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The Flood Continues Its Job

Noah’s Flood was universal and completely remodelled the whole earth. What we see today and call ‘beautiful’ is not what God first created, but is the result of global destruction (imagine Creation!). And that destruction continues to this day. Not a repetition of the Flood, but by other means...

One of those means is tectonic movement leading to tsunamis. Another is the daily eruption of hundreds of volcanoes... just one eruption ruins any carbon emission savings foolishly demanded by environmental clowns who do not understand that ‘things happen’ – like climate change. But, forget the silly doom and gloom claims made by greens about supposed rising sea levels, melting of ice, and so on. They are just games they play, using lies and propaganda.

Volcanoes are just one way in which the effects of the Flood continue to damage the earth. One way, not usually thought of, is the number of sink-holes over almost all the world. In some areas these sink-holes are so numerous that geologists marvel at why developers put buildings in those places. In the USA some of those areas have been abandoned after homes disappeared into massive holes.

Other names for sink-holes include cenotes, sinks, shakeholes, swallets, swallow holes and dolines. Their name is accurate – the ground simply falls away, usually without warning (to the casual observer). A sink-hole is a depression in the ground caused by an underlying collapse of the earth. The depression looks slight, but is often disastrous: people have fallen deep into the ground when only one paving stone collapses; cars have disappeared, and houses fall into an abyss. Then, earth collapses on top of it all, burying people and objects.

What causes these disasters, which occur all over the world? Many holes, from about one metre to 2000, come about when chemicals underground dissolve carbonate rocks such as limestone, marble and cooled lava. Much of limestone is composed of ancient sea-shells. Limestone is porous, and ordinary underground water dissolves it. This means a large funnel dissolves underground without anyone knowing it. Perhaps a shallow depression might be seen, but then the earth above what is now a large cavern totally collapses, and anything on the surface disappears, and earth from the sides falls in on top of anything that has fallen into the hole.

So, what we are seeing, all over the planet, is a direct result of Noah’s Flood destruction continuing its deathly work. In reality, though the Flood’s effects were catastrophic and massive at the time, its effects still cause havoc, showing us that though much is stable, the earth is, nevertheless, close to collapse, and climate changes (which are normal) can combine to produce world-wide ruin if many of them happen at once.

Similar problems arise when homes and other buildings are built over old mine-workings. It is not unheard of for developers to deliberately build homes in areas riddled with hundreds of miles of old shafts, only for them to suddenly disappear as the shafts collapse. Which is why, in the UK, most insurance companies ask if your home is built in an area containing old mine workings.

One reason why sinkholes seem to affect urban areas, is that urban areas are built on tarmac and concrete, which diverts water courses and leads to build-up of water reserves underground, which then eat away at limestone and other similar strata until huge caves are formed, followed by sink-holes.

As Christians, we know that God will never again ruin the whole world with a global flood. Some areas, notably with anti-God peoples, have floods regularly, killing thousands. But, there will be no more worldwide floods. However, we do know that God will destroy the world and the entire universe, with fire at the end of time. Then, He will create a new earth and a new universe.

Until that time, we will see an increase in ‘natural’ disasters caused by phenomena such as sink-holes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and so on. Scientists warn that at some time a massive landslide on Europe’s Atlantic side will be so massive it will cause a tsunami that will flood the eastern seaboard of the USA, killing millions. Again, this is a latent horror ready to happen, attributable to the Flood. Also, as time expires, we can expect to see a huge variety of weather and ‘natural’ disasters. So, next time you stroll down the pavement get ready to dive out of the way!!

Calvin Again...

There is a common ‘urban legend’, even amongst Christians, that Calvin ruled Geneva with a rod of iron and used his own laws to keep the people compliant. Nothing is farther from the truth!

The only real ‘accusation’ against Calvin is that he said (something I always teach) that scripture only has ONE interpretation – anything else is wrong. Folks never like that because they prefer their own flawed thinking.

There were two ruling bodies in Geneva, between them consisting of well over 200 members. Calvin was merely an adviser in such a large council. These councils made the rules of life, and were a combined civil-religious body that also applied discipline, trying to run Geneva as a theocracy, and yet often rejecting something advised by Calvin.

Calvin in his earlier years

Throughout his stay in Geneva, Calvin was much maligned, often in serious trouble, and sometimes lost his temper because of the fickle nature of the Councils And when the group known as the Libertines gained a majority in the councils he almost gave up in exasperation. He even tried to resign, but was refused. Basically, the Libertines represented all the people of Geneva who disliked the way the councils issued laws that stopped their carousing, drunkenness and lewd behaviour. Much like the reasons why homosexuals and atheists hate Christians today!

Then there is the matter of the legal death of Servitus. This, too, was blamed solely on Calvin, who was made out to be bloodthirsty and evil... even though, in reality, Calvin was far too soft to be accused of this.

Servitus was a well-known heretic and he was condemned to death not by Calvin, but by Roman authorities (bear in mind that Roman law is not like western law. Rather, it sees a man as guilty unless he can prove himself to be innocent) who condemned him for his many heretical views. He was also an accomplished liar and deceiver who hated Christ and Calvin. In Geneva both civil and religious courts were the same, as was common in those days; it was the councils of Geneva that ordered the death penalty.

If anything, Calvin tried to get his death penalty shifted from burning at the stake (an horrific way to die), to beheading, which was at least swift. Calvin, then, had nothing to do with the conviction and death penalty of Servitus. It is true that Calvin agreed with the penalty of death for extreme heresy, but this was in accord with the medieval way of things. There are so many ignorant accusations made against Calvin, such a short article as this could not possibly cover them!

As for Rome, Calvin was indeed a Romanist, but his Roman views slowly dwindled away until he at last gave up attending Roman conferences, finally refusing to have ‘dialogue’ when Rome stuck to its huge variety of errors. Note that Luther was a big fan of Calvin’s theology.

It is obvious when reading Calvin’s life story that he was not ‘in charge’ of Geneva, the city state he tried several times to leave. Geneva was run by two powerful councils, and if they said ‘yes’ then anything by Calvin was adopted. But, the councils regularly denied his ideas. So, don’t blame Calvin for decisions made. As for blaming Calvin for ‘capitalism’... it is not an argument worth arguing! As a Christian he simply believed that men must work if they wish to live (biblically correct). Modern capitalism is the result of greedy businessmen grabbing what they can while (generally) diddling the public and paying workers as little as possible. It has nothing to do with Calvin or Christianity.

Even More...

Calvin never had it easy. He suffered several very painful conditions, such as piles and nephritis. It seems the latter was chronic, which means it could easily have caused his death. Add to that his chest complaints and TB, and he had to fight all the way with his health, not helped by a number of threats and violent opposition. Yet, he preached and taught right up to his death. How many modern pastors and teachers would do that today? And to all who were attacked his word was the same: “Stand firm!” That’s needed now!

Oh What a Mess!

When I look back over my life I see someone who is genuine, but with human faults. Nothing unusual there, for we are all in the same boat! There are things I wish I had not done or said, not always because I sinned but because of the outcome. But, generally, as I grow older I tend to learn from my errors and try, always, to progress as a believer, casting out errors and building upon truth. This is what EVERY Christian should do... but they don’t.

For example, I moved on from the erroneous teachings I found in the churches I attended. And I finally had to leave the ‘churchy system’ for life, when I could no longer stand the blatant laxity, open sin and wrong theology I found amongst the brethren, who all were satisfied to listen to heresy and allow bad behaviour, even from pastors.

This seemed to come to a head when the Toronto Blessing (TB) hit the world with hurricane force. I could not sit back and just let it wash over my soul. Nor could I watch as millions of Christians were deceived and cut adrift by the TB’s satanic forces. (If you want a flavour of what happened read our archive of material on the subject).

Though my wish was to help these unfortunate souls whose biblical understanding was harmed immensely by the TB, and by those who taught it, or those churches that promoted it, it was I and not the TB lovers who suffered the consequences! I was preached against from hundreds of pulpits, was blatantly threatened by the leaders of the Evangelical Alliance, and by charismatics in my home city. Then I was shunned... and this is still going on today, twenty years later, as even former friends reject me. But, I no longer think of it, because it is just a fact of life.

What bothers me, is that so many thousands of people who use the term ‘Christian’, are so willing to live a life of spiritual poverty and, often, deliberate sin. Or, they watch as others sin and yet do and say nothing. They listen as evil governments come and go, harming their very existence and witness. They just keep quiet and do nothing, while they ignore me and others who teach truth. As watchmen we are pelted with stones to keep quiet, while the majority go back to sleep! And now the enemies are battering down their doors, the same Christians continue to live a delusion, pretending all is well, or that God will somehow deliver them... despite their laxity and ignorance.

Charismatic occultism has more or less taken over the mainstream churches, and genuine believing preachers continue to preach truth, with little conviction. But, nice suits, dark ties, and polished shoes do not a Christian witness make!! There are still some good people out there, but they are so mingled with faint-hearted folks that their lives are next to useless (something Calvin was hot about!).

It is no longer apt to talk about ‘when’ wickedness will take over all our lives. It has already happened. A reader was awoken in a cold sweat dread recently, with a vision from God that darkness was spreading like a blanket over the whole world. God prophesied this in scripture, and it has already started to shape our future. Even so, we must NOT accept it at face value.

The darkness (satanic evils and lies) will not kill those who stand firm. And this is why I am so unhappy about my fellows, even though they prefer to have nothing to do with me. They are ‘sitting ducks’ ready to be roasted on Satan’s spit. They loathed me, and other watchmen, for warning against the TB and other evils. Now they hate us for warning against the fast approaching blanket of darkness. As such they will not stand (I predicted this in the 1990s), but will fall as so much dry grass, to be blown about at will, their claimed beliefs of no value or use to them.

They do not understand that these evils that form the blanket of darkness are not sudden whims. (They thought that about the TB! Now it is found in almost every church. Some evangelicals said it was ‘only a passing phase’!!). They have been formulated over several decades by men, and for millennia by Satan, who controls their very hearts and souls. This is one ‘wave’ that will not go away. It is a wave that will drown them.

How many will take note of this warning? Sadly, very few. They have facilitated Satan in the first place by staying silent and not committing themselves to the Lord they say they follow. Now, they will be mown down by the ‘king of the north’ (Isaiah).

As for us, we will continue to speak truth, whether falteringly or strongly. Will YOU at last leave aside your traditions and silence?

To get back to Calvin. Many said he was too strict (as they complain to me about my own work – I am ‘too extreme’), because he would not allow mere opinion to rule. This is always aimed at those who preach nothing but God’s word! He replied: “It is not a question of their opinion or mine. I show what I have found in scripture. And I have not made up my mind in a hurry, but have pondered the matter frequently. What is more, I say only what is well known, what none can contradict without blatantly denying the word of God.” (OC 34, 602). This is why I sometimes become very annoyed with those who come against me with their opinions and not with tested scripture! Time and again I have to point out that what I teach is scripture, not my own ideas. And when a man teaches only scripture, he cannot be wrong!

At Least My Shoe Laces Are Okay

I am halfway through completing major house repairs, doing it myself because tradesmen cost so much! I have removed a wall at the top of the stairs. This has taken several weeks because of the complexity. I used props to hold up the ceiling and loft joists. The problem was that I had to remove a rotting wooden load-bearing lintel. But, above it were bricks, which supported the roof trusses! So, I had to remove everything tiny bit at a time, otherwise it would have crashed down. The past few days have seen me trying to keep the bricks in place (and thus the roof trusses) after putting in concrete lintels (very heavy!!).

An even bigger problem was that I have literally nowhere to put anything, because all the rooms are full! I have had to move things around very slowly, doing the impossible.

But, guess what? The bathroom has decided not to help! I had a problem with it before, and now it has returned – the toilet, bath and small sink are all leaking! So, I have had to put down towels to soak the water up. On top of that the bath and toilet were cheap to begin with and are a disaster. (Plumbers cost a fortune, plus the cost of a new bath and toilet). Now, guess what a second time – yes, the tap in the kitchen is leaking water, and the kitchen sink is pouring water over the floor. That is why I must now try to stop it. Article writing is on hold!

I can’t devote all my time to these vital repairs, because I also have to sit with my wife (or she becomes very anxious), and prepare material for Sundays, etc.

I can’t complain, though – my shoe laces are not frayed (they usually are, and then they snap at the most inconvenient times) and are still strong! Why says life is dull? And, God is good isn’t He, despite a few niggles?

Guess what a third time - the oven just packed in! (At least it will save on electricity).

Think we should help all Muslim migrants?

Don’t let emotion and photos fool you!

Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD. (2 Chron.19:2)

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