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Mother Earth?

I’ve never really got on well with men and women who are ‘airy-fairy’. You know the type – hugging trees, horror-stricken when someone steps on a weed, quoting weird and vague poetry about nature, dreamy about how to live. You know what I mean?

In the religious world their counterpart is a charismatic with his glazed-eyes and arms raised upwards, repeating words or choruses meaninglessly. Catholics come close behind because they have adopted the same charismatic gobbledygook.

As the world now knows the current pope has swallowed the same drug, as he gushes about saving the planet, wearing a woolly hat under his white mitre. He is determined to make every Catholic a tree-hugger and believer in elves.

The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador is owned by Rome and run by Jesuits. That tells us a lot! It has 30,000 students, all gullible enough to believe the pope, who visited and spoke paganistically about “the theme of care for creation and education as a seed for the transformation of society”. His ideas are no different from many other ‘green’ pagans, hot on ideology and very low on intelligent research. And such ideology is already costing taxpayers worldwide trillions in wasted cash.

The pope is throwing out what we observers know is recycled paganism, a love for ‘mother earth’ that is far from God’s plan or anything scriptural. He thinks that green fantasies are the key to ‘transforming’ society. In part it is true – but not for the right reasons. Greens strip the world of hard-earned money through useless taxes. Their money goes to worthless schemes, lowering of carbon, and redistribution of money. But, true transformation comes only from God.

The pope dared to say that when Jesus spoke and preached the Gospel, he “accommodated Himself” to their “ability to understand”. Far from it!! If anything, He actually HID meaning behind parables. He did it so they COULD NOT understand! God never ‘accommodates’ Himself to mankind!

The false Christ-on-earth twisted the parable of the sower, so that it ‘meant’ something about planting in different types of soil. This is not what the parable is all about – it is about God’s word being ignored or left aside by men and women whose hearts are barren. Only a few took root and grew. The Roman idea is very much Arminian in style.

The pope continued his ignorance by saying that “ever since Genesis God has quietly urged us to cultivate and care for the earth”. This was the theme running through the so-called ‘Green Bible’. (If you want my critical analysis of this fake book, look in my Lulu publishing list for my criticism!). The pope even goes so far as to say God gave mankind a mission – to care for the earth. There is no such mission in scripture!

The pope went on to utter even more nonsense - that we have harmed the earth and plundered its resources. Sorry your popeness, but your words are old-hat to those of us who recognise the paganism and Marxism behind your ideas! His allegiance to paganism is found in his use of the name “mother earth”.

There is no ‘mother earth’! The earth is a created lump, made for our use and habitation. It has no status, especially not as ‘mother’. It is a very short step from referring to ‘mother earth’ as the goddess, Gaia! Given that Rome happily mixes pagan gods with religious rot, I have no doubt that the pope would happily adopt Gaia as his god.

World Still Has Surprises

I was watching a nature programme last night and was amazed to see an animal I did not know existed. No doubt there are still many more, and I love to see them.

This was a Cuban Crocodile. Its snout was shorter and larger, it could stand on its hind legs, and jump up to three feet into the air! Incredible! Today it lives in the Florida everglades and swamps... and can run very fast, so beware!

Now and then the scientific community is rocked by the sudden find of an animal or large fish, supposedly extinct because of ‘evolution’. Oh how I love to see their faces! I am hoping that at some time even a dinosaur will be found. Of course, if one existed, it means there must be a lot more, otherwise it could not be born in the first place.

So world, keep it coming! God created so much to enjoy, even if it runs faster than an human and will eat you up for breakfast!

David Cameron

I predicted several things to our email readers about Cameron’s behaviour in the run-up to the supposed In-Out Referendum for the EU. One was that he would secretly negotiate so that EU leaders can offer him a few nuggets to bring back to the UK to ‘prove’ how wonderful he is at negotiation!

Sure enough he is holding secret meetings, not saying WHAT he is trying to re-negotiate. He does not even tell his own Party or ministers. In this way any old trash will sound like a victory! The idea is to spread propaganda to the people, who he hopes will then gratefully vote to stay in the EU. Then will come the hard-stuff, destroying Britain, filling our country with illegals and undesirables, increasing taxation, and removing our freedoms. The fall of the UK will then happen fast, as it is reclassified as a mere region amongst others, including northern France!

As someone else said, it will mean the end of voting, because the UK, as a region, will only need civil servants, not MPs. Don’t be conned, folks. Cameron will do whatever he can to stop us getting out of the EU, because they will reward him greatly if he manages to keep us in. he is already a millionaire – so if he ruins us it won’t matter to him... just as it never mattered to money-bags Blair.


A recent strike by French workers (who else!) at Calais threw into sharp relief the real dangers of allowing so-called immigrants to remain gathered there. The French don’t mind because they know that the aim of the illegals is to smuggle themselves to the UK, and so out of their hair!

Many of the ‘migrants’ are said to have landed in Italy from north Africa, yet they steadfastly travel all the way north to Calais, avoiding staying in any other country. The reason is very simple – they get free benefits and much better advantages by getting to the UK!! This is because we are suffering the idiocies of a socialist mentality.

They have no intention of working. Rather, as illegals, they are more than willing to live off illegal earnings when in the UK while ALSO getting free benefits.

Worse, these migrants have shown themselves to be violent individuals. In Calais they carry knives, lengths of wood, and iron bars. They use them to attack lorries, ‘buses and cars, intimidating all they come across. THESE ARE NOT THE ACTIONS OF POOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR ASYLUM!!

As we have said before the real answer to stop migration in its tracks, is simply to stop paying ANY money or benefits to ANY immigrants, even if they have children (used as bargaining tools by unscrupulous migrants)! But, intent on allowing the situation to harm our economy and social peace, our government continues to obey the EU and its reckless pro-immigrant demands.

Note 1: As I write this, one week later, there are reports of more disruption caused by violent migrants, whose numbers have sharply increased. This problem will get far worse. Britain MUST get rid of illegals fast, and stop more coming, not just by tightening border controls, but by stopping all benefits immediately. I guarantee they will then stop coming.

Note 2: Saw a TV programme last night on ‘How to get a Council House’. One of the people trying to get (free) accommodation was a young man from Romania. He left his country because its employers don’t give jobs or help to homosexuals. Sickeningly, the UK is known to be one of the gay capitals of the world so he came here.

He was very disparaging because he had to sleep on the streets. But, as the interviewing housing officer said to him – you came here without a job, money, or somewhere to live – you don’t qualify for accommodation! He used foul language to the TV interviewer, saying he had a right to help. As usual I spoke to my TV and said “Get out of the UK and take your homosexuality with you!”

Many immigrants use the asylum excuse, saying their homosexuality makes them a target in their own country. I say “So what?” All they have to do is stop being homosexual. Simple as that. And, their excuse is fake anyway – very few who claim it are actual homosexuals, but they know our brainwashed authorities are hardwired to accept anyone who says he or she is homosexual, giving them priority status.

Anglicans Under the Weather!

It seems to me that Anglican priests are not that good at science or logical thinking!

Last month ‘Anglican News’ quoted a joint Lancet Medical Journal and University of London report with suitable sobriety: “highlighting the inalienable and undeniable link between climate change and human health.” My question is “So?”

If people get too hot, some die. Same happens if they get too cold. Or, too wet. The news item made much of these health issues arising from climate change. Again, I say “So?”

Then came the Anglican tomfoolery – because of these and economic problems resulting from change in climate, they say that we must take “moral responsibility and (take) immediate action”. Eh? Do they mean putting up giant shutters to block the sun, or huge umbrellas to deflect rain? What exactly do they intend to do to stop climate changes, changes that have been the earth’s lot since the Flood?

The Anglican rhetoric went on to say that because the Lancet pointed to the health risks of climate change (which has been with us for about 4000 years) this somehow ‘proves’ we must ‘do something’. Like what?

One thing they point to is – redistribution of resources. And so we come to the crux – socialism! According to the various bishops who have no idea at all about climate or about how God expects us to live, we must give everyone equal shares, regardless of how they have looked after their affairs to now, or not. As I have indicated before, sharing with everyone regardless of their willingness to work, etc., is a very foolish socialistic idea.

It means that those who work hard have to give to those who could not care less. They see their hard work coming to nothing, and those who do not work getting equal shares. So, the hard workers stop working hard and soon join the unproductive members of society... much as is now happening in the USA thanks to Obama’s Marxist stupidity. This leads to EVERYONE being mundane, unproductive, and poor. This is what governments want – it is necessary before they bring in a One World government. All people must depend on governments to live. Then they can be fully controlled drones. In such an environment there is no ambition to do better and no rewards for it either. Anyone who knows about Stalinist days will understand what I am saying.

Anglicans think we can somehow alter climate, or, if not, share everything amongst everyone. Whether or not they deserve it. In amidst this fairytale myth they talk about “global temperature rises” even though global warming has been debunked 15 years ago!! Using the language of the scientists who lied about it, they say we have now “reached a critical turning point.” What? No explanation – just the usual socialist word-nonsense.

They affirm the socialist agenda – the ‘basic human rights’ of water, food and clean air for all, “without distinction or discrimination”. This contradicts what God says – if a man does not work (when work is available) he does not deserve to eat! Clean air is up to governments to control poisonous emissions. Water is the responsibility of each country.

I watch with anger the huge number of charity advertisements asking us to buy water and food for this or that people. I am angry because the only ones to really win are the charities, whose jobs are secure because they have played on our heart-strings. Charity acts like a buffer between the poor people and their governments, who watch us giving so much and don’t bother to help their own people! They just accrue riches and join the jet-set. Why not accuse them of their evils, instead of feeding their poor?

Even worse is the fact that those same governments are Islamic. They need their cash kept in the hands of their armies, who go around slaughtering Christians in the name of Allah! Yet, Christians in the West continue to send large sums to charities, whose aid helps the countries they work in to indirectly fund Islamic murderers.

Anglicans need to grow up and stop playing at nurse maids. They need genuine climate facts, not the pseudo-science pumped out by socialist funding-graspers and by the renegade pope. On the other hand, Anglicans are birds come home to Rome to roost.

And on to Housing

We are told that over fifty percent of housing applicants are turned down because they do not comply with housing requirements. About 75% of all homeless are so by their own design – drugs, alcohol, anti-social behaviour, non-payment of rent, and so on. No doubt Anglicans would say we should not discriminate. But, we should. These people are given housing they do not deserve, and expect our taxes to pay for them to live there, continuing their despicable habits and behaviour. This is the conclusion of housing departments.

As I reported some years ago, most people on our streets are there because of their own fault (police data). We do them no favours by giving them freebies and money. Indeed, the police warn us not to do so, because it all helps the ‘homeless’ to live a life of crime. When will Christians (and Anglicans) wake up and get real?

Indian Subjection

Saudi Arabia is sending many millions of rupees to India in the form of ‘loans’ and grants to Indian organisations. The Arabs are very willing to send them money – so long as they become Muslims. (Religious Freedom Coalition, 7th July).

The idea is to ‘convert’ all of India to Islam, so that it joins its neighbour, Pakistan. It will be done by opening Salafi and Wahhabi centres throughout the sub-continent. (According to documents issued by the Secretariat General of the Muslim World League in Mecca, that funds terrorism). Wikileaks says it has over 60,000 leaked cables proving these associations. At the moment differences between Shias and Sunnis in India are just doctrinal/academic, but increasing influence from Saudi will turn these into physical differences, ripping India apart.

Homosexuality in Animals?

Those of us who know what’s going on in homosexual circles often yawn to hear one of its staple arguments – that it is okay to be gay because it is found ‘everywhere’ amongst animals, and so it must be ‘natural’! Is that a fact? No, it isn’t!

Animals are not human – but gays want to make them equal to humans so that they can convince us that the sexual activities of both are legitimate.

The argument is false. Animals do not think about what they do in the way humans do. They act on instinct. The female emits a particular odour when on heat, and the male responds to it because that is how God designed it to happen. Throughout ‘nature’ animals act heterosexually.

What homosexuals say are ‘gay acts’ are not ‘gay’ at all; there are many explanations for what appears to be same-sex behaviour. For example, an animal displaying dominant behaviour, in what appears to us to be ‘sexual’. It is not! Another is an animal acting sexually on a same-sex animal... maybe because it bears the scent of a female it has just mated with. Thus, the attempted mating between two same-sex animals is a mistake based not on sex but on instinct. There are other explanations for this VERY rare same-sex behaviour. All it takes is a professional attitude and real research, rather than an attempt to make everything ‘gay’ for the sake of propaganda.

There is no such thing as ‘sexual orientation’ in animals. They do what is biologically necessary for reproduction. On very rare occasions they make a mistake. But, none of it is deliberate ‘gay’ behaviour... and we must not succumb to gay lies, whether on TV, radio, in books or magazines or even in science. Speak out!! Point to the illogic of gay arguments and demand real answers. And, for Christians, we MUST oppose any teaching that rejects scripture and godly laws.

Coincidences – or Design?

As I’ve said elsewhere, I love ‘coincidences’! Like when I utter obscure words – only to hear them immediately used on the TV or radio. There are scientists, like the current BBC favoured-child, Prof Brian Cox, who tell TV audiences what government and the BBC want to brainwash them with – evolution. That is why Cox tells us of the many ‘coincidences’ in the universe, that turn out to be vital for our very existence. There are no coincidences in the universe – only things designed to be so by God the Creator. Don’t let science-speke poison you.

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