron would make a big show of how he single-handedly got the EU to change its mind. His hope is that the public will be so grateful they will vote to stay in the EU.

I will now extend my prediction...

I honestly believe that Merkel and the other ‘big hitters’ in the EU have already agreed to ‘giving in’ on certain points, so that Cameron will look good to the voters, whose gratitude will ensure a vote to stay in the EU. Merkel and the others have said the EU needs the UK. Put the two facts together and you come up with my prediction, which I truly believe to be the actual scenario.

I don’t think even the cabinet ministers are aware of such collusion. The plot has already been made. It will now be strengthened by a massive ‘vote to stay in the EU’ campaign by Cameron, which will tell outright lies and half-truths. The BBC will underpin all this, being a government stooge, and many in the paper media will follow like good little puppets. But, the arguments from the ‘no’ side will be stifled. Watch it work out before your very eyes!! You will be given the illusion of fair-play... but it won’t happen. Stay alert!!

German Bunker in Jersey-small

Statements from Islam are becoming more strident, because they see western governments capitulating to their every demand, even in the UK. Jihadists openly tell us what they aim to do with us, and police do nothing. Citizens of every country are rightly afraid of the future... and yet they have voted AGAIN for the same old system!!!

In the Middle East ISIS members are jubilant because they claim to have the right to rape and kill any female who does not oblige. This idea will quickly enthuse young UK Muslims, who already hate the UK and its citizens, and who already rape and harm young girls. And, while some Muslims say they do not agree with them, they do nothing to stop them. And though Muslims say they cannot drink alcohol, many of them do. And though many say they do not eat during Ramadan, many of them do. And though many of them call white girls trash, they nevertheless prize them for sex.

Islam hates with a deep and satanic lust. It spreads the ideology of loathing for women and the wickedness of violence and murder. So, why do our governments continue to appease and promote Islam, and why create laws that accuse us of hate, when all we do is comment?

The sword of judgment above the nation is now hanging by a slender thread. We are already in the same evil condition as Sodom. When the sins are increased even further, the sword will fall. Make no mistake, we are fast entering the very end days. BUT HOW MANY CHRISTIANS CARE?

Remember What Sodom Means

The sins of Sodom were not only homosexuality. They included everything God hates, from theft to lying, immorality to deception. Homosexuality, however, was the leading wickedness of Sodomy. The Hebrew word points to male temple prostitutes, but also to their sexual activities... which is how ‘sodomite’ came to be a name for homosexuals. Just don’t lose sight of the greater breadth of what it is to be a sodomite – one whose sexual sins are so evil that they cause a man or woman to lose sight of all morality and ethics, like one who is totally out of control and senseless.

From such we cannot expect decency or truth. So, don’t call on them to act like tolerant human beings. As I have shown in my article on God’s image, homosexuals have tainted what God created. Are they in God’s image? No. No part of God can possibly be sinful, and to say that His image applies to those whom He hates, is ludicrous and even blasphemous. We cannot find His image in filth, immorality and vicious disregard for truth and decency.


I love coincidences! Some are really remarkable. Today, I experienced another one, when I took a parcel to a shop to be picked up by a courier company...

I had a choice of a dozen or so shops in my home town and randomly chose one in an area I used to live in thirty years ago, but had not gone back to all that time.

The owner was an elderly Indian gentleman. He asked for my name to put on the receipt, and I said ‘I’d better spell it for you – most people get it wrong!’ So, I spelled it out, one letter at a time.

Just before I finished spelling it, he said ‘Oh, Napier’, pronouncing it perfectly. Surprised, I commented on his accurate pronunciation of my name, and he said ‘I come from Karachi, and I lived just a few streets away from Napier Road’! (I then remembered that a General Napier was once Governor of India). Not a bad coincidence, eh? I love ‘em!

P.S. For those interested... my name was originally French. At the time when French was the main language of Britain, French nobles attended the royal court in Scotland, and held a variety of high offices under the king. One of these was to be in charge of the royal linen, and those with the job were called ‘nappers’. Hence, ‘Napier’. The name gradually became incorporated into the Scottish clan system, and came under the McPherson clan as a sub-clan. There! Now you know!

Atheists Are Angry?

It is very obvious when you hear Richard Dawkins spout his version of reality, that he is a very angry man. So are many who call themselves ‘atheists’.

Researcher Dr Julie Exline, of Case Western University, said “In studies on college students, atheists and agnostics reported more anger at God during their lifetimes than believers.” Hold it right there! How can they be angry against a God they say does not exist?

What the study proves is the reality shown in Romans 1: that they are without excuse. It also proves my own thesis, that atheists KNOW God exists and that their anger comes from not being able to do what they wish without God’s approval.

It has been suggested that churches are telling young people that God will make them happy. Indeed, I see proof of this false claim on poster boards outside my local Elim (charismatic) church. This ‘church’ regularly calls on people to believe so that God can give them earthly happiness. Yes, God CAN give us happiness and joy. But, this is NOT the same as taking on Jesus like a talisman, used to make us feel better!

Our happiness and joy depend on our obedience to God’s word, and applies even when things go wrong. It is up to genuine teachers of God’s word to advise both unsaved and saved, that God is not a cheer-leader, who rewards them with instant happiness when they ‘decide for’ Him!

Youngsters (AND older folks) in a charismatic-style atmosphere who are told God will make them happy, will degenerate when they go off to university. They will be faced with devious and nasty types who will persuade them they are wrong to believe in a God Who allows bad things to happen. In other words, wrong doctrine turns their heads and hearts. It can even make them think they are saved when they are not.

Charismatics teach that scripture is pliable, or even defunct, because we are in the age of experiences. So, when young people with charismaticky glazed eyes meet with unbelieving professors and strident atheists, they have no idea how to respond. Yet, to these people, doctrine is not important! That is like saying there is no need to train a medical doctor – just let him do whatever he feels is right!! Isn’t such a doctor a quack?

Does not this attitude give fuel to the idea that Christians are idiots, with low IQs? Learn doctrine! Learn the arguments of atheists and give as good as you get! THEN you might know joy.

© May 2015

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